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We need to do something about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 17, 2005 5:57 PM

I was helping my daughter do research and get wolf pictures for a story she's writng. And we came across a picture on google of a hunter holding up a wolf he just killed. So went to the web site so I could email them , and tell them what my family thinks of this. Well when I got to the web site I got sick to my stomach.  It's called Drift Wood Valley Outfitters. They actually let people hunt wolves,bears,moose etc. Rent cabins etc. This is whats on their home page.

What we offer: Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat and Wolf Hunting in Canada

British Columbia moose huntingDriftwood Valley Outfitters is located in the spectacular mountains of Northern British Columbia. The center of this 1800sq mile area is a 100mile scenic floatplane flight north of our home base of Smithers BC. The northern half of this 75mile long area is located in region 6-18, while the southern half is located in 7-27. Taking in some of the Skeena River, Sustut River, Bear River and Driftwood River drainages. These salmon-rich BC rivers are the reason for our abundance of bears. Nestled between the Skeena and Omineca Mountains, Driftwood Valley also offers some of the best goat hunting in Canada and North America. The moose are plentiful in the many open meadow systems.

We have to do something please!!!  I mean my daughter saw that picture and cried.

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 April 17, 2005 6:47 PM

Hi Hope, It is disgusting there is no question about that. I honestly do not see any logical reason for people to hunt wolves. Hunting for pure sport is strickly a "macho" and egotistical behavior. Unfortunetly, wolves are not on the endangered species list in Canada and hunting is legal there. So, these pictures and trips although very disgusting are legal. And individuals such as these have no morals what they post on websites for everyone to view. I'm sorry your daughter had to see these awful people and photos. Wolf Lady  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
so this is all I found April 17, 2005 7:46 PM


Wolf Hunting Statistics

Canada has some of the most liberal hunting laws in the world. The wolf is currently the only big game animal that is hunted year-round, has no bag limits in most areas, and does not require special licenses to hunt.

The Northwest Territories
This area has the largest population of wolves in Canada, and predictably simplistic hunting regulations. The wolf season stretches over all of the winter and there is no bag limit. Because of the huge area of the N.W.T., over a million square miles, many wolf kills go unreported.

British Columbia
Hunting laws are almost as lax as in the N.W.T. Hunting is allowed in many provincial parks.

No license is required for hunting wolves and there is no bag limit on the number of wolves taken by each hunter.

The season for wolves is open year round. There is no mandatory registration for hunters unless the wolf pelts are to be sold. Recently, there has been a temporary moratorium placed on the hunting of wolves within areas surrounding Algonquin Provincial Park (hunting within that park was already illegal). The now "safe" zones hold one of the largest concentration of wolves in Ontario, notably hosting the newly discovered wolf species, Canis lycaon, the Eastern Wolf.

The hunting season for wolves runs from September to June. There is a bag limit of one wolf per hunter.

The hunting season runs from near the end of October until the end of March. No bag limit exists.

The hunting season runs from the beginning of August until the middle of June. There is a bag limit of three wolves per person.

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this is what I found April 17, 2005 8:27 PM  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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