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Dale's Spiritual Insights
10 years ago
My awesome friend Dale Glaser passed away a month ago and left these insights that I want to share with you all. Please feel free to pass them on to anyone who might be interested. You can read more about Dale and his many interests at his web site. Peace, Larry Dale's Spiritual Insights -from Dale's web site: Well... they're not exactly "mine". These insights are just what has come to me as strong realizations out of my reading and thinking about spirit and the meaning and purpose of life. When my attention turns to outside activities for a while, I use this summary of my explorations as a kind of road map to get back on track to where I was, i.e., where I want to go in my life and how I want to live. 1. There is a place of perspective or witness to find from which you see that who you really are is different than your body, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Who you are is the awareness, the noticer, the witness of your life. 2. We need to become the hero of our own lives. Each of us is the only one who can really know what is right for us to do and be. 3. Life seems full of paradoxes, but looked at from a deeper and wider perspective, the paradoxes disappear. A paradox in life just indicate the necessity of a new way of seeing the problem, and then the paradox is resolved. Some examples of edges: * Reality is particle-like and reality is wave-like; * Every molecule in our body is replaced continuously but we still maintain our identity; * We seek enlightenment but are really already enlightened; * We experience a past, present, and future time but yet spiritual teachers tell us there is just an eternal now; * Physical objects don't really exist, they are composed of just empty space; * Eastern spiritual concept of maya: this reality is just an illusion. Einstein: "We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking that created them." 4. Anything and everything is possible. Every moment is new and is not really "caused" by the moment before, and does not pre-determine what will happen in the next moment. We can be anybody, so why limit ourselves? 5. Opening to higher consciousness involves letting go of our notion of "common sense." Our higher self is beyond scientific descriptions, language, the normal way of seeing things, "the way things are," conventional wisdom, the way we were brought up in school, what our parents or the government tells us, what we're afraid of (or not afraid of), etc. 6. It is in silence that the real doorway opens and we are able to start our re-finding of God, peace, enlightenment. This is the space between throughts that happens when our internal dialog stops. "God's one and only voice is silence" 7. The universe is inherently good. Our beginning and ending point, and the ground of our being, is peace, freedom, and joy... We came from that before birth and we will return to that at death. During our life we spend most of our lives away from that place, but it is always waiting for our return. In fact we spend our lives using just about any excuse to keep out of a state of peace and joy. 8. The content of our lives (WHAT we do) is just not important. What is important is HOW we do it, how we react and respond to the what we happens to us. How we respond is the only thing we really have any control over. 9. Spiritual exploration starts by, at some point, needing to turn around and face oneself without judgment. This means beginning to witnessing our lives with compassion, caring, respect, love and humor. Paying attention! 10. Most of our lives seems to be spent not really being present in the moment. Instead the present moment is overshadowed with beliefs, shoulds, the past, and what we want to happen in the future. We use any excuse to stay out of the present moment! 11. Who we are (or think we are) is merely a description that has been drummed into us since birth, and maintained by our parents, our internal dialog, every conversation we have, TV, the law, etc. We buy that description completely and go about our lives thinking we are free. And we are always "helping" other people to live their description of themselves as well. You accept my description, I'll accept yours! And most of our lives are spent not even being aware we are all living a made up story. 12. In silence you can begin to explore the "edges" of who you are...The edges where: Choosing to do something becomes the universe making it happen Making life happen becomes accepting what life offers. Closing off to someone becomes opening to that person. Not being really conscious becomes awareness of the moment. Resistance becomes acceptance Holding back opens to creativity Self ends and another person starts Science becomes religion Understanding becomes opening to the mysterious Seeing life as a quantity event becomes seeing life as a quality event Life ends and death starts, or vice versa Your body ends and nature starts Sleep ends and waking starts resistance ends and acceptance starts, etc. 13. We need to make death our advisor. Accepting death as part of who we are allows us to make every moment count because it may be our last. 14. To change we must give up some of ourself. There is a grieving process to go through to become someone different than we are right now. We don't change easily, we are pretty attached to our beliefs, thoughts, judgments, feelings. "Only by addressing the real issues and expressing our grief will we get beyond our denial. I am suggesting we will all need to grieve the old cultural paradigm before we can embrace the new. At this moment, the vast majority of us are trapped in a labyrinth of denial about the reality of the impending death of our old awareness." - Brian O'Leary 15. In order to change you fi
Dale's Spiritual Insights, continued
10 years ago
15. In order to change you first have to believe you can change. In order to accept that something can be different than you thought it was, you first have to believe that it could be different. This may seem self-evident but is not. 16. The real journey of our lives is from separateness to connectedness, from ego to union with our higher self, and it begins with the first step. Liberation, enlightenment, higher consciousness, union with God, whatever you call it, really means moving from feeling or acting as if we are totally separate beings along a continuum of including more and more of the world, nature, other people, etc. in the definition of who we are. 17. If I live my vision of peace and joy and justice and non-judgmentalness that I want for the world, the world IS that way for me, AND I am contributing to the world BEING that way! Seems simple enough! If everyone did that, then the world be that better place. Who wants to start? How about me?
Reactivating this because of it's importantance...
9 years ago
and because I miss Dale in my life and the life of this community and the world! What a cool guy Dale was! Peace and Love, Larry Dale's web site is still online, as he left it when he left us: Pic of Dale on web site of radio station he helped create: