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5 years ago

Hi, My name is Robin and I suffer from reoccurring major depression. I do online volunteer work for the To Write Love On Her Arms street team. TWLOHA is a non profit organization that offers support and awareness for depression, addiction, suicide, & self injury.

7 years ago

"When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself."

~Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief, 1768? –1813

my depression
7 years ago

Hello, my depression is chronic. I suffer from it since 1980. Alltogether I spend almost 5 years in psychiatry, another five years in protected residence for psychiatric patients and two years in shelters for the homeless because psychiatry considered me too well (or too expensive?). In 1984 after four years of intensive treatment I married my second wife. I thought I had climbed the hill. My first wife of course divorced immediately when I went ill. But Christiane L. died 2 1/2 years later. I stayed a widower for twenty years and went through hell. Now I am almost three years together with my third wife, who is also depressive. We love each other and our dog and cat, but sometimes we have the impression that nobody of the humans like us. We loose all our friends daily, that means, the people we thought they were friends. Community becomes less and less hostile. People don't care for each other anymore. And that feeds our depression. We lost most of our ideals on the road. Maybe in this group we can help each other.

What a wonderful group!
7 years ago

I'm not depressed now, but about 25 years ago I suffered severe clinical depression. Fortunately for me, I started seeing a radical feminist psychiatrist who said there was nothing wrong with me (I had no appetite, couldn't sleep, didn't want to leave the house, and was obsessed with suicidal thoughts), that I was having a totally sane reaction to an insane world.

The doctor then went on to explain that we couldn't heal the world, so we would have to try to heal me. And while nobody ever completely recovers from reality, I can truthfully say that I haven't thought about suicide since, have a healthy appetite, sleep well, and go out whenever it feels necessary or possibly useful. And I didn't even have to take any drugs!

I really do know how lucky I am and I hope that I can empathize with others who are suffering. There really isn't any reason to live -- we do it in spite of everything to make the world a better place than it is. There is nothing wrong with the natural world, the problem is people and our destructive lifestyles. But we can learn to take pleasure in the small things that we can do and not despair of the big things that we can't. Sometimes, anyway.

7 years ago
Welcome Starclad S.
I am Glad that you have Found Our Group!
I have been off Line for Computor Problems for about 2 months
I am here But Still having Problems?
I would like to Address your Comments! But I will when I fiquire
this Care2  Issuse Out?
Peace is the Word ~ Welcome ~ Catherine ~
hello to everyone
7 years ago

Its not easy to talk about ones problems so openly and to a group of strangers.i found this place by accident,looking for something else.i am trying hard not to let it get on top of me,to break free of my chains and my burdens,to gain in confidence and maybe to start trusting people again ,depression for me is like the tide,has highs and lows and right now its low,hopefully a new approach,or just talking to others with similar problems and sharing information will help me overcome my fears,it immobilizes and paralyzes on all levels ......... break the cycle, is what i want to achieve,being an open and honest person with a good heart ....thank you for listening.

7 years ago

I'm not going to say I've had a hard life, because I live in one of the richest nations on Earth and obviously haven't.

However, I would say I've never felt right emotionally. My life got shattered when very young when my best friend's dad committed suicide in the same house as me and I never saw her again. Then basically everytime I got close to someone they got taken away, so eventually I started pushing people away if they didn't.

I've never been diagnosed anything as I have no idea how to see a psychiatrist, and every service aimed at me is essentially misunderstanding my situation. I self harmed for about six months at my lowest, when I was severely bullied, but I've built myself back up. It's just been the last... year, I've felt awful again, and there's a few built up reasons: generally due to burdens I keep secret, which really annoys my friends. Just unable to cope atm and still have NO idea how to get help, so... here I am

7 years ago
Welcome Friends!
7 years ago

welcometo the group cute.gif

Welcome! Vicki ! & Roxann!

Yes I agree What We do as Activists, is such a Painfull & Heart Renching, Job!!! Though ,through Our Dedication & Hard Work!!! We  Do & Will Have Success!!! Please feel Free to Share & Let Your Hearts Aches Out! That is why We are here! I can not Keep it Inside, Like a Keg of Dynamite! I still can't Lolita, the Killer Whale Out of My thoughts, I have to find a way, to do More???

~ Peace & Never  Surrender ~ Catherine ~

new member
7 years ago


Thank you Catherine for the invite to this much needed group.  It is very hard to see the aweful photos of the cruilty done to the creatures of God. I hope to get and give comfort in this group.

7 years ago

After taking a somewhat long "sabbatical" from Care2 I returned early this morn,,, What a wonderful idea this Group is!  I get really upset at seeing the photos of all the abused animals, etc.  That was my main reason for taking my break from care2!  Just couldn't handle it anymore!  So they think that is a form of PTS Disorder?  I think something is wrong with people that DO NOT get upset!  Oh well, I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember!  Finally succumbed to antidepressants in '92 and boy oh boy!  wish I had done so much earlier!  I actually felt the "pieces of the puzzle" all come together once my med took effect!  Anyway, I am glad to be here with ALL of you!  Look forward to our group ! 

7 years ago

Welcome! We hope that this site; will be Helpful and Comforting! It is not easy to stand up for what You feel, strongly about! I know We  all need an Outlet, and sometimes, just need to take a Break!

~ Peace  & Light ~ Catherine ~ No Surrender!!!

Another Newbie
8 years ago
Hi, My name is Martha. I came across this group and decided to join. I was raised and live in Chicago, IL but was born in Honduras, Central America.  I'm 48 and single with no kids. I suspect I was born with major depression, but I was 12 when I began to feel like something was wrong.  I was 16 when I really began to have difficulties and for the past 32 years I struggled to find out what was wrong. I was 40 when I finally did.

I take Effexor for the depression. I also get migraines. I read that there's a link between those and depression. I've had these headaches for over 11 years.

Anyway, I hope to make friends here.

8 years ago

I thought I would introduce myself. I found this group thru Larrys page and thought I would come and join. I am Bi-polar 2 with schizo-affective disorder. I am on meds and they are helping to an extent. I am a fairly great and positive person for what I have gone thru in my life, but I also can be on the other end of it too. When I need be. I am a compassionate person but I have things I need to deal with. Thats why I am in therepy. So I hope I can not be so angry and such. Thank you for letting me share.


Welcome, Welcome, WELCOME!!!!!!!!!
8 years ago

Hope we can be of some help for ya's!

8 years ago
I found this group after receiving a green star from Larry & checking the profile to see who it was from. (Thank you, by the way!)

I've been living with depression since I was rather young and sporadically sought treatment off and on for the past 20 years or so. I finally ended up in a situation where it became quite clear that I needed to seek help and continue with therapy/medication on a regular basis if I am to cope with and work through my depression/anxiety.

I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I'm happy to be a member of this group. I'm looking forward to reading through the threads and learning something from those here.

HI Larry!
8 years ago

This is an awesome group! I hope you are's so good to hear you laugh more.

I know some of these mentioned feelings relating to despair and unhappiness from all sorts of reasons, all to well.

My experience -

First and foremost, and a hard one for me to learn - it is a wonderful thing getting more connected with ones inner self, loves and needs - everything becomes clearer. Start next on the relationships with loved ones - and what a great place to start and very important too.

I think a stable self promotes more activity and energy within ones life - to be able help themselves and - to help others. Then, reach out to help others as a more readied and abled human being ready to answer questions rather need them answered.

Wishing you many blessings...

Peace love & hugs, Natalie

8 years ago

Welcome to our little group Echo. Your group sounds interesting, and if it is ok with you, I would like to check it out (but it will have to wait until I get back (I'll be gone for just over 3 weeks).


8 years ago
I just found this group and joined, after I had started a group specifically for Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder or Compassion Fatigue, which of course is what stems from having EMPATHY which I believe is why many activists are here, the empathy that stems to depression. After seeing such horrific photos of animals suffering for years, to realize what variation of depression it was, was helpful!
Empathy, Compassion Fatigue & Secondary Traumatic Stress

Do you hurt when others are suffering? Do you feel empathetic when someone is abused? Do you get Angry at Abusers? If you CARE, You may have some form of STSD, Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a form of depression stemming from EMPATHY.

Hi Sweet Gerry and George...
8 years ago

and Larry, who may not be saying anything, but we know he's out there somewhere!

Just a quick note letting you know that I am feelin' a bit better tonight. It might be just a bit, but it is better none-the-less (we take what we can get!).

I want you all to know that I appreciate your caring words and your support, it truly means so much to me...

I have had it said to me that the people on my "friends list" are really only a bunch of people that I don't truly know, but I do not agree. Our world has become so much smaller. And I know that, at least for the most part, I have a bunch of truly kind, big hearted people, who not only care about our enviroment, but their fellow human beings as well. And I guess that that includes me. So, thank you. You are helping to lift me up and out of dispair. For that, there are no words that can express how greatful I am.

From my heart, to yours, Melissa

8 years ago


It's so good to hear from you!!  (but not good to know that you've been going thru such rough times). 

Take care,


Remedy sleep problem
8 years ago

My darlin' Mel,

       I feel for you, doll. I too have that problem [prostate, incontinence, nerve damage etc.]. Call me up. I'll tell you my life story and bore you to death.........I mean bore you to sleep. [You might " wish" you were dead, or maybe, comatose.]

                                                          Whole Lotta Love,


Hi All,
8 years ago

And welcome to the new faces that have arrived since the last time I was here... ages ago...

I have been having pc problems, so, I am just going to post this here, even though I realize that it really belongs elsewhere...

About 6 months ago I stopped sleeping.  Well, I sleep, but it is now about 6 hours a week. My shrink just kept giving more and more assorted kinds of sleeping pills, which did nothing. He ended up putting me on some stuff that made me worse in every way, then I have EVER been. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't think, I could not stop shaking. IT WAS THE WORST 2 WEEKS OF MY LIFE. I have since gone off EVERYTHING. No, I did not just stop taking my meds, but I started taking half doses, and then half of that, and now I am not on anything. I still am not sleeping, and I have the flu, but, I am hoping that I can get on my feet again, without the drugs that never seemed to help anyway. I hope that I am doing the right thing. But I just couldn't help but feel that these drugs WERE NOT HELPING, and was so very tired of the "well, let's try this then" mentality... been doing that for years, more than I care to count. Plus, I suffer from anxiety, and my bills are part of what I worry about... it has been costing me hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month. I am saving that money now, and hope to take some time for myself someday. I just need to get on my feet... I know I can do this... I hope I can do this... I NEED TO DO THIS. Keep me in your prayers... please? Thanks everyone. I'll try to keep in better touch... as long as I can ramble...

8 years ago

New member here. Been feeling real bummed, & my roomie wanted me to go with her to see Inconvenient Truth.  Like salt in a wound...

8 years ago

Hi, i am a new member to this group, but have been fighting depression most of my life. Overcoming Despair is my middle name and my life. Take a day at a time though would love for it it just end, but God leave me here to learn the lessons of life. So i am learning. Thanks for letting me join.

aka Ginger

8 years ago

 to Kitsune.  We are glad you are here!!  And, welcome back Doris!  I have been away for awhile too, but had to come back to my first Care2 group.  I hope everyone is doing ok. 


... hi.
8 years ago
It's an interesting synchronicity that I should stumble upon this site the day after I hit a new low of despair re activism and compassion amongst my fellow humans.  I went to the lovely WTC interactive memorial at, and read the kind and heartfelt messages on the floating candles - and it made me sad all over again for those who were lost that day, and their loved ones, and all of us.

But then I got to thinking about how little public concern there is over so MANY things that are as bad or worse than the WTC tragedy - the African wars, the medical problems of the people who live where 'our' depleted unranium bombs fell, the dispossessed Iraquis, and on and on and on - that my countrymen, by and large, and I myslef just don't pay any attention to, don't try to help.

Finding this site was balm to that sorrow.  Lot of people signed up here. Lot of caring about the rest of the world. And this group, in particular, nails the problem I was sinking into. I look forward to seeing more.

Thank you, group founders.  See you around.

~ Kitsune
Here's a rather old member popping up again...
8 years ago
... dear friends - I'm so looking forward to be back again - I've been doing a lot of things and been so unsystematic and flittering about, which is typical of me, but my situation is this in respect to this group: more than 25 years ago I was depressed the last time - what helped me to overcome depression were many things, and I haven't been depressed since the late 70's, not at all, even if my life hasn't been a dance on the sunny side these last 25 years either, but problems and sorrows are not the same as being depressed, rather it all depends, and in gratitude for what I learned about how to keep free from depressions whatever happens, I'd be happy to share - it makes sense I hope that I want to pass on - and is an offer to anyone who feels depressed or despairing in this group - you can also send me an introduction and we can NMs... I'm not a professional, just a fellow human being,though not too modest ( !) about that I really learned something that changed my life, lessons that nobody in my own nearest circles could help me with... and some of the professionals I've talked with didn't know all that I know about depressions, simply because they haven't overcome any themselves... note: no drugs were needed in my case, but you might need them - follow your inner guide, always, whatever others say, they don't have to live with the consequences of their advice - that goes for my advice, too, of course! Follow the kind suggesting tender voice within that wants your very best and talks to you with love and patience...
9 years ago

Thanks Ivan for the Christmas wishes!!  I should wish you a Happy Boxing Day, right?  I think today, the day after Christmas, is sooo relaxing, after all the running around and noise of pre-Christmas! 

Hope all in our group are doing well.  Let us know, ok?

Hi there
9 years ago
Just would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from the UK. I hope that you all have a wonderful time. Ivan
9 years ago
Hi LeslieKay,

We're glad you joined!! We hope that you can find some help, hope, and comfort here amongst friends.

Peace to you,

Hi Melissa! I'm doing ok these days. I'm staying home from work today to take a needed break. The people at work are just too much to handle sometimes!!
9 years ago

welcome   Welcome to the group LeslieKay! That is a really wonderful thing that you are doing... touching people's lives that way! It must be hard on you at times... I can't even imagine... Bless your heart, keep up the good work, and if you need a place to scream a bit, well, this is as good a place as any (you DO need to let it out sometimes, especially with the job you do). Again, welcome to our little group! If we can help in any way, please let us know!

Peace and Love to you and yours!

9 years ago

Yes I'm new and I know depression well. I work 24/7 with the disable and on going people that have short lifes.

Well someone has to care for those people that are forgotten by their family and love ones.

I been doing work from age of 18 and now 53.

There's good days and bad ones just holiday time for these people is the hardest.

I do my best to make it cheer full.

Cause depair and depression shorten ones life.

I would rather leave this world knowing I gave to some poor soul  a little happiest then all the manmade riches of this world.


9 years ago

Welcome to the group! Sorry it took so long for anyone to welcome you... I think we are all going through our own little "personal trials" right now... please, post any thoughts you have... start a new thread if you'd like.... and bear with us while we "re-group".

May you always have enough... Peace and Love, Melissa

9 years ago

I did a search on "depression" on care2 and found this group.

9 years ago
9 years ago



Hello co-hosts and all...
9 years ago
Hi Melissa, Gerry, Catherine and all members!
I just wanted to check-in and say Hi and Thanks for the great hosting and participation. I apologize for my absence, but am hoping to spend more time here soon (after I get my Ecopalooza Green Events Calendar website launched). Keep up the good work everyone!
~Peace and Hugs, Larry
9 years ago
Welcome to all our members....both old & new!

Please feel free to share with us on any of the threads, or.....start a new one!!

Thanks for the invite
9 years ago
Hi everybody! Thanks for the invite Gerry, I'm glad to be here.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Hi Gerry, Thanks so much for inviting me to your wonderful group.
9 years ago
That's sad. I wanted to talk!
9 years ago
we HAD 101 members last I looked... who jumped ship?
9 years ago
Over 100!
9 years ago
Thanks for joining our group Robin & Jana!

Maybe there's a door prize for the 100th member??
"I'll check with my supervisor....."

It's great to have everyone here!

9 years ago

I want to welcome all of our new members... so very glad that you have joined... I am dealing with some issues myself right now, as in weaning myself off from my anti-depressants. Any and all advise will be greatly appreciated....

9 years ago
I too received an invite from Gerry.  Thanks. (I think I'm the 100th member!)
I look forward to getting to know you all.
Hello Everyone
9 years ago

I received an invitation from Gerry.  Looking to network and make friends with people and also gain some support.  I have suffered life long depression and my road this year has not been easy.  I had a husband that asked me to leave due to my MS and I lost a job becauase of it too.  I hope to meet new people and new friends and try to remain positive but like most I suffer my up and down days.

Have a great day!


Welcome to all our new members
9 years ago

You're gonna find caring support, interesting ideas, and new friends here. I have found all three in this great group and hope that it will make your journey a little bit easier too.

New Member's thoughts
9 years ago

Having been born with the desire to see that all despair, ignorance, bigotry and hatred end, I have been on a long journey into life and along life's trails.

It is clear that the only way despair will end is when the world realizes it took a wrong turn 12000 years ago when it adapted the way of the lion, tiger, snake, croc, etc...  We must do as our spirit, heart, mind, senses and higher powers tell us, and that is to cease depending on animals as a food source.

The future of a happy human race, especially our species of human, depends on us ending the carnage.

Positive news
9 years ago

Hi all and thanks Melissa for inviting me. Something I find uplifting is "Positive news" a free newspaper full of inspiring stories from around the world from the environmental & movements, education & youth groups, community action etc. For subscribers there is also a magazine "Living Lightly". They also have a website: or in the states: 

I also love connecting with you guys!

Love, light & peace, Geoff. 

9 years ago
Hi all and thanks for inviting me Melissa
9 years ago
Good Morning all, Thanks for the invite Melissa
Hello. Doing good makes me feel better.
9 years ago
My name is Keith Varady of The Earth Force United Organization. I am an Activist for Peace, Human Rights, Animal Welfare and the Environment. I would like your help by being friends and exchanging ideas.
Join the Earth Force United Organization's, "Family of Activists."
The Earth Force United Organization's ideals are simple.  
1) To work towards Peace and to Oppose War as a way of settling differences.
2) To Unite People and bring them information on World Events and what they can do to change them.
3) We work towards the END of Human and Civil Rights abuses of ALL peoples of the world. 
4) We work towards the end of Animal Abuse and towards Environmental Sanity. 
5) We believe that PEACE is PATRIOTIC.
Please consider joining at:
Thank you.
The Earth Force United Organization.
PO Box 828
Perry, Michigan 48872  
Keith Varady, Founder and Host.
PS: It's free.
9 years ago
I want to thank Mellisa for inviting me, I think I will benefit from this group immensley, I suffer from depression, along with bi-polar, and PTSD. I know it's alot to deal with, but I have 4 grown kids and even tho they live far from me, they are on the phone with me. And I found out I will be a Granny for the 1st time in 8 months, that made me the happiest person, My oldest son is excited and we're close as anything. I think I'll be in here to talk, as much as to help, I've been in therapy for years lol! Blessings. HUGZ, Maiden M.
Thanks for the Invitation
9 years ago

I don't think I suffer from clinical depression.  Post-traumatic-stress-disorder is more likely.  Years of emotional, verbal and physical abuse have caused me to be hyper- vigilant and at times hyper-sensitive.  The only time I ever took any kind of prescribed drug (Xanax) when my father was dieing at home of cancer and I was being told by my parents that it was me killing him (by being me.. basically) and not the cancer...The feeling the drug gave my brain had gone numb...did not make me feel better.  After my father died in 1992 I then took care of my mother who was disabled and had Alzheimers.  Blah, blah, blah...Don't want to bore or nauseate  you with the details.  I'll just say she was severly incontinent of bladder and bowels, refused to go to doctors and was the sort of Alzheimers patient who bit and scratched and screamed.  According to the advice I received I was stuck in a Catch-22.  If I wanted to force her to be seen by doctors I had to have her declared incompetent.  In order for her to be declared incompetent she had to be seen by doctors.  The worse she got the less I could work.  She neglected her home that my father had always taken care of.  I ended up declaring bankruptcy after paying for repairs and other bills she neglected with my credit cards.  I was aware that, even with a will naming me as sole beneficiary, I could lose "my" home if it wasn't signed over to me before my mother went into a nursing home, I never succeeded in persuading my parents to do so...Even after an attorney explained to them about "Life Use".  They both insisted that if the house was in my name I'd kick them out on the street.  Instead it could now be me who ends up homeless and I just feel overwhelmed and shell-shocked...and tied by poverty...(Anyone know of a GOOD pro bono attorney in CT?)  I'm an only child and...No...I didn't have a network of friends and family.  I live in a rural area and there were no close by support groups...That's most of it in a nutshell.  Is there a difference between depression and being depressed because your life is depressing??????

I don't know how many members
9 years ago
I don't know how many members there are here , since I am new but you can count me as one . Thank you Melissa for the invitation . I've suffered from Depression a good part of my life. I didn't know it untill later on in my life.I just thought it was normal to be the way I was. But finally thinking that something wasn't right, went and got help. I learned that Depression can take many forms .you don't nessarily have to be sad to be depressed .You can also be angry all the time or iritated for no reason at the smallest things that go on around you.I've also felt the sadness and the uselessness that goes with Depression too. All I can say is , don't wait to get the help as long as I did . To be properly diagnosed and get the medication and therapy that you need is so important . It made a world of difference in my life. I just hope that some one else dosen't wait as long as I did.Looking back things could have been so much different ,and easier for me , but my generation was taught to handle our problems on our own. I hope everyone is feeling OK today , and had a great day. Again Thank You for the invitation.     LOL Vicki S.
9 years ago
Thanks Melissa for the invitation.  I have struggled (alone) with depression all my life until about 10 years ago. I spent one and a half years in therapy with a psychologist and came out the other end a different person - but the depression remains and has its moments.
9 years ago
Thanks Melissa for the invite.I am an animal activist and have suffered from depression in the past but I have overcome it.I still have the odd anxiety attack.Not sure what I can contribute but I am always happy to help where I can
9 years ago


I have some different ideas on depression and anxiety and despair.

And sometimes I am attacked for what has worked for me.

I have had depression most of my life. Actually felt it worse these past 10 years. Becasue I begain to have Flash Backs.

And fought it with Meds and now without.

I do understand people believe that meds work.

They do for a while, it seems.

But for me they turned me into someone I was not.

They suppressed my Flashbacks and my GOOD MEMORIES too.

I also had so many side-effects from them I almost had a stroke.

Yes the MEDs can help, but they need to be a temporary FIX not a life long crutch.

Even our bodies get used to natural herbs too and we get into a state of mind where we are 'stable' it seems, but we do not realize anymore that we are not the same as we once were, just more

padded in the darkness...

Suppressing anything is wrong, NEGITIVE, or PAIN needs to be felt to fix. If it goes on being suppresed we start to feel it is gone.

It is not. Just hidden in the our minds.

I am not trying to change anyone's mind here, just show TOOLS.

I will only be reading positive stories here.

So if you find my posts negitive to you, then you are not ready for the information.

AND that is OK, we are all at different stages here, I am sure. I used to turn away from all healing ways but the MEDS.

Just as I choose to not read negitive stories, because I tend to get caught up in other people's hardships and they really stick with me and pull me down.

I have been told that I have high B/P and need to change my life style.

This means limiting my stress and changing other things in my life.

ONE more thing...

This is to paint a clear picture...

Some people are born with physical disablities and use a wheelchair for life, WE SOCIETY accept them...

We accept the deaf...and blind...WHEN will society accept people with Mental illnesses ? Learn that anxiety is something some people have, or depression...and like some cannot get out of a wheelchair or start seeing or hearing we cannot simply TURN THIS OFF...

There are NO pills to get people out of wheelchairs or to see or to hear...

So, I do not feel I should need to medicate my MIND...

I need to know what is going on in there and pills take it all away the good and bad.

Thanks for baring with my long introduction.

Dora Tonks...

Thanks for the invite...

and I would like anyone who feels like contacting me for any information or help or just to talk with me to feel free to do so.

Peace, love and light!


9 years ago
Thanks for the invitation, Melissa! My Mom suffers from depression and I have in the past. It will be good to have a resource to go to! Lark
9 years ago
Thank you so much for the invitation Melissa. As someone who has dealt with depression for most of my life, I have learned that you can't ever have too much support.
9 years ago

Welcome Jennie! Make yourself at home....

Glad to have you here!    Peace, Melissa

9 years ago

Hi Jennie,

I want to welcome you to our group! There are some very supportive members here, and many of us are sharing your experience.  So you're not alone!!! I come here often for support, a bit of sharing, and learning too. It's a good place to be!!

9 years ago
Hi - I just saw this group - I belong to too many groups as is but this one feels right for the moment and what I'm experiencing. I'm depressed but I'm not and realizing that makes little sense I'll explain. I deal w/chronic depression of the kind that is hard wired into the brain. I have been on Cymbalta which does an excellent job keeping me on an even keel; however, I read recently that Cymbalta and Imitrex (used for migraines which I also have) can cause a Serotonin overload - until I talk w /my dr. on Monday, I'm not taking Cymbalta and I'm scared of being depressed. Life is going pretty well right now. I'm working on a documentary that I love - my concept w/a good friend and just returned from a 2 month trip to Canada that I wish I was still on. I feel pretty good about my life - I have plans and I'm doing o.k. - I'm realizing the FACT that Unipolar Depression occurs regardless of how great life is going and I have no desire to go there. I'm always looking for a solution when I see a potential problem - like if I were getting a cold, I'd go get some Vit C and Zinc. This group offers a little bit of support - maybe a lot - people who understand and have been there. I'm glad you are here and I'm glad to be here. I have a bit to offer I hope to as I'm a licensed social worker - and I care about people - I can't promise to make anything better but I'll always care and listen. G'nite now. Thank you for this group and all of you. Love and light, Jennie B.
9 years ago
shucks. drat and double drat. obviously my Jesuit education was skewed with some terminologies. please let me extend the appropriate mea culpas.
9 years ago

Welcome Arthur! Ok, I concede on the Parrot Head remark... but stunningly attractive? You DO realize that there is no points given in this group, so sucking up to one of the hosts will not give you a better grade, right? Still, I do want to thank you for accepting my invitation and in such a... well... such a.... manner (excuse me, I am still blushing).

And Larry, I am in agreement with Gerry, very interesting indeed.

Also, anyone coming to this group should take the time to read the thread "LETTER TO AN ACTIVIST, EARTH DAY 2002, by Tooker Gomberg", as it has some advise that I truly think EVERYONE who spends time on special causes should read. You gotta take care of yourself if you want to help others.  

Peace and Love, Melissa   

9 years ago

I just wanted to say Hi to our new members!  I've only been around a couple of weeks, but have found some good friends already!!

Larry:  Thank you for posting the magazine looks like some good info to read!

Take it easy everyone, Gerry

P.S.    I'm sure as hell not the "stunningly attractive" one that invited Arthur.....but I'm glad he's with us!  Hmmm.....who is that anyway????

P.S. social change activism and depression
9 years ago
I was inspired to create this group mainly because of my connection with the wonderful and inspiring work of Angela Bischoff and GreenSpiration of Toronto. I would highly recommend any activisit who is struggling with burn-out or depression to please read my thread here, "LETTER TO AN ACTIVIST, EARTH DAY 2002, by Tooker Gomberg."

Angela was Tooker's partner in life and activism, and since his death, as focused her life's work on bringing to the publics awareness, the concerns around antidepressants and suicide. She recently completed the "Mind Body Planet Tour" across Canada to bring this issue to the awareness of as many Canadians as possible. See my Host and Member Sharebooks here on the group homepage for links to info about the Tour. For more info on the good work of Angela and the other good people of GreenSpiration, see their website:

At the website you can view the magazine that was created for the Tour...

Depression Expression: raising questions about antidepressants

Thanks for checking into the thread and the GreenSpiration website!

Peace and Hugs,

P.S. The paragraphs above the pic of the magazine are not meant to be in bold type. Guess the formatting thing here is messing up...LOL

the "hosting thing"...
9 years ago
Hello Melissa,

Thanks again for helping with the "hosting thing!" Much appreciated. As I mentioned in the Hope thread, I'm dealing with a health issue now which takes most of my focus in life these days, so having you here is really great, and I'm grateful indeed. I'm not even sure how much I can help until I know more about "the issue," which was the main reason I wanted to quit (delete, let fade away) the group a few months ago.

As far as knowing what to do as host, there's really not much to it and as I said before on another thread, you're already doing great. Check the group
Host Toolbox:
Go to Group Managemant Console
(which should appear also on your group homepage), for things you can do, etc. Should any flaming, or negative posts start apearing, you can delete any post you feel is unadvised, unwanted, etc. for the group. I never had to do it, it's good to know you have that in your group "tools."

My original purpose in starting this group was to have a safe place for activists to share their concerns, feelings, etc. about despair and depression, and to discuss how we as activists can work together (help each other) in overcoming despair and depression so we can be more effective activists, or just concerned individuals. But you are free to change the focus or add to the original purpose if you'd like. I never put up a billboard (that function wasn't available when I started the group), and at one time I thought it might have been a neat group activity to create a "billboard statement" together. Not even sure how that could happen. One idea would be for you to just post something (if you want) and then ask members to comment, make suggestions, etc. Or maybe it's not that important to have one? Also, you are welcome to invite a few other folks to help as co-hosts (done from the Group Managemant Console), but it's good that they know the purpose before they sign-on, in my humble opinion. If you should ever come to the place in your life where being a host is difficult, there are always good caring folks here that will help, just as you have graciously helped me. Anyway, these are just some thoughts in answer to your comments (quoted below).

I will do all I can here given my current limitations, and we can consult on things as needed, don't hestitate to ask. Thanks again Melissa, and Thanks to all the previous and new members for being here. Welcome all!

Peace and Hugs,

<<I am new to this "hosting" thing, so please bear with me. Larry (Yes, you Larry) somehow tricked me into co-hosting (Oh come on Larry, ya know ya did... he he he). And I REALLY don't know a thing about it, so any pointers or sugestions from anybody is always appreciated.>>
'tis moi
9 years ago
let me see...pop open an e-mail to find a stunningly attractive person who is a parrot-head and has graciously extended a personal invitation to participate in this group? please check my pulse. thank you. regards all, be safe.
9 years ago

Welcome Gary and Warren!!! So very glad you could make it!            !!!!!!

DeeDee... Welcome as well.. but what on earth are you talking about? Did I miss something? This is the welcome post... just to let us know you are here. If you are upset about something, or have an issue you would like to discuss/ get feedback from other members of the group, please start a new thread and explain what is up.

LOL.. I DID say that you could rant and rave in here... but please, make sure we know what it is that is you are ranting about. We can't put our two cents worth in, if we don't understand the subject.

Peace and Love (he he he and HOPE)


9 years ago
Many wondrous possibilities, here. Love to ALL, warren
9 years ago


wonderful group

supress the feeling for whom???for the neighbors or for the co workers or for the people walking on the streets????noo...never

so called friends are just good for nuthing...they come and eat and the moment they go out theys start criticising you

that is what we do tooo......partyy...and then whole week of discussions about the flaws....hahahah

this is one example..;

Hello everyone
9 years ago

Hi All. Thank you Melissa for the invitation, this looks like a very interesting, worthwhile and caring group, so apart from the fact that there are some trusted friends already here, they are three good reasons to join.

Take care.

9 years ago

Welcome Ross(!)... one of my older friends... not that you are old... you were one of my first friends on care2 (OK Ross, just tell me to put a sock in it!) So glad you joined!

Katherine and Michelle, 2 of my newest friends... thank you for coming! Welcome and BIG HUGS to the both of ya's... awww shucks, I feel like I am throwing a party, and the people are starting to arrive!

I am new to this "hosting" thing, so please bear with me. Larry (Yes, you Larry) somehow tricked me into co-hosting (Oh come on Larry, ya know ya did... he he he). And I REALLY don't know a thing about it, so any pointers or sugestions from anybody is always appreciated.


Doris... (big hug!) Are they still working? Can you see them?

Peace and Love, Melissa

9 years ago
Hi Melissa, Thanks for the invite, Im looking forward to being a part of the group x x
Hi everyone x x
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9 years ago
Hi, thank you for inviting me to join this group. I look forward to getting to know everyone and helping out when I can.   
9 years ago
9 years ago
Welcome all new members! Please, introduce yourself!
9 years ago

most into already here Is this group worth continuing?  and on my profile, SCROLL DOWN, maybe make on billboard so people read with links, most people don't understand the medical terms and consequenses an d sitation, and a blog, haven't been able to keep mine (off care2) uptodate)

hugs to everyone Sushine, would like to BE IN IT

Hi Melissa!
9 years ago
Your introduction, Melissa, is SO full of interesting topics and important messages, it was a pure joy to read! I myself also know depression first hand, even if it's over 25 years since I was depressed. Nowadays I have the whole rainbow of feelings, but none of that endless, grey, numb, heavy mist, where you get lost and lose yourself and everything...
Depression means put down, push down, keep down - the attitude (of pushing down all not-optimistic, not-happy feelings)
Larry describes as not emotionally healthy - to demand a constant set of feelings is alien to life. Even if the set demanded is seen as a positive set. To demand such a mind set is oppressive and narrow-minded, because at times it is only adequate to respond with sorrow, anger, fear, outrage, etc - feelings help us to know the world, to know life, ourselves, others...
When a whole culture demands a certain set of feelings, oppressing the other feelings, we get the situation we actually have got, most people are obviously depressed or hiddenly depressed and of no great help to each other in handling feelings - "Do take another Prozac, and keep quiet and pay your bills..." that will be the prescription, like...
People who try to help you by taking some of your feelings quickly and completely away should not be your teachers - if you notice that kind of tendency in some, then you can be sure they haven't been through and understood (cultural or personal) depression yet, as they still try to put that what is living in you down, and in themselves, too. Look for people who don't try to suppress feelings, but try to handle every feeling in an adequate way, because it is not at all unimportant how we take care of and express feelings. As is evident from the posts above it's a sign of maturity and openness that you can accept the existence of all kinds of feelings. Which is not at all the same as to say that one can recommend all kinds of affected acts. Everybody in your nearest circle might not be able to see the wisdom in this, and you might be attacked for showing that you feel this or that, maybe punished for feeling something, that they rather would didn't exist... But feelings are much more real than that they could be wished away...
It is however not safe to share all feelings wherever and however with whomever...
Feelings need to be recognized, by you who feel them, that's the most important point - if you also find other people who understand them, it's wonderful! - and they need to be expressed, by you who feel them, and it is a social condition that they'd be expressed in a way not to harm others. So writing a diary is one option, and really: a way of meditation, that is deeply rooted in our culture in the western tradition. Praying and talking are others. Acting is very powerful, but then again most responsible and therefore difficult. Let's say you envy someone who is in good shape. You feel uncomfortable with this feeling (an ugly feeling, as you've been taught) and you feel uncomfortable with feeling uncomfortable, too (you naturally like to be happy). You can learn about yourself by writing and talking. Both things can help to handle the feeling. But acting will best help you beyond it, but if you take the wrong actions you'll just get deeper into a mess. If you actually or verbally punch that envied person on the nose.... if you try to act as if you were a saint above such feelings... if you try to deny what you are, for example a person not physically able to be in that kind of shape at all... then you have not yet found out what the message of your feeling is, what you should learn from this and how you should act... again feelings will help you: when you feel at ease again, then you know you've found the answer, perhaps your envy directed you to realize how much people who are not at all in top shape have to contribute if you pay them attention, or perhaps you had neglected your own energy-resources, or perhaps you had to sort out what really matters in life in general and to you in your own life especially...
To learn how to handle feelings is indeed a long and winding process, and if one does move forward all the time to tasks not-yet mastered, one will make mistakes all the time, too - as such will naturally accompany the progress and personal growth all along.
And when we have embarked on this journey then we will get to know delightful paradoxes like encountering happy depressed persons, or angry people full of loving kindness, or mild and patient mothers with lively temperaments, or childishly playful very wise people who make mistakes all the time... People who enrich us if we are lucky enough to meet and learn to know them!
Love to meet you, all members of this group!
Hope, Peace, and Love
9 years ago

Merry Meet to Everyone!

Sorry that I didn't introduce myself before being so bold as to start a new thread... to be honest, I am not even sure how I ended up finding this group, so please bear with me.

My name is Melissa, and I am a massage therapist in Michigan's thumb area. I was born and raised Wicce/Wiccan, and as such, feel our Mother Earth's cries for help very deeply. I grew up in a home that was constantly full of activity... from the local headquarters for the Democratic Party (smack dab in the middle of Republican Territory), to a main branch of "Another Mother For Peace" (all back in the 70's... was it THAT long ago?). My mother is my role model... teaching me at an early age that each of us has a responsibility... a DUTY to try and right what we perceive as wrong, whether it be environmental issues, civil rights... well, I guess that I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut on almost any issue. I am very opinionated, but I do try very hard to look at both sides of each issue, and try to respect other's views. That said, it is sometimes very hard to stay optimistic... some of the issues I am active in are battles that seem to keep popping up (think Artic National Wildlife Refuge... how many times must we defend it before they will give up and LEAVE IT ALONE?). Along with fighting for what I believe in, I have also fought my own personal battles with depression. As with the political battles, this fight to keep myself from feeling too "down" all of the time... from slipping into a situation that makes me not want to get out of bed in the morning, is an on going fight.

I guess I should get to my point... No matter how hard it is... no matter how much it feels like the cards are stacked against us... we MUST continue to MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD. We must have HOPE. Things are changing... more and more people are waking up. Besides that, what else are we to do? Roll over and play dead? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!! So, hear is my little "pep talk" for anyone out there who is feeling like giving up.... Don't do it! Have faith! Find Peace in the knowledge that YOU are doing what YOU can! YOUR voice IS important, and when added to mine and the countless others... WE WILL BE HEARD! There is much in this world that we can do without... but we MUST HAVE HOPE. Please, keep up all of the GOOD WORK... and DON'T LET 'EM GET CHA DOWN!

Hoping all is well with each of you and all those you hold dear to your heart. May you always have enough... Peace and Love,


Welcome Lesliej and other new members...
10 years ago
Sorry I haven't been as active in this group as I'd like to be. If anyone would like to co-host, let me know. Thanks! Thanks Lesliej for your post. I appreciate your willingness to share your story. One of these days I want to share a little more about my story, which deals more with despair than depression, although I did experience a year or so of depression over the loss of my last love (which I've recovered from). Presently I'm dealing with a health issue, which is requiring more attention to healing and less to Care2 work. Thanks again to all here. Hope things are going well for everyone. Peace and Hugs, Larry ecotopialarry at
Introducing myself
10 years ago
Hi I'm lesliej Hello, I joined this list about 2 weeks ago, but am just now introducing myself. I joined about a dozen groups at the same time! so posting to all of them may take me a while. I live in Washington,DC and have been dealing with mental health problems for the last 12 years. Although in hindsight, I have been dealing with them all my life in my family. It has been a rollercoaster ride since the beginning, but I do want to share with you how it all began for me: I had the proverbial "mental breakdown" in 1993. I was working a job that demanded I spend 40-60 hours a week, once as many as 80 hours in one week. It was too much to deal with, but I could not get the company to hire an assistant for me. It got to the point that I dreaded going into work and then I started getting sick to my stomach every time I got near the building. (even now, I am not comfortable walking down that block) When it got to where I was spending time on my home phone at all hours of the day/night,I told them I could not work there any more without an assistant. They said "OK, we'll get someone to take over for you within two weeks". They ended up re-hiring the man who had the job before me, and making the employee that I wanted to make my assistant, his assistant. I just went home and went to bed. Where I stayed for several months. During those months the only connection I maintained with reality was a weekly excercise walk around the White House that I did with 2 girlfriends from my neighborhood. When they realized I was not leaving my apartment at any other times of the week, and didn't even bathe or get dressed on those days, one of them decided to make me get help. She called up a local clinic where she was getting therapy and did the initial phone interview for me, and got an appointment. Even though I knew of the appt. she knew it would be impossible for me to go on my own. She came to the door of my apt. on that morning, banging untill I let her in. She made me get up and get dressed and dragged me to the busstop. She didn't leave to go to work herself until she saw me go in the office door. This was a true friend and one I will always be grateful for. I have no doubt that if I had not gotten help at that time I would be dead now. The next 7 years was a really strange trip!! But today I am still unemployed, and live on a very low income from Social Security. I have been pretty stable for the last 2 years. I am a trained Peer Recovery Specialist. I have taken a couple leadership courses from the West Virginia Leadership Academy. I attended the "Alternatives" conference back in October in Phoenix AZ and met a lot of other activists in the "Consumer" Movement. I have joined 3 Consumer groups here in DC---One as a board member, and another as an activist, and the third we just started with the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, and are calling the DC-Consumer Leadership Forum. I consider myself an activist in the Mental Health Civil Rights Movement. But any day now I could get word that I will be doing a 3 month intership as a Peer Recovery Specialist. (yeah, Right, I have been hearing that since last May!). In the mean time I am just trying to do as much political work for the movement as I can, and dealing with my illness day by day. I try to stay focused on my Wellness Recovery Action Plan and take care of myself. This is a great tool! So that is where I started and where I am now. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you, and hearing about yours!! I will close now---as you can maybe tell I can talk a whole lot! lesliej
Place for "Welcomes" for new members...
10 years ago
if we get anymore...LOL Peace and Love, Larry
10 years ago
Any memebrs want to share something here?
Hi Noelle...
10 years ago
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond and re-activate this topic. Thanks for joining and I hope we get some new interest going. I've been pretty busy still with the green living expo that I'm working on (ECOPALOOZA 2005:, but I think this is a pretty important topic in this world, so I want to contribute more. Hope others want to also. Thanks again to you and all the members here. Peace, Larry
10 years ago
Hi! I thought this would be a good group for me to join, being a progressive thinker living in a predominantly conservative right wing rural city (for now til' I'm done with my masters). Howdy folks!
hi busy larry!
10 years ago
Looking forward to the event on Sunday. Sorry to say we can only go for a couple of hours in the AM as my dad is arriving early in the afternoon and we need to go pick him up. Nice things you said in your posting-- glad you've got that perspective! Positive thinking really does make a difference! Quick note-- did you get my 2 messages earlier in the week? I've noticed some problems with the network messaging-- doubling up on messages, some not being sent, etc. No rush for any response, just making sure it's working for me. Thanks! -m
Hi Diane and Friends...some more ramblings
10 years ago
Thanks for joining up. After I started this group I suddenly got overwhelmed with work on ECOPALOOZA 2005, so haven't been very focused here (maybe it's a good thing, eh!). There are some things I wanted to put to the group, so one of these less busy days it'll happen. The big thing for me, as of this morning, is that I think one of the things that was causing some depression for me was the feeling I wasen't going to be happy again until I found a new love in my life. Now (again...LOL) I know that's totally wrong. I have to totally love myself again (getting back there...LOL) before I can expect to have the love-of-my-life suddenly pop into being. So along with the expo, I'm focusing on Larry, loving me, and loving and supporting my family (which I've been pretty good about, even in low-feeling times)...then later, who knows? As you so very well know, this illusive love search has been around a long time...LOL So, no more "searching," except for searching for what Larry needs to be totally happy again inside, in my heart. Which is all to say I'm not feeling depressed now, but feeling energized to take one whatever needs taking on...LOL Maybe not totally happy again yet, but at least not depressed, and holding the despair over the yucky in the world at bay for now. One of my hopes for this group is that this might become a place we can talk about "it" and share ideas, etc. for dealing with, overcoming "it!" That is if we need to. Anyway...back to the "creating the expo" work..which seems to be helping me focus on what's important for me. Think it was what I needed at this time to re-focus myself. Thanks again Diane. And thanks Misi, and my wonderful new friends here also!!! Thanks, Thanks! For being there, all these years!
Ok I'm in too! :)
10 years ago
Hi Larry I'm also fairly new at starting a group "thing" ... but I'll track this topic and jump in when a discussion gets going.
more members to come, right?
10 years ago
Hi Larry, I recently made a group and discovered that it won't really draw attention until you get at least 4 members. I saw that you had only 3 and figured I could get you a little further along. Hope this helps! -m
OK...I see now...
10 years ago
Guess I'm still learning... Larry
New Member (s)
10 years ago
| Hot!
Hi... I can't figure out how to access the member list here. Anyone know? Looks like there's just 3 members as of when I'm posting this. I know there's me, Misi and ????