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Postings here require a login at Care2 and might not ensue timely.

The first place news appears is often at
Yahoogroup Airnuts-Travel 
(requires Yahoo ID and PW but can be web only/no mail membership)

Otherwise, the easiest as reader is to go to  (should work with www. also)

If the latest news you heard about is not yet posted at AirNews then click the quicklink to which reports breaking news from all over the world for the aviation industry

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Gari the

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 March 29, 2009 3:08 AM

01 May 2008 I wrote "Postings to this group will cease..."  but the posting continued.

However, this group is no longer #1 source of information and the suggested sites below will inform sooner and better:

AirNews at will continue to be the main source and will report places visited by self and friends as well as places intended to be visited.

AirNews also has Quicklink buttons to the aviation news pages of and will tell you what happened in the last hour, day, week and year - worldwide.   CH-Aviation records all coming changes to any airline that lands in Europe. 

The Yahoo Group Airnuts-Travel at 
which is easier and quicker to post, will show information that might later be posted here. will get you to ALL sites and give you all the links, tips, recommendations and news you need to travel.  Watch out especially for http://travel.holidays/tips  - "Airports"

Cya there folks

Gari the

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anonymous green travel April 29, 2009 2:30 PM

Let's travel just with groups or public transport, ... and live green
greetings from Georgia

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 January 16, 2012 1:02 PM

Maybe someone should continue a good work Gari started.....?

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