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Trying to get used November 04, 2013 11:10 AM

to winter time again...

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addon for Firefox July 06, 2010 4:31 AM

if you use the browser Firefox then download the Foxclocks addon.

Having that addon you can select a number of countries / time zones and the current time there will always appear at the bottom of your browser

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WORLD TIME Mar/Apr - Sep/Nov 09 March 28, 2009 9:53 AM

Europe puts its clocks 1hr forwards tonight and Western Australia 1hr back

In brief

05 Apr 09 - New Zealand reverts to ST when 03.00 becomes 02.00 until 27 Sep
05 Apr 09 - Central and Eastern States of Australia (incl TAS but
      excluding QLD* and NT) change to ST at 03.00 (becomes   
      02.00) until 04 Oct
26 Oct 08 - Western Australia* goes ST this weekend

* Western Australians will vote on the future of the state’s daylight saving time on May 16, 2009.  In South Australia, the question of DST to be or not to be is also subject to discussion/voting and  Queensland now has a Pro DST Party which wants to introduce regional DST adjustments (e.g. in SE Queensland).

Far East:
Japan Tokyo - UTC/GMT +9 hours. Constant
Seoul SKor... - UTC/GMT +9 hours. Constant

China .(all).. - UTC/GMT +8 hours. Constant
Hong Kong.. - UTC/GMT +8 hours. Constant
Malaysia..... - UTC/GMT +8 hours. Constant
Singapore... - UTC/GMT +8 hours. Constant

India Dehli. - UTC/GMT +5:30 hours. Constant

South Africa:
1 time zone.- UTC/GMT +2 hours. Constant (for present).

Europe & Brit Isles:
28 Mar 09 - This weekend the British Isles and Europe change to BST (01.00), CEST (02.00) and EEST (03.00) as the case may be until 25 Oct
(full list at

North America:
08 Mar 09 - Went DST.  Reverts to Standard Time Nov 1, 2009

How to read

When comparing your time with the opposite hemisphere, remember the
shift of one to summer and the other to winter time has a 2hr
difference effect. 

Worth bookmarking is:

A great site is which will tell you
the current time anywhere in the world (use 24 hour clock setting to
remain sane - especially in the Pacific).

ALL changes (to or from DST) at ALL locations in the world

..can be seen at for 2009.
Second half 2009 is at

GMT +/-

NZDT +13.00 until 05 Apr 2009
NZST +12.00 From 05 Apr - 27 Sep 09

AEDT +11.00 until Apr 05 NSW, ACT, VIC incl TAS
AEST +10.00 Fm 05 Apr 09 until 04 Oct 09 NSW,ACT,VIC,TAS (+ QLD no change)

ACDT +10.30 SA until 05 Apr
ACST +09.30 SA From 05 Apr - 04 Oct 09 (and NT - no change)

JPST +09.00 Japan no change
KST.. +09.00 South Korea no change
CST.. +08.00 Chinese Standard Time no change
HKST +08.00 Hong-Kong no change
SGST. +08.00 Singapore no change
AWST +08.00 WA From Mar 29, 2009
AWDT +09.00

IST..... +05.30 India no change

EEST +03.00 Finland,E Baltic, to Greece,Turkey,Cyprus fm 29 Mar 29 - 25 Oct 09
EET.. +02.00

SAST +02.00 South African Standard Time. No DST

CEST +02.00 Central Europe from 29 Mar - 25 Oct
CET.. +01.00

BST.. +01.00 From 29 Mar 09 - UK,EI,IOM,PT,MA
UTC. +00.00

EDT.. -04.00 Eastern US and CDN from 08 Mar - 01 Nov 09
EST... -05.00

Compared with the current Eastern US time,
Central       -1hr
Mountain  -2hrs
Pacific         -3hrs
Alaskan       -4hrs
Hawaiin  is GMT/UTC -10 hrs and does not adjust

South Africa is UTC/GMT +2 hours and does not adjust

Gari (Mod)
(Yahoogroups readers excuse fact that formatting not held)

NZDT = New Zealand daylight savings time
NZST = New Zealand standard time

AEDT = Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time
AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time
ACDT = Australian Central Daylight Savings Time
ACST = Australian Central Standard Time
AWDT = Western Australian Daylight Savings Time
JPST. = Japanese Standard Time
KRST = Republic of Korea (South Korea) Standard Time
AWST = Western Australian Standard Time
CST... = Chinese Standard Time
HKST = Hong-Kong Standard Time
SGST = Singapore Standard Time

INST = Indian Standard Time

EEST = Eastern European Summer Time
EET.. = Eastern European Time
ZAST = South African Standard Time. (Talk of creating two zones).
CEST = Central European Summer Time
CET.. = Central European Time
BST.. = British Summer Time

UTC/GMT = Coordinated Universal Time / Greenwich Mean Time

EDT. = Eastern US Daylight Savings Time
EST. = Eastern US Standard Time

Other N American Times (for Standard +1)
NDT Newfoundland Daylight Time HAT UTC - 2:30 hours
ADT Atlantic Daylight Time HAA UTC - 3 hours
EDT Eastern Daylight Time HAE UTC - 4 hours
CDT Central Daylight Time HAC UTC - 5 hours
MDT Mountain Daylight Time HAR UTC - 6 hours
PDT Pacific Daylight Time HAP UTC - 7 hours
AKDT Alaska Daylight Time HAY UTC - 8 hours
HAST Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time  UTC - 10 hours
HADT Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time  UTC - 9 hours

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WORLD TIME Mar/Apr to Sep/Nov 09 March 04, 2009 3:38 AM

USA goes DST on Sunday March 8 (until Sunday Nov 1)

Europe and WA change on Mar 29 (til Oct 25 but no DST for WA in Oct)

NZ, Tas and Australia (except QLD and NT) go to standard time on April 5.  NZ goes to DST on Sep 27 and Australia (incl TAS but except QLD,NT,WA) on Oct 4


From a sunny blue sky IOM which suddenly plunged from +9c down to early morning -0.7c but is coveered in snow and ice - just as you'd want it for Christmas.
The snowdrops are out and the climbing rose bush is budding but it might have thought twice about that overnight

Take a look - hit Douglas Baycam quicklink button at (you have to refresh manually though)

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