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12 Apr Updates

12 Apr  Ryanair on rong runway on Sardinia / Qantas-MAS talks collapse / LTN drop off charges last straw 

Ryanair flight lands on taxiway at Cagliari
Italian investigators have opened an inquiry after a Ryanair aircraft touched down on a taxiway whilst landing at Cagliari today (12 Apr) - 3 days after the airport's runway re-opened after modernisation.  The aircraft had been arriving at the Sardinian airport from Girona in Spain.
Ryanair's timetable shows that the airline operates a morning flight, FR9265, on the route. Cagliari Airport's arrival information states that this service landed at 11:32 today.
Ryanair has a fleet exclusively comprising Boeing 737-800s (Yet to be confirmed by ENAC).
Cagliari Airport's runway 14/32 re-opened on 9 April following a modernisation programme which included installing sensors in the pavement layers to monitor stresses created by departing and arriving aircraft. The data collected will be used to refine maintenance.
ENAC says no-one was injured in the Ryanair incident but it is to examine the "level of preparedness" of the crew. Ryanair could not immediately be reached for comment on the event. (FlightGlobal via 12 Apr)

Qantas, MAS talks collapse

QANTAS has scrapped plans for a joint maintenance venture with Malaysian Airlines, abandoning a move that raised suspicions engineering jobs would be moved offshore. ( from SMH via

Luton Aiport drop-off charges are just plane stupid (The Mirror 12-Apr)

Anger raging in the UK as airports cash in on passengers.  After Blackpool charging £10 for "airport improvement" and various other airports charging for everything from plastic bags required by security to getting to the airport in the first place, London-Luton's drop off charge (goodbye and kiss drops) for very limited dropping off of passengers has been the final straw in airport chicanery. (Link at

12 Apr  Emirates plane centimetres away from major air crash

An Emirates plane came just centimetres from crashing at Melbourne Airport, authorities have revealed. 
The fully-laden jet carrying 225 passengers and bound for Dubai last month had to use the entire 3,600-metre-long runway 16 but failed to become airborne until the last moment, News Limited newspapers say.
The pilots managed to pull the nose up sharply but smashed the jet's tail into the ground and also took out airport strobe lights 170 metres from the end of the runway.
The plane then took out navigation antennae before barely clearing the airport's boundary fence half a kilometre away.  "It was as close as we have ever come to a major aviation catastrophe in Australia," an aviation official told News Limited.  (AAP  April 12,  07:01)

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