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lets help protect the Animals #5 May 01, 2005 6:54 PM


Join our protest now, and send an e-campaign card to the Spanish authorities. To send your protest now, please go to:

The recent death of an orca known as "Splash" at a SeaWorld park in California, has brought the total death toll for orcas in captivity to a shocking 8 in the past year alone.

In captivity, the lives of whales and dolphins are often dramatically shortened through illness, stress, or injury. At only 15 years old, Splash was a youngster and his death highlights the huge concerns about the welfare of whales and dolphins held in marine parks around the world.

Ignoring such concerns, Loro Parque in Spain has announced it will transport 4 orcas thousands of miles from Sea World parks in the US to a new captive facility in Tenerife later this year. WDCS is campaigning against the import on the grounds that it would be illegal according to regulations surrounding the trade in endangered species.

Join our campaign and send an e-campaign card to the Spanish authorities. To send your protest now, please go to:

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 May 01, 2005 7:04 PM

It will only take a minute to send a letter to Iams, asking them to stop animal testing, in support of World Week for Animals in Labratories. Use this link:

Please spare a thought for the countless cats, dogs, mice, chicks, and rabbits languishing in Iams laboratories. These poor creatures are forced to undergo cruel, and often invasive, procedures–– none of which are required by any law .

Beneath the wholesome image of the dog- and cat-food manufacturer, a 10-month PETA undercover investigation into an Iams contract laboratory revealed a dark and sordid secret: routine neglect and misery.

Path to You:Mary Riley

Dear friends

I would be really grateful if you would look at this petition and sign it if you agree with what it asks. If you could also forward it to anyone you think may be sympathetic to the cause, that would be brilliant. To those who have signed already, my heartfelt thanks. Your friend, Eleanor.


Just a quick note......(one of several today -- sorry folks) to make a suggestion or two for the benefit of the Canadian Seafood boycott to end the massacre of baby seals...

I would like to suggest that we keep the number of New Seal forums and Seal petitions down to a minimum.
There are some very good groups out there who have huge campaigns going on and very good petitions which need eveyone's help. If there are too many forums and too many petitions, it gets confusing.

What I mean is... Let's say the's petition is looking for signatures (which it is) and it is gaining momentum when suddenly out of the blue pop up more and more seal petitions. So, some people sign one and some sign another but not both. People may fail to sign the petition because they have already signed one and thought that was the one.

That petition is put out by the Humane Society of the United States and we know for a fact that the petition we signed will be delivered to it's intended target in government, whereas, someone who just rolled in off the internet highway (sort of speak) may not end up doing that. ..may let the petition slide or may in fact be a mole hired by the Canadian government to gather signatures that will never be delivered. Catch my drift?

About adding new Seal forums........ I just want to say that in my forum "International Wildlife Rescue", I had a really strong Seal campaign going on, and then my very good buddy and fellow activist Cindy Minde became so overhwelmed by the Seals that she wanted to do more to help (as if she wasn't doing enough already to help) suggested it might be a good idea to open a special forum for just seals..which I thought was an excellent idea...and I'm glad she did do that.

But, we learned soon afterwards that to do so in mid-campaign when folks were looking for info on one forum and not finding it there anymore but maybe accidentally found it (or not) in the rescue forum.....led to confusion, where some topics were not seen by a lot of people, cuz they were running back and forth from one forum to another.

We found ourselves going back and forth between forums and having to double post topics to be sure everyone saw them.

I think we do have to try and protect the membership of the existing Seal forum "It's Our World Too".....and the only way I can see that is by encouraging everyone to stick to that one and not wander off and start new seal forums. Just my thoughts. As always you have to decide for you! It was on my mind!!

Anyway..I'm rambling...afterall it is Sunday..and noone's listening!

Arlene L.
I got this from my frend .. and now i am passing it to you

(1) Stop Sale Bear Bile/Parts (From Tammy Mitchell's Network)

(2) Oppose Bushs Nomination for UN Ambassor

(3) Anti-Seal Slaughter Petitions  [ send green star]

 May 01, 2005 7:06 PM

Demand Justice for The People Who Try to Protect the Seals

(4) Anti-Fur Trade Petitions

(5) Stop The Slaughter of Americas Last Wild Horses
http:  [ send green star]
 May 01, 2005 7:07 PM

(5) Stop The Slaughter of Americas Last Wild Horses

(6) Preserve the Endangered Species Act

(7) Help Free Monkeys From Horrendous Experiments

(8) Eliminate Internet Canned Hunting

(9) Pet Abuse Petitions
(From Carolyn M,

(From Jodie Witte,

(10) Save Scottish Hedgehogs from Annual Cull

(11) Stop The Transportation of Live Animals

(12) Protest Dog Meat Trade in Korea

(13) Stop the Brutal Slaughter of Taiji Dolphins

(14) Urge KFC to End Animal Cruelty

(15) Stop The Smuggling of Indonesian Cockatoos

(16) Defenders of Wildlife Action Alerts

(17) Animal Protection Institute Action Alerts

(18) In Defense of Animals Action Alerts

(19) Help Free Kei the Lonely Wolf in Japans Kids Zoo

(20) Protest Construction in Marlin Mine

(21) Protest Unjust Aerial Gunning of Wolves in Alaska

(22) Free Exotic Cats From Captivity

(23) Free Abused Hawthorne Elephants

(24) Help Protect Pacific Corals
(From Mike S,  [ send green star]
 May 01, 2005 7:09 PM

(24) Help Protect Pacific Corals
(From Mike S,

(25) Help French Wolves

(26) Fight Global Warming

(27) Critical Vote For Arctic Refuge
(From Suzanne K)

(28) Save Belizes Rainforest From Dam Construction
(From Rozanne S,

(29) Help Save the Rare Kermode Bear
(From Tammy M,

(30) Take Action to Protest Against Bush Meat
(From Jenn G,



(1) Chimp Abuse in Advertisement

April 27, 2005

Syracuse's TK99 radio station is running a TV commercial for their morning show that features two baby chimpanzees. At the end of the ad (available for viewing here: one of the chimpanzees can be seen rocking back and forth. Known as stereotypic rocking, this is a sign of psychological distress and is common in individuals (both human and nonhuman) whose welfare has been seriously compromised.

Last summer, citing public health, safety, and animal welfare concerns, two separate municipalities rejected attempts by the trainer responsible for the TK99 ad to set up store-front style chimpanzee "shows," complete with Elvis costumes and photo opportunities.

Please write to the radio station and politely ask them to stop running this ad and not to work with this or any other chimpanzee trainer in the future. The methods required to make chimpanzee "actors" obedient are inhumane and unacceptable.

Email Gomez and Dave, hosts of the show being advertised:

For a prewritten letter, go to:

Sarah Baeckler
Chimpanzee Collaboratory

(2) Letters to Protest The Seal Hunt

(3) WSPA Campaigns
Cruel Bear Baiting Sport
Suggested Letter

Dogs For Food

 [ send green star]
 May 01, 2005 7:09 PM

Free The Dolphins

World Farm Watch

Japans Parks of Pain

Caged Cruelty in Indonesia

Spains Hanging Horrors

End Bullfighting (with petition link)

Bear Dancing

Bear Farming (with prewritten petition link)

Responsible Travelling

(4) Cat and Dog Abuse in Croatia

(5) Farm Sanctuary Action Alerts

(6) Protest Dog Meat Trade in Korea (sample letters and petition links provided)

(7) In Defense of Animals Campaigns

(8) Save Wild Elephants Campaigns

(9) Animals Asia Campaigns

(10) PETA alerts
Urge E-bay to Stop Marketing Animal Cruelty

District Attorney Dismisses Dog Fighting

(11) Protest Gruesome Sled Dog Race Which Abuses Dogs
(From Anne G, (Sample Letter and contacts provided)

(12) Justice For Donkey And Her Baby

Sample Letter:



Subject: Justice for the donkey and her baby

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has been brought to my attention that in Manisa, Turkey, a donkey was seen being dragged by a  [ send green star]
 May 01, 2005 7:10 PM

Sample Letter:

Dear Sir:

The brutal treatment of companion, farmed and zoo animals in Serbia is coming to the attention of the world. I am horrified to witness man's lack of compassion, indiscriminate cruelty and the Serbian government's indifference and inaction regarding the criminal treatment of Serbian animals.

This negative publicity will surely reverberate throughout the world and result in sanctions from civilized governments and concernedcitizens who are able to travel and spend tourist dollars. Surely, the Serbian gross national product depends in part on the influx of money from neighboring nations.

I respectfully and urgently request that you take notice and action of this reprehensible situation which is fast resulting inthe deterioration of Serbian status within the global family.

Put a stop tothe brutal, vicious killing of domesticated street animals by government officials, civil workers and ordinary citizens. Please request the aid of international animal welfare organizations who are adept at planning and implementing humane welfare programs. Implement a spay / neuter program throughout the country and attempt to initiate humane education programs in the school system. Request assistance in the design of coherent and straightforward animal protection legislation. Once in place, and so important, implement and enforce that legislation and initiate prosecution and punishment for perpetrators of animal related crimes. If need be, until Serbia is capable of tending properly to her zoo population, extend an invitation to experts in the proper and humane care and management of confined species.

Please enter this new millennium and posture with compassion and a civilized stance regarding animal welfare.


Please send letters to:

Office of Prime Minister VOJISLAV KOSTUNICA

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Serbian Minister of Science and Environmental Protection

Please write to the Serbian Embassy located in your country
Serbian Embassies Worldwide
Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro


















South Africa


Czech Republic

















Good Deeds For The Day Free Donation Sites

- compilation to over 70 free donation sites)
- (Italian site)
- (A click for the forest)

Thank you for your compassion and time
Boon Yeong
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anonymous  June 06, 2007 7:55 PM

Signed some....Will do some more tomorrow!  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
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