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Pls look at the face of my mom and help me to give her at least justice
6 years ago

Good morning. Sorry to disturb you, I would not if I was not desperate. My petition on care2 for the loss of my mother for a routine operation , replacement of heart valve, for SURE STAPLE OF CORONARY and possible wrong blood transfusion, has reached more than 220 signatures ONLY WITH YOUR HELP! So I wrote to italian institutions , informing them of the above and of your indignants comments and after dozens of communications they have started the cruel game of the goose that has been ongoing for 10 years, sending the practice where it was 8 YEARS AGO , at chief commissioner for health and, INCREDIBLE, the person responsible for this property is currently under investigation for corruption, for a story that is all over the news. I think that no person deserves to be teased so brazenly and cruelly if she has lost her mother tragically. Change Org. Italy, made aware of the story , also has started a petition in Italian. This is the link :à-sulla-morte-di-mia-madre You can see the face of my mother, the doctors took away her life without the respect and the dignity that should be for every living being and institutions ARE DOING THE SAME THING FOR YEARS AND YEARS!! PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION OF CHANGE ORG ITALY AND SPREAD PETITION ON CARE 2, above the link , such treatment so 'ruthless and cruel can not win ! Thank you from my heart!!

6 years ago

Hello Carla, once again i have shared your new petition over a variety of my fb groups to get the most coverage and signatures, as well as tweeting it.
i hope it helps much more than before as a large number of my animal activist are Italian, and i posted it in that group as well...hopefully you will get a few hundred signatures from that site. Be strong! 1love, ellen

Hi Carla
6 years ago

With sympathy for your mom's passing. I signed your petition. It is tragic & a pity that diligence was not taken in proper treatment for your mother.

Be well,

technical problems with care2 link?
6 years ago

Hi Carla,

this link that you mention here
doesn´t work. I don´t know if this is only because I already signed to days ago, or something is wrong. Please check it, because maybe some people try to sign and can´t.

Greetings Evelyn

Thank you
6 years ago

Dearest Evelyn, thank you very much for your report about link, you are quite right.
I'm trying to figure out what I have combined, I swear that more and more 'often I make a terrible mess.
Now I do not understand 's nothing, I will write tomorrow to give you information about my case, the situation in Italy is incredible both from economic point of view and from the point of view of justice, no one will listen, I will not believe a widespread bad faith but certainly a superficial , neglect and disinterest yes, really profusion , so you must fight against a great pain without even the consolation of a minimum of justice.
I'm signing petitions that you have shown ..
Thank you from my heart.

6 years ago

Carla, i have re-shared on fb, and this is the correct link to the petition, though i don't know if this will show as clickable..if not, just cut and paste.
One problem may be that the petition is over 3 months old, so you may want to start a new one as well.
I think i saw that it had 200+ signatures, but i know you would love 10x that many...i will share it once again to all my Italian friends...good luck my friend xoxo

6 years ago

Carla, i just went to the link, and while it has 231 signatures, it appears that the text had been cut off in mid sentence..
I think it would be best if you were able to refresh it by adding more info, or starting a new one as i said above...1love

6 years ago

Hello everybody,

don´t forget Carlas petition

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