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Health of your Eyes while using a Computer
6 years ago
| Mind, Body, Spirit

---Each hour look faer 8-10 minutes that way we aren´t looking near a lot of time and... ---each 20 minutes open and close your eyes more or less 20 times when you open and close the eye is like a clean we wet something the eye when we close it

6 years ago

Good tip Jose.

Another tip
6 years ago

Here I copy it from the group Care2 Feedback and Suggestions---- Thanks Jose! Another tip is to make sure your head is couple feet from the screen. If you need to increase the font so you can read better try holding down your ctrl button and pressing the + sign key. Hope this helps! Have a great day everyone! Kristen Care2 Support

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6 years ago

Thank you again Jose!  That is what I do already.

5 years ago

I have been on the computer a lot so I wanted to refresh my memory of what I should be doing all day long. 

How about some tips on the best way to sit at the computer.

5 years ago

for some tips on the best way to sit at the computer look

good for the eyes plus sitting at the computer...
5 years ago

now as far as the eyes are concerned, green colours are good for the eyes, the effect is very calming -probably no result though until you make it a habit (goes for every thing lol)- and as "Hildegard von Bingen", an expert in natural medicine of the 12th Century claims too...Sure the fresh air plays a part, but it´s maybe not by chance that a walk in the woods is good for us too...To how to best sit in front of the computer, well, stand up and make some movements kinda once in a while depending how long you´ ve been sitting in front of it... How about some stretching ?! How about a cuppa green tea ?! 

Have fun !

sitting at the computer...
5 years ago

let me add this respectively complement in connection with sitting at the computer:


it probably won´t help to choose a certain posture, I only can imagine, it rather stiffens. We´re having fun or at least if we wanna see fun in the whole, I for one would rather leave the chair for a while to relax, stretching, kinda limbering up and " and then regain the seat again "...I wouldn´t use a SWIVELLING CHAIR , sure comfortable, but buddy it´s a torture  for the " colonne vertébrale " in the end, this though if you use the comp every day during long hours...At a time you need to go and see the orthopedist...that´s perish the word for sure...


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5 years ago

Hi! Just wanted to add that my doctor suggested posting a note next to my computer to remember to keep my posture straight, since I tend to lean towards the screen.

5 years ago

Thanks for the tips Jose,Monqui

I would like to add more tips

1) Never sit too long at one position .

2) Take a walk in the middle

3) stretch your arms

4) Move your shoulders clockwise - anticlockwise

5) Always give some rest to your eyes .

6) close your eyes and meditate for a while. ( inhale- exhale)

 All the BEST

5 years ago

Great information, everyone! Thanks!

5 years ago

All the information you posted is very true and useful but sometimes we just forget how much we use our eyes and stay online for a long time. Using the computer is part of my job and I have had several episodes of eye pain and this is really terrible. What should I do to remember these tips?

One suggestion for remember some tips
5 years ago

Imagine for example each hour you must take one glass of water

use the same system i think you can see the computers clock while you are working look at it when you finish or start a new task to do and if it´s time for resting your eywes... first of all before say to your chief that each hour you must rest your eyes because you´d a terrible pain and if you don´t rest your eyes the thing will repesat or perhaps worse your eyes will be damagedand you can´t work with the computer.

Another way say to one of your coworkers if you have teach hour call me and when your co worker calls you you know what you have to do...

for the best way to sit
5 years ago

put a label or a paper saying so in your desktop if you can that way each time you sit to use the computer you will see how is the better way to sit

3 years ago

Thank you to all of you for the great information.

eye strain with computer
3 years ago

My understanding is that one hour without a break is MAXIMUM.
Ideally it should be closer to 45 minutes. 
I use a small software alarm to alert me every 45 min.

IDEALLY  one should also get up and move around within that time.  Even to sit up and walk a quick loop around your computer desk.  Even better to get even 5 min. of fresh air. 

The body was not meant to sit and stare for long periods.

3 years ago

10-10-10 method

After using computer for 10 minutes, focus on something 10 feet away for 10 seconds. Good for eyestrain.