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7 Simple, Unexpected Ways to Save Water
8 years ago
| Being Green

There are some surprising ways to cut down on water that you might not often think of . Below is a list of creative steps you can take to conserve water and we know there are a ton more - just put the thinking cap on! 


7 Simple, Unexpected Ways to Save Water

Green Lifestyle  (tags: water, saving water, environment, home, humans )

- 51 minutes ago -

There are some surprising ways to cut down on water that you might not often think of . Below is a list of creative steps you can take to conserve water and we know there are a ton more - just put the thinking cap on!

8 years ago

Thank you Suri .....I love hearing about ways to conserve water. I have a whole bunch of things I do regularly that I would not even wnat to insist that people do that come to stay with me for a while as it almost seems anal.


Here is one of them..when I go to take a shower the water is too cold at the beginning as I am on the 2nd floor of my home so I get a big pitcher and catch it to water my plants with.


Ok who else has an usual water saving tip?

an usual water saving tip?
8 years ago



Thought this is a quite unique water saving technique!





Space station recycling urine to drinking water



At the international space station, it was one small sip for man and a giant gulp of recycled urine for mankind. Astronauts aboard the space station celebrated a space first on Wednesday by drinking water that had been recycled from their urine, sweat and water that condenses from exhaled air. They said "cheers," clicked drinking bags and toasted NASA workers on the ground who were sipping their own version of recycled drinking water.

"The taste is great," American astronaut Michael Barratt said. Then as Russian Gennady Padalka tried to catch little bubbles of the clear water floating in front of him, Barratt called the taste "worth chasing."

He said the water came with labels that said: "drink this when real water is over 200 miles away."

The urine recycling system is needed for astronaut outposts on the moon and Mars. It also will save NASA money because it won't have to ship up as much water to the station by space shuttle or cargo rockets. It's also crucial as the space station is about to expand from three people living on board to six.

The recycling system had been brought up to the space station last November by space shuttle Endeavour, but it couldn't be used until samples were tested back on Earth and a stuck valve was fixed on Monday.

So when it came time to actually drink up, NASA made a big deal of it.

The three-man crew stood holding their drinks and congratulated engineers in two NASA centers that worked on the system.

"This is something that had been the stuff of science fiction," Barratt said before taking a sip.

NASA deputy space shuttle manager LeRoy Cain called it "a huge milestone."

On the Russian side of the space station, moisture in the air — not urine — is turned into drinking water.

The new system takes the combined urine of the crew from the toilet, moves it to a big tank, where the water is boiled off, and the vapor collected. The rest of contaminants — the yucky brine in the urine — is thrown away, said Marybeth Edeen, the space station's national lab manager who was in charge of the system.

The water vapor is mixed with water from air condensation, then it goes through filters, much like those put on home taps, Edeen said.

When six crew members are aboard it can make about six gallons from urine in about six hours, Edeen said.

Some people may find the idea of drinking recycled urine distasteful, but it is also done on Earth, but with a lot longer time between urine and tap, Edeen said. In space, it takes about a week, she said.

The technology NASA developed for this system has already been used for quick water purification after the 2004 Asian tsunami, Edeen said.

Wednesday's urine celebration included subtle bathroom humor.

"We are happy to have this water work through the system — we're happy to have it work through

8 years ago

hmmmm Interesting.....Good one! 

8 years ago

I like the number one of the 7 Simple ways:

1. Only order water in a restaurant if you are going to actually drink it.


As I will not drink tap water; I always tell the waiter I do not want a glass of water but they insist on bringing it and I have often just let it be but now I am going to make a point of not accepting it.

6 years ago

Another thing to watch is when you are brushing your teeth and letting the tap run. Fill up a glass with water and use that to rinse your tooth brush with.

4 years ago

It is very important that we save water....especially in the US where there are farms shutting down due to NO water.

Any interesting tips?

Water is a GLOBAL problem
4 years ago

I see in U.S. several months with no rain or very few

In Spain the same June, July August and till now (September 20) dry never has rain only two times that rain a little

In a south American country the same months without rain the land very dry...

4 years ago

Here in Australia and here in Melbourne where I live we have been on saving water for years and years.


If you are serious about saving water you will be when your water bill rises and you go gulp and say ' gotta do something but what?''


Once you learn to conserve water and save it, this will stay with you forever.


I dont have to be so conscientious as before but its still ingrained and I still do.


Dont wash down your driveway or concrete b/c you can do that with a broom and get fit.


Dont push your leaves from your house or off your naturestrip down the drain...yikes thats the worst thing b/c when it does rain, yr street will get flooded b/c there hasnt been the rain to wash it away.


Dont clean your teeth with the tap flowing. Turn it off after rinsing your brush, clean your teeth, then rinse it again...done!


Get the biggest bucket and put it in the shower with you to catch all water including your sudsy water............. but with that sudsy water b/c as to what your put it on.


MULCH MULCH MULCH your garden to save on watering


Put in a water tank for recycled grey water for watering your garden


Dont wash your dishes with the tap running and if you have a dishwasher do it there as stats say you actually save water.


Dont wash veggies in running water but get a big bowl and add water and then peel and wash the veggies including fruit.


Limit your laundry washing to once a week or when the w/machine is full.


Dont buy your bottled water do it yourself.


Oh and you wont be allowed to wash your car either with a hose but with a bucket and sponge and then if the water restrictions are really bad you wont be able to wash your car at home at all but only at the car wash...and then that can be tricky too.

There are more ideas as well


But in order to save water not only for you but your community and country is to be fair, honest and caring. Do it right and as they said here, you wont get caught or dobbed in.  Some did and paid heavily for their misdemeanor


Now here in Melb our dams are just about full but we were seriously worried we wouldnt have any water and we needed to get it from interstate.


More than 10 years of drought teaches you that water is very very precious and until you experience it, you just dont realize how precious it really is and esp, when its on tap and it flows till it just trickles out and you think this is Gold


4 years ago

Instead of washing my face every morning and evening, I use witch hazel every other day. It has great health benefits and leaves your skin refreshed after a hot or cold day. I work out in the open air so I need to wash my face a couple of times a day.

4 years ago


Good tips!



Compared to most people I feel a little fanatical about saving water. I have all sorts of habits to save water. Here is one:



I wash dishes in a sink in hot water.

At first the hot water comes out cold so I save it in a container to water the plants with.

I put the plug in the sink, then fill up a cup that has all the dirty cultery in it with hot water with a squirt of soap.

I wash and rinse in the dishes into the soapy water sink.

After they are all done, I save the water to rinse the next dirty dishes which may not be until the next day.

So when I was dishes they are already a little clean so the soapy water is fresh for all of the bits of food in it.

It is a habit and I always wash dishes that way even when I am visiting.

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4 years ago

Every day I think about it as I move in my life with water and I am respectful of it. I do my best to save water.

Here is an insppiring story:

The Santa Clara Water District has a cool program for helping households save water, a few gallons at a time, which ads up to a lot of gallons over time. They’ve dedicated a site,, to this purpose and it has everything from a water calculator, to tips to rebates and other money saving programs. Probably the coolest thing they offer (okay, besides the calculator, tips and rebates) is a free “Water-Wise House Call” where they, “can help you calculate your water use, teach you how to read your water meter, survey your irrigation system, and show you simple ways to save water both inside and outside the home.”

Read more:

Did you know:

It takes 2 - 7 gallons to flush a toilet & 25 - 50 gallons to take a shower.

What do you do to save water? What are some of your quirky tips?

Saving water
4 years ago

1. We keep a buckets in the bathroom to catch the cold water before the shower is warm, then fill the toilet cistern from the bucket every time when it is flushed.

2. We try to co-ordinate our shower times so we don't have to wait for warm water more than once per day, and also our use of the toilet to avoid excessive flushing.

3. When showering, we close the tap after wetting, then apply soap, wash and then open the tap to rinse.

3. We only flush the toilet on no. 2, i.e. when there is more substantial contents than urine to flush.

4 years ago

I am so happy to hear that there are others who like to be frugal with water.

Just now I was introduced to a great water filter for the third world. It has been my goal to help the children in these poor countries have safe water to drink. Now there is a small group of young people in Canada making just the type of filter that works.

Technical information

Tapp uses a special membrane that was developed for kidney dialysis machines. Called a "hollow fiber microfilter," this membrane has tiny pores that are small enough to catch bacteria and parasites, while letting the water flow through. Of course it catches dirt particles too. The membrane does not remove dissolved chemicals (like salt), so the taste of the water does not change. Microfiltration is a well-established technology that has been tested thoroughly and repeatedly, and is used in many water treatment plants.


  • turbidity (dirt): over 99% reduction
  • parasites: over 99.9% reduction
  • bacteria: over 99.99% reduction

Watch the video:

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4 years ago

I certainly learned a thing or 2 here. I will work harder at saving water,

3 years ago

Yards and Pools

  • Nearly 60% of a person's household water footprint can go toward lawn and garden maintenance.
  • Climate counts—where you live plays a role in how much water you use, especially when it comes to tending to a yard.
  • The average pool takes 22,000 gallons of water to fill, and if you don't cover it, hundreds of gallons of water per month can be lost due to evaporation.


3 years ago

Every single day that I eat vegetarian, I am reducing the total consumption of water  since meat production is very inneficient compared to plant sourced protein.

Here are 5 more tips by Carla Janzen,

5 Easy Ways to Save Water & the Environment

1.  How about outdoors? Do you have a drain spout that could use a water barrel this summer? Check with your municipality, they may have a program to receive a water barrel free or for a reduced price.
2.  Check for dripping faucets. You could be wasting up to 20,000 litres of water per year!
3.  If your toilet is more than 10 years old consider upgrading to a new water saving model.
4.  Turn the water off while you brush your teeth.
5.  Don’t flush the toilet every time you use it. You have heard the saying ‘if it’s yellow….’

It’s so easy to turn on the tap, but imagine if one morning you woke up, turned on the tap and nothing happened. How would

This part of a larger article called Saving Water.  Carla has many environmental tips on her site:

on the ocean
3 years ago

as simple as a black bag in the sun,with a closable tube

we used one for years on my first boat

the sun heats up a gallon in an hours and the frugal sailor gets a full shower after swimming

3 years ago

Thank you Randy and Tasunka for the extra tips.

Tasunka, that is such an easy smart idea.  

I am super water conscious and many people think I am doing what I do in my home to save money....but that is not what it is about for me at all.  I see no reason to waste water ever.

3 years ago

Diane,we crossed 2000 miles of ocean with 6 people on 200 gallons of fresh water .....that's incredible!!


I had special foot pumps in the boat for either salt or fresh,and then we rinsed it sparingly with the fresh water foot pumps which use very little water.

showers were the same outdoors for all

3 years ago

Now in California, this is timely advice!

3 years ago

Saving water is another contribution towards extending our prospects of better living as we age.

3 years ago


3 years ago

I will also add a mental approach to this subject. 

We may be forced soon into conserving water but till then it will be though people being INSPIRED to do so out of a LOVE of LIFE and wanting to support this on our planet.

I notice that people who are carefull and giving and respectful of their own bodies and lives have more respect and concern for others, the  environment and the world.

3 years ago

a few tips from a sailor

1) always use the sink drain,,install foot pumps whenever possible

2/never,ever let the water run,especially in the shower....turn it off while you soap and moisturize,,,I like to count the time,as I know how fast the water pump runs...if it goes off too much,I know I am using too much water

3)try to take smaller sitz type baths where you cleanse your body ,but use very little water,,,save your major showering to once or twice a week,as more than that I find dries out your scalp...

Heat water in the sun as much as possible, and let your laundry soak,rather than using more soap,hence more in the desert as well,I have become even more water conscious,it used to cost me 20 cents a gallon for water in the caribbean, which helped as a reminder...I also pay a premium for water in the desert,,so they both are already regulated in my life.

3 years ago

Thank you so much for your wonderful words of wisdom.Water is so precious for us all.
In the very near future everything will be cheaper than water!

2 years ago


2 years ago

This is another idea for using filtered urine for drinking. It is called a still. Dig a hole 2 feet deep in the ground. Place a sheet of plastic in it and urinate on the plastic sheet in the hole. place a cup at the hole's centre and place another plastic sheet over the hole supporting it around the edges. Place a small stone at the centre of the covered plastic sheet to give it a cone shape. On a warm to hot day the urine will evaporate onto the inside of the covered plastic sheet The moisture will run down the inside of the plastic and drip into the cup. This is good enough to drink.

2 years ago

Attach a hose or pipe to the shower drain outlet and attach an adaptor with multi-outlets to the hose/pipe. Attach hoses/pipes to the multi-outlet adaptor and direct the hoses/pipes to various parts of the garden. So when you are having a shower or brushing your teeth then the grey water will run directly into the garden. Remember to install a filter at the source to catch all unwanted matter.

2 years ago

Tasunka, when I crossed the Atlantic and on other voyages on sailboats, we used the mainsail to direct rain water into buckets. However, if the mainsail is new then the water doesn't taste very good but is still good for survival situations.

2 years ago

We had a solar still for emergencies

that's good to know, thanks, although got new sails again, haha

2 years ago

Unexpected indeed, most I did not know

7 Simple, Unexpected Ways to Save Water
2 years ago

Use a scrub brush when washing dishes by hand -- abrasion to loosen food; also serve a great bread with soup, let people mop their own plates clean of sauce!

2 years ago

I am now strictly on the boat for the next 5-7months depending on the weather,,,all my drinking water is desalinated through a light filtered machine (watermaker)

,Negative use to the water supply of drought stricken california,,(when I was in the caribbean,all islands survived on desal,,unless it was extremely mountainus)


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