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Natural sight savers
8 years ago

I read your article about cataracts and thought I'd tell you about my wife who was told that she had cataracts in both eyes by Vision Express. She was then advised that taking blueberries was good for the eyes. She started taking blueberries and pure blueberry juice daily and, after a year, returned to Vision Express and was told she no longer had cataracts - Ted Burke, Kent (Mature Times, October 2009)

5 years ago

Here is an excellent article I found regarding bilberries and eye health

5 years ago

The role of vitamin A and the vitamin B Complex in maintaining eye health is universally accepted and acknowledged, but recent scientific research has suggested that boosting vitamin D intake could help prevent deteriorating eyesight and blindness in older people - and improve the eyesight of middle-aged people as well.

5 years ago

I was going to mention bilberry,a friend with cataracts from years of sailing has had great luck with this berry,he takes 1000mg. a day.

5 years ago

Thank you John for the good info. Well Tasunka it is good to know that it works!

5 years ago

Two excellent and very informative articles on eye health

Precious Eyes

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

5 years ago

I do not have it yet, but I am closer to getting it because my pressure is at 19 on left eye and 22 on right eye. No damages yet. They gave me meds for it, and I have been taking it for about a year now. The meds is starting to give me side effects such as pain, dryness, lots of discomfort, and must sleep at least 8 hrs. The dr says it is not good and it is the only meds for my type of glaucoma. Now I am considering trying this eye vitamins online:

or hydrogen peroxide, food grade.

I would like everyone's inputs such as experiences, heard about it like this guy's wife drinking bilberry juice daily. I don't know if I can do this because of traveling, that is why I thought of vitamins. HP doesn't require refrigeration. I am debating within myself.


5 years ago

No, you need a supplement. The one you've listed in the link sounds pretty good and I think it's worth a try. However, I notice that that one doesn't contain any magnesium which you need for glaucoma, so I suggest also taking a magnesium supplement.

Here's a useful article on glaucoma

Good luck!

5 years ago

Here's another very interesting article on maintaining eye health...

5 years ago

Lutein may protect your eyes from damaging oxidative stress and therefore reduce the risk of cataracts, says a new study published in Molecular Vision.

This study adds to an ever-growing body of science supporting the role of lutein for eye health, with the majority supporting its role in protecting against age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the over 55s.

Dr Sarah Brewer says "Antioxidants, such as lutein, protect the eye against the damaging effects of light, which generates harmful free radicals when it strikes the retina."

Finnish researchers have also reported similar findings, indicating that those who had the highest levels of lutein were 42% less likely to suffer from cataracts

- 'Breaking News', Healthspan UK

5 years ago

my friend has had another few years of eye tests ,and the cataract has not been mentioned. Hopefully has gone away. Bilberry and keeping eyes out of the's important to have side shields on your sunglasses. It's the peripheral sunlight that really hurts your eyes. Especially when on the water with reflected sunlight.

double posted
5 years ago

not surprised,the site has been acting odd of late.

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sight savers
5 years ago

Thanks everyone.  I will check out these links.  My eyes are perhaps the weakest part of my body and the most precious. 

5 years ago

Thank you Tasunka, I will look at this longer tomorrow.  I have to enter to 'Le Chainon'  Say hi to all the beauties of the sea you will look at.

Thank you everyone.

5 years ago

Sorry Tasunka and others ~  Marie is okay.  I don't know how come Clause is still there.


2 years ago

eyebright herb. zeaxanthin which is a complementary phyto nutrient with lutein. astaxanthin which is the color from salmon and other sea creatures that have the same pigment. brown algae has a very powerful antioxidant component to it. also pine has something in it that aid the eyes as well


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