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6 years ago

Walnuts are the healthiest of all the nuts and should be eaten more as part of a healthy diet, US scientists say.
Scientists from Pennsylvania told the American Chemical Society that walnuts contain the highest level of antioxidants compared to other nuts.
Antioxidants are known to help protect the body against disease.
The scientists said that all nuts have good nutritional qualities but walnuts are healthier than peanuts, almonds, pecans and pistachios
- BBC Ceefax 29/3/2011

6 years ago

Walnuts with their 7:1 ratio of polyunsaturated to saturated fat, cholesterol-reducing plant serums and omega-3 oils, have the highest antioxidant action of all nuts, followed by almonds and pistachios.
They are a high energy food, but should be enjoyed regularly - a handful 4 - 5 times weekly can significantly lower your blood cholesterol and can reduce your risk of suffering a heart attack by between 15 and 51 per cent
- Dr Caroline Shreeve ('Home Doctor')

6 years ago
6 years ago

Good info John & very funny Bill.

I just love walnuts.  One of the wonderful things about them is that in food preparation they add extra nutrition, flavor and crunch to a meal

Benefits of Walnuts:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids, thought to reduce risk of cancer (a 1/4 cup provides 90.8% of the daily value for these essential fats)
  • Protein
  • Essential vitamins, minerals 
  • Antioxidants, yet are have not trans fats or cholesterol.

Walnuts, pecans and chestnuts have the highest antioxidant content of the tree nuts, with walnuts delivering more than 20 mmol antioxidants per 3 ounces (100 grams).

This is an excertpt from:

6 years ago

Nuts have anti-cancer and heart protective properties. Nuts generally are high in antioxidant vitamin E, which is protective against chest pain and artery damage. Nuts are also good regulators of insulin and blood sugar, preventing steep rises, making them good foods for those with glucose intolerance and diabetes...
Peanuts are oestrogenic...
Walnut and almonds help reduce cholesterol and contain high concentrations of oleic acid, a monosaturated fat, similar to that in olive oil, which is known to protect arteries from damage...
Walnuts contain ellagic acid, an antioxidant and anti-cancer substance, and are also high in omega-3 type oil.
Brazil nuts are extremely rich in selenium, an antioxidant linked to lower rates of heart disease and cancer...
- Professor Jane Plant

Nuts aint nuts when they pea
6 years ago

Excuse the pun in the heading but I need to make an important point, lest we run into health problems by treating underground-grown legumes as nuts. Peanuts are not nuts and whilst they may have some nutritional benefits they should not be eaten raw and also not in large quantities.

4 years ago

I love walnuts when they are soaked for a few hours. It makes them more digestable and the bonus is there is less fat in them.

have recently
4 years ago

added walnuts to my nightly salad, they are delicious

4 years ago

Researchers at Marshall University found that a daily dose of walnuts (equal to 2 ounces a day in humans) reduces the growth of breast cancer tumors in mice.


More effective than olive oil in countering the ill effects of high-fat foods (Barcelona, 2006).


May lower cholesterol and decrease heart disease.  The high alpha-linolenic acid content helps maintain the elasticity of the arteries, which aids circulation.

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7 months ago

Walnuts are delicious and after a while you can really taste the difference between fresh as in snapping fresh and older walnuts. Cracking them is best I believe but when buying them already shelled then you need to make sure they are the freshest you can buy.

An interesting aside I've just heard re Walnuts is this which I think is quite amazing is I was listening to a regular lady presenter on my radio yesterday and she is a wealth of knowledge in fixing things by using different things and in an easy and in most cases using natural oils and in this case walnuts. A lady was distressed that something happened to her wooden table and there were scratches on it and how could she restore it rather than renova ting the entire table. The lady on the radio suggested simply this. If the timber is around the same colour as the walnut then what you do is to buy a whole fresh walnut, Crack it open,  get the walnut out and break a tiny piece off so you are exposing the inside of the walnut and then rub it into the scratch for a while till the scratch blends in, then after use a soft cloth and wipe/polish it gently.  Done! How good is that? Cheap too!

2 weeks ago
A Handful of Walnuts May Keep Alzheimer’s Away

Are you concerned about getting Alzheimer’s?  The walnut that resembles a brain may be the answer to keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay. The latest research suggests that eating 1/4 cup of walnuts a day may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


Every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s.

Due to huge number of people suffering from this condition, there is extensive research to find possible cures or means of prevention.


Recent Study Gives Hope:

The New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities led by Dr. Abha Chauhan used mice vulnerable to developing Alzheimer’s disease in their study.  They fed them a mixed diet which contained 6 percent or 9 percent walnuts.  When they tested their learning ability, memory, and motor development, it was found that the control group mice performed much worse than the walnut consuming group.  It was also noted that there was a reduction in anxiety and improvement in motor skills in the walnut eaters.


Dr. Chauhan said these findings lead the way in advanced human studies on walnuts and Alzheimer’s disease.


How Is This Powerful Effect Possible?
Walnuts are the second highest food in antioxidants and very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Researchers speculate that this may be the how they protect the brain from degeneration.


Do we need to be concerned about Alzheimer’s?

Yes. Here are a few facts for you to ponder from the Alzheimer’s Association:

More than 5 million Americans are living with the disease.


  • Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States
  • 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • Almost two-thirds of Americans with Alzheimer’s are women.
  • A woman in her 60’s has an estimated lifetime risk for developing Alzheimer’s is 1 in 6. For breast cancer it is 1 in 11.


Previous Studies indicate that Walnuts Help with Brain Function.

  • Walnuts may help your memory was the conclusion of a report published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2012.
  • Diet of walnuts and blueberries may help maintain brain function. It was found that shorter chain fatty acids found in plants, such as walnuts, may have beneficial effects on brain function.
  • Increase your brain size with walnuts. Study found that those with a 

Read more: A Handful of Walnuts May Keep Alzheimer’s Away


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