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Nuts and fruit 'help weight loss'
5 years ago

Eating larger portions of healthy food is more important than dieting when it comes to staying slim, say scientists.
The US team found people who increased their intake of high-fibre food like nuts, fruit, yoghurt and vegetables actually lost weight.
The Harvard School of Public Health researchers believe consumption of these products left less room for fatty foods.
The study of 120,000 people appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine
- BBC Ceefax 24/6/2011

5 years ago

It is all about eating real food that makes the difference and that is what this is saying.

4 years ago

Some diets make promises like 'lose a stone in a week', and it is all too easy to want those quick results by drastically reducing calories or going on a fad diet. But for healthy weight loss, you can't lose more than one to two pounds a week, and if you are losing more, it is muscle and water. This means that when you go back to your usual way of eating, you will put it all back on as  fat and the next diet has to be even stricter.

In 2007, the world's largest study of weight loss at the University of California showed that dieting is damaging because of the tendency to regain the weight and that the yo-yoing dieting increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. The study showed that more than two-thirds of people who go on a diet pile the weight straight back on

- Dr.Marilyn Glenville

4 years ago

Walk into any bookshop, anywhere in the world and you are guaranteed to find a whole section of books dedicated to dieting. It's big business. But as someone pointed out, if fad dieting truly worked there would only need to be one book on the shelf! Think about it...

The body is designed to eat natural foods, not the calorie-laden 'unnatural' junk food that makes up most Westerners diet. The body cannot absorb all the nutrients it needs from these refined and nutrient depleted foods. And it is overwhelmed by the amount of sugars and saturated fats that form the bulk of these junk/refined foods.

The only answer to maintaining general health and a healthy weight is to eat natural foods and follow a regular and sensible exercise regime. (Brisk walking is as good a cardio and circulationary workout as anything.)

4 years ago

All good sensible advice that I hear myself saying to my clients everyday; thank you John for you.

4 years ago
June 30, 2011 7:40 AM

It is all about eating real food that makes the difference and that is what this is saying.

Thank you Diana.  This is my thinking.


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