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What do you do to Help Keep this Earth Green?
6 years ago
| Being Green

Keeping and helping the earth with green consciousness is important for each and everyone of us and that means doing something. Not just complaining.

Let's share our ideas with each other to move forward with this project.

I do lots of things but will for now just tell 2 of them.

I recycle everything that can be picked up by our garbage man and the other things I make sure they get to a recycling depot.

I am very water conservation conscious from getting up in the morning to bedtime. See our discussion: 7 Simple, Unexpected Ways to Save Water

What 2 things do you do on a daily level.

Recycle, don't litter & dispose properly!
6 years ago

I recycle everything possible & encourage others to do the same. It DOES make a difference! I try to make it very easy & positive for others to help. Lets hope it becomes contagious.

Water Conservation
6 years ago

If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down.

6 years ago

I love hearing that recycling and looking after our wate is what you are doing Karen and Tiana. *stat* for both of you.

keep the earth green
6 years ago

Hai Friends,

I am from Kerala, India. The main work i do is farming organically, cultivating my food in my farm.

another is creating awareness for youths about eco conservation

6 years ago

Hello Tony! Great to hear about what you are doing in Kerala; do share more.

Use Green Household Products
6 years ago

I found Green Household Cleaning Products. Laundry, Kitchen and Household cleaning products. No chemicals, environmentally safe, biodegradable.  I use them faithfully!

what do you od to keep this earth green
6 years ago

I have been helping people with natural health for over 30 years. I find when people start to be interested in their own health that they naturally start to have more care for the earth.

keeping it green?
5 years ago

Let's see; recycle, walk or bike when possible, instead of driving, buying organic as much as possible, re using things that others throw out, finding local sources for things, buying local, banking locally, driving a high miles per gallon vehicle, have goal of getting all electric vehicle, wrote forty books about this subject, Published two books about this (so far), green syndicated blog, facilitate a local green group, green living twitter account with 50K followers, use LED lights for home lighting as much as possible, experimenting with novel use for a particular LED light, Use natural health remedies instead of drugs, Use preventative health modalities, host about a dozen green online groups, Do yoga, Meditate, live in the moment, laugh a lot, This is the tip of the iceberg.... Is that enough?

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5 years ago

Good work Green Road! I do all the same except I do not bike; the winters are so long here.

5 years ago

Here are some of the things I do:

Turn off the taps while brushing my teeth or shaving instead of leaving them running

Donate my plastic bags to food banks

Walk downstairs instead of taking the elevator

Switched most of my light bulbs years ago to CFLs. Will replace those later with LEDs

Use a water saving shower head


Try to buy in bulk

Bring my own reusable shopping bag to stores

Use a deodorant stone, shampoo soap bar and shaving soap bar, cutting way down on plastic bottles, aerosol cans and plastic applicators

Switched to environmentally-friendly, super-concentrated brands of detergents and then only use half the recommended amount. The water and agitation is what does most of the cleaning anyway. Sometimes I'll add a bit of baking soda and vinegar

Walk, take public transit

Keep refilling the same water bottle over and over

Being Green
5 years ago

Here in Northern Nevada it's very difficult, We have to Drive 70 miles to go to the Eye Dr, Dentist, Walmart and Raley's. (Costco and Whole Food's are 230 miles away! ) I make all our appointments for one day and try to go only once a month, but that's hard to do because fresh fruits and veggies don't last a month. Our town just got recycling bins for cardboard so I use those. I use reusable grocery bags. I bought glass water bottles. We compost and grow a garden. I use green cleaners and light bulbs. I think whatever anyone can do will make a difference in our World.

5 years ago

Beside the regular stuff: recycling everything, buying at the green market as much as possible, using only green cosmetics, I also don't use any detergent when starting dish washer as the hot water cleans it perfectly (ok, slices of lemon are for the freshness). Also, before sending any container to the recycle bin, I wash it.

I could give
5 years ago

a course on fresh water conservation. crossed the atlantic,5 people,200 gallons... 1800 miles to the azores,first and only stop till vilamoura,portugal..

what do you do to keep this Earth Green ?
5 years ago

vegan, not only does it help keep this Earth Green, but ever since, I smile at night too, in the dark to boot.

good topic 

5 years ago

I recycle like a madwoman!! I have converted to as many green cleaning products as I can... I am having a hard time finding green laundry detergent fors he frontloader - any suggestions? For a family of 4 with 2 pets I usually only have one to two small bag of garbage it the giant can that goes to the street each week.. I do what I can =)

It's never too late
5 years ago

I have only become "green conscious" in the last five years or so.  I am trying to learn more about it, now that I finally have my own computer at home.  I recycle and reuse my grocery bags.  I have one re-useable one that I always seem to forget at home. I have a Clear 2O pitcher that we use for drinking, so I do not have loads of empty water bottles anymore. I have replaced all my light bulbs with the newer, more efficient ones. I do not know what they are called.  I have a fetish about saving glass jars, one of my cabinets has a nice selection.   (My grandmother was a depression survivor and did the same thing.) My favorite thing is that I have found an excellent source for products for the home that are all natural, chemical free, highly concentrated, and so safe that they do not need child proof safety caps.  I am proud of myself for that one. This list is more than 2 things, I apologize for that.  But I am really interested in this subject.

what I'm doing
5 years ago
I always use my own bags when going shopping.  I also turn off all the lights when I am not in a room, it helps to conserve.  I also take things around the house and reuse them until I can't anymore.  I visit the recycle bins in town and make sure I bring in bottles and such.  I also eliminate paper mail by paying online.
5 years ago

A for all of you!

I am so proud of all of you for doing what makes a difference to keeping this earth clean. It is each and everyone of us that can and will make a difference.

Thank you.

Keep it Green
5 years ago

See the tree, without looking past it. Pick up that water bottle that blows around in the breeze. Listen to the Katydids in the summer. Let someone know it's not the right thing to do to poor the used oil from their car down the storm drain. Make friends with a chipmunk. Never stop urging for alternative renewable fuel resources. Be ok with it when, that chipmunk crawls all over you trying to find the sunflower seed treats you hold in your hand, and then stuffs his/her pouch with all the seeds that will fit!

5 years ago

I rent rooms and I am going to write out some guidelines for green living in my home so they are supporting what I am doing.

5 years ago

Let's have Earth Day every day. Here is some good suggestions:


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