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The Miracle of Bicarbonate of Soda
5 years ago

Book review:

The Miracle of Bicarbonate of Soda


Dr Penny Stanway

Bicarbonate of Soda [BoS] is the hottest thing on the 'natural cancer treatments' scene at present and because of this it is undergoing a revival on both sides of the Atlantic.

BoS has a myriad of uses - medicinal, cooking, body care, dental and household cleaning. And best of all it's dirt cheap and readily available.

Dr Penny's book is a treasure trove of information.

It includes a very useful A - Z of health ailments that can be helped/treated with BoS.

It's legendary role re the body's acid:alkaline balance is also given a thorough documentation.

And there are numerous recipes and information on using BoS for personal care and about the home.

An invaluable book. A must-have for every household.

5 years ago

Another good book is 'The Baking Soda Book - Resourceful and Ingenious Uses of Baking Soda'. The author uses the pseudonym TipKing, but his real name is George Hughes.

Check out the Baking Soda Book website at

Another excellent BoS website dealing predominantly with the use of BoS as an anti-cancer agent can be found at

NB: Bicarbonate of Soda is wonderful, but it is powerful stuff and needs to be treated with respect, so always observe the recommended dosage.

5 years ago

Thank you John

I have been surprised recently about all the good things I am hearing about Bicarbonate Soda.

5 years ago

Another website gives us information on a variation of the BoS cancer treatment this time involving BoS in combination with maple syrup, which apparently has had great success against "terminal" cancer.

5 years ago

Early research increasingly supports the idea that acidosis can encourage cancer. For example, studies indicate that cancer cells sometimes stop multiplying when the pH is relatively alkaline (just above 7.4) This pH also encourages more oxygen to enter cancer cells - which is  good because low oxygen encourages cancer cells to multiply. Other research shows that cancer cells engender acidosis around them, which makes weak-alkali anti-cancer drugs less effective

- Dr Penny Stanway (From 'The Miracle of Bicarbonate of Soda')

acidic vs alkaline
5 years ago

I know the important studies support keeping our bodies alkaline. There are plenty of exceptions.For instance ;I keep my sick pup on vitamin C because it prevents the valley fever fungus from spreading. I imagine this is true for many infectious diseases.

I think the Personal Details matter
5 years ago

What I have been doing over the past few years is to go back to the basics to see if someone can understand if they are too acidic, or some, too alkaline (rare). So much of it depends on how our own personal bodies are made to function - our blood type and our genetics is the first place to start. 

5 years ago

The core problem is that the typical Western diet is far too acidic. An acid state is linked to all manner of degenerative diseases from arthritis to cancer.

The ideal acid:alkaline balance is 30:70.

The best thing we can do to achieve and maintain good health is to rectify the acid:alkaline imbalance by eating more alkaline forming foods, in the main fruit and, most especially, vegetables.

(Bicarbonate of Soda is strongly alkaline and thereby helps to counter ailments which have been triggered by an over-acidic state, hence its success.)

5 years ago

Personally I would prefer to use food to bring the balance and not soda.

Learning and implementing a balance to my diet in terms of acid/alkaline was the best thing I ever did. Here is an article I submitted to Care2 Green Living.

Acid is for Your Car Battery..…Not Your Body!

The principle of acid/alkalinity helped me regain my health more than anything else in my entire 39 years of looking for answers.  I discovered this 15 years ago, and it changed my health totally. Doing this one simple thing will solve many of your nutritional worries.

Read about the dangers of being too acid and how you can find that balance by changing your diet.

Read more:

5 years ago

Too much good info to be lost in the archives.


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