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Need Help Losing Weight in a Healthy Way
5 years ago

I don't feel or look fat, but I am overweight. My doctor and I have determined a goal of about 45 pounds by 2013. There are about 45 weeks left in 2012, so that's a pound a week. I'm looking for suggestions of all kinds! I've decided to look at this as a wonderful opportunity to become healthier in all ways. I was once a vegetarian for about seven years, but I started eating meat again almost eight years ago. I don't eat pork (for moral reasons), and I eat very little red meat. I do eat and enjoy turkey and some chicken and fish. Turkey is my main meat. I don't want to become completely vegetarian, and certainly not vegan, but I'm not opposed to cutting down meat in general. I don't drink sugary sodas or juice, but I've been known to hit drive-throughs for breakfast/lunch. Not proud of it, but trying to be honest with myself. I am currently nursing my 6 month old, so this may limit some of the things I can try, but not much. My goal of one pound a week (or an average of 4 a month) is in hopes of feeling more energetic, sleeping better, and enjoying life more. Please respond to this post with your best suggestion for losing weight and becoming healthier in general!

I've had good luck
5 years ago

sticking with as many 0g of sugar products,I can kashi 0g cereal use agave nectar for sweetener,low glycemic value,using less for same level of sweetness. and dried goji berries, which I throw into my daily salad,giving me energy and nutrition,without a lot of calories. I find eating more fruits,vegetables,and low carb whole grains,is key. also don't eat meat or much dairy,and am an exercise nut. A quick way to increase your metabolism is just to breathe in deeply through your nose,throw your head back and breathe out through your mouth...ten times. wakes up the gland that boosts metabolism.

5 years ago

Good tips tasunka!

Also, read this discussion: Nuts and fruit 'help weight loss'

It is amazing how much weight can drop away by simply eating much healthier food. Simply eliminating sugar of all kinds except when you eat a fresh piece of fruit will help big time.

Come to the discussion in Healthy Cooking that I just started: Losing Weight in a Healthy Way

5 years ago

I'm not sure why people don't know this. If you drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar after each meal, followed with a glass of water you will lose weight, and it helps to build the blood.

Talk to your doctor about any medications you are on though, because citric acids do mess with meds.

5 years ago

good tips! If you do apple cider vinegar, make sure it is raw unpasteurized, unfiltered. The ones that are filtered, and pasteurized kill all the good enzymes. I have lost 55lbs in the past year by eliminating all dairy,almost all processed foods, limiting sugar to fruit and once in awhile homemade goodies tweaked to be way healthier, eating high raw, and drinking green smoothies daily for breakfast. My daughters are breastfeeding and doing the same. One has lost 45lbs and the other is back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Good luck!!

5 years ago

My tips are these

Eat fresh food and cook from the start. Look for veggies more than meat but include meat. Turkey is lean and all skins should be pulled off chicken and turkey before you cook it.

2. Drink lots of water  around 1.5 litres a day. Steer clear of anything that is sodas/pop or whatever you call them there. Here its  Soft drink. Also watch your intake of juices b/c dont forget a small packet of say orange juice might have 10 oranges in it.

3. Eat fresh fruit and vary it too. This should  and could be eaten either after a meal or a snack. Grapes arent fattening unless you eat handfuls of them.


5. Steer clear of white flour, white sugar and anything else that is white like pasta and bread, etc. Choose wholemeal breads/pasta/rice and brown sugar if you have to go there.

6. DONT REACH for artificial sugars in anything b/c it will put weight ON rather than OFF and the side effects are hideous. Dont go there!

7. Start reading nutritional labels and learn codes and watch when reading nutritional labels on food, to check the

With this including your milk intake. I have opted out of having milk or skim milk etc b/c its loaded with sugar. Compare it all... and now I have chosen SOY milk and I will also choose Organic Soy Milk. I dont have the lower content at all but if you compare Soy Milk with Reg. Milk and Skim Milk you will see in a blink of an eye the difference in sugar loads. SOY wins hands down b/c its just so low in sugar. Its helped me more than I can tell you.  You can learn food codes by googling it and you will then take more notice and what destruction it does to you with the added additives, preservatives and artificial sugars. You really arent eating good nourishing food at all. If you eat a lot of bread btw it is the most fattening of all and it can be full of sugar too. Refined white products arent healthy. Ditch WHEAT and you will have weight dropping off you so fast that you wont know what happened. oh and ditch alcohol..hmm and smokes if you do smokes.

8.   Could you plan ahead with what to cook?

9. Exercise a little at a time and get motivated. dial a friend to join you in a daily brisk walk. Or...join a Gym but this is dearer than walking on your own or with a friend but a little at a time goes a long way.

lastly it can be a pain but its essential for losing weight.

that is to get an exercise book ( a kids writing book like they have for school) and on the first page write

the date, time

Then write your weight.

Now break the page up into
Coffee /Tea are dehydrators so for each coffee you MUST drink water and with water its around 1.5litres NOt the 3 or 4 litres I saw written in a thread here. But you must drink water, this will help you lose weight and fast.
WEIGH YOURSELF AND ADD IT TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE TOO. then ONE WEEK LATER weigh yourself again. Remember your weight can fluctuate in a day so dont worry we are concerned about the big picture.


mid morning snack


afternoon snack


and if you want a small<<< piece of fruit or a small handfuls of nuts.

You also must get a smaller plate and make your serves smaller. A piece of meat should just fit the padding of the palm of your bigger BEFORE being cooked.

EAT SLOWLY its not a race....this helps digestion to happen as well as helping your bowel movements daily. I hope that happens..if not, then you arent eating enough fibre.

Dont eat past 8pm or your digestion process will be hampered. You have to fit some walking in or more exercise during the day. I know or read you have a baby then get the baby into its pram and go for a quick walk then jog a bit then walk again then jog.  This is to crank up your breathing and your cardio.

EAting fresh food daily is the basis of good healthy eating. If youre going out pack a snack or a piece of fruit. an apple travels well but a pear and a banana dont but Id take a banana and an apple and some nuts. I dont eat peanuts b/c they are hard to digest but Almonds are deliciously healthy as well as fresh walnuts.

Good luck..and I hope I have helped. I will be eager to hear how youre doing


5 years ago
ACV is excellent for more things than one would realize including easing gastric reflux.
you need to buy Organic and in a brown glass botton and '' the mother' ACV this means the first press of it. Two dessertspoons of ACV in warm water and add a tinsy teaspoon of organic honey not processed honey b/c these days honey can be processed and then it has no goodness in it.
5 lbs = 2 kgs 10 lbs = 5 kgs< YOU COULD AIM FOR THIS! YAY 15 lbs = 7 kgs 20 lbs = 9 kgs 25 lbs = 11 kgs 30 lbs = 14 kgs 35 lbs = 16 kgs 40 lbs = 18 kgs 45 lbs = 20 kgs<CINDYS daughter lost this. 50 lbs = 23 kgs 55 lbs = 25 kgs CINDY LOST THIS AMOUNT!!WOW 60 lbs = 27 kgs 65 lbs = 29 kgs 70 lbs = 32 kgs 75 lbs = 34 kgs 80 lbs = 36 kgs 85 lbs = 39 kgs 90 lbs = 41 kgs 95 lbs = 43 kgs 100 lbs = 45 kgs

5 years ago

The most important thing is to eat lots of vegetables.

Eating Healthy
5 years ago

Some really great books to read are: The China Study by Dr Campbell, Eat to Live by Dr Furhman and How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr Essylstn. Eating low fat, except for nuts, avocados and unsweetened coconut, eating lots of veggies and fruits is the way to go with portions of beans, whole grains and seeds and nuts too, not only to lose weight but to prevent major diseases.

5 years ago

Good tips Cindy!

4 years ago

I found this website to add to this topic that I thought you all would be interested in. It makes sense too.

''Although many doctors and health experts recommend losing weight through both dieting and exercise, for most people, it is quite difficult to follow a strict diet. Many people also shy away from diets because they don’t want to give up certain foods or get stuck eating the same things every day.

The monotony of a diet can also cause weight-watchers to overeat. Studies show that women who restricted their calorie intake were more likely to quit their diet and binge. If you’ve been through the rigors of dieting and feel like you’ve gotten nowhere, follow these 10 tips on how to lose weight without dieting.'' 

Now read on in the link below.

3 years ago

Another thing to remember is what foods not to eat!

10 Foods Guaranteed to Make You Fat

1. Artificial Sweeteners:

Diet soda does have less calories and less sugar than regular soda. This doesn’t mean it’s healthy. A study found that people who drank two or more diet sodas a day had six times the waistline compared to those who skip the diet cola.

Research has also shown that NutraSweet, one of the most popular artificial sweeteners, leads to the same surge of insulin as white carbs (see No 7 food below) –- because of sweetness detectors in the small intestine.

2.  White sugar is full of calories that sabotage healthy eating and prime your palate to crave sweets.

The world is filled with sugar addicts. When our blood sugars are high we are high. When our blood sugar is low, we feel totally run down and exhausted and want more sugar. Sugar has no vitamins or minerals, just lots of fat-building calories. Watch out for hidden sugars!

3. Cheese can be a fattening food.

It contains a large amount of fat and is hard to digest. (a deadly combination)

Poor digestion causes weight gain! Fat has nine calories per gram, protein and carbohydrates have only four. The most fattening food in the world is considered to be cheese fries.

4. Gluten rich foods are fattening but so are most common gluten free packaged productsRead the labels; they are full of starch and sugar. A study discovered that it was easy to eat too many slices of bread in one sitting.

5. Potatoes were found to be the top food making us fat.

All forms were found to be fattening.  Every serving of fries eaten in a day was linked to weight gain of more than three pounds, while eating an extra serving of potato chips led to a gain of 1.69 pounds.

6. Alcohol blocks the body from burning fat.

Alcohol increases the release of the hormone cortisol that breaks down muscle and retains fat. The loss of muscle can slowdown metabolism making it easier to gain weight. Also, alcohol causes a drop in testosterone in men, a hormone which helps burn fat.  Fat metabolism can be reduced by as much as 73 percent after only two drinks of vodka and lemonade in a one hour time period. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).

Read more:

3 years ago

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

3 years ago

I never like to think about the fact that I am overweight and really need to lose weight but it is time that I did. So I am out loud here saying that I am going to put my attentiion on losing the 45 pounds that I need to.


First thing I am going to do is eat less cheese. I had never thought about it being fattening before. Thank you Diana for alerting me to this.


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