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Difficulty Sleeping
4 years ago

The Great British Sleep Survey has found that 50% of us are struggling to get to sleep at night, with women finding it three times harder than men

Healthspan magazine June 2012

The soothing herb valerian is worth a try if you suffer from trouble getting to sleep.

'A study of 125 people found those taking valerian extracts fell  asleep more quickly and woke up less often during the night than those taking placebos' - Dr Sarah Brewer

4 years ago

Although Valerian is for sure preferable to sleeping pills; it must be remembered that it is a medicinal herb and not a good idea to take daily. Medicines are for emergency repairs and not meant to be taken regularly. The only herbs I consume regularly are tonic herbs....these are foods that nourish the body. They do not fix the body in a hurry like the way a medicinal herb does.

4 years ago

I agree. Valerian also has side affects such as: headaches, giddiness, palpatations of the heart and in rare cases hallucinations.

4 years ago

Yes that is true Virginia.

Sorry about the multiple posts. Care2 is acting up; my post never showed up as being here so I kept re-posting. When I saw there was many; I deleted with no success. Every time I deleted they would all be there. I just tried again to delete and see that it is not happening.

not a good idea to take medicines daily
4 years ago

Don´t worry at all. Today a lot of people of a lot of countries have sleeping difficulty Why? I´d heard that our bodys are changing for that are difficult sleep so don´t worry isn´t "strange" you don´t have to take EACH DAY that medical thing. I repeat before you sleep well and today you have difficulty in Sleeping "Normal" nothing "strange" nothing "new" you have to fix that problem Difficult sleeping will end althought you don´t do nothing In a word Don´t need to take nothing just only wait and the problem will end

4 years ago

Often the reason that one cannot sleep is due to noise; try earplugs.

4 years ago

In the summer with such long days it is important to have the windows well covered to block out light if you have difficulty sleeping.

4 years ago

I've been using valerian, as needed, for over 30 years. It's safe, gentle, effective and non-addictive, without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

It's the mainstay of almost all herbal nervine supplements. Also, as aforementioned, it is used as a sleep aid. It isn't intended for 365 day use, no herb is, but for times of sleep disruption, especially when stress related, there is no better treatment.

4 years ago

John, I agree that Valerian is much safer then any medications out there. Still it is a medicinal herb and not to be used daily.


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