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Brain Health
4 years ago

Please submit any tips you have here.

I am starting with this great photo I found.

4 years ago

Reverse Brain Aging - Proven Way Inexpensively 

"Research indicated that eating vegetables may slow mental decline and help to keep the brain healthy and young.

A six-year study of almost 2,000 Chicago-area seniors showed that older people who ate more than two servings of vegetables each day were mentally sharper than those who ate few or no vegetables.

Participants were given mental function tests three times over about six years, including measures of short-term memory and delayed memory, such as recall of story details or symbols on flashcards.

Those who ate more vegetable showed about 40 percent less mental decline, and their test results were those that would be expected of people about five years younger.

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale seemed to be the most beneficial. This may be due to the fact that they contain significant quantities of the antioxidant vitamin E. Vegetables usually contain more vitamin E than fruits, which were not linked with slowed mental decline, and are also often eaten with the fats found in salad oils, which help the body absorb vitamin E.

San Francisco Chronicle October 23, 2006


Eating More Veggies - Not Fruit - Keeps Your Brain Young


Eating vegetables, but not fruits, can help slow the rate of mental decline in older adults. Researchers studied more than 3,700Chicagoseniors, who completed food frequency questionnaires and two or more cognitive tests over the course of six years.

Those who ate 2.8 servings of vegetables a day or more slowed their rate of cognitive decline by roughly 40 percent, the equivalent of about five years. Green leafy vegetables had the strongest effect, and the older the person, the greater the slowdown in mental decline.

Fruit consumption was not associated with cognitive change, which may be due to the fact that vegetables contain higher amounts of vitamin E. Vegetables are also often consumed with fats such as salad dressings that increase the absorption of vitamin E.

Rush University Medical Center October 23, 2006  NeurologyOctober 24, 2006; 67(8): 1370-1376


4 years ago
10 Ways Your Brain Is Smacking You Around
Sometimes it seems like your brain just isn't on your side.

Brains -- can't live with them, can't live without them. We'd be nowhere without the marvel of evolution in our skulls, but sometimes our brains act in ways not in our best interests, and that's when we have to remember that not every message coming from the control center is accurate or beneficial. Here are 10 examples with suggestions on what to do about them.


1. Telling you that you have more impulse control than you really do.

Our brains have a bad habit of tricking us into thinking that if we’ve had some success (let’s say with a diet, for example), then it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll have more success. Psychologists call this brain foible “restraint bias,” and it’s especially pernicious because it tends to hit us when we feel like we’re on top of our game. Notice how many successful diets turn into complete catastrophes, with more weight gained than lost.


What to do: When you’re doing well, enjoy the success, but always beware the backslide.

2. Producing more automatic thoughts than you can possibly manage.

All of our brains are perpetually busy producing what some cognitivescientists have dubbed “automatic thoughts.” And since every thought is a physical event – an electrical signal coursing through your brain – they have physical consequences; namely, that you are momentarily captivated by whatever the thought is about, no matter how trivial. It takes discipline to block out this chorus of chaos and focus on what matters.

What to do: Remind yourself that automatic thoughts are just that: automatic. You can’t control them, but you can control what to focus on.


3. Pulling you into rumination about your worst fears.

Rumination, or mind-wandering, isn’t necessarily bad, but our brains have a habit of pulling us into these waters and then stocking them with sharks. Notice that it doesn’t take long to find yourself in internal panic mode about a job situation, or financial situation, or relationship pitfall.

What to do: When you find yourself ruminating on the negative, ask yourself if you’re doing so to formulate a constructive solution. If the answer is no, then shift focus and get out of there.


4. Directing you toward distractions to take the pressure off.

We’re all under pressure about a multitude of things, and sometimes we need a good diversion to keep the situation from getting overheated. But our brains, if we let them, would send us chasing after one after another distractions to keep the pressure alarms from ever going off. That’s what our threat-sensitive brains have, in part, evolved to do – avoid threats. And what better way than to find entirely nonthreatening distractions?

What to do: Don’t fear distractions, because sometimes we need them, but if you find yourself chronically distracted, check yourself before you get lost in neverland.


5. Making you think you’re a mind-reader and a fortune-teller

Our brains are prone to several thinking errors, and two of them do ......


Read the rest of the article:  

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4 years ago

10 Foods That Promote Brain Health

10 Foods That Promote Brain Health

Who doesn’t want to become smarter? Who wants to look better or feel healthier? Many recent studies have shown how certain nutrients can positively affect the brain, specifically in areas of the brain related to cognitive processing or feelings and emotions. Generally speaking, you want to follow a healthy diet for your brain that will lead to strong blood flow, maintenance of mental sharpness and reduce the risk of heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.


We know that foods play a great role in our brain, as concluded in several studies led by a phenomenal neuroscientist at UCLA, Gomez Pinilla.


According to one study, the super fats your brain needs most are omega-3 fatty acids. Your brain converts them into DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which enhances neuronal communication and promotes neuronal growth.


Food and nutrients represent fuel to our bodies the same way that when we use our car we need to fill the gas tank. Unfortunately, we generally take better care of our cars than our bodies. Why is that? We are hearing frequently that consuming the right nutrients can help our health, aging process, and more efficient brain-body functioning.


With that said, I want to share with you ten foods you must keep in your diet to maintain brain health:


1. Apples: Eating an apple a day protects the brain from oxidative damage that causes neurodegenerative diseases such Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This magical nutrient that acts as protection is quercetin, which is a phytonutrient.

Read more:

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crosswords or sudokus or...
4 years ago

your brain is like the other muscles if you don´t work the muscles... so it´s good for the brain making crosswords or sudokus or...

in a word it´s good for your brain games where you work your brain games as solving cross words mor solving sudokus or... games where you have to think the best answer in other word you must make your brain work to solve that games

another thing i think it´s good for your brain change i mean don´t make always the same things change as much as you can several things you must do for example you must go to work always at the same time... but some other things you can change

Toutghts are real, very real sooner or later
4 years ago

in three words THINK, WAIT, RECEIVE

Of course you will receive that but later perhaps so late that even you don´t remember to have thinked that...

So if you think good things youj will have good things but if you think bad thinks you will have that bad things.

The universe don´t understand when you say a joke that musn´t be done or when you say something that must be do EVERYTHING you say IS LIKE A ORDER a thing that must be do even if it´s bad you have say that so that MUST be done

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brain health
4 years ago

There are seveal posts with needed nutrition of the brain but I think that exercising the brain is also necessary plus deep rest.  Meditation is the deepest form of rest I know.

3 years ago

You are so right Randy,meditation is a deep form of rest for the brain. Also, it is food for the brain.

3 years ago

I've never done that before.

Links to games good for your brain
3 years ago

As I said 
your brain is like the other muscles if you don´t work the muscles... so it´s good for the brain making crosswords or sudokus or...

For Comodo dragon browser th game flow colors is very easy just connect one point of one color with other point of the same color but pipes connecting colors can´t be one over the other can´t cut other pipes

a pop up of that game

I think many people know how to play sudokus that are like crosswods but with nunmbers -For that people who doesn´t know how to playu

one web where it´s said how to play

more webs can be found here


more videos

More links to brain´s games?

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Flow colorsĀ“brige
3 years ago

how to play it? In this gasme pippes must cover all the boxes


Flow color´s bridge game

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