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6 Bad Dental habits to get rid off
4 years ago
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Dental Tips

A good set of teeth are desired by many. But do you know, your routine habit of brushing may be hindering a perfect dental hygiene. You may be taking good care of your teeth but is that really working? Check out the dental habits, which must be avoided:-

Brushing – How and When: Some of us brush once a day, while those who really care about their teeth, brush several times after food. This is incorrect. Brushing more than twice can cause your tooth enamel to come out. Especially if, you have hard bristles, it’s highly dangerous to your teeth as well as gums. Using soft bristles, twice a day in circular motion is the right approach for your daily teeth cleaning. Flossing should also be accompanied along with brushing to keep bacteria and small substances away.

Say no to grinding, biting or opening hard metals: Definitely, a good set of teeth are strong and can help you tear, break or crack nuts. But, this is harmful. Biting or cracking a metal, grinding teeth affect the gum directly making the tooth prone to crack. Even, crushing ice often can lead to loosening of teeth. The teeth should not be used as apparatus at all. If grinding persists, see your dentist immediately to get a mouth guard.

No to starch and sweet food: Starchy food and sugary snacks can really be a pain. Regular sipping of colas, carbonated soda, eating starchy food and sweets does effect teeth and gums. The food substance sticks in between the small spaces and the tooth leading to growth of bacteria, which can lead to bad smell, gingivitis (over a long time) or gum problems.

Pearly white Teeth- Our motto: Often, bleaching your teeth regularly to get white color sensitizes teeth and gums. According to dentists, bleaching is not appropriate until done bi-yearly under supervision. Ideally, your teeth cannot be whiter than the white of your eye. Fluoride toothpaste, regular flossing, and avoiding of tea, coffee and regular soda must be done. Since tea, coffee has caffeine, which stains the teeth, avoiding these or putting limit to frequent sips is much more appropriate than regular and improper bleaching.

Continuously chewing gums - Most of you must be finding an answer to this question. Yes, chewing sugarless gums is great for teeth but over activity is again bad. Chewing gums strengthens the temporomandibular joint helping the chewing of hard food or when you take big bites. Chewing gums is a good habit but over activity must be avoided. Instead of chewing gum you can clean your mouth with a good rinse after the meal. This takes out the substances that are sticking to the tooth avoiding foul smell and less bacteria growth.

Are you a dentist? - When it comes to dental problems like a toothache or yellowing of teeth, most of us do remedies on our own. But ideally, this tends to make it worse. Avoiding yearly or six monthly visits to your dentist has worst effect. Since you cannot tell, which toothpaste or mouthwash will suit your type of teeth or problem, lingering on and taking symptomatic relief treatment prolongs the problem making you spend more time and money on dental services.

These were the six main habits that must be avoided. But if, you agree, sipping from others glass and using the brush of a fellow is not a nice thing to do, if you are particular of your dental hygiene. Break up these habits and you will be smiling perfectly without a flaw.

Author Bio: - Dr. Pat Crawford is a dentist as well as dentist consultant. He is perfect dentist who also well know as best dentist in Kenosha.

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4 years ago

I  totally agree, Jenifer, indeed in the long run we wind up abrading all the protecting upper surface if I may put it this way...I only brush once using soft bristles and rather massaging the gums, less the tooth surface and make an alcohol-free mouthrinse before going to bed.
4 years ago

Diana, I like your suggestion to use a alcohol - free mouthwash.
Thank you.

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