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11 years ago
| Blue Label

It is spring in many areas, and it is a time that many flowering trees spring into bloom, if only for a very short while.  Do you have any pics of trees in bloom to share? Flowering dogwoods, cherries, magnolias, etc?  I think they look absolutely beautiful this time of year!  Post some pics of some trees adorned with flowers for spring.

Here is some blooms from my pink magnolia:

Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia Blossom

Pink Magnolia

My redbud tree actually puts out some blooms right from the branches!

Red Bud blossoms

Red Bud blossoms

The redbud with the pink blooms looks real neat paired with the purple blooms of my wisteria:

Wisteria Bush with Red Bud in background

And this is from my baby white dogwood:

White Dogwood blossom

11 years ago
Soon as I unload my memory card, I will be taking more spring tree photos hopefully, and I will post them when I get a chance. 
11 years ago
Beautiful trees, Tracy!
11 years ago

 I don't know what this is.  I just took my camera along on a walk through our complex last spring.

Spring Tree

11 years ago

Daria, I don't know what type of tree that is, but the coloration is beautiful! Thanks for posting that!

Unfortunatey, my area has had several days of freezing temps and blustery winds, which may have killed or blown off the pretty flowers on the spring trees.. I hope that didn't happen, because I finally cleared my camera of all the pics on the memory card, and can now take some spring pics! 

11 years ago

  Yep...way too cold for this time of year.  

   I have a really pretty tree out front that I'm waiting to bloom so I can get pics.   I have no idea what the tree is though.   Once I get a pic maybe you will know. 

11 years ago

I think that is a red tip bush.

They are really great. You can either let them bush out into giant hedges, or you can trim the bottom branches off and let it grow into a kind of tree. They have reddish leaves during the spring time when they are growing. I think they may even have occasional blooms ,too.Little clusters of little white flowers.

11 years ago
Your pics are beautiful as always. My redbud did the same thing this year. It is still young, but it had one cluster of pink flowers directoy on the trunk.
11 years ago
Thank you Christy!    That tree is on this little island in the middle of our apartment complex.  I don't pass by there every day so I don't know if it flowers.  I'll have to try to notice.
11 years ago
Your Pics are very pretty! I just love Redbuds!
11 years ago

 Thank you, Dorothy!

  This is the tree out front.  I took this last Spring but its at about the same stage of bloom now.  When it blooms a little more I'll take another photo.


11 years ago

hey Tracy & Daria,

I really love those pics---especially the redbud tree that has flowers bud/bloom right in the middle of a branch, I NEVER knew any tree could do that.

Daria, is that previous pic (right above this reply) a type of dogwood---the pic has a greenish tint, so I can't tell if it's white flowers like a standard dogwood or not,

but it's an amazingly beautiful tree.


11 years ago
They are tiny little white buds, Rob.   I'll have to try to get a close-up of them.   These trees are all throughout our complex.  That one is right in front of our windows.
You are lucky,.....................
11 years ago
It's still too cold here to really have the trees budding.  They are trying, but............  We have very few daffodils out.  Too cold yet.  Winter was late and now so is spring.  I'll just have to enjoy your photos until our's start to bloom.  My crabapple usually has some sort of pretty red nubs by now, by not this year!  It's waiting for it to be warmer. 
11 years ago

Thank you Rob! I think the tree in Daria's pic isn't a dogwood...I think it is the same as the pics below....I was never sure what type of tree they were, but I know that alot of lots around here for shopping centers have whole rows of these trees, and they look magnificent blooming all at once!  My dogwoods haven't started blooming yet....but when they do, I will take some pics!

I think in my area, it is almost like yours Susan!  But maybe a little warmer.  We had a warm winter for the most part, and right when everything was going to break out in a spring bloom, the temps dropped below freezing, and damaged some of the flowering blooms.   But we are due to warm up, after a few rain storms pass through.  I can't wait!  I have had enough of winter! lol

Here is a flowering tree from a nearby park....argh, that blur is either a ghost or some dirt on my lense LOL...sorry about that

Flowering Tree

And this is a tree from a nearby shopping center (at least they had the sense to plant some great trees when they put these land consuming shopping centers up)

Flowering Tree

And this is a tree taken at a cemetery where my grandparents and father reside.....I think it is a beautiful place for them to be at rest, because the trees there are absolutely is one of the weeping kind:

Flowering Tree

11 years ago

I think the magnoila blossoms look so pretty against the blue sky.

Magnolia blooms...Pink

The leaves are just starting to appear on the trees! They too look nice against the bright blue sky.

The leaves are just starting to appear!

Baby leaves.....aren't they cute?


11 years ago

Gorgeous photos, Tracy!  What beautiful trees! 

  Here is the Pink tree that is all throughout our complex.  This one is in front of our building.

Pink tree

And   for the owners of our complex!  They have planted many new bushes and trees.  I don't have pics yet. 
11 years ago
Thanks Daria! OH HOW PRETTY!  That type of tree looks very familiar.... but I can't think of what they are called.  Kudos to your complex for planting more trees and shrubs!  Don't think you could ever have too many!
11 years ago
 Thank you, Tracy!   I think that tree is some kind of ornamental cherry...that is what someone told me. 
10 years ago
It's getting to be that time of year again!   The daffodils and hyacinths are blooming in my yard, and several flowering trees have buds on them.  I'll be sure to take some pics when the trees start blooming.   Anybody have any spring tree pics to share? 
wow,, time machines....
10 years ago

hey yall, that was kind of amazing.... my gmail-inbox had the link from the message above so I clicked to reach this forum but
at 1st,
I didn't realize that most pics & comments were LAST spring since folks haven't taken THIS spring's pics yet due to lingering cold weather---
an issue especially notice-able to me since I moved up here to western NY state for graduate school....I've never lived in a snow & icy climate,
so the slow transition to warmer weather & the look of grasses & trees is getting to my senses from a totally different

Let the new Spring photo's roll on out....

10 years ago

Tracy, all the trees on here are georgeous but I have I especially love the wisteria tree and the white tree at the cemetary where your grandparents are.   Would you mind (if I give you credit) to use those 2 pictures on another group?   Is that your yard?   Nice!!

Do you have any idea how to make the wisteria grow into a tree like that?   Some of ours down south are merely vines hanging beautifully from other trees and growth although one I have could be trained into a tree but I'm not sure how.    Does yours bloom very long?   Not the ones down here ~ but georgeous while they do! 

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10 years ago

This is the 2nd year for my Japanese Acer and it is so pretty.   Not very large yet but getting there.

PICT4221.jpg picture by KissySquirrel

10 years ago

Forgive me for getting to here so late!  Been so busy!  Rob, I know what you mean, it is only now, in the beginning of May, starting to really feel like has been cold off and on up till now in my area, although I'm sure it is much chillier where you are.

Vicky, you sure can use those pics in another group.   I'm glad you like them!  The background isn't the most was when they put up that plastic tarp stuff in preparation to build those lousy condos surrounding my property.  But yes, that is my property in the photos, (except the cemetery ones of course)....and if you look in the white dogwood flower close up, you can see the horsefarm fencing in the backdrop!

About the wisteria.........I wish I knew the answer to how to make it grow like that!  That one is at least thirty years old if not older....and there used to be a matching one on the other side of my house, but it was technically on the next property, and when they were preparing to build condos, they ran it over with a tractor and bulldozed it, just like the rest of the beautiful trees.    But at least I still have mine.   It was just COVERED in blooms this year, so much so that the branches drooped to the ground!  If I had to guess how to make it into a tree....I would say you'd have to take a cutting, root it, and when you plant it, keep  trimming off the trailer vines until the base thickened up as it grows older.  This way it will grow upward like a tree, and not outward.  This should create more of a trunk.  Wisteria is beautiful, the blooms smell terrific!  But it really isn't a fact, it is classified more as a parasitic vine...capable of choking and killing a large tree with its vines if left alone to its own devices.  But if kept by itself, well tended to and trimmed, it can be  turned into what looks like an overgrown bonsai tree. Or, you can keep it as a vine, and let it grow over an arbor, trellis, wall, etc.  In my area, they don't bloom long fact, it almost seemed to spring into bloom day I looked at it, and it was just seed pods on branches, a few leaves here and there, and the next day, it was simply covered in purple blooms!  But sadly, I kinda missed photographing the prime bloom time of mine, it is going more to leaves now....only seems to last about a week or two at best.

Your Japanese Acer is beautiful Vicky!  Never heard of that the same as Japanese red maple?  I think the one in my yard is that type, but not sure.  I have two red maples, and one is different from the other.

I have more spring pics to share!  Just have to upload them when I get the time! 

10 years ago

Oh Tracy I am so sorry your other Wisteria got run over.   People don't care do they?   I'm not sure what a trailer vine is but I'm assuming its the long tendrils.   Someone told me once to somehow tie a cloth ribbon around the center where the vines will kind of go straight up then flow down but I'm not sure I understand that either.  A friend of mine sent me a clipping from what looks like a trumpet vine but it, too, was made into a tree like the Wisteria.  Very beautiful and the hummingbirds love them!   I have my own vine which blooms and is entwined in my Oleander tree so when I plant the vine she gave me I will try to make a tree out of it.   (sigh)  Oh, mine is not a Japanese Maple.   Those get REAL RED but I don't believe they stay that color long.   However, mine is probably related to it.

Thanks for letting me borrow your beautiful photos and please post your spring pics when you get time.   I can't wait to see them!    

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10 years ago

Tracy, that tree by the cemetery looks almost like a Weeping Cherry tree except I thought they were pink.   Maybe they are pink and/or white.   That tree is so beautiful it takes my breath away!

10 years ago

Hi Vicky! It's been a week and I finally got my pics uploaded!   Oh, and to answer what you posted....yes, the trailers are the tendrils or the vines themselves that that wisteria sends out.  And the trees in the cemetery are weeping cherries I believe....just the lighting made it come out looking more white than pink.....or perhaps I took the pics just before the petals fell off the trees...they get pale when they are about to drop it seems.  Now....speaking of those weeping are some more, this time in pink!  Wish it wasn't so dreary that day, kinda made my pics come out a little dull.  

100_2088.jpg picture by tlbladybugger

100_2099.jpg picture by tlbladybugger

100_2086.jpg picture by tlbladybugger

This one is my fave....pretty pink magnolia trees by the church:

100_2084.jpg picture by tlbladybugger

10 years ago

What wonderful photos!!!!  for sharing them Tracy...majestic, to say the least!

10 years ago

Tracy the photos are awesome!!!  I especially love the church photo with the Weeping Cherry (?) inspirational somehow.   Thank you for sharing your lovely pics!

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10 years ago

Hello and thank you Marcy and Vicky!  Those pretty pink trees by the churches are magnolias....I thought they made the most beautiful inspirational pic too Vicky!

Marcy what a cool pic!  I love the way that palm tree kinda snakes up in such a curve towards the sky....very cool! Thanks for posting that! 

Let me also apologize for not being here alot recently, I have a sick kitty I'm tending too plus I'm rehabbing an orphan squirrel--plus work--plus tons of other stuff--I'm trying to check in when I can! 

9 years ago

Here is a picture of my beautiful Crepe has not bloomed as profusely as this since I took this pic.   It is still lovely but just not as full....maybe next year.  

Mycrapemyrtle2.jpg picture by KissySquirrel


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