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My Jimi May 24, 2005 9:21 AM

Why I love Jimi

First of all Lyrics. Jimi is one of the greatest poets of all time. He expresses his views of the world in his lyrics the way I wish I could. He views the world the way I do but can express his ideas in ways I could never - I wish I had that. He's colourful and imaginative.

His music. I love his imagination in his music. The sounds are wide ranging from dreamy to powerful. Expressive, passionate, vivid and just cool.  

I'm 33, so I never lived in his life time (he died in 1970; I was born '72) but he has touched me in ways indescribable! I feel he's with me. That may sound silly to you but to me it's very real. I'm no musician/singer/songwriter but he's with me in different ways.

How is Jimi with me? Sometimes I can feel him with me. It's like his spirit watches over me....sounds like I've flipped out right? But I feel he's with all his fans - not just me. Yea, I can feel him in the room with me at times.

Also, when I'm down - his words linger in my mind and soul. The words ring in my head.

Jimi to me seems like he would've been a great person and friend. I would've loved to been a friend to Jimi. He seems like a very beautiful person.

Do you know that as I grew up and got to know Jimi - I cried over his death? I did, I cried like a baby over him....go ahead and laugh at me..but I did. I miss him and never knew him - I was never even in his life time.

I still can't completely explain to you why and how Jimi is so deep within me. I'm trying but maybe not a very good job at it. I only know he is very deep within me.

He's inspired some of my poetry and artwork. I don't consider myself good at either but I do try...and Jimi is one of my inspirations. I love him. And miss a man that I never knew.

Call me weird, crazy or insane it's ok.

Jimi I love you!


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 May 24, 2005 9:23 AM

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 May 24, 2005 9:25 AM

Ok I might add he's very good looking too!!!  [ send green star]
 May 24, 2005 9:30 AM

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2 Years Later February 18, 2008 8:24 PM

It's been 2 years since I wrote the above confession. I have to tell you, my feelings have not changed. I have adored Jimi since I was a child. My love for him grows stronger everyday - I still don't care how weird or off-beat I sound to you or anyone. Jimi IS still the best.

I'd like to add that I believe Jimi was a great Humanitarian. I believe the song Bold as Love tells the story of his humanism, his love for the earth and mankind.
He had so much love to give to the world. He simply saw the world through the eyes of realism.

I believe Jimi saw the world for what it is - in realism, even though a lot of his words seem to be more idealism.
Example Realims poetically worded:

"On this is here people farm" ~ Up From the Skies

"So many sleeping people" ~ Dick Cavett Show

"Politics is really on the ego scene" ~ Dick Cavett Show

"White collar conservative flashin' down the street
Pointin' their plastic finger at me" ~ If 6 Was 9

"Although your world wonders me,
With your majestic and superior cackling hen
Your people I do not understand,
So to you I shall put an end" ~Third Stone from the Sun

"Playing too much with one toy tends to lead
into the foggy." ~ Power to Love

Some people would have to think out what is written by Jimi and never figure it out. Those that misunderstand are the ones that do not listen to Jimi... I've learned from Experience. Most all that listen to Jimi dig him for his words as well as his guitar playing. Only a true Jimi Fan can understand the beautifully written poetry he has given to the world.

It's more that just "Okay, I understand 'On this here people farm' as being people on Earth". Thats close. Get to know Jimi and you'll understand it deeper. We do 'farm' people as we do cattle. Some women, for example,  are in competition with each other as to how many babies they can make. People make babies as manufacturing goods - hurry up and get the product out so we can make more!.  Another: People flock or herd together as do farmed animals. Sheep?  Yet another is: World Over-population. caused by the 'farming' of humans. Jimi saw the baby-booms already happening in the late 1960's with the 'free love' movement. Many babies came out of this era due to 'free love'... I wasn't born then, but I've been told by those that have lived in that era as well as read about it.... got to be true.

Yeah, I can give you take on all Jimi's lyrics... as I've said before, Jimi lives within me.. inside me and all around me.

Eric Burdon [One of Jimi's bestfriend] knows what I am talking about. I'm a fan of Burdon as well. I recall Eric's response: "Yes, I'm Experienced". ~From: "The Winds of Change" LP/CD.

Now I'll ask you: "Are You Experienced?"   [ send green star]
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