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Corrupt Politics - "Trade" & "Poverty" November 12, 2007 5:27 AM

Corruption exists almost in every country of modern world.  Capitalists/ corporate sectors play important role to corrupt politicians by funding the elections and favoring. Thus channel of corruption begins from politicians to bureaucrats then pass to most Government machineries; bribe becomes wheels of planning and movement of files.  Rise in cost of political campaign has resulted immense financial dependence.  Individuals with financial capacity or who are able to raise huge funds considered having more chances of eligibility. Thus is an investment, would always expect high returns.  Interest of elected member is tilted to favor financers or who favors. Corrupt Politics - "Trade" & "Poverty" Government machineries become trade representatives’ of corporate sectors. Population when vote to elect expect the development and solutions to the problems get cheated. Growth of illicit trade means is growth of terrorism. Poverty, corruption and unemployment beside others; are the major factors that determines the strength of terrorism. Controlling this will certainly curb illicit trade thus to affect resources for terrorism. Finally illicit trade is the root for survival of terrorism.
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note on above post August 14, 2005 3:36 PM

Thomas is one of the hosts of Anarchy and the All-Pervasive Eye. He answered Mariannie's post just above after it was cross-posted in his group. IOn short, this is one great example of what we can do to empower ourselves.  [ send green star]
from our friend Thomas August 14, 2005 3:34 PM

We must boycott all corporations every way possible, especially WalMart, and encourage everyone we know and have any connection with to do the same. This takes discipline and a certain ammount of inconvenience on our parts. I have found it possible to shop for my essentials at independently owned markets for food and small businesses for everything else. I also frequent resale and thrift shops to buy recycled items that I need, whether it be dishes or clothing. The only three corporations that I still deal with are my utilities because I haven't found an independent energy company that I can use as an alternative since I still live in an apartment complex. I patronize Working Assets Telephone company that is socially and environmentally responsible and donates 1%of all their profits to environmental groups and progressive non-profits. I'm researching Earthlink's company practices and associations that I have my DSL service through and would like to find a smaller more independent company that provides the same sevrice. If anyone knows of one in Northern California I would appreciate knowing about it. At least I refuse to use Pacbell or SBC Global, etc.! I also bank with a local credit union and refuse to use banks for any purpose. The best way to break corporations and corporatism is to be creative about hurting their "bottom line" through breaking our consumer addictions and simplifying our lives so that we don't consume more than we need and when we do buy, spend our money with artisans and craftsmen and independent small businesses as much as possible. I disconnected my cable television service because I didn't want to support Comcast or even see the commercials and the mainstream news propaganda machine owned by corporations like General Electric, one of the most evil corporations in the world. I get my news from Pacifica Radio and other independent non-commercial and pirated stations and alternative news services on the internet. I patronize small independent video and DVD rental stores for movies for my entertainment and prefer independent films to those of major studios. I am not perfectly free of all corporate contact and patronage, but pretty darn close and getting closer all of the time. I wish that I did not have a chronic health condition that requires me to contribute some to the pharmaceutical industry. I try to use as many alternative methods and treatments to stay healthy as I can. My point being that if we can get millions of people to begin doing the same we can bring corporations to their knees and put then out of business. We need to support our local tradespeople and small independent businesses in our own communities and neighborhoods and to begin to build sustainable communities where their is foot traffic rather than fossil fuel car trips to the mall. I don't mean to lecture but to encourage all of you cotinue do what you can and find even more creative ways to do more to boycott corporate America and Multinational corporations. The day may come when we may join our so-called "eco-terrorist" comrades and even smash the infrastructure of corporatism and fascism without endangering human life. I'm all for it if it can be effective. I'll be there in the streets with anyone who opposes corporatism and globalization and its institutions. Fist Up! For sure!  [ send green star]
 August 14, 2005 12:41 AM

This being said, as Ted pointed out, the working people, in actual corporatism (which is even worse than capitalism since the ruling class is not even HUMAN!!!), served only as a resources (thus the term: Human Resources akin to Natural Resources and put on the same level as serving the higher purpose of financial health).
Among the slaves who find their profit in such a system are those who can pretend to control the corporations but who, ultimately, serve the corporation just as well. Them being on the Board or CEO or bearing other such titles. The corporation is using them as a big parasitic entity sucking the life force out of our societies.

One can only hope still that the people will eventually rise and speak out loudly against such abomination..... I know I try!  [ send green star]
 August 12, 2005 8:35 PM

"we'd probably just like the owners of corps to be conscientious of workers living conditions"

I heard that there's a developing movement to that effect.  Unfortunately, I failed to see concrete effects of it.  I guess it needs to affect a LOT more than a few middle-sized corps and encompass the greater corps.  But as one pointed out, will the CEO of these corps ever developed a CONSCIENCE??????

I can only see a revolution as alternative....


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 August 12, 2005 3:29 PM

oh, i loved this documentary. i saw it last year same day it was released in a small neiborhood theater, twice actually, it was out for a short period of time, sad... wouldn't it be nice if informational/educational movies/documentaries like this one were advertised as much as corporate theaters advertise their selective movies? but how can one 'go against' one's own corp?  in reality no one is going against corps, we'd probably just like the owners of corps to be conscientious of workers living conditions.  i wonder at times what makes a very wealthy family to stop wanting more wealth and distribute that wealth with their workers. it is  unimaginable how this structure has prevailed through centuries, day by day  avoiding to look at the poverty surrounding their mansions-sigh-afterall, that's why there are suburbs in the world. 
anyway, i saw somewhere--can't recall if it were here, i'm sure you do (too much info out there...)-- that there is a petition/campaign going around and promoting substantial documentaries/movies in the market. excuse me for not having that info with me right now but i thought it was relevant to the issue; i haven't read the entire thread so this post may be a repetition.  did anyone post that petition?
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 August 12, 2005 11:42 AM

I'm sorry, I have no idea what happened to my message.  Anyway, here goes again. 

Please go to the site  then click on the video at  [ send green star]

 August 12, 2005 11:35 AM

Please go to this site then click on the video  [ send green star]

Excellent topic, Ted! Some resource links on corporations August 12, 2005 9:59 AM

Center for Corporate Policy Corporate Watch Essential Information The Corporation Film Unequal Protection- The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights Corporate Psychopathy The Corporation, a documentary exploring the psyche of the corporation, alleges that if the corporation were to be regarded as a person, rather than a legal entity (as it is under United States law), its personality would meet the DSM-IV requirements for being a psychopath. Psychopaths in Suits  [ send green star]
glad to see this August 12, 2005 12:47 AM

I am glad to see you guys responding to this topic.  It is easy to see how corporate greed is causing world poverty.  It is evident that we, as citizens with more power than in other nations, act and start the revolution.

Great posts Mena and Simon.

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: ) August 11, 2005 9:40 AM

I think that when we unite and organize, we can achieve anything!

In specific terms for example, labour unions, peasant organizations, progressive political parties, NGOs, etc., can unite the working classes and other poor people globally in democratic and grassroots networks, and can then negotiate with the corporate bosses from a position of strength....

and the people's movement(s) can grow from there and sooner or later - through education, inspiration, etc. - can replace corporations in controlling the economic life of the planet

I see such revolutionary change as very possible, especially since so many people in the world, living in such dire circumstances, have so little to lose and so much to gain. My main concern is that authoritarian forces might take power as in most revolutions of history - e.g. the industrial revolution(s) ended the rule of kings and lords, but a capitalist ruling class of rich and powerful (bougeoisie) took their place.

A solution to this danger is to ensure that enough people are politically conscious enough to keep all power spread out in democratic and egalitarian forms, and not to allow any "bullies" to coerce others into serving them and obeying them, which is the seed of authoritarianism and oppression. Thus I propose that we focus on raising the political consciousness of people - the more, the better. I am proposing a transformation of society by soicety, freely chosen by a maximum number of people - because this kind of change involves a minimum of coercion and a maximum of happiness

I think there is a lot of truth in the words "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Let us keep coercive power over others to a minimum, and let us exercise personal freedom, and inspire compassion as the motivation to help others.

Let us create a society based on love, on compassion , rather than fear, hate, greed and dogmas.

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Well August 11, 2005 9:33 AM

First of all, people need to voice up. "Slave wages" as they are called, will exist so long as someone is willing to work for them and not say anything. And, there will always be someone who will do this. To settle for this is just the way it has always been. There are unions out there in some companies, that are supposed to protect workers, but I can tell you, they do nothing. What would it take if everyone who worked for the bare minimum, knowing full well they deserve more to say "ENOUGH"? I don't know. I work in the health care industry and make quite good money doing so, some would say comparitivly, I am overpaid. The truth is I am dealing with people's lives everyday, and I know some people who work for Aldies and make as much as I do sitting at a register. We need fair wage control. And, the only way to get this ball rolling is to make a big statement. How about we all rally around and call for a "Worldwide Strike", no-one works until our companies start to value us. If noone went to work there'd be a major shutdown with these big industies taking advantage of underpaid, overworked employees. Hope this helps, Ted. Keep the info. coming.


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 August 10, 2005 2:28 PM

corporation like COCA COLA! NIKE...yes...  [ send green star]
the corporation August 10, 2005 2:26 PM

Corporations are the main contributor to poverty in both industrialised and developing nations.  Corporations have been given the same rights as individuals.  They are seen as more important than individuals because they collect billions of dollars annually in corporate welfare---read: you give us money or we open up shop in China, etc....

Walmart is a perfect example of how a corporation reels in profits while its employees eke out a living, barely able to subsist.  Corporations, and businesses in general, think they are doing us a favour by hiring us.  In fact, we do them a favour by working for them.  They need us more than we need them.  We are the backbone of their profits.  they see billions in profits while we see a measly paycheque. 

Why do we let this happen?  Obviously, we need money to exist.  This means we need a job to survive.  Most jobs are 9-5 sweatshop deals where we are forced to think we are of no value without the big boss man.  We are told that we should do our work faster and more efficiently.  For the first three months, at least here in Quebec, we have absolutely no rights and can be fired from one day to the next.  No government agency can help us and we can't even argue the point.  But we need money.  And so goes on the vicious cycle.

This "slave wage" status takes away our inner selves.  We are numbers to a huge employer.  We have nothing more than a job that is never stable and in return we are given a paltry pittance of our actual worth.  They hook us on credit.  We need to buy a car, a house, etc., in order to owe more.  Credit is good, after all.  Then there is the ideal that we should all have families that waste rather than spend.  they hook our kids on video games, designer sneakers and clothes, you name it.  

How do we escape this?  We need to look into our inner selves and ask: what do I really want to do?  What really makes me happy?After this, we need to set a course of action.  It will be almost impossibel to attain at first, but it will become modified and simpler as we understand it more with each passing day.  We need to realise what the biggest obstacles are and how we can get rid of them.  We need to liberate ourselves from the brainwashing that has taken place for centuries, ever since the industrial revolution.

Ted, what does this have to do with this group?

Firstly, we want to eradicate poverty not only abroad, but right here at home.  Secondly, we need to be in a position where we know how to get solutions.  This is usually best attained when we are satisfied with ourselves and are stress-free.  Then we can help the rest of the world, as all these famous people are doing.

What I wanted to ask from all of you was ideas on how you may be overcoming the corporate obstacle and how we can make a game plan to move forward and help ourselves and others.

Ted Kouretas

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