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The Terrorism of Race and Poverty October 03, 2005 4:37 PM

The Terrorism of Race and Poverty By Frank Scott Al-Jazeerah, September 21, 2005 The world's most over-developed military power is its most under developed nation in matters of real human security. Almost maniacally prepared for terrorist attack by material forces , it was unprepared for the terrorist attack by an immaterial Intelligent Designer . But along with the horrors of a natural disaster on America s Gulf Coast, we witnessed the unnatural disaster of our nation's disregard for some of its people. Millions of Americans live in denial about racism , believing that social programs solved that problem . But the reality of unedited television news told a different story. Tens of thousands of black New Orleans residents could not afford to evacuate and were left in circumstances that would be pitiful in a poor nation, but are disgraceful in the richest country in the world. They were the forgotten and excluded, untouched by selective programs, identity group catch phrases or other system saving word games. Unlike the minority professional class, they can t even afford the cosmetic title African-American ; horrible scenes of deprivation offered visible evidence of their blackness, in a racist society that has only changed in the minds of the uninformed, who should now know better. While thousands of Americans acted in compassionate solidarity , government offered pious platitudes to cover its anti-social disregard for those left out of its upscale marketing agenda. Poverty is the global curse of capital , but while suffering foreign masses are commonly seen in disaster tv coverage, the horrid reality of poor, displaced black Americans offered an educational experience for millions of viewers. That is, those who have not suffered permanent brain damage from watching Fox TV, or reading the thinly disguised race mongering that passes for punditry in much of our print media. Lurid stories of violent looting, many fictional, often led to survivors of a horrible experience being treated as though they were all criminals. But some media employees reported what actually happened. In historic moments of honesty, they communicated something that did not deny what people were seeing , but that made it even more vivid, compelling, and shocking. Given the hellish reality thus exposed in the richest society the world has ever known, we should be grateful there is no judgmental and righteous Intelligent Designer of biblical lore. If there were, we might all be destroyed in a massive holocaust, earthquake and flood, as punishment for our delusions, however innocent we ve been in their acquisition . Until now. After this, deniers should be seen for what they are : innocent, helpless morons, or cold, calculating enemies of all who are not members of their own race or class. Some Americans live in worse conditions than people in third world countries, and while class is the major crime of inequality, race compounds its felony. The top 20% of American families control 85% of the nation s net worth , but that glaring inequality gap becomes an even wider chasm when race is considered. The average net worth of a white family is fourteen times greater than the average for blacks . And while our Infant mortality rate is no better than Malaysia s, worse is the fact that in America, black babies die before reaching age one at twice the rate of whites. It is shameful that we cannot bring human life into the world with more security than can nations with only a microscopic measure of our wealth. Especially when we have such alleged reverence for life that some would force their way into a woman s womb to protect an unconscious fetus, while they destroy post fetal life in their unconscious state of zealous, patriarchal righteousness . Individuals will suffer scape-goating for a social malfunction of colossal dimensions in New Orleans. That some officials have no understanding of the reality lived by millions of Americans is obvious. But while blatant ignorance has clearly been displayed , a system, and not its bureaucratic functionaries, is the problem. The racism and poverty that made large sectors of New Orleans exclusively black communities, with substandard housing, shoddy schools and an environment of often crime provoking desperation , is a factor of the political economy, not a personality. It existed long before Bush appointed any crony capitalist pinhead to a responsible position . The poverty and racism that reduce millions of Americans to lives of painful alienation is the natural outcome of an economic system, and cannot be blamed on any one person or party. The present gang of governing corporadoes may be the worst in our history, but nothing they do is out of character with the system they, and all their predecessors, have worked to maintain and protect. And this tragedy exposed that system s ugly underbelly to all but committed racists or the morally comatose. The cleanup and rebuilding will cost a hundred billion for New Orleans alone, but that represents about a year s take from the recently cut estate tax. End the criminal Iraq war fiasco, and we can easily redirect another hundred billion. But far more than money is at stake. We will ultimately have to confront a system which by its very nature exploits and oppresses many, in order to bring comfort and security to a few. That has always been the problem, but maybe never so forcefully revealed as in this natural disaster. We need to understand the unnatural disaster of our system s disregard for humanity that makes it a threat to not only the poor and the black, but everyone else. It endlessly attacks our social and natural environment, especially our most helpless people, and our very sanity. It is a form of political economic terrorism that must end, if a peaceful, humane America is ever to begin. Copyright (c) 2005 by Frank Scott. All rights reserved. (fair use)  [ send green star]
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The Terrorism of Race and Poverty  [ send green star]
Natural Law October 04, 2005 8:02 PM

"It is institutions---social, political, and economic institutions---which are the ultimate molders of collective sentiments. Let these institutions be reconstructed TODAY, and let the ineluctable gradualism of history govern the formation of a new psychology." ---Bayard Rustin NATURAL LAW By Thomas Markham -- It is the institutions that form the very foundation of our society and republic that must be first "deconstructed" and then "reconstructed" through Revolution that is not just political, because a change in government or political leadership leads to more of the same not any meaningful change. The Revolution must be first and foremost social, economic and then political from the grass-roots up, as opposed to from the top down if foundational institutions are to be reconstructed according to a new paradigm of social and economic equality. We must have a true form of egalitarian socialist society if class and race are to be eliminated as determining factors in the life of human fraternity. Our private "ownership society" must be replaced by collective ownership in common of real estate and the means of production by the masses of people. Likewise the product of labor and production is shared collectively by need first and then according to contribution. As long as there is private property and private capital along with the inheritance of it, there will always be an elite capitalist ruling class and various levels of wage slavery and poverty of the masses or majority in this country because the collective labor of the masses is necessary for the accumulation of capital or greater wealth and power. The minimum needs of the mass of laborers determines their wages as most wages must continue to decrease rather than increase to keep the products of capitalism competitive among the ruling elite or corporatists. This is why the wealthiest Americans continue to be a shrinking percentage of the total population and the numbers of the working poor are increasing as the middle class lose economic ground and join the ranks of the working poor. This is the determined outcome of a capitalist system. The elite ruling class mollifies the masses with the promise of the "right to liberty and freedom" in the name of democracy. There is a big difference between the guaranteed right and reality of liberty, freedom, life, and the pursuit of happiness. The reality is that as long as there is disparity of economics and education there is no possibility for equality. The wealthy pass their property and wealth on to their heirs. With that comes access to a better social level and access to education and thus greater position and power through opportunity of birth that the poor and middle class will never have. This guarantees a permanent class structure and greater economic wealth, social standing, and political power to the elite and the possibility of any egalitarian society of liberty and freedom for all impossible. The exceptions to this rule are so few and far between as to be negligible. And even they almost always have some form of patronage on their side, a concession to the mythology of the "American Dream." It is impossible economically to emancipate the worker or "wage slaves," much less the disabled and more greatly disadvantaged within the existing political, juridicial, religious and social structure of the most advanced countries and especially the United States. To realize it fully it will therefore be necessary to destroy all existing institutions--- State, Church, Court of Law, Bank, University, Administration, Army, and Police--- which are in fact only so many fortresses erected by privilege against the masses. Nor is it enough to overturn those institutions in a single country. They must be overthrown in all countries because, since the foundation of modern States in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, there has existed, across the frontiers of all countries, solidarity and a very strong international alliance among all the elite. We need to undertake nothing less than the total liquidation of the presently existing political, religious, juridical, and social world and its replacement by a new economic, philosophic, and social world based on egalitarian consensus building principles, mutual aid, and voluntary cooperation. But an undertaking as gigantic as this could never succeed without the use of two equally gigantic and forceful levers, which are mutually complimentary. The first is the ever-growing intensity of the masses' suffering, of their needs and their economic claims. The second being the new social philosophy, a highly realistic philosophy of the people, inspired by nothing but real knowledge based only on those principles which express the masses' timeless claims, the human principles of equality, liberty and worldwide solidarity. Driven by those needs, the people must win in the name of these principles. These principles are not foreign to the people nor are they even new to them, insofar as the people have always carried them “instinctively” in their hearts. The people have always longed for their emancipation from every yoke that has enslaved them. Since the worker, who fosters society and creates all the riches of civilization, is the last slave and the most slavish of all slaves, since they can emancipate themselves only by emancipating the whole world with them, they have always longed for universal emancipation and for worldwide freedom. People have always dreamt passionately of equality, which is the highest form of freedom. Again and again crushed by the poverty of the individual lives of each of their hapless children, they have always sought their well being in solidarity. For up to now good fortune has been uncommon and unshared, meaning an egoistic life lived at the expense of others by exploiting and subjugating them. Only the unfortunate and disadvantaged, hence the masses of people, have felt fraternity and made it come true.  [ send green star]
Natural Law, continued... October 04, 2005 8:03 PM

Unfortunately, these instincts have not prevented the masses from accepting every religious, political, economic, and social absurdity that has ever victimized them over the melancholic and tragic course of their history. People are ready. They suffer greatly, and what is more they are beginning to understand that they do not have to suffer. The “tipping point” is getting near. Tired of turning their hopes drunkenly toward heaven, they are no longer disposed to display much patience on earth. Independent of all propaganda the masses have and will, in a word, become consciously socialist. The masses are mighty! They are the basic element of all might. What do they require to overturn this order of things that they detest? They require two things: organization and science, precisely those things on which every government has always based its own might. So to make the people’s might strong enough to be able to eradicate the State’s military and civil might, it is necessary to organize the masses. This can be a non-violent Revolution if organized well. Howard Zinn puts it this way: "A determined population can not only force a domestic ruler to flee the country, but can make a would-be occupier retreat, by the use of a formidable arsenal of tactics: boycotts and demonstrations, occupations and sit-ins, sit-down strikes and general strikes, obstruction and sabotage, refusal to pay taxes, rent strikes, refusal to cooperate, refusal to obey curfew orders or gag orders, refusal to pay fines, fasts and pray-ins, draft resistance, and civil disobedience of various kinds. ~~~ Thousands of such instances have changed the world, but they are nearly absent from the history books. History texts featuring military heroes lead entire generations of the young to think that wars are the only way to solve problems of self-defense, justice, and freedom. They are kept uninformed about the world's long history of nonviolent struggle and resistance." I agree with Howard Zinn that a “determined population” that is organized and scientifically approaches Revolution can bring down those institutions that oppress us, eliminate the ruling elite through removing the basis of their power and tyrannies. There must be a social Revolution that involves social liquidation of class, privilege, private property and equal all-round education of the all people since one who knows more will naturally rule over the one who knows less. If between two classes just the difference in education and upbringing existed, it would be enough to produce all the others in short order, and the human world would find itself in its present state, divided anew into a large number of wage slaves and a small number of rulers, the former working for the latter, as is the case now. It is all institutions that must be reconstructed through free association and voluntary cooperation from the bottom up that are totally egalitarian in structure where decisions are made through consensus of the people working toward unity and the common good and where the freedom of every other individual does not limit my own, as the individualists claim. On the contrary the freedom of every other individual is the conformation, realization, and infinite extension of my own freedom. To desire the freedom and human dignity of all persons, to see and feel my freedom confirmed, sanctioned, and boundlessly expanded by universal agreement, is happiness. It is human paradise on earth! But Revolutions are not improvised. They are not made arbitrarily either by individuals or even by the most powerful of associations. They occur independently of all volition and conspiracy and are always brought about by the force of circumstances. They can be foreseen and their approaches can sometimes be sensed, but their circumstances can never be hastened. So what can we do? We ourselves can and must propagandize widely to undo the brainwashing and domestication of the masses of people so that each person and worker who emerges from the intellectual and moral torpor that has been used to restrain them may understand their predicament, understand exactly what they must do, and know under what conditions they can gain their human rights. I may not see the Revolution take place in my lifetime, although the conditions for the tipping point to occur are increasing at a velocity such as we have never historically seen before. Time and patience serve us well along with perseverance in purpose and not tiring in well doing for the benefit and common good of all people everywhere. As Howard Zinn so amply outlined, there are many tools that can through non-violence civil disobedience bring down the most powerful Empire. Especially when that Empire is rotten with corruption and in a stage of collapse of its own onerous weight. Animated by the spirit of Revolution, through organization we can and will catalyze the appearance of the real laws that are inherent in the lives of the people but which are obscured by artificial, man-made laws. Where human beings oppose man-made law that has been forced on them by others, and attempted instead to follow their own inherent human nature and conscience, there Revolution is nothing less than “natural law.” I pray that it may be so because to quote President John F. Kennedy, "When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable.” "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted." -Frederick Douglass 1857  [ send green star]
 October 04, 2005 9:27 PM

Amen  [ send green star]
 October 08, 2005 10:44 AM

You cannot currently send a star to Thomas because you have done so within the last week.

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 October 08, 2005 10:56 AM

An excellent thread.  Thank you, Harmony.  [ send green star]
 October 08, 2005 11:02 AM

You are describing Hightly Evolved Beings above, ones that used to live on earth and have SPIRITUALLY advanced as well and have moved on and up to the higher planets. So one can not remove the growth of spirituality and connection with All That Is and truly elvolve on all basis of society. I noted also that thou you claim the disabled will be included and their needs met, you also state ones ability to contribute, although the need being put 1st and ability to contribute 2nd. I see problems here and in other areas. I can not comment on your whole article Thomas, it is too difficult for me so I highlight points that I can remember now.

I have wanted to join your site, and will, however, I find care2 too distracting from my pressing own needs and those of others after as it is and need to stay off care2 more and get help for moi asap.

I do look forward to reading more and being able to research to engage in intelligent feedback. My focus/memory/cognivite abilities vary hour to hour, day to day, including my limited energy.

When I read the above or others on End Americanism Now, some fear is felt that this is not the right process either and getting there is a war in itself although you claim change can take place as Ghandi did and promoted at the cost of his life being ended sooner. And for many, once they get there, they are not happy and find that they are still being controlled. History speaks for itself and loudly.

As on my profile, I ask, does anyone know where this does/has worked, on earth that is, lol.



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sunshine October 08, 2005 12:50 PM

A modern revolution that has worked is the present one in Cuba.  Others have worked as well, but have not lasted because of the need for power and greed. 

This is why there needs to be a global understanding of the problem.

You are doing great and I want to thank you for your participation in this group, Sunshine.

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thx Ted, however October 08, 2005 1:00 PM

I will have to update myself on Cuba as that is a country, 1 of those that 1st comes to mind on this topic and from what I have known(although much cut off from the world for a decade till I got this computer in 2001) and friends who have been there, I do/did not hear such good reports. However, I was stunned at Cuba's ability to provide so many doctors and medical supplies and so quickly to the US!

To my understanding, Cuba is a place where it hasn't worked. I will leave it at that until I can research more on it and bring myself up to date and into the 21st century and participate on the appropriate sites (wink).

thanks ((((Ted)))), as always.


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 October 08, 2005 1:58 PM

Imagine there's no heaven, It's easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people living for today... Imagine there's no countries, It isnt hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, No religion too, Imagine all the people living life in peace... Imagine no possesions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people Sharing all the world... You may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will live as one.

John Lennon

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 November 12, 2007 5:32 AM

Birth of terrorists and militants are from the poverty and illiteracy as they are more attracted for temporary benefits due to poverty, unemployment and unequal human rights. Proper and equal provision of rights of employments and human rights will definitely reduce this curse to its limitations. Terrorism gains strength from masses and masses requires respectable source of income and living rights. If any political party in its agenda offers and serves to masses, will definitely gain masses votes without over spending in elections or accusations or castisism.  [ send green star]
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