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The Pledges thread December 08, 2005 2:17 AM

I found in other threads that people were truly inspired in doing concrete things to help fight poverty.  So i created this thread to line them up as engagement of what us, members of this group, can actually swear to do to help.

I do sure hope that everyone will contribute to this thread and i believe that all together, we will be able to see how big a difference we can make.  It may not be billions but it's sure to be more than any of us can do alone.



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My Pledge December 08, 2005 2:20 AM

For now, I want to pledge that every time I will do the grocery, I will add at least one item to give to other who can afford proper food.
That is my pledge and the something special I will do besides giving away what I don't need anymore and other things that I've always commonly done.

and I will make more pledges as I get going because I intend to try and do more and more.


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Good on You December 08, 2005 2:52 AM

Nice suggestion...

Let's see, I will continue to give my 'bad' food (not spoiled) or older food that I replaced with newer food to someone who is in need of it.

I also pledge to not ever turn my nose up to someone begging but to try to be sympathetic of them whether at that moment I can help them or not.

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 December 08, 2005 7:45 PM

I pledge to say hello to more homeless people..sometimes a kind word can mean so much. Sad how most people treat them like they are "invisible"

I am pretty good when someone asks me for spare change, if I dont have it I even say sorry..I pledge to take it a step  further..I have started buying a cup of coffee for street people in my area when I go in for a cup. The look on their face on a cold night when you hand them that cup is amazing..warms your heart. I had one man actually look at me with tears..he said "they dont let me in there, I cant even buy myself a coffee if I have money" I made a complaint with the manager & will do so whenever I hear of this. ANYONE should be allowed in! ANYTIME!

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: ) December 09, 2005 8:42 AM

I have chosen to dedicate my life to ending poverty, to making world peace, to ensuring that we humans live in environmentally sustainable ways, and to reducing the suffering of all living beings.

To get my life in line with what I say I am about, I am committed to the following. (I would be grateful if you would support me in being my word.)

I pledge to drasticly reduce the amount of time I spend arguing with people and talking trivia with people - time that I will now spend productively to either learn and teach about fundamental political causes like ending poverty, or to engage in other actions for the same causes.

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 December 09, 2005 5:37 PM

I pledge to learn more about how i can change the mind of these people who never before was thinking in help or be solidary people...teach about  political causes in my country to this people who doesnt care of this important ending poverty, now ..i feel glad that my friends her ein my city...has another mentality..and they are helping me to  give the things that we are not using , with this i dont want to say tha tthis things for example clothes be old or be broke...nono..just some peopel buy and buy and then doesnt have the time or simply doesnt like the clothes who other people really need to have.

And now my pledge is to have the ong for help the women here who doesnt have education and the destin did that they had babies...witohut have the knowledge to care of them or also doenst have the way to care of them.

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My Pledge December 09, 2005 5:51 PM

I pledge to do whatever I can even if its a small thing everday to make this world I better place for my kids and grandchildren.  [ send green star]
I pledge... December 09, 2005 7:42 PM

To say hello to the bell-ringers, and drop something in, when I see them. 

To say hello to the homeless instead of ignoring them, and to offer food to people who are wearing "will work for food" signs.

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 December 10, 2005 12:20 AM

I pledge that as long as I have a breath in my body and a dime in my pocket I will do my best to make sure that those around me do not go hungry.

I will do my best to make sure that I do all I can to make sure those with out a roof over their head can find shelter and have a full belly at night.

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: ) December 10, 2005 8:53 AM

Paola, I know you have done a lot to reduce and end poverty - please tell us about what you have done, what you are doing, and more about what you will do? I think that you can show people how one normal person can do alot  You may give ideas to people about what they can do - things that they did not think of before... And maybe you will inspire us and make us more confident to do things that we never did! As you inspired me

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 December 10, 2005 1:23 PM

lol..mi *magic*...already i  replied to you... but iwill write here too

Thank you for ask

Well..ideas, i think the solidarity is the base of all and also the love that we have in our hearts...exist many ways to help to agaisnt poverty,end the poverty i mean. Just  the people has to open their heart and think that with their colaboration many people who is poor is eating and warm and smiling.

Th eperosn can help in different ways i think... for example trying to teach to other people that they can use their time and money too in great causes, giving that he doesnt use in their house to this people, and also changing minds, of this people who live the life in rich style, if they have money well they can colaborar,and give the money to the organisations  who are wit hthe pledge to help people... also they can do actions, how to express that we need to be unite for end the poverty, help if they are doctors to this people who  doesnt have money for to pay a consult with the doctor,,, saving a part ofmoney if they have a bussiness for to give  to this people who die for disseases  and die for hungry....

If you have restorant...this is great aciton that you give a lunch to the people who doesnt have money ofr pay for food...If you are teacher!!god bless you!!you have the power to  teach to people to be more solidary, to teach to the people dont be racist, to teach people want the peace in the wolrd to teahc people to help to other people

I f you have a house that you dont use,,so ,,you can do two things,,,rent to some organisation that help to people, very cheap or free , or make your own organisaiton and help..

oh i think exist many ideas...Maybe you all can to think that some of this is ilogical, i dont see that ,.,,but i undernstad that people has been living in this style.... but we are looking every day in news about all this people who die everyday..and we are not doing nothing for change...her ein my country exist many poverty too, and many people who doesnt have education, and is sad to see sad to see that people doesnt do nothing for help the people who doesnt have education,,, people also here die for hungry, and disseases...and is sad to see the doctor and the private hospital and the public hospital wanting that they pay  money tha tthey doesnt have, and is sad to see sometimes people die cuz the doctor didnt want to see the pacient.

About now, time ago , ididnt think  in that, i learned to be solidary when i was having troubles in my life,years ago,,, i decide to spend my time giving some fruit to the chilldrens,, visiting the hospital of cancer and help as volunteer, spending sometime to see ancients in asilos...and it was greatful!! and is beauty to see the smile of them when you are doing that they msile.just with your presence.

Robertito is a child who work cleaning cars on the street, one day i asked to him what will do in the future..he told me he want to help his mother,, and want to work in a store,,but he said he doesnt work there cuz he doenst to know write or read.... so one day i asked to him for give to him class and he said yes... is a nice boy. who has innocent heart... and big eyes i hope you can tell to us also what did you do all this time for end poverty..i know also  that you did and do many acitons for this good cause. so.... i think people who are your firends here also want to know, tha ti know

For example that each month you send money to some organisations who help people,around the wolrd.

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 January 14, 2006 7:11 AM

I pledge not to shut up anymore. Last week I gave a lecture about finding inner peace, to use your emotions as a power, to spread the awareness that everything you do, or don’t do influences things in your life and in the world. I gave tools to change your behaviour and told the audience that a big goal is better than a small goal. A big goal gives you focus and programs your subconscious in a way that everything that has to do with your goal becomes visible to you. When my goal is world peace my focus and the questions I ask myself will be related to creating world peace. I will learn how politics work, how human beings work, how the relation between human and nature is. The most important thing is that you learn to find inner peace, because then you are talking from experience. Change begins NOW. NOW is as it is. It contains war, pain, suffering, hate, love, sickness, joy, sadness, fear, etc…and a free choice to give direction in were you want to go with your life.

A lot of years I stood on the side and studied how the world and humanity functions. I see apathy (and felt it to). The world problems can be overwhelming. It’s to much and people close their eyes.

I see extremism. People feel powerless and compensate that by trying to overpower others.

I see blame all over. That hurts the most. Pain gets transferred from one to the other generation. The victim blames the wrong doer, the helper punishes the wrong doer and becomes a wrong doer in other peoples eyes. The wrong doer becomes the victim, etc…

Humanity is a human in Big. Figure yourself out and break the cycle of inflicting pain. This is the first step to peace.


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Thinking Globally, Acting Locally! January 14, 2006 1:32 PM

I am a member of a local community activist organization, "Just Cause Oakland," that fights for economic justice, tenant's rights, affordable housing, labor rights and equality, and sustainable community development in poor communities and particularly poor "communities of color" here in Oakland, California. As a poor disabled person on Social Security myself, I none-the-less have pledged a small monthly donation to "Just Cause Oakland's" sustainer program and pledge to continue my membership and to continue this year to do volunteer work and community activism with "Just Cause Oakland" as my health and energy allows. I also pledge to continue to foster a supportive community here at "Providence House" (subsidized housing facility for the low income disabled) where I live and serve as co-chair of the Providence House Residents' Association and as the chairperson of the Community Residents' Relations Committee that makes sure all residents' needs are met, makes hospital visits to residents in the hospital, and in many other ways engages in community building and support. I also pledge to continue to sign petitions, write government officials, write articles and letters to editors of newspapers and other publications and engage in all other activities that are within my means and ability to do to "make poverty history" both locally and globally! Peace and Love, Thomas M.  [ send green star]
PLEDGE January 14, 2006 11:25 PM

 February 03, 2006 1:14 AM

I pledge to be more careful with the words I speak.  I am involved with a group that is helping feed the hungry,and  the Salvation Army   here where I live that feed a hot lunch to the needy.Sometimes all they will ask for is a can of coffee.It's more of a luxury I think on a cold day.Or a comfort to sit and chat and have coffee.The place I work also gives free coffee and popcorn, it's a bar so that is all we have for food.We have had quite a few people eat popcorn when  hungry.And my boss and I will share lunch w/them or order something for them if we can afford to.our patrons are very generous as well they share takeout,and order extra food for someone if they are hanging out and hungry,you can tell.It is a small thing but if you are hungry you are hungry!And even popcorn is better than nothing.

 Every Christmas we make an effort for the needy families to have holday food baskets,and that is a larger effort involving a couple different organizations in our community.I feel overall this is a generous community,I love that. Seems the need is always there and if you do nothing when you are able to help that is the shame.Any effort is better than none! Things also snowball,my girlfrends and I were discussing a cause dear to our hearts and we got grief from some people (none of their business anyway and how rude to tell someone what they are doing really doesn't do any good anyway!) but we got a couple people interested and now they help us with some of our projects and donations.So I will also not be silent! Like that would happen!

 And as a note to those who may not know there could be a shelter in your area,for example we have one here called WISH(women in safe homes) They often need donations and can use more food.They sometimes seem to get forgotten as they are a shelter for victims of domestic violence.Yes they fund raise but are often very happy to get donations of food to vary the diet and supplement.

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 February 03, 2006 1:50 AM

I pledge that I will try my hardest to do everything in my power that I can to help stop poverty. Weather it's signing a petition, or donating to charities that works toward ending poverty. I will also try to educate others on the need to get involved. And, most importantly, educate myself. I will never go by another bell ringer and drop atleast a dollar into the can-which I'm always giving to the bell ringings', so I can promise that I'll never stop. And try never to ignore a homeless person again.
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Iwill February 03, 2006 2:16 AM

Keep trying to learn more about what I can do to help others (people and animals) and this is a great learning place!  Knowledge and the will to change things is important. I will try to do more - in every way. Sorry if my post is a bit vague but there is so much to do and I just try to take one thing at a time and do it!  [ send green star]
 February 03, 2006 7:14 AM

It's great to see y'all so dedicated, pledging to do so much - and already doing so much, too!

Keep up the great work, eh, everyone?

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 March 21, 2006 1:37 AM

Hey, there was more pledges while I was kept away.......


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Yay! March 21, 2006 2:04 AM

I pledge to give more of my time to create a community garden for the poor. I will spend less time arguing with silly people and more time trying to find concrete way sto fight poverty.

I will try to be a better host.  Suggestions welcome. 
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 March 21, 2006 9:40 AM

...hmmm...just trying to the best I can, I suppose..

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 March 22, 2006 2:48 AM

i pledge to lead by example while at same time trying to enlighten others to the conditions of the "real" world.

i pledge to continue to tell everyone i meet about our local freecycle group. to continue to not only sign petitions but to be involved in my community to assist others to assist themselves.

i pledge to show each and every person i met tolerance, compassion, and friendship wheither we share the same beliefs, lifestyles or if we don't. for i believe that perpetuates itself.

i pledge to follow the examples of my grandmother and mother. who though on meger social security if finding out a neighbor needed something would give out of their need, placing it on door step, and many times the person would never know where it came from. not only doing it for ones they considered friends but for all.

i pledge not to remain silent nor idle when finding injustice.
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