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NDE EXPERIENCES June 01, 2005 5:39 AM


Death can bring such fear to people, some don’t even like to talk about the subject. They thinks its morbid but for me and maybe for some of the rest of you, death is not something I fear it is just part of the cycle of life, some say life is an adventure a journey we start the moment we are born.  Death is just the next part of that adventure, that journey, the only difference is that it is a journey that goes into unknown territory, where there is not much scientific proof of what happens and where do we go when we die.   In life when you walk down a particular road most times your not afraid if it’s familiar to you and you know what’s ahead or around the corner.  Its human nature to be nervous and anxious when your not sure what lies ahead, which is why many fear death it is their fear of the unknown of what is not familiar that makes death scary.


NDE better known as Near Death Experience have become more popular, more widely talked about within the last 20-25 years mainly because more and more people are becoming interested in their own spirituality.  NDE has opened are minds a bit more about death and the afterlife, as psychic abilities and spirituality and reincarnation come into views with magazine articles and books, we are striving more for knowledge on such things.  The more knowledge we gain the less scary death becomes to us all.


As we all are individuals in our own right, some NDE are similar in what people see and feel.  Some are completely different, most have the feeling of floating, seeing themselves above there physical body etc. 


On a personal note, I myself have had two NDE what about the rest of you, have you or anyone you know had an NDE  would you like to share the story, please feel free……..


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Near death experience June 17, 2005 7:59 AM


Great group!

I have had four nde.  Funny after the last one i found sylvia browns book and was guided to page she explained we have four or five exit points we can choose to leave our temporary clay bodies-shells at.

I believe this is true..She said they can be yrs apart or close to each other but its our choice.

My first was after a serious illness and when I awoke after the operation I literally felt myself to be another personality..New personality, left all family and friends and embarked on new journey totally.  Maybe i am a walk-in, dont know.  but the old me was absolutely dead..finished with that part of her journey and the pain pushed me into the next role/diminsion.

The others all were HUGE CATALYSTS in pushing me upward AND ONWARD in spiritual growth and compassion.  But the last one especially I was VERY AWARE I HAD COMPLETE CONTROL OVER CHOOSING TO STAY ON EARTH OR MOVE ON.

I chose to stay because I felt I hadnt finished my lifesworks.

Am I choosing these rather radical nde to open my third eye/my spiritual path?  I dont know..and yet I feel very much as I am cocreating in all of them.

The first I remember the doctor didnt do a surgery correctly and the thing is i knew he wasnt experienced..he told me..and i had been up to that moment totally conservative..would NEVER HAD ALLOWED THE SURGERY.

and when i told him yes he gave me a quick kiss..and i felt we had connected karmically for very impt reason but didnt know than his blotched surgery would lead me to nearly dying and yet reawaken me to the fact i had beEN living dead!!

i say his 'blotched surgery,'  but i was a cocreater in this..i know that without a doubt..i had free will and choices.  he was not forcing me.

The last incident (the 4th near de) there were moments i felt i had no control but was extremely cognisant that my own choices had led me to this karmic event. it helped me oncemore take control of my own destiny and stop blaming

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 June 25, 2005 11:44 AM

Joy Angel for sharing your NDE's with us! I do believe like Sylvia Brown and others that we have exit points that we can choose in order to return to spirit,or remain here to finish up work,transform our lives and experience spiritual awakenings.

I hope more NDER'S in the group will come forward and share their experiences with us!

Love,light and blessings


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Enjoyed sharing the experiences June 25, 2005 3:03 PM

I am grateful for this group as sharing 'the unseen' keeps me into spiritual plane and out of material. 

And knowing we have the exit points and can decide helped me greatly in accepting that I truly am responsible for my destiny/life/etc.

When I nearly died, especially the last time in Maui, I saw what was really the most important thing on earth for me to finish.  It was horridly painful, and I almost chose to exit, but my soul knew it hadnt finished its karma. 

Anyways I hope others do share their experiences ..we grow so much from remembering death is truly our best moves me swiftly towards my chosen destiny.  Artist paint the beautiful woman/man holding a skeleton/skull as the constant reminder to get back into that from whence we came and really are..pure spirit

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do you have your nde experiences on this site? June 25, 2005 3:05 PM

I would love to read about your nde.  Are they on this site?  [ send green star]
I would love to share my Near Death Experience. August 01, 2005 7:14 AM

Hi again! My name is Estrellita Tamargo and I find this club so beautiful and educational for me. Just reading about some experience that have happened to the other members make me feel so inspired with, wanting to share what happened to me. I was thirteen years old and I caught the German Measles and my fever spiked up to 105 and as per the doctor very dangerous. I remember going blind and then felt I was falling through a Tunnel and Yet I heard my mom crying and calling my name and asking my dad to call the doctor pronto. I felt so relaxed and happy and then I decided to just look and it was a Tunnel for sure and then I saw a very lighted opening at the end. There were many people waiting for me and I was happy. The light was brillant and beautiful and Warm. But I heard my mom's crying so loudly and saying Estrellita, Estrellita...crying so loudly and a thought make to my mind and it was I must go back, my parents love me. I have to get back to them and so I found I woke up from my fainting fever spell. The doctor later said I was lucky and that I could have suffered a Brain Damage. so the years past and I saw programs on TV, about folks experiencing NDE and I realized that it had happened to me also. I could share and not be told I was some kind of Fruit Cake. So this is why I joined this club of understanding people that have experience NDE. hugs and Love and Light. Estrellita Tamargo  [ send green star]
 August 04, 2005 11:07 AM

  Estrellita T!

We are very glad to have you as a member of this group! Thank you for sharing your NDE experience with the members of the group.For sure having an NDE experience can encompass many emotions and life changing experiences on many levels.This group is a place where all can share their experiences in a compassionate,loving,open and accepting manner. Please feel free to check out the threads and to post ,or ask questions.

My time online is limited for now,but we do have some wonderful members and a wonderful host,Psyhic Hecate ,who would be happy to help.

Love,Light and Blessings


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Thank you Rose! August 09, 2005 7:30 AM

Thank you again Rose! I feel alot of love here and I love to read the threads and learn. Then I can feel like, hey this has happened to other people. Sometimes you can tell the story of what happened and some people will say...Say ten Hail Marys and I just keep it to myself.hehe...Thank you for being in here and having this wonderful Club. hugs...Estrellita  [ send green star]
My NDE February 05, 2006 2:54 AM

In April of '99, I had my nde. I came back and warned my husband of an event that I had seen while in the light.

I felt totally connected to everybody and everything in the universe. The staff at the hospital told my husband, then fiance' that he had to make the necessary arrangements.

I am not fearful of death; I just don't want to wake up in the morque. I was fortunate that I came back into my body as they were dressing me to go downstairs.

I think I had a nde in the 80's when I had a bad bout of pneumonia. I remember looking at my body laying still on the bed.

When I came back into my body-I was completely well again.

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 April 28, 2007 6:44 AM  [ send green star]
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