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Learning to Visualize. June 14, 2005 3:52 PM

Please remember that the following is from one of my books and as such is copyrighted... I am sharing it here with you all as a learning tool.

Copyright CJ Wolfe 2003-2005

Scott Cunningham explained visualization as “The art of using our

brains to “see” what is not physically present…” But what is

visualization really and why is it important to a Witch.

Well, now of days Visualization is a common aspect in modern

Wicca and magic, however visualization was also a very powerful

tool of older Witchcraft as well. If as Scott Cunningham says that

visualization is “The art of using our brains to “see” what is not

physically present” then to visualize is to see in ones mind what is not

really there.

Visualization is a normal part of everyday life, some people do

however visualize things better then others. Most often we visualize

something we want or love with ease. For example you can often

visualize your mom or dad’s face, or the face of your girlfriend or

boyfriend, or brother or sister or best friend. Many of you may be able

to visualize your favorite shirt, or pair of shoes. How about that new

car you have been wanting forever it seems. Can you see it in your

mind? What color it will be what the interior looks like, smells like?

Can you visualize things like that? Well, most of us can. And the

visualization I am talking about here is not much different really.

You know if you want something, anything, a car or a candy bar,

you need to set goals and achieve them to achieve what it is you want.

So, goals are a part of visualization. Or rather visualization is a part of

goals. If you can see it, really see it in your mind then it can be – IF

you set the goals needed to achieve it and then do what it takes to

reach those goals.

Visualization is a most wonderful tool for a witch, be they Wiccan

Witch or pre-Gardner Witch. You see you can take that same

visualization needed to set and reach goals to access astral levels, or

other dimensions of existence. You see, through visualization you can

create things, and even make things exist on the astral level.

Visualization is used in casting circles, ritual, spells, astral projection,

meditation, etc. It’s very important to achieve good visualization

skills if you want to be a Witch. You see Visualization is a major part

of the Wiccan practices… you must be able to visualize a magic

circle, and many other things. It is also a good tool for the more

Traditional Witch because you will have to be able to visualize the

spell and it’s completion for successful spell work, or healing work as


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How to visualize June 14, 2005 3:53 PM

How to Visualize

So, how do you visualize? I suggest you start small, and with

something you are very familiar with. I would tell you to ground and

center first, but actually you need to learn to visualize well before you

can really ground well.

My suggestions and what works well for me is that you, like when

meditating, make sure you have on comfortable close, not binding or

to tight, and that you are in a place that you will not be disturbed. Soft

music, non-vocal, may help you focus and not hear all the little

sounds that will distract you when trying to visualize. Either lie down

or find a comfy chair to curl up in and get your self in a comfy

position. You will probably want to take a few deep and calming

breaths or even do one of the breathing techniques to relax yourself.

Once you are calm and relaxed then you are ready to start visualizing.

Visualization Exercise One

Ok once you are relaxed and you have done some simple

breathing and you feel you are ready to start visualizing then start

with something very simple first. Shapes.

Close your eyes, and visualize a circle, just a simple circle. Then

try a square, four straight lines that are of equal length. If you can get

a circle and a square pretty easy then move on, but if you can not get a

clear picture in your mind of these two then take a few days and keep

Visualization Exercise Two

If you can get a lemon, or an orange it would be great for this first

technique. Take the lemon, and look at it, look at the texture of it, the

shape of it, the color of it. Smell it, what does it smell like. Really

look at and let the lemon fill your senses. Now put the lemon aside.

Sit back, relax, breath deep, and close your eyes. Then I want you to

recreate that lemon in your mind. See the texture of the lemon, the

color, the shape of that lemon in detail in your mind. Now go a step

further and recreate the sent of the lemon as well. This is an easy and

quick visualization technique and can help you build your skills. You

can try this several times a day.

When you can actually visualize the lemon, its texture and color

and even the sent of it then you can go to the next step. In your mind

visualize peeling this lemon, the wetness of the lemon juice, the

strong lemon sent once the lemon peel is broken. Then in your mind

visualize tasting the lemon, the bitter tang of the lemon. Can you see

it, smell it and taste it?

trying until you can easily visualize both a circle and a square.

When you can see both the circle and square go to the next step.

Don’t just see a flat circle see a sphere, or a ball. Don’t just see a flat

square now move on and see a cube or a box.

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 June 14, 2005 3:54 PM

Visualization Exercise Three

Once you have advanced your Visualization Techniques this is

another technique that can help you improve your skill. Imagine

yourself in a wheat field. The sun is high in the sky, and there is a

slight breeze. You have on only shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Can

you feel the wheat dancing against your legs? Visualize the warmth of

the sun on your limbs. Can you feel the breeze ruffling your hair? Lift

your head high and smell the earth and the wheat, can you smell it?

Do you feel the sun, and hear the wheat stalks dancing against each

other. Can you hear birds in the area?

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 June 14, 2005 3:55 PM

Why Visualize

For now, each of the above visualization skills are very helpful in

developing your visualization skills but lets look a little more at WHY

you would need or want to visualize.

be able to visualize to cast a circle if you utilize a circle. Visualization

is a way to help you help yourself reach goals. Goals are things that

you want, want to happen or not to happen in your life. Magic uses

goals. You set forth what it is you want, or need and part of

accomplishing that is visualizing the end result, as you want it. So

why do you want to use visualization? It can help you on many levels,

one, it can help you release stress because if you can visualize

yourself in a peaceful place. You can for a time let go of the real

world, and go to a place that does not have bills, and deadlines, or test

and finals, no one screaming at you, or putting you down, making you

not feel good enough. You can go to a place that is private, and

peaceful, and let go of stress for a time. So visualization is a stress

release for some.

Second, visualization can also aid you in Astral Travel, and

Remote Viewing. And third, visualization is a very large and useful

part of magic. So by being able to visualize well, you are increasing

your magical abilities.

We already covered this a small amount in stating that you need to
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 June 14, 2005 3:56 PM

I would love to here your thoughts on the above concepts as well as I hope that those that do visualize well will also share their own manners and ways of visualizing and why.  [ send green star]
anonymous  June 15, 2005 7:50 AM

What drive me crazy here is a big paradox.

I have such a full and big and amazing imagination...just closing my eyes and I am anywhere and everywhere I want to be and do and can almost feel it.....BUT..when it comes to "visualizations" and meditations, when I try something with purpose to open up and's all blank, it's like this time I can't make my mind see things.....
I really don't get this paradox......*help*

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 June 15, 2005 10:42 AM

Bo... possibly it means so much, and maybe you try to hard to visuazlie... possibly after meditaiton...when the mind is relaxed... you could try some small techniques.

If you have a strong imagination... it will happen naturally when you are really ready... to visualize.

Let me ask you... what is something that you want... really want, like that perfect car, or that perfect wedding dress, or a house with just the right brick or paint or interior... can you see these things in your mind... when you are setting goals... do you see the things in your minds eye that youa re striving to attain? If you do... this is a form of visualization

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anonymous  June 15, 2005 10:50 AM

yes I do.....:o)
But when I use some guided meditation CD or when I start to read your words and try to imagine, all is blurry and unclear, but as soon as I stop that and just "daydream" I can do that in every little detail and all days.
Just weird.

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Visualizing June 15, 2005 4:44 PM

It seems I can visualize more when eyes are opened rather than trying to close my eyes and concentrate on seeing these things?  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 June 15, 2005 10:04 PM

Honey!!! I am so glad you mentioned that! there are many that visualize better whith their eyes opened...

Thanks! Great point!

I personally do it both ways... what ever works best at the time and for the situation HUGS

I am off for the night!

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Agreed! June 16, 2005 4:01 AM

 Yes Honey, I too agree with having the eyes open.  this works best for me anyways...and poor Bo, do you happen to write at all? Poetry or short stories or even in a journal?  Perhaps (if u do) if you try writting out your "visualization" and the textures, smells and tastes, etc, you'd be more apt to see the lemon (or whatever) in your mind.  It must be soo dang frustrating to draw a blank when attempting this...sorry toots.. Many things are very perplexing to me but this happens to be one that's quite easy...lemme know if I can help further!

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anonymous  June 16, 2005 5:09 AM

Yes I do write actually, I love to express myself with words and "writing", short fantasy stories, poetry etc...hmmm, its weird that I never really tried to write visualization....I can write about other things, but when it comes to's like having a blockade in my head. I can also imagine with my eyes open...driving on bus and daydreaming.....but I have some blockage when it comes actuall to "spiritual work"
But I do plan to break it!!!

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Visualization June 16, 2005 10:30 AM

Thank you. It eases my mind to know other people visualize in the same way at least some of the time. =)  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Hippy likes a dark background to start June 18, 2005 11:31 PM

I think !  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 June 18, 2005 11:35 PM

I close my eyes and see colours, I also see spirit very clearly as well but my visualization technique is going into an elevator to level one and once outside the building you reach the sand and see away from the clouds which surround you. I have met others as they go along or met my dear friend here and she waits and we strol and chat. I see her once a week but here we can catch up on things.

lol Jill

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visualization June 19, 2005 11:08 AM

I'm constantly using visualization as a tool. Before I go into the show ring [I train show horses] I try to imagine the entire class. I see every move I make & every stride the horse takes. I see how the horse reacts to each cue I give & the consequences. Often, I literally count strides. In my mind, I see from the rider's view point & then I picture how it all appears from the judge's. Then, it's a matter of putting it all into action.  
When I have the chance to totally "focus", things go much better than on the occasion when I'm distracted. [It was the same when I was riding race horses.] 
I coach amateur & youth riders, too, & suggest that they employ this technique. Is this the same type of visualization?      
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 June 19, 2005 9:22 PM

I love this subject!  I can visualize both ways also... and like Bo... i had a hard time with concentrating or making it happen.  Once i figured out how to relax my mind, which was very difficult, it was easy.  Now, i can do it anytime... anywhere.  Well except when my mind won't calm down.  So, ya, grounding and centering has become easier after learning how to visualize better.  It was weird because before i learned the visualization thing... i could ground myself real easy.  Then I lost it almost completely, but now i've gained it back.  I think we do things naturally and then when you bring your attention to it... you have to figure out how to do it... it gets confusing.     

Barb... my daughter tried that once and got thrown from the horse.  LOL... it's funny now but wasn't at the time.  We think she just freaked out the horse... her energy is pretty strong.


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 June 19, 2005 9:25 PM

Oops... i wanted to say this but forgot to add it.

CJ!  I would love to read your book!  What's the title and where can I get it?


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 June 19, 2005 9:55 PM

Another Ooops!  I just read the "Who is CJ" thread and wish to withdraw my last post on this thread.  I would hate to break your cover... this is a great group and I don't want it, or you, jeapordized.    If you feel like you would like to share with me then you can but I would never want you to feel pressured in anyway.    I'm just glad I got to know you as CJ! 


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 July 15, 2005 7:02 AM

most of the time I can visualize ok, both with my eyes open, or sometimes staring into a candle flame, but what drives me nuts is all the stupid thoughts that intrude.  I have found that simply saying "thank you for that thought but it serves no useful purpose now" works, it acknowledges the thought and releases it. 

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