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9 years ago
| Blue Label

A quick question:  I do a lot of hand work - knitting, crocheting, xstitch.  Whilst I don't really have to look at the knitting & crocheting, I really am having a hard time doing some of my xstitch because I can't see it!  Especially, like the piece I am doing now, when there is a lot of black.  My eyes aren't really bad - I just use a 1.50 over-the-counter glasses, but can't seem to find any gadget to help - have tried the magnifying glass that goes around the neck (too awkward) and clip on lights (again, awkward) and now have a lamp that bends down over my shoulder.  It works, but gets HOT (and at 50, I can generate enough heat on my own, thank you very much)
  so I am at my wits' end...  Anything out there that I might have missed?  
9 years ago
Since the lamp works for you, maybe you could try changing the type of bulb you are using. I recommend trying a fluorescent bulb. They are VERRY bright, and they don't put off near as much heat as a regular bulb.
9 years ago
Thank you - I never thought of that (that age thing works on the brain cells as well, I am afraid) - I knew there was a simple solution out there somewhere!!  I will try it.
9 years ago

LOL! Your very welcome.

I just hope it works for you.