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Help with Medications
13 years ago
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Here is some information for those of you who may need help in paying for your prescriptions if you don't have any prescription insurance or you are underinsured.

First one to check out would be, The Partnership for Prescriptions Assistance can help.  Call 1-800-472-2669 or visit to find out if you are eligible for free or low-cost drugs through more then 275 public & private patient assistant programs.

Another site to check out that will help the disabled find free medications.  You can check this out at:

Pfizer for Living Share card program.  Check this out by calling 1-800-717-6005 or go to:

A resourse for no Patient Cost Diabetic Supplies is called AMS and the toll free number is 1-800-575-2345 to get started.  They fill out all of the Medicare or other insurance paperwork for you and submit them on your behalf.  Free delivery right to your door.

A site that is nation wide is The Medicine Program.  There are three ways to contact them:  Toll free 1-866-694-3893.  Email them and ask them for the Medication Information Form Application at: or visit their web site at  One very important thing you need to know is that this company requires a $5.00 processing fee for each medication so I would use this one as a last resort.

If you know of any other site that will help our members who are looking for help with paying for their medications, please post them here.  

Michael B.

Thank you, Michael
13 years ago
However, I have to tell you that the first two links are invalid for various reasons.  Maybe you can find corrected links?
Sorry about that
13 years ago

Sorry about the links not working.  I found the second one for is no longer working for some reason.  The other one is working,  So here is a better link for you to get to that one.

Sorry for the problem.

Michael B.

13 years ago

these links are very helpful.

many, many thanks!

13 years ago
Another available link is I'm fairly certain it's .org, if not use .com. Also, you can call the drug manufacturer directly.
13 years ago
Thank you man and all for the links!
13 years ago
This isn't a site for free/redued meds but I thought I'd put it here anyhow. If you want to learn about your meds go to It can be a bit technical, but it's very comprehensive. If anyone does look and needs help understanding things I'm pretty good with the info there.
13 years ago
And for children, The Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps is a great help. They are a government agency. They help us ((low income)) with almost all of my son's medications, doctor bills, EEGs, lad work, etc.
Update for everyone
13 years ago

Hello Everyone:

I did want to give you a small update, which mostly effects those who are receiving Medicare.  Just incase you have not heard about this as of yet, I wanted to make sure that you are aware of this situation about these Medication programs we have listed here.

As you are aware, as of January 1, 2006, Medicare part D kicks in and will start to help cover your medications for you.   So with this happening, all these companies who have helped pay for prescriptions for you will no longer be available to you.  Anyone who is on Medicare will now be ineligable for the help through these companies effect January 1, 2006, even if you don't take out the Part D, as they say if you decline to accept that part of Medicare, its your loss, because it is available to you, so they leave these programs for those who do not have any medical prescrition coverage at all, or who only have a limited amount of prescriptions they can receive in a month.  

For those of us, like myself who do not get Medicare, this will not effect us in any way, as these new rules will apply only to those who do get Medicare.

Michael B.

13 years ago

Medicare Part D is quite complicated and I have it figured out finally in my group. All who are Dually enrolled with Medicare and SSI, Medicare and Medicaid, Medicare and disability or with State Assistance are running out of time to apply for extra help with SSA and pick a Medicare Plan (Provider). If any want to check out how you need to do this you may go to my disability group at: .

Thank you and hello my dear Michael. Dreama   

13 years ago

thank You Michael and Dreama,

I am checking these out and I applied at your link Dreama...

so much,

Love and Blessings,


Patient Assistance/Prescription Drug Programs
13 years ago
RxAssist - Patient Assistance Programs
The Medicine - FREE prescription drug program helps you save on your medicine. FREE prescription card accepted at major pharmacies nationwide.
Patient Assistance Plans - Free/Discounted Prescription Medication
Free Medicine Program - Find Free Prescription Programs through Patient Assistance
Alot of physicians across the states are participating in the Canadian Patient Assistance/Prescription Drug Programs. You may want to check with you doctor to see if he/she is a participant.  Alot of the free clinics also use this same plan.  I know Florida and WA State uses the Canadian Prescription Drug Programs.
Monday - 1/30/06
13 years ago

Most of the PAP programs dropped them when the Medicare D drug program came into being.  I applied the first part of Dec. for the extra help AND today I got the acceptance letter and signed up with AARP as they had the best plan for the meds I am on.  Stewed about the wait but it was worth it because I am eligible for 100% subsidy for the ins. premium!

Am telling this in hopes of lifting someone's spirit, the wait is long but the benefits are worth the wait.  Please those of you who need the extra help apply now.  Because I am the impatient sort I called the number listed on the site.  Hope you are all getting the help you need, hang in there cause the kinks are going to get worked out and there is a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

13 years ago
Great , and you should get all of the new links I have worked hard to put on my disability group from the How TO Get Free Medications as I am leaving and giving up ownership for that group forverer. Time to move on where I can use my talents and not have to beg and plaed for petitions and actions to be signed or taken that are on group. May you all always be blessed, Dreama
13 years ago

This is so true.  It is always worth the wait when applying for these extra help programs because once you get approved for, you usually end up with saving a lot more money.  Its just sad that they make some folks have to wait so long for answers and yet others get answer very quickly.  But that is the system for you.  Just like the applying for SSDI or SSI benefits.  Always takes a long time if your denied the first time around, but if you keep on fighting for it, you end up winning in the end and its well worth it.

And it is good that we can still share this information for those who do not have any prescription coverage, as now because of those on Medicare being forced off those programs, others are being able to be accepted quicker and without such long waiting list to help get their medications paid for or very low cost medication.  So please don't feel bad if you have no prescription coverage and having to ask these companies for assistance, because they do understand and they are there to help you out if at all possible.

Michael B.

13 years ago

Astrazeneca has a free med. program.  Click on the  left hand side for Drug Assistance.

June 04, 2006 11:02 AM


Click here for more information about the Together Rx Access Program, a free prescription savings program for qualified individuals and families without prescription drug coverage and who don’t qualify for Medicare.

Founding Members       Program Terms and Conditions

©Copyright 2005, Together Rx, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy.

Helpful Resources






13 years ago

Bristol-Myers Squibb may be able to help you with their Patient Assistance Foundation and Clinical Trials:  or go to their website : for additional resources for other participating drug companies links.

Patients and healthcare providers who would like more information on the Bristol-Myers Squibb Abilify Patient Assistance Program may call 1-800-736-0003

13 years ago
May 25, 2006 6:23 PM
Patients  Patient Resources

Drug Information Services

Chiron Drug Information Services is staffed by pharmacists, doctors and nurses who are available to answer questions from health care professionals and patients in North America. These professionals field more than 5,000 inquiries a year about Chiron products or the diseases they treat.

The Drug Information Services department is open Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST and can be contacted by calling 1-800-CHIRON-8 (1-800-244-7668), Option 2 (from within the United States) or by submitting an online request.

Patient Assistance Program

The PROLEUKIN® and TOBI® patient assistance programs are consistent with Chiron's belief that no patient should be denied treatment because of financial status. These programs cover the FDA-approved labels for U.S. citizens only. The programs are designed to assist patients who do not have healthcare insurance or have exhausted their insurance coverage and other resources.

In order to receive assistance, a patient's physician must request application materials from Chiron's Reimbursement Service.

PROLEUKIN® Patient Assistance Program:

TOBI® Patient Assistance Program:

13 years ago


Discount Rx Discount Rx Resources


Since many people with Medicare cannot afford their prescription drugs (Rx), MRC has put together a list of discount drug programs. It contains eligibility and benefit information on state prescription drug assistance programs, drug discount cards, and internet and mail-order discount pharmacies.

12 years ago
Fix It Now Medicare prescription drug plan [CANADAIAN residents can also sign.] Consumer Guide To Medicare How To Save Money On Prescription Drugs Healthcare Coverage Options Database Assistance for Obtaining Health Coverage Fast Relief: Medicare Part D Monitoring Project The Medicare Rights Center (MRC) needs to hear about all the problems with the Medicare Part D benefit, whether they happen to you or someone in your community. With this information, we will be armed with the needed evidence to push for a Medicare-administered drug benefit. Submit your story at
12 years ago
U.S. Programs

Pfizer Patient Assistance Programs

Pfizer Helpful Answers - Pfizer Helpful AnswersTM is a family of programs to help Americans without prescription coverage save on many Pfizer medicines, no matter their age or income. People with limited incomes may even qualify to get their Pfizer medicines for free.

Connection to Care - Connection to Care provides Pfizer medicines for free to qualified patients through their doctor's office.

Sharing the Care - Sharing the Care provides Pfizer medicines for free to eligible patients through participating community health centers.

Pfizer Hospital Partnership Program - The Pfizer Hospital Partnership Program provides Pfizer medicines for free to eligible patients through participating disproportionate-share hospitals.

Pfizer Pfriends - Pfizer Pfriends provides savings on Pfizer medicines at the pharmacy to qualified patients without prescription coverage, regardless of age or income.

Other Pfizer Patient Assistance Programs - Product specific patient assistance programs to provide medicines for low-income, uninsured patients including those suffering from particularly complex diseases that require case management and complex drug regimens.

Industry Programs

Partnership for Prescription Assistance - The Partnership for Prescription Assistance is an industry program that offers a single point of access to more than 475 patient assistance programs, including over 180 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer Helpful Answers.

Together Rx Access - Together Rx AccessTM is a prescription savings program sponsored by 10 pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer. It provides savings on a wide range of prescription products at the pharmacy counter to eligible patients without prescription coverage.

Government Programs

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program - Medicare has contracts with private insurance companies to handle its Prescription Drug Coverage Program.

State Assistance Programs - There are many patient assistance programs offered depending on what state you live in.

International Programs

Diflucan Partnership Program

International Trachoma Initiative

12 years ago

Hi I am on SSI disability with Priority Partners and I am looking for any help or even info. I was taking Oxycontin 90mg to 120 mg a day and after 12 years I was put on Methadone because it is very hard to get Oxycontin anymore. Now it's just as hard to get Methadone anymore. I get my percocetts and all my other meds fine but now in our small town the drug stores are having problems getting the Methadone. Can anyone tell me or help me to try and get this taken care of in anyway? Can the Insurance company help me? can the drug manufacture post the meds to me? can the Drug store special order these ?you would think that if a person has been on disability and the medications there would e some way to get that med to the person that needs it. If I run out of my Methadone on Tuesday I am scared to death of what will happen to me like with withdrawels or something major depression or whatever. I have no idea were to start with this problem but there must be someway I can get my meds every month.

Thank you for any help or information THANKYOU and God Bless


12 years ago


I know this has to be rough.  I was on Methadone for awhile, and I tell you, when I ran out one time and had to go 3 days before insurance would pay to get it refilled, the withdraws were so bad I ended up in the Hospital for a day because of it.  This is not one of those medications you can just stop taking, you have to come off it slowly.  So you have to have it.

Your pharmacy should be able to get it for you without a problem.  Like with my Kadian I take know, I usually have to call them at least one week before I need to have it refilled so that if they don't have it in stock they can order it and get it in by the time I need it.  

I know a lot of doctors are trying to start not to give their patients Methadone anymore and some of the other medications in which can cause major problems for people when they stop cold turkey like in taking the medication.  But I believe this is something that will always be available, just have to call the pharmacy in advance sometimes to give them enough notice for them to get some in stock for you.  But you can also find out which drug company makes it and see if they have a program that will help you out in getting it also, plus there are a lot of online pharmacy that you can mail order for your drugs also, so if your drug store will not even stock it for you, that is another route for you to try, mail order.

Michael B.

12 years ago

Hi I wanted to say Thank you so much for your reply. Well I was on Oxycontin for over 10 yrs and that became a big problem to get at drug stores most of them do not carry it unless it is generic

My Methadone well funny you should say most Doctors are trying to get people off it. Well it is now the NEW Pain Pill to replace Oxycontin so they have just started to use it here. The drug store was broken into and Methedone stolen so the drugstore across the street said he will not carry it because it's too dangerous? WOW

I am on SSI disability so I can't have the medication delivered and they do not do that with narcotics as far as I am told????? I always have to pick my prescription up at Doctors office in person. This has really become a big major problem and I do not know were to start to get help and it's very depressing.

Should I email the company thet makes the medication or what?

the medication you spoke of Kadain is that also a pain med? I have never heard of that.

Supposidly this small town or the drugstore has the right NOT to carry the drug if they do not want to is this right?

Thank you for your help



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