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My Grandma Waller April 21, 2008 12:29 PM

Hi everyone, I haven't been on the internet lately because my internet was not on, but I'm back.  Hi.....

I would like to tell you about my Grandma Waller, She was born in 1906 in Italy, and immigrated to the United States when she was a baby.  Her birth name is Josephina A. Bocchiccio.  Beautiful woman.  Anyways,  She lived down the street from a cemetary in Stow, Ohio.  We grew up playing hide-n-seek and football in the cemetary, so that is why I have never been afraid of cemetaries.  Actually, my brother Bobby, My Grandpa and also my Grandma are now buried there.  Anyhow, I have always had these dreams of my grandma and in my dreams she talks to me as if she were still alive or something.  But this is whats odd.  My Grandma and my Grandpa live in the attic at their old house.  So as you can see whenever I tell anyone about my grandma, I tell them oh yeah they live in the attic at their old house because that is where I dream of them, but in the dreams I've had I was my age as I got older, although I live in California and not in Ohio.  what i;m trying to say is I'm at their attic at all different ages growing up but I don't live in Ohio for over 30 years.  But they still do but in the attic.  wild.  When I was growing up in Ohio, whenever I would go over to my grandma's house, I was terrified of their attic.  I would open the closet door which leads to the attic and a major fear would grip my soul and a icy chill would always rush past me even in the summer.  So I would never go up there because I always told everyone that evil monsters lived up there.  Even as an adult I was petrified.  So, right after my grandma died, It was 1984, and I was 22 years old.  I came home for her funeral (actually, this is what happened....I was at work and didn't even know how sick my grandma was, I knew she had cancer but hadnt' been told how sick she was or even what kind of cancer she had...but this is odd, at 10:00 am I got this really weird feeling come over me, I went to my desk took down my pictures, cleaned out my desk and told my boss I had to leave because I had to go home cuz my grandma was dying.  I drove home, called the airlines made reservations with the last $300 I had, called my dad and over the phone informed him that I was coming home.  I had to see my grandma.  He told me don't bother Christine, and I said why?  he told me I couldn't see my grandma anymore because she just died today.  I asked him what time did Grandma die?  He then told me she passed away at 10:00 am.  The exact time I went to my desk and cleared it out.  How strange was that?  I felt it must have been my grandma telling me she was gone?  I loved my grandma soooo much.  I went home to her funeral and then they had the wake at her house.  So, here I am at 22 years old and I open the closet door to the attic and this rush of ice cold air comes at me,  She died in August, and in Ohio in August is very humid and hot.  yuck.  but I got the chills and petrifying fear gush through me and one step at a time I make my way to the attic and I thought I would have a heart attack before I would make it to the top, but I made it and I looked around and I couldn't believe it, the sun was shining through the window and it was warm up there, it was cold on the stairs, but at the top it became warm.  And I felt a most comforting feeling come over me and I know she lives up there.  I have proof because of what happened 20 years later.  This is too cool for school and I will follow up with this story tomorrow or later this afternoon.  bye for now.

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 April 21, 2008 1:14 PM

When I first came into care2 today and saw this post, I thought at first it was my daughter Chrissy who posted it. Then when I opened the tread to read I saw your pic and name. Well I was surprised as I read what you posted. I was born in Ohio. My daughter's name is Christina. Anyway, I enjoyed reading what you had to say about your grandma and the attic. Very interesting. Just had to say that.

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Christina April 21, 2008 1:40 PM

     The attic is a very common place for spirits to live.

 At least in the research and stories I have espereinced from those who expereinced whole form ghosts they all lived or resided in the attic for the most part.

    Your confideience and your close bond with your grandmother steells me that you are right or she (your grandma) would not have had you believe that.  

   It is great that now you know whe is warm and things are very nice and sunlight is ther for her as well, Christinia.

   Always love what youhave to share Christinia.   I have internet 9issues so understand about periods of tie going by that We may not be able to post even when we want to but can't!


            Wolfgram MD 

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Another Grandma Waller Story April 22, 2008 5:14 PM

Hi everyone,  just to set the record straight, I wanted to let everyone know that my birth name is Christine Waller.  For the last 25 years, I have been married and still am, but my last name is now McCallum.  I think it is soo cool that someone else has the same name as me.  the only difference is my name is Christine not Christina.  Sorry, if anyone gets me confused with your original Christina.  I do have a Grandma Waller and many other relatives with the last name of Waller also.  they all live in Ohio and/or California. 

I had a dream about my Grandma Waller in November, 2007. In my dream, she was in my bedroom and was talking to me, she told me that I needed to get in touch with my Dad and tell him that he needed to get himself to the doctors office and have his heart checked out because he was really sick.  I told her "oh my god is dad going to die?  and she told me no, but he better get to the doctors.  then I told her "hey Grandma, look at my husband sleeping on the recliner and didn't she think he was soo handsome?  she told me yes honey he is.  Then I told her "Grandma, you know weve been married going on 22 years in March and she said she knew.  I said how could you know?  You died right after we started dating?  She told me she knew and had always known.  then I woke up.  I thought, wow this is so cool, then I thought about what we talked about and I started crying because at first I thought my dad had died.  So, I got on the phone and called my dad, it was 1:00 in the am in Cali and around 4:00 am in Ohio, he didn't answer. so I left msg.  He called me back that night and I told him about my dream with grandma and he told me I was crazy and didn't believe in my superstistious ways.  A couple of months went by, I get a call from my baby sister, telling me that Dad had to go to the hospital because he had 80-90 percent blockage on his main valve going to his heart.  Talk about blowing me away.  So, I finally talk to him after he comes back from Florida and I told him remember the conversation I had with him about my dream from Grandma?  He says that wasn't the reason, he tries to tell me that the only reason he got checkd out was because his buddies were starting to have health problems so thats why he got himself checkd out.  I told him he could keep telling himself that all he wanted but I know that Grandma and I were really the ones that saved his life.  Men.....go figure huh? especially male chovenistic (spelling?) italian men... ha ha ha

Bye for now..Christine McCallum

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    Those who watch over us!

    Dreams is, or seems to be a way to correspond well with us.

Your Grandma Waller, seems like a very special person and it is so great that you now know that she is with you and is still and will always be aware of what is going on with you and your family and friends wherever they may be.

   I love how she knew about your dad and even knew your husband so well even though she was not alive when you were married 22 years ago.   That really helps us confirm how strong and powerful our connections and great beinfets we have to gain from beyond our own known limits of life.

   IT is so great that you are shareing your expereinces with us here, Christine.

               Wolfgram MD

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WOULD LOVE TO HEAR MORE FROM . . . August 01, 2008 11:58 AM

  Christine or anyone else with comments or expereinces or stories they would kindly share with us here?


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