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10 years ago
PLEASE DON'T POST PHOTOS THAT ARE TOO LARGE, AS THE WIND UP IS THAT EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO SCROLL BACK AND FORTH TO READ. Sorry for the caps. I didn't realize it was on, and if I typed faster I would go back and change it but I don't. I use 2 fingers and a thumb. Please note that this thread is not for our kitties . There are lots of threads to post them. Click on the cat lovers index, and you will see all the threads for our different types of kitties. You can also post a new topic for your kitties picture too. This thread is for the great out doors and scenery or photos other than the kitties. Trees, ocans and woods and the moon and wild life and birds and rocks etc etc.
10 years ago

PICT0005-4-1.jpg December Sunrise on Winchuck,06 picture by merjonard


Have a lot of fun filling it up with your favorite photographs!

10 years ago
Wow, Meralyn!!  What a STUNNING pic!!
10 years ago
Beautiful !
10 years ago
Meralyn, You can just open a new one any time you are ready and we will close the other and pin your new one. By the way, if someone here does close it, don't change the blue pin. It stays. We don't want to lose the threads.
10 years ago

Gorgeous, Meralyn! Had to post this one that I took tonight. We have had non stop snow for two days and I am getting cabin fever!!!


10 years ago

Donna - Your choice was a good one!  And Sandy, thank you both, ladies! 

I'm having a hard time unwinding tonight so having a little wine and playing Solitare.

I'm taking Harry out to one of the Indian Casinos tomorrow for his Birthday!  His choice of what he wants to do, within reason, of course! LOL!!!  Nite all!

10 years ago
Oh My God Deb, what a fantastic surreal shot!!!  I just pulled it up after posting mine!  You go girl!!!
10 years ago
Deb, that is fantastic. It looks like snowballs are coming down. We haven't had much snow this winter, but then Feb just started so who knows.
10 years ago

Meralyn-What a beautiful scene!

Deb G-Another beautiful shot of the snow I love them both.

This is my favorite thread next to the food thread, I love these pictures.


Prince Island
10 years ago

PrinceIslI.jpg Prince Isl, I, Feb 3-08 picture by merjonard

Prince Island on the Tolowa Indians Rancheria, Smith River, California.  Note the man collecting redwood logs.

10 years ago

Every one has been very busy. I have not had a lot if time to post any thing this weekend because work was crazy but enough about work this is my fun place.

Sunny I love the tins and that was a very creative use of the screen.  Meralyn your small water fall is amazing your photo of Prince island is a work of art your sun set is breathtaking.  Jaine your bird shot is great the cardinal really stands out I love birds.  Deb you snow picture is surreal.

Deb you asked to see a close up of the drop and Meralyn said it was OK to post it again so here you go.  You are right you can kind of see my reflection distorted and up side down but now every one know what I look like .


Here is my sunrise nothing like what everyone else has posted.

sun rise 

Well I am off tomorrow so maybe I can get something new to add.

10 years ago

Lila, I think your sunrise (or was it sunset? - I'm so confused!)

was really pretty. Sometimes the soft colors are just as striking as the bright ones. Thanks, guys, for the "surreal" comments. I couldn't think of the word to describe after I shot it and you ladies hit it right on.  I just thought it looked cool that I got the snow balls instead of blurs. I woke up this morning to no less than 2 feet of snow that I had to redig pathways through. My back fenceline is no longer visible - except for the top of the t-post! It is a good thing my horse does not want to go anywhere Okay, so here is another sunset


and here is an ice shot I thought looked sort of neat.


And here is how much snow we had before the last two days worth! It's not artistic, but I needed to share why I am going absolutely bonkers right now! We cut the path with a snow blower.

too much snow!

10 years ago
Lila - I forgot to ask you - if you look like the reflection in your drop, should we start addressing you as ET? Hee Hee. Really, I think it is neat when you get a reflection like that. I have one sort of like that. I will post at another time.
You GO, Gang!
10 years ago
Wonderful pix! Keep 'em coming! love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago

Hey Gang!  WOW!  Talk about creative!!!  Good on ya!!!  I love the water droplet w/reflection of, E.T., Lol!?  And that ice sculture is fantastic!  Wow, talk about artistic!  The sunsets are very beautiful and thanks for sharing the snow shots, too.

I'm totally worn out, took my friend, Harry, out for lunch and Sea World down in Crescent City today and then showed him the island with hole in it on way home, sun setting thru it, SPECTACULAR!!!  Got a few shots but nothing very good, will share later.

Good night!  Sleep tight!

10 years ago

Great shots!


10 years ago

I went out this morning looking for any thing green not mud brown or snow white.  This is what I came back with I plan to try again I am not totally happy with the results.



I like that you can see two kinds of moss in this one.

Meralyn glad you like my water droplet.

Deb if I had that much snow bonkers would not begin to describe how I would feel.  When do you normally get spring.  Our daffodils are starting to sprout and down the mountain they are even blooming.  No thankfully I do not look like my reflection now I need a photo of my self to dispel the rumour that there is a allen in this group

10 years ago

Lila - I think your moss pix are beautiful!  I especially like the second one, I think that is the kind they call star moss?

I'm still fighting it out with P-Bucket!  They were down for maintanence so I never did get my pix loaded!  Grrr!  I dont even have the patience right now to try care2 albums!!!

Its started raining again, cold, good thing we got out yesterday!

10 years ago

ohhh.  Just in time for some ice

Ice (3)

Ice (7)

Ice (8)

Ice On Swing (5)

The birch tree was just a couple of days ago.  The fence and swing seat are old, old, and older.

Ice Storm Feb. 2008 006

Ice Storm Feb. 2008 001

Ice Storm Feb. 2008 005

10 years ago

Gotta find some like this in color too

Ringwood NJ

Hey, how about the Great Falls in Paterson NJ????  Second largest water fall, in volume, to Niagara on the east coast.

Great Falls 01

A little closer.

Great Falls 03

10 years ago
Sunny - Fantastic shots!  How about telling us how you shot them?  Like shutter speed, f-stop, ASA, make of film, oh yes, and make of camera?  This way we can learn, too.  Yep!  Learning is important!  So is sharing!  And you are sharing and thank you Obi-Wan-Kanobi!  You've probably forgotten more than I'll ever know about photography. 
10 years ago
L-O-V-E these!
Shooting on Manual
10 years ago

SlowShutterSpeedRunnyLook.jpg Stream,Slow Shutter Speed, Runny Look picture by merjonard

Slow shutter speed,60/5.0.  Slower would have been better but it did not want to work for me.  Shooting on manual with a digital camera just doesn't work the same as a film camera.

FastShutterSpeedBeadedLook.jpg Fast Shutter Speed, Beaded Look, Feb3-08 picture by merjonard

Faster shutter speed, 200/5.6.  Notice how the water droplets show up more like beads?  This is a fun thing to do and good practice.  I dont know if any of you shoot on manual but its a good way to learn more about your camera, lighting, and effects.  But shutter speed and aperature (f-stops) just do not work the same in a digital camera as in a film cam.  Happy shooting!

10 years ago

Sunny-Your pictures are just stunning-amazing!! Thanks for posting and sharing,I love them.


10 years ago

Oooh, Sunny!! Beautiful!!

Meralyn, You are amazing! Wowee!! Gorgeous shots!

You guys are all so good!!

10 years ago

I love popping into this thread and checking out the soothing beautiful pictures you all have taken and posted.I love them.


10 years ago

Purple Crocus

I have tiny crocus blooming now in one of my planters.  Shot this with super macro, (makes it look big!) cropped, and used soft edges.  If any of you would like to sign your pix and dont know how I'll try to help you.

And thanks ladies! Where is everyone? More pix please!!!

10 years ago

Meralyn- I love to look at your pictures. I am the photographer in the I love to take pictures and I don't go anywhere without my camera. I do people shots though. I don't have a very good camera but I do what I can. I have this one picture of my oldest son that I adore how it came out. I am going to look for it so that I can post it here and I do invitations too. I made my daughter's for her 13th birthday. I will see is I can find it so that I can share it with you all.


10 years ago

Meralyn- Here are the two I was referring to.

First, here is the picture of my oldest son. It was shot by accident. He was just holding the flower and he thought that I had shot the picture already so he put it to his nose to smell it and I just love the way that it came out....


And here is the invite for my daughter's 13 Birthday. I edited it so that I wouldn't be posting my address and phone number on here for the world to see. You never know who is in and out of these posts. It actually had the address, time and all the information under the title.


10 years ago
Christina - Your photography is just wonderful!  You say you dont have a very good camera but it certainly looks like its doing a good job for you!  What camera are you using?  You may have already told me, if so please excuse an old granny!?  I DO agree with you on not putting in all the info!  In fact, I've had people tell me not to post pix of children, especially girls, as a "Sick-O"can snag the pix and use them for porno!!!  Lots of sick people in this world!  That is so very sad!!!  I would think this thread would be pretty safe, though.  And thank you very much for sharing!  I used to love to shoot people, too, mostly the elderly and children.  I did it a lot in Greece when I lived there.  When I came back here I wanted a camera with Auto-focus, something new and easy.  I chose my Canon (film cam.) because of the wonderful lens, for portraits, actually!   I looked thru the lenses on Minolta & Nikon but liked the Canon the best.  I've got to close now, I need food!  Its lunch time!!!
10 years ago

OMG!!  Look at all the excellent photographers we have coming out of their closets, or should I say darkrooms.

Meralyn.  I have no clue what f stop, shutter speed, or even what  camera was used on  a lot of my pictures.  In fact I'm going  nutty trying to remember  just where that frozen fence and slide was.  NJ is as close as I can get.

How's this for macro.  I just put it up on greenfingers too.  These guys are tiny. In fact they are bigger here than in reality.

 Wild Flowers 016

BTW, did anyone else get  white pages yesterday??  I couldn't  post anywhere  Maybe they are doing something good for a change, like speeding things up.  Has to be the slowest site on the web  I don't know how anyone can use dial up  at Care2. You'd have to  have the patience of a saint.

10 years ago
I was having the same problem yesterday and having it today on and off too. Meralyn, I don't have a clue about all that too. My camera was given to me by Jose for Christmas two years ago. I have upgraded my memory card because my old one couldn't keep up with I know that he bought it at Walmart and only paid $50 for it but I think it is pretty good too. I just can't give you all the interesting information that you know about. :o) Christina
10 years ago

Gorgeous pix Sunny!  Your a Pro!!!  Wonder if tiny yellow flower could be Birdsfoot Trefoil?  Perhaps the others are Bachelor Buttons?

Thanks Christina.  That's OK.

Surprisingly I'm not having the problems you guys are with care2, hmmm, maybe I shouldn't say anything?! And Sunny, since I started going thru the pain in the ass of resizing thru I havn't had any problem loading in care2 Albums!  Its just whether its worth that extra step, or extra pain in the ass?!  LOL!!!

10 years ago

Christina. Excellent shot of your son, and your daughter.  It's those candid shots that  you go back to later in  life  and love the most.  Those are the real KODAK MOMENTS

And if you don't  have a use for all the bells and whistles that the more expensive digitals have  there's really no need to  pay all that money for  something you'll never use.  A lot of my flower pictures where taken with a very simple Olympus digital that  didn't even have an optical zoom lens.  It was my first digital and  back then  for what it was it was kind of expensive and over $150.00  Only 2 mega-pixels and a 5x digital zoom, and a macro of around 12 inches.   I got along  with it  just fine for more than 3 years.  I use it still to  do the food shots if I don't have the Canon handy

Meralyn, what do you use to do the effects on your  photos?  The vignettes and the signing your name.  Doesn't it have a resize option?  Adobe Elements 2.0 & Paint Shop Pro 7, Microsofts Picture It all  can do it.

And last but not least.  Pro, Schmoe.

10 years ago

Forgot.  I ended up scanning hte 11X14's of the swans since I couldn't find the 4X6's or whatever they were.  The two hanging on the wall look a little bit better, but you get the idea, swan,  half frozen pond, white birches, blue sky reflecting, yada, yada.

Swan 01

Swan B&W 02

10 years ago

Sunny - your swan shots are absolutely beautiful!

I use Picture It for the special effects and signing my name. Some effects I do in Gimp but its more complicated.  I have not found any resizing programs in them but I'm deffinitely NOT an expert!  I did have Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. and loved it but it developed a bug and went gunny bag!  I have yet to get it fixed.  Harry is supposed to come out and help me but we always get off on something else!  LOL!!!  That's running around taking pix and walking, OK?!  LOL!!! 

I'm out of here for the evening, tired.  Take care all!

10 years ago

Hi I have not been around the past couple of days because I have been working long hours leaving at day light and getting home after dark.  I probably will not get a day off until next Friday so my camera is parked in the mean time.

Sunny you have a great eye for using natural effects I love your ice photos and photos of water. I like your flowers and the swan shots are great.

Meralyn you river photos are gorgeous the crocus is beautiful very detailed (your lucky to have flowers blooming I am still waiting). In one of your posts you said that you were having trouble with photo bucket have you tried google's Picasa that is what I use and I love it. You can up loaded from your computer or online no band with limits that I have found and I have never had it go down (knock on wood yes I am superstitious).

Christina the pictures of your kids are beautiful.

Here are today's contributions:

snow and grass


I took this one yesterday before I left for work and I shot it in color it was just that dark out side.

10 years ago

I just got back from taking some photos.  I was looking for signs of spring.  I got some nice shots most need cropping so I hoping to get some time after work this week to post them there are a couple of photos of acorns starting to sprout I am going to watch and try to photograph there progress.

a oak in the making

this is my favorite

I think I like this one best.

10 years ago

Lila-What shots!! They are great.Nice job on those pictures.

Christina-You took some beautiful shots of your kids,they came out great,thanks for sharing.


Gorgeous, everyone!
10 years ago
Too nasty out here, nothing blooming, poor visibility, strong dry winds, cold--in short, I'm bein' lazy, but will get out with my camera soon! Did get a shot of a nice old hound "driving" his lady's car in the WM parking lot yesterday, will post it sometime. Get snappin', bunch! love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
your talent
10 years ago

you are all very talented, i wish i could take photos like that to all the beautiful things that surround me, for now i want to share this one, it is the root of the oldest tree in the main park of the town but it had to be cut becaise it was diying and becoming dangerous

This is where I live

nothing like what you post but something from where i live!!


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10 years ago

Lila - Your pix are absolutely wonderful!  I especially like the first acorn, terrific macro work!

Lilianna - The is some root!  Wow!  Can you click on your photos to enlarge them before posting?  Then we could see them better.

I do use Picassa to down load from my camera and for some effects but didn't know it could re-size photos?  How do you do that?  My friend loaded Picassa for me and it does not have the help notes , blast!

I have a Christmas Cactus blossom to share with you.  I have to go get it, will be aback shortly. 

Christmas Cactus Blossom, Feb 7-08
10 years ago

Christmas Cactus Blossom

I have tried and tried to get a good photo of one of these blossoms, which are just coming out now.  I finally succeeded with the flash, the lights on in the room, plus a swag lamp on behind the cactus!  I shot this on Profile (short focus field) and the macro super flower setting.  When it works for me it really gets the detail!  But after loading it in my care2 Album I noted a funny line and spot above my name!  Going back to the original pic I found it is the edge of a leaf with a bud!  Wish I'd seen it sooner, I would have cloned it out!

Hi, Meralyn
10 years ago
I LIKE the leaf with the bud, shows there's hope of more beautiful blossoms to come! Isn't that what spring is about? Beautiful Christmas Cactus, Girl! love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago

Camellia in the Winter


The photo above is a blossom on my light pink Camellia that is mixed up, its blooming now!  I touched-up (cloned out) a few little rust spots and also some sun spots in the background.

Have a great day everyone and happy shooting!

10 years ago

Here is a photo I took the other day:


and just for fun because I can not take any photos to day here it is cropped:


Meralyn I love your Camellia I am looking forward to the spring flowers the bulbs are starting to sprout.  I am not a gardener that is my mom and sister.  I am a hunter they grow it I shoot it ,then I post it for every one to see.

10 years ago

Oh Meralyn!!I've always loved your pics, but boy those last two, WOW! So gorgeous!

Liliana, wow, what a root! Very nice pic!

Lila, as always, gorgeous pics!

You too Mr Sunny Bunny! Great photos as always!!

Boy, the talent in this group! You guys are great!

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10 years ago
Wow, Lila! GORGEOUS!!
10 years ago
I love all the pictures in this thread!!! They're all great!!! I can't wait to get out with my new camera and play with some settings!!!!
10 years ago

Lila - Your photos are really neat!  Its so much fun shooting what-ever and experimenting.  That's how we come up with the unusual, that one pic in a million!

And thanks ladies - greatly appreciated! 

Hi Alyssa!  Come on in here and join us!  Have fun with your new camera and learn all the different settings, be they auto or manual.

10 years ago

Beautiful flowers.

10 years ago
Meralyn, your Camelia sinensis is on the same schedule, probably the same variety, as dad's! He always brought me blossoms in February. Beautiful! Lila, keep on shootin' Girl! About not being a gardener, never say never! You love plants! Sunny, go, GO, go! Alyssa, get out there and snap some pix for us! Boy, this group was a WONDERFUL idea! love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago

As of this time, I am not able to contribute anything that has any color in it but

WHITE!!        All of these pics with the gorgeous colors are making me both envious  and helping me get through one of the worst winters on record here.  So, until I go through all of my old photos or Spring finally gets here (whichever comes first) I will continue to post my "cold" pics


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This post was modified from its original form on 10 Feb, 18:49
10 years ago
Forgot to mention . . . Lila, I love your close-ups. You and I like the same kind of photography in that respect. And Sunny - the swan photo was absolutely, totally calming. Which I need right now - so post more okay????????? Everybody, your pics are so good - this is just my favorite thread!
10 years ago
Ooh, Deb, thats a beautiful shot!
10 years ago

oregon park

Ahhhh, those wonderful days when I lived in Oregon! So much color!!

10 years ago

 And more color!

trees in fall

10 years ago


10 years ago

RATS!  My scanner is having problems

Great photo of the root Liliana  It's also the link to the  Care2 album it is in.  Any time yo post a thumbnail it also serves as a link to the full size photo.  Someone asked is they could see it full sized, well just click on it and it will enlarge.

I guess Deb is going through her "Gary" period.  Some guy named  Ansel Adams went through a really long one once.   So did Edward Weston who is famous for his pepper.

And George Hurrell who everyone  has seen his  pictures but no one knows his name.

Lila, I was trying to find a close up I did of snow on a spruce branch but so far no can find.  If I remember right it resembled a big white caterpillar.

Meralyn.  Have a red rose on me.

Rose 02

Now for the screwed up scans   Watch the left side on some of them  Streaking

Readington NJ 01

Readington NJ 02

Readington NJ 03

NY (Manhattan)  skyline from the Brooklyn side.  The building on hte shore with the lit up peaks is the South Street Seaport. 

NYC from Brooklyn 03

Looking north under the Brooklyn bridge toward the Empire State building.  Bridge inthe  background is the Manhattan Bridge.

NYC from Brooklyn 02


10 years ago

   Deb & Sunny - GREAT PIX!!!  Deb - I love the color shots of Oregon but that icicle is something else!  BRAVO!  And Sunny - jeesh, I'm speecheless!  Great work!  And, considering you gave me a rose, umm, MARVELOUS WORK!!! LOL!!!

Keep posting everyone!  Your making this into a fantastic thread!  I'm working on a few but have been slowed down by a few little things like health. Oh well.  Have a great day!

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10 years ago
Hello Meralyn and everyone!    Some beautiful, beautiful photos here! 
10 years ago

4 Swans

10 years ago

Hi Di!  Good to have you visit, and, get your rear in here!!!

Sunny - beautiful swans!  I love them!  Wish I could catch up with the wild ones that occasionally come in here.

I washed outside windows, hosed down the house (spider webs), plus cottoneaster berries by the thousands that the robins left on the sidewalk & deck, plus just a bit of bird splat!  Had lunch with a small glass of red wine, now I'm going to go take a nap!  See ya all later.  Bye, bye! 

10 years ago

Okay, Sunny, having never studied photography - what does a "Gary" period mean???  Hey, love the under the Brooklyn Bridge shot!! How far were you from those swans? Beautiful photo. I checked out the links you posted. I have an entire collection of just my photos of clouds!!!   At one point in time I wanted to publish a book with just cloud shots.  Thanks Meralyn ie icicle. This one was taken of the water drips coming off the roof after they froze. They were sort of forming an upside down icicle from bouncing off the rocks.

frozen drips

10 years ago

OopsMe and my dyslexic fingers.

Should read GRAY Period

Swans?  Pretty close.  Seems both ponds  in fact all three but I only have photos of 2 are in condo complexes, so the swans are very accustomed to people being around.  They swim right up to the edge for a hand out.

I have a folder of clouds also, but for a different purpose.  I thought some day I'd actually learn how to add them to photos that didn't have clouds.  After all, on  landscape it's the clouds that are the background.  No clouds makes a dull blue (none interesting) sky  .  I never learned to  touch  up photo's, just a little red eye and  maybe remove something using the clone tool.

Have some Fall colors    These are taken in NY State.

Pond @ Bear Mt. 01

Pond @ Bear Mt. 02

Bear Mt. Bridge 01

Thanks for  the bridge comment.  I guess you can tell they are old.  The World Trade Center is in the background in at least one of them.

I have some I haven't scanned yet, of Midtown Manhattan that were taken 09-02-01  Had I only known, I'd have headed farther downtown and got the WTC also.  But then I already had WTC photos from the 80's


Sunny's got RATS in his scanner!
10 years ago
Sometimes I have a bee in my bonnet, never bats in my belfry though that might be interesting too! Gotta tease 'ya, Sunny! Sorry you're having problems! love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago

Hey Pennie!  Get  a load of the size of them too!!

Our Groundhogs 01 rs (4)

10 years ago

Deb - I love your shot of the ice, like icicles up-side-down, as you said!  You have a wonderful, creative, artistic mind!  Good shooting!  I'm wondering if your camera has auto focus only or, hopefully, manual too?  It might be fun to try holding your shutter button down half way, focusing on the icicles, then moving to include the whole mary-ann?  If your camera will do this?  Mine will, when it wants to, but it is tricky!

Sunny- Great fall shots, WOW!  Color!!!  And I love the big rats, LOL!!!

Now lets see if this will post, care2 seems to have a wild hair you-know-where!!!

10 years ago

Sea Anemones

Sea Anemones at Ocean World in Crescent City, CA, where I took Harry for his B'day.  I would have liked better light but beggars can't be choosers!

Now - to get it to post!?

10 years ago
OK, that worked, now to try to get my photo to post!  And hitting "Back" does NOT work!!!  Nothing does except doube posting!!!NASTY, NASTY WORDS!!!
10 years ago

Deb it is good to hear from you. I love your icicle that is the kind of thing I go for, your pictures of Oregon are gorgeous.  Sunny your work is beautiful as always.  Meralyn your Anemones are gorgeous.

I am still trying to get the photos I took on Friday edited so I can post them, here are a couple more:



10 years ago

Thanks, Meralyn   My camera will do photos like that, in fact, it does quite a bit on manual settings. I just have to really read the book and remember from 20 years ago when I was really shooting a lot of photos with my 35 mm. I messed a bit with aperature and speed in the ice shots. And, I rather like the lighting on your anemones!! I'll try the halfway down focus thing.

Sunny - ok, now I get it - gray period. It's okay, if those rats were in my scanner or house or anywhere near me, I'd be more than dyslexic!   As the page was loading, I hadn't read Pennie's post and all I got at first from your post was "Hey Pennie, get a load of the size of them too"  . Then the picture loaded and I realized what you were alluding to  .And a great rat shot it is!!!

10 years ago
Hi Lila Thanks. I am really enjoying your Spring shots. Close ups are one of my favorites. I will get out tomorrow and see if I can get some new photos.
10 years ago
And Sunny - thanks for posting those Fall colors. Beautiful!!
10 years ago
Lila - gorgeous shots!  And thanks girls!  I may not be in here tomorrow as Harry & I may go up to the Mill Casino in Coos Bay and just a sight-seeing-shooting outing.  I hope!  If I'm feeling better!  Deb, glad your camera will do manual.  Mine is really stubborn about it!  Take care all and Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!
10 years ago
I gotta get out the camera and get going! Today's the first sunshine (a bit of it anyhow) in a week, 39º that feels like summer (Meralyn will understand), and I'm just plain jealous of everyone's great shots! gotta go get me some!!!! Sunny, glad you cleared it up about the gray, can't remember what your typo was but it had us laughing, and we LOVE to laugh around here! Awww, Sunny, they're cute lil' muskrats. When my son was in HS he found a baby muskrat in the parking lot at the Old Mill Shopping Center on his way home from his paper route, stuffed it into his paper carrying bag and brought it home, and we bottle fed this cute little critter, had him at the U of O for awhile for our biology students to enjoy, then released him in Delta Ponds when he was grown and eating well. Fun time! Thanks for the pix! Meralyn, who is this Mary Ann you want shot? Girl, I didn't think you were the jealous sort!!!! Seriously, Deb has some real talent, so do you, Sunny sure does, and Donna, I want to send you my camera book to get you started, you'd do VERY well with just a few pointers, and I feel cheated that you're not out there snapping away like these guys! Pop me your mailing address, or if you'd rather not I can send you the title and let you get it at a used book store (I only buy Harry Potter new!). Lila, I want MORE! You've got potential, Girl! Deb, you've got a dirty mind!!!! (I love it!--hehehe!) love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago

PICT0082.jpg Battery Point Lighthouse Light picture by merjonard

The light in the Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, CA.  I shot right into the light with this one, risking frying the sensors!  The book warns not to do this, even with sunsets!  But hey! It worked!  They would not let me photograph inside the lighthouse but I talked the man into this!.

BatteryPointLighthouse.jpg Battery Point Lighthouse picture by merjonard

Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, CA.  I shot these last year.  Hopefully Harry and I will find a few lighthouses to shoot tomorrow, like Arago & Coquille? I hope I hope!

Pennie - get off your duff and shoot a few for us!

10 years ago

Here is a sunrise I shot this morning we have to many trees to get a classic sunrise but I think this one is neat there are more in my scenic album.


10 years ago

Lila - what a beautiful sunrise. You must have gotten up pretty early to catch it.

Pennie - thank you for your complementary comments - not referring to the dirty mind one Let's see some your photos here, girl!

And now for more of my "gary" period photos


I looked everywhere today and could find nothing that resembled Spring. Even the sunrise and sunset were nondescript. I found some of my cloud photos - actually ones I took during a pretty bad thunderstorm - I will scan (hope I don't find rats in the scanner ) and try to get posted.

Meralyn, sounds like you are going to have a great time! Hope you come back with some great pics.

10 years ago

Deb I love your ice shots have faith sprig will arrive. You are doing a great job of finding the unusual photos of ice and snow keep it up and I am looking forward to YOUR spring photos. 

I do get up early on the days I work I get up at 5:30 and leave by 7:00.  This past week I have been working long days and not getting home until after dark to day was the first day that it was still light when I got home.

10 years ago
Lila, you must be pooped! I got to admit, I rarely get up early enough for a sunrise, even though I feel better on the days that I do. Something about watching a new day begin . . . I am going to go get some sleep now - will catch everybody (hopefully) here later. Have a great day everyone!
10 years ago
To correct whose address I want for sending along my photography book, it's YOURS, Donna! I think you've got great potential, want to encourage you! You have my email address. Meralyn, I couldn't get anything done the past few days because I have had a very complicated spreadsheet to update for Dr. Moore so we could work with DSHS to renew my medical and food stamps. Sheesh, a college education just to apply for welfare! And part of it, this morning, was a do-over, with all my work!!!!! SO, there is sunshine, will see if I can get out and play a bit! Nag me, I need it! Wish I could come along to CB, be sure to take in Cape Arago for the fantastic rock formations and the sea lions! Hi, Lila, Sunny, Deb whom I love to tease, everyone! Keep sendin' the good stuff, it's SO great! love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago

I got some photos scanned. This is a storm that looked like it was going to spawn a tornado. It didn't.



10 years ago

Deb I love your clouds they are very captivating.  You captured the intense dramatic look of a pending tornado with out the danger.

I will be posting new flower pics tomorrow the Crocus are starting to bloom and so are the mini Iris.  By the time I got home it was to late to take photos, so tomorrow I will take Merlin and Luna (if miss lazy bones will go)  for a walk and bring back some new photos.

10 years ago
Thanks Lila.    Can't wait to come in here tomorrow and see some beautiful flowers!  
10 years ago

Lila & Deb - Great shots!  Love the ice and the sunset and impending tornado, WOW!!!  Thanks for sharing and I look forward to MORE PHOTOS!!!

Pennie - OK girl, I'm waiting, patiently, for now, LOL!!!

Had a neat trip yesterday, wrote it up in Chit Chat so will not repeat here.  I'm going to post a shot of the Coquille Lighthouse across the river from Bandon, next.  this years outing was NOT good for shooting much of anything!

10 years ago

BandonLighthouseenhan.jpg Bandon Lighthouse, enhan,May07 picture by merjonard

The Coquille River lighthouse across the river from the town of Bandon, Oregon.  Photo is from last year's trip.

10 years ago

Meralyn I love lighthouses and you do an amazing job of capturing them.  Here are the flower pictures I took this morning.


This is a mini Iris the plant is only 4" tall.  I think that they are so cute.

close up


I saved the best for last:


10 years ago

Wow!! Look at these photos!

Sunny, you are a master!

Wow, Lila! Beautiful!!!

Meralyn, I love thise lighthouse pics! Just fantastic! You are so talented!

Deb, Wow! Yours are always so wonderful too! All this talent here!

10 years ago
Lila -   Holly cow girl, absolutely gorgeous flower pix!    I think you out-did yourself!  Now what on earth are you going to do for an encore?!
10 years ago

10 years ago
Sorry kids!  The lighthouse pic did NOT post!  Care2 devils at it again!  I'll try tomorrow again!  I AM NOT IN THE MOOD RIGHT NOW TO MESS WITH THIS MORE!!!
10 years ago
Thank you Sandy and Meralyn.  An encore humm.... let me think on that one.  I guess it will depend on what mother nature decides to do next.  Hopefully next Friday I will have my new photo editing software.  My sister surprised me and ordered Serif's Photo Plus X2 for me.  She knew I wanted it but I was going to wait until the new version came out because you can get the old ones cheap but she gets a lot of software from them and got it half price.  I am not complaining I am just excited.
10 years ago

Coquille River Lighthouse

Coquille River Lighthouse - finally!!!  I had to re-size this thru Shrink pictures to get care2 to accept it! 

10 years ago

I've just come back from a couple of weeks in Turkey.  What an amazing country!


Statue of Zeus, Antalya Museum


Wild Anemones


Cable car on Tahtali Mountain

taurus mountains stretching away into the distance

Taurus mountains stretching away into the distance

10 years ago
Sally - Your photos are amazing - ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!  Thank you so very much for sharing them with us!  Did you tell us what camera your using?  If so I can't remember!
10 years ago
Thanks Meralyn.  I'm using a Fuji Finepix S1 at the moment.
Hi, Mama Meralyn!
10 years ago
I is done been nagged out of the house, it's 53º with hazy sunshine, and look what I found today!  Surprise!

Fan in the clouds 2-16-08

10 years ago
You guys are GREAT! love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago
It's about time, Pennie!!!  And what a gorgeous cloud shot!! You done good, girl! And Sally - OMG those are fantastic shots. Love the cable car - shoot, I loved them all!  Lila, for someone who said they don't know much about photography, you are doing a bang up job!  Your flowers are just gorgeous. Meralyn your lighthouses are beautiful - just gives you a sense of peace to look at them. I did some weird ice shots today. I will post them later after I get them loaded into my albums. This thread is so great!!
10 years ago

Pennie - WOWEEE!!!  What a cloud shot!  And you've been sitting on your backside!?  Just wasting your talent?!

Now tell us what kind of camera your using?

I can't put Bella's new pix in here, as examples of "How Not To Shoot Your Cat In A Tree", so they are in as a New Topic. 

10 years ago

1CHURCHOFINFANTJESUS1.jpg picture by nan_75 

Church of Infant Jesus in Longlac, Ont. Canada

(from  Nance Rose)

Great pictures everyone!

10 years ago

Meralyn yet again another great light house. I wish I lived by the ocean. You take some of the most amazing  shots I have ever seen.

Sally I can only think of one word .

Penny I love your cloud shots but one is not enough we are on thread #3 heading for #4 and you are on photo #1. Good start keep it up.

Jean I love reflections grate job.

Deb really I do not know that much about photography I just get lucky with some of my photos really lucky considering my cameras limitations.

10 years ago

Jean - That photo of the church and reflection is just etheral!  Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

Lila - thank you, too!

I'll be eagerly waiting to see the next posts from all you talented photographers!  Good night now!

10 years ago
Lila I hope you didn't take what I said wrong!!  You have natural talent, girl! You take a grrrrrrrrreat photograph!!!  I don't know that much about photography, either. I just like to experiment and see what I get. I honestly think your camera is working well for you. Those close ups are beautiful!!
10 years ago

These pictures are just beautiful.I have missed this thread for the last few days but glad I popped in this morning to see all the new beautiful pictures.


10 years ago
I love all the photos that have been posted here.  I check this thread faithfully every day.  I will post some of mine, once I get them uploaded to my albums.  Here is a photo of a waterlilly that I have in my pond shot in July 2007. 
Pink Water Lily.jpg
10 years ago
Hi Jean - its great having you join in!  And - WOWEEE!!! What a beautiful shot of a waterlilly!!!  More please!!!
Beach Art
10 years ago

BeachArt-1.jpg Beach Art picture by merjonard

I found this arrangement on the beach exactly as is. 

This is a scanned film photo, several years ago.

10 years ago

We have so many talented people here in this group. Your pictures are beautiful. I will now be changing threads though, as  we are up to 111 posts I believe. So look for the new thread, and I will post a link to this one in there.

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