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10 years ago

Jean-The picture you took of your water lily is just beautiful,so colorful.

Meralyn-I love the arrangement of the rock and bird feather on the beach,looks so natural,very pretty to look at.

I love this thread-you guys all take great pictures and are talented.You see things and capture them in a shot where I would not know how.Great eyes all of you.


Angel of the Morning!
10 years ago
I got this shot in my caftan earlier this morning, God sent me an angel to clean up the storm damage, and his name is Vincente, a great guy with an asthmatic daughter, he understands and is making my home safe for me to breathe in once more--I live in a basement apartment and the window wells have been choked with dusty debris for over a month, ever since the big storm.  I couldn't even go outside without getting hives up to my knees and coming in wheezing like a freight train!  Here's to Vincente, my Angel of the morning, and his bag of loot!
Angel of the morning!

Bagged it!

10 years ago

Deb,  never fear I do know what you meantall I was saying is that I tried and gave up on studying the technical side of photography I just go with my gut and thanks to you and everyone else here encouraging me I am doing that a lot more lately. I agree my camera dose take nice clear photos I just sometimes get frustrated with its limitations. Jean C. that is simply lovely. Meralyn I love Mother Natures combinations and you did a wonderful job of capturing it. Penny post #2 (with photos) way to go.  You did a good job of capturing to moment even with out and explanation your photos tell a story.

10 years ago

Pennie - Great job of capturing your angel!  They DO come in many different shapes & sizes!

Lila - right!  Go with your gut instinct!  When we try to get too technical we usually spoil the shot!  Sometimes we have to make the damn camera do what WE want it to, though!!!And thank you!

10 years ago

Pennie-I love the pictures you posted and here's to Vincent,what a guy for doing all that he does but most of all taking care and watching out for our friend Pennie,Rascal and Tribble!

Thank you Vincent!


10 years ago
SeagullsKamphParkMar.png Seagulls, Kamph Park picture by merjonard
10 years ago

Meralyn I love your last photo that seagull looks like he is the town crier announcing the wave.  It is absolutely beautiful.

Here is a new moss shot.  I am off tomorrow so I will see what I can find but I do not think any thing new is in boom and it might rain so I may get a new ET shot .  We will see what I can find.


10 years ago
Lila - Your moss shot is exquisite!  Great clarity, detail, and the color is wonderful, too!  Great work girl!   I love things like this!  I tried to shoot some lichen today, not good results sorry to say!  Gloomy day, nothing turned out!
10 years ago

I am so glad, Lila!! Your moss is great! Meralyn - "incoming"   That was a neat picture. Pennie - so glad to see you are at least getting out to be able to snap a few photos . Maybe your Angel, Vincente, might even have a few ideas as to where that gasoline smell is coming from.

Here's one that gave me hope of Spring


And here is one that I am asking people to tell me what it is


Took my husband a few minutes to figure it out

And here is another sunset - but I got some stars in this one. Don't know if you will be able to see them or not.


Well, that's it for now. I think I will call it a night. Up late waiting for the family to get in and not much rest today. Take care every one and happy photoing!

10 years ago

Deb - Great pix!  Your macro work is super!  Is that ice or snow melting?  And, yes I can see some stars!  Lovely shot!  And thank you.

Donna or Sunny - we've got a double post here.  Can you delete one for us?  Thanks.

10 years ago

I removed it Meralyn

Fantastic pics everyone!!

10 years ago
Deb that second photo looks like the snow covered with ice that I had on my deck the other day.
Meralyn love that Christmas cactus. I have tried but they die on me. I guess I overwater them.
Here are some photos that I took last summer and fall.
Pond behind Barn.JPG

This is the natural pond at the farm behind the quanset barn.

Clouds over my home.jpg

This one I took off my deck. It was just before a snow strom hit in November.
Nov_ Winter storm front.jpg
This was also in November, I was waiting at a bus stop when I looked and saw this storm front coming in. I had my camera in my purse and took this shot. I was glad I was going home from shopping. It brought cold and snow.
10 years ago

Jean, your pics are beautiful!

10 years ago

Jean - what a beautiful pond shot! I really like the cloud photo, too. I am one of those people that can just stare at clouds going across the sky for hours. And that storm front - I like the lighting - it looks like it was taken in the evening?

Meralyn, I guess I am sort of a macro nut. I like to take close ups of things that make people say "what the heck is it?" That last one was just a sheet of ice that had a bit of water under it.

10 years ago

Deb your photos are beautiful and I am so happy that you finally are seeing signs of spring. Jean C. I love your cloud shot.

Here is a photo of a hummingbird I took this morning I used photo Impressions to sharpen it some and blur the background.


10 years ago
Uh oh I have a double post can some one delete this one and one of my doubles .
10 years ago

I removed it Lila

That photo is gorgeous! Wow!

10 years ago

  Jean & Lila!!!  FANTASTIC SHOTS!!!    I am so very glad that your joining in Jean and sharing your very beautiful photography with us!  And Lila, that hummy is etheral!!!

I've been busy scanning, re-sizing, and loading old film pix of Smokey, my outdoor cat, and deer that he used to play with.  At this point I dont have a clue as to where to post them!  Maybe I'd just better start a New Topic again?!

Keep up the great work everyone! 

P.S.  By re-sizing in I can load three pix at a time in my care2 Albums, amazing!!!  Also awfully danged time consuming!!!

10 years ago

 Sandy thank you for getting rid of my double and for your comment.  Meralyn ethereal is a good word for that photo.  Have you tried Easy thumbnails?  It is a small download that re sizes your pictures I used it for a wile be for I got Photo Impressions and it was easy to use no up loading and downloading.  I am not familiar with so I can not recommend one over the other.

10 years ago

Oh Goodie, Jean has joined us in a big way  The more the merrier.

Weird you guys are double posting and mine aren't showing in places at all.  I just love Care2-----NOT!

How's this for  a change of pace.

Car Show 06-17-07 004

12- Wht & Yellow 49 Merc

This one was actually mine, but it's been digitally altered

RS FrtExtraWideT

Sandy, I haven't forgotten you.  Kim was over  and the Philly Flash or as I call her at times, the "White Tornado" was here for the weekend and life as I know it  was gone.

10 years ago

Meralyn, I think I mentioned that Picture It can also resize photos.  It  should be faster since you don't need an online connection to slow you down.  Plus I assume you're in Picture It anyway doing touch ups.  Just be sure once yo've  touched up SAVE, then resize and SAVE AS, this way you don't  loose the original.  Once in the Care2 album you  can chuck the resized version.

It's under Change Page, then Change Size.  At least that's where it is in my 2002 version.

I also just  discovered I have Serif PhotoPlus 6.0.  Just think, yet another  digital program I own that I have no clue how it works.  I also found a "resize" menu in that one.

10 years ago

Sunny - Great car pix!  I love old cars!

Thanks for the tips on resizing. I found where your supposedly able to in my Pic It but it didnt work!  Oh welllll.  I'll dig around in there again, later, after a glass of wine, maybe?! 

10 years ago

Lila - sorry dear, I didn't mean to ignore you, my old brain gets in a rut sometimes, umm, that's one track minded, OK!?  I havn't tried thumbnails yet.  Your new program is re-sizing for you, though?  Are you happy with it?

Sunny - Pic It did not work, again!   I'll do some snooping, maybe ask my daughter-in-law whom I got it from?  Thanks anyway.  And I'm very familiar with Save As so not to lose original.  I learned that the hard way!

10 years ago

Meralyn I am very happy with Photo Impressions it has basic editing tools I.E. blur, smudge, sharpen, text, straighten, etc. The version I use was free with a Epson scanner/printer.  A full version from Arc Soft is $49.99.  I am going to install Serif's PhotoPlus 2X which is a more advanced program it dose layers, animations, transparencies, and a lot more.  Once I get it figured out I will post what I think of it.  If you want to know any more let me know either her or send me a message.

PS Don't feel bad about missing me in the first message I always compose my messages in note pad so I can reference the thread or I forget something I wanted to say.

Surfers at Sunset
10 years ago
SurfersHeadingoutII.jpg Surfers Heading Out, II, Nov 07 picture by merjonard
10 years ago

Great photos everyone. Check this out for tonight.

The entire event will be visible from South America and most of North America
and also
Western Europe and northwest Africa
will see the entire eclipse.
None of the eclipse will be visible in eastern Asia or Australia.
The total phase will last 51-minutes and begins at:
10:01 p.m. EST
9:01 p.m. CST
7:01 p.m. PST
Because some of the sunlight striking the Earth is diffused and scattered by our atmosphere, the Earth's shadow is
Typically there are coppery red and orange hues cast over the moon at and near totality,
from sunlight refracted from our atmosphere around the edge of the Earth,
giving the moon the appearance of an eerie glowing ball.
As a bonus,
during this eclipse, the moon will be situated,
in our sky, near the planet Saturn and the bright bluish star Regulus in the constellation of Leo.
The effect will be to create a uniquely beautiful triangle in the sky, consisting of the totally eclipsed moon, a bright naked-eye planet and one of the 21 brightest stars in the sky.
lets all ask mother nature to cooperate and let us see this event of nature ! I hope
to take pictures of this one
Angel hope you get some freat shots of this one!

Meralyn, I know you can capture this for us.

10 years ago
That storn front was taken at about 4 pm.
I have some photos of old vehicles that I took last summer.  A little old red truck caught my eye.
Little old red Truck.jpg

I was offered to sit in this blue one.  I declined that offer and just shot a photo.
Sky blue classic.jpg

This next photo was taken on the same day at the same place, Bay Front Park.  The park is a short distance from my home.
Goose on a rock.jpg
Enjoy. I enjoy sharing. When the weater get better here I hope to go out and shoot some photos of the escarpment.

10 years ago

Donna - thanks for posting about the Lunar eclipse!  I'll try but my camera would not do it during the last one, darn!

Jean - Your photos are just wonderful!  Thanks for sharing with us and keep up the great work!

10 years ago

Great info Donna.  I'll see if I can get out tonight and freeze my buns off watching it. 

Jean, these are for you.  They were taken in Niagara Falls Canada from atop the Skylon restaurant as the room revolved.

Sunset, Skylon. Niagara Falls Can.

One more.   Hmm should have removed the little red dot, huh.

Sunset, Skylon. Niagara Falls Can. 02

I'll see if I can find the Falls from the observation deck.

And for you Meralyn, the camera was a Nikon SLR, most likely an N8008, and it was shot with film.  If I find the Falls shots (they wee scanned ages ago) they are also with a Nikon but a manual camera, the FM2, and they were shot with slide film.

If you're using film always best to take night shots with slide film when possible, since what you see, is what you get.  Negative film  can be developed or rather printed  all different ways, it's more up to the  judgment of  who's working the printer than what is on the negative.  And always OVER expose film.  You can't print what isn't on the negative.

If there was no such thing as digital photo programs a digital camera would be like using slide film.  Of course with all the diggie programs  you can do nearly anything you'd like  once you have the original.

ahhhhhh.... Love your pix!
10 years ago
Jean, when I was a kid in Colorado and we'd go for a drive in the mountains, I always watched for God in the clouds, the rays of the sun that make it look like He's hiding in there! I love your cloudscape! The best ones always have people and animals hiding in them to find and delight our imagination--there are some lingering in yours! Do you harvest some of your cattails for the table? The young seed heads are yummy if you treat them like corn on the cob. The tubers are great in stew. What a treat your pond is! We had a small one when my son was little, he and his friends would catch tiny tree frogs back there, treat them respectfully and release them again, all but one. I tossed my son's muddy jeans into the washer and him into the bathtub. When I opened the washer to move things to the dryer, there sat a very drunk little frog on top of the agitator, my son had him in his pocket and he was sure one clean frog! We released him out back, he hopped off alive and well but drunk as anything! Lila, great hummer! What kind is it? Meralyn, you can upload a whole slug of pix at once by having them in a folder on your desktop, then when java is loaded on the upload site at Care2 you just drag the folder to the space, your computer reads it all at once and you hit upload, that part takes time but you wind up with lots of pix in your albums. Try it! I use it all the time! And that glass of wine sounds good this afternoon, but I think Tribble and I will just crash soon for a nap instead. Keep on snappin', and as soon as I can walk like more than a rusted machine I'll get out there too! Sunny, we want a ride! My first car was a 1957 Nash Metropolitan "Rambler," yellow and white and wow did it GO! What was your first car? One of these?
10 years ago

Great cloud shots Sunny!  I've had a used SLR Nikon in the past and have shot slides but so long ago I can not remember much.  Also used a Pentax plus the SLR Minolta in Europe for 12 yrs.  Digital can be so damnned frustrating!!!

Pennie dear, sometimes I hurt so much its literally a forced march, walking or hiking that is!  I was fine on the way down thru the fields today but hurt like holy hell on the way back!  So I popped two acetaminophin and had a small glass of white wine with my lunch and now I'm feeling rather mellow.  If I were to quit then that would be it!  I would be like my aunt, down for good!!!  Keep trying!

10 years ago
P.S.  I forgot to add - Donna, I told my friend Harry about the eclipse so he is bringing his camera and tripod and hopefully we'll be able to see and shoot the eclipse this eve. after the movie!  It will take a miracle for the weather conditions to cooperate here, though!!! Thanks!
10 years ago
Donna, Im hoping to see the eclipse tonight but Im in San Diego, and its actually very cloudy and rainy today. I dont think we'll be able to see it thru the clouds. This is the most rain weve had in s.d. for a while. We really need though and I like the rain. enjoy the view tonight and hope someone can get some pictures of it. joani
10 years ago

Wow there are some great pictures here.  Lila, your Hummingbird is amazing.  I've never seen one outside of a zoo.

We won't be able to see the eclipse from over here, so please take some pics for me!

Here's some more from the holiday


Temple of Apollo, Side


Turkish Tea


Eternal flames at Chimera

more at

10 years ago

Pennie, my first car was a '58 Chevy Impala convertible with a 3 speed stick on the floor, that I raced at the drag strip.  Then came a new '64 Chevy Impala Super Sport with a  4 speed stick on the floor, that I also raced at the drag strip.  Then came the  69 Camaro with the  auto transmission, pictured above  and marriage, not necessarily in that order.  To say the least it never saw a drag strip nor did I.  It's was the end of my world as I knew it

On a brighter note, how about more Falls shots.

Two are from the  top of the Skylon, the American and Bridle Veil Falls

American  Falls 01

American  Falls 02

From ground level on the Canadian side

American  Falls 03

And this one I just  thought was funny.  It's a hole in the pavement on a Canadian street that's in the shape of New Jersey.

 Pavement patch

That's it for  now.  We need to  seee more of the excellent  work from the rest  of the crew.

Oh if you're interested in the old cars, check my photos on Webshots

Also if you'd likecheck my food album under this link

See this way you guys have more room to post your really cool stuff rather than me taking up the space.

OH!  Another Webshots ID.  I have a bunch of them. One album all B&W's

This post was modified from its original form on 20 Feb, 16:23
10 years ago

Meralyn your surfers are great

Dona thanks but we have to many clouds to see the eclipse

Jean I love old cars

Sunny is all I can say

Penny the humming bird I an Anna's we normally have one or two that stay all winter I do not know how they keep from freezing their tail feathers off .

Now here is my contribution for the day clouds and I dedicate it to Deb where ever she is hiding. I wish I could have gotten home 10 minutes earlier the clouds were roiling in and were amazing by the time I finally got home I was pretty much a solid over cast.

10 years ago

Fantastic shots Sally, Sunny & Lila.  Boy do yours bring back memories Sally!

HEY GANG!!!  WE DID GET TO SEE THE ECLIPSE AND THE TRIANGLE!!!  My God!  I have never in my life seen anything like it before!!!  Harry and I were on our way back from Crescent City at a movie and I saw it!  I had him pull off the road and he tried to photograph it!  Then when we got back to my place we both tried with both cameras, they could NOT handle it!  Damn!!!  BUT I WILL NEVER FORGET IT!  I have never seen so many stars, either, it was OTHER-WORLDLY!!!  JUST UNBELIVABLY BEAUTIFUL!!!  I sure hope someone got pix!!!  And I hope all of you got to witness this simply indescribably beautiful display in the heavens!?  I got so excited I almost cased poor Harry to have an accident!!!

Hey clickers!
10 years ago
Sugar, you just answered a very important question for me about Ray. Get his doc to give him one prescription Diflucan pill, tell the doc I said he has a GE (gastroenteric) yeast infection after his antibiotics and it's affecting his appetite! Now most men like a good salad with blue cheese (real good stinky blue cheese is loaded with probiotics!) on it, sneak some of that into his diet! The smoothies don't taste of yogurt, see if he'll join you in one--my grandkids LOVE them! Girl, you is gettin' as bossy as me! I do want everyone to sleep well. Calcium is the "lullaby pill, BTW, please try that first (even TUMS) before bedtime, it really works! Sandy, prayer works better than worry every time, and thanks for yours! Friday nights have been bad with what seems to be meth lab activity in the immediate neighborhood, I'd like the Lord to put a stop to that, please pray with me, and all God's people said "Amen!" May your dad be ever better and better, and your Prince Charming be home for the weekend is my prayer for you. Bless your sweet heart! Lila, thought that might be an Anna's, they are here too. They go "torpid" in the coldest weather, shut down almost everything and hibernate, a good friend went out and picked one up off the ground once and the bird revived in his hand and flew away. Same guy went out and picked up a Williamson's Sapsucker that was drunk from eating fermente sap, the bird was just hanging there on the tree, allowed him to pick it up and pet it and put it back--is there an Alcoholics Anonymous for birds??? Deb, where are you? Anybody got a shot of the eclipse and the triangle? C'mon, post it! Pleezzzze? love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago
Meralyn, where were those gorgeous surfers? Agate beach is popular, but you're farther south than that. Great wonderfully soft photo. That one's a gallery piece. Get goin' and get some $$$, OK? WM has printing for $15 for posters these days.... And you and I have GOT to keep fighting with those Ritis brothers! Can't let them get us down for the count. You GO, Girl, and so will I! Donna, when your butt gets back home (heehee!) get off it and go snap some shots yourself, I wonder what the eclipse was like? I was too tired to get outdoors (up 10 steep stairs) to see, bet it was magnificent! Jean, keep it up! Great photos! Sunny, is there a market for frozen buns???? BTW, in HS I dated a guy with a 58 Chevy Impala convertible, darned near blew off the planet when we went for a ride, but it was fun! Drag strips? That would have been my half-brother Rick's thing, too much noise and dust for the likes of me.... Falls? My parents went there for a honeymoon! Sally, I've saved a link to your photos on flickr, will enjoy them later when I can really get into it! They are WONDERFUL! You have real talent! Go forth, young woman, and make some MONEY with your pix! love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
10 years ago

AnnaHummingbirdcroppedo6.jpg Anna Hummingbird picture by merjonard

Allen's Hummingbird.  This little male was feeding at the feeder I have hanging outside my kitchen window.  I shot this thru the dirty glass!

HummiesEekAnts.jpg Hummies, Eeek, Ants!,June 07 picture by merjonard

Allen's female hummy, I believe?!  I named this "Eeek, ants"!

I have others that I will post a little at a time including one of an Anna male with a read helmet looking like a "Little Red Barron"!

I have two Allen's males, or perhaps Rufous, fighting over the feeder with an Anna right now and have been unsuccessfully trying to photograph the little twits!

10 years ago
I got a few photos of the eclipse last night. I just steped out on my deck and shot.
Eclipse at 9 30 pm.jpg
This was at 9:30 pm.
Moon and stars a 9 30 pm.jpgMoon and some stars.
Eclipse at midnight.jpg
This was taken at midnight.
Moon at 1 am.jpg
This I took just before I went to bed juat after 1 pm.

10 years ago
Hey, congratulations Jean!  Good for you!  The moon from here looked dark reddish orange and we had haze and clouds drifting across it.  Really hard for our cameras to focus on it!  Did you use a night-time setting on your camera?  That didn't even work on mine!
10 years ago
Wow, well done Jean.  We didn't get to see the eclipse in England so I was really pleased to see your photos.
10 years ago
Sunny, I've just shown Tony your car pics on webshots.  They were much appreciated!
10 years ago
Meralyn, those photos were taken with a digtal camera set on auto.  I think that I was just lucky with the clear weather last night.  Tonight I can't even see the full moon.  Most of the photos that I take are just point and shoot.  I am sorry that I didn't see the actual eclipse as I was stitching. 

The Lord is helping!
10 years ago
Hi, Sandy! Thanks for prayer. Hope your dad is doing better, I am praying for his complete healing in Jesus' Name! Meralyn, hi! I get lots of B-12 shots, wish they could be daily, they help a little but aside from that there's nothing but AVOIDANCE of what causes symptoms to treat my MCS symptoms. Dr. Morton put it that it's like being barefoot in a dark room full of mousetrap, sooner or later you find your way around and stick to your trails, and he said 3700 chemicals can potentially cause me symptoms, and that if I eat lots of sugar it will help! I do wish there were more safe places I could go, I can't even go in church buildings! Now you know why I'm so homesick!!!!
more great pix!
10 years ago
Meralyn, I love your hummers! Same friend I told you about "tamed" his, they come right up to him because he spent lots of time out by the feeder and finally could hold the feeder, and often a hummer or two, on his fingers! Cute little "twits" came zapping round my ears, startled me until I realized it was just friendship! Cool birds! Jean, THANKS for the eclipse! I wonder what this "triangle" thing is the paper was talking about, anybody know? I wouldn't worry about fancy cameras, Jean, yours sure does a good job just as it is! Cloudy here today, if it clears will go out and get some shots. I had bad asthma all night, could not even eat supper (migraine starting then), was awake a lot during the night, comforted by a very cuddly Tribble and lots of 4-point massages. This morning she went poo when I asked her to (both cats do, that way I can clean it up right away and we don't have poo smell in the house--anybody else's cats poo by request?), but she got some on her fur and had to have the dreaded half-bath. I found the soft soap we like (no chemicals) and used the faucet sprayer on her nether parts, with less protest than last time but a very watchful mamacat standing over her to make sure her kitty was OK. I have been forgiven, now need to go finish brushing her. Bet she's tired, she was up all night taking care of me! love 'n' purrs-- Pennie, Rascal and Tribble
Harry's Eclipse Photo
10 years ago

HarrysEclipseFebre.jpg Harry's Eclipse, Feb, re picture by merjonard

Harry's Eclipse photo, finally!  I did sign it for him but it hardly shows.  However when I put it on my desk top it does!  Guess I got the signature a little too dark.

The triangle thing they talked about, Donna kindly posted info for us, was with Saturn, I believe, and one very bright star, which showed equal distance on both sides of the moon when we saw it in the sky that night.  There was also another fairly bright star back behind it, forming the triangle.  Lots of other stars showing, at first, when we saw it from Crescent City and we should have stopped somewhere here and shot it!  Darn!   It was the most amazing, spectacular, and totally awesome sight I've ever seen!  Harry, too!  By the time we got back here the moon was too far into the eclipse, too dark, for the cameras to pick up well!  Only one star shows up in Harry's photo and he didn't see it until he cropped the photo!

Last night I went on the Internet to Nasa Eclipse Photos and saw lots of people's photos of the eclipse but nothing showing that incredible triangle, he whole eclipse show!

Pennie - thanks re hummies!  That little Allen stayed around all day guarding the feeder and when I went out to put a new one on he hanger I almost grabbed him as he was sitting on the other side and I didn't see him! I spent a lot of time at my kitchen window, leaning on my elbows, running down the cameras batteries, yesterday trying to get new pix of the little twit, no luck!

10 years ago
P.S.  I realize I said your posts here should be your own photos but I think this is a special case and since I worked on the photo, too, I guess its a joint thing.  Hope that's OK with everyone?  I wont normally do this but really wanted to share this special occasion with you-all.  Meralyn
10 years ago

Wow, Meralyn!! Tell Harry thank you from us!! Beautiful shot!!!

You too Jean!!Wow!!

I missed quite a few pics posted, Sunny, Lila, Sally!! And Meralyn those hummies are gorgeous!! You guys are fantastic photographers! Thank you to everyone for sharing your beautiful work with us!!I love this thread!!!

10 years ago

Penny you mentioned a drunk bird I used to have a German Shepherd that ate fermented plums. It took me a while to figure out why she was so cranky in the mornings (hung over) and goofy in the afternoon (drunk). She was something else what a dog she passed over the rainbow bridge Dec. 26, 2005. Jean and Meralyn than you for the eclipse pictures we were over cast and could not see it. Meralyn I love hummingbirds they are so much fun.  Well I went out with my camera this morning try to find something nice to photograph but the weather here is rain, rain and more rain so all I have to offer is more water drops.  Once we get some sun we will have all kinds of flowers for me to share but for now they are all safe as buds.

   rain drop

10 years ago
Exquisite photo Lila!  Like tiny crystal beads!  Great macro work! Thank you for sharing and also thanks re Lunar pic.  And I do understand rain, we've been getting a lot of it!  It was just a miracle that it was clear enough the other night for the Lunar Eclipse!
10 years ago

Thank you Meralyn.  I was just back out side and we had a brief break in the clouds and I got this.

mud pudle

I thought that this was neat the trees and clouds reflecting in the mud puddle.

10 years ago

 Great shots everyone!! I am so glad to see so many more people posting their photos. Meralyn, I don't think anybody minds at all if you post Harry's photos!! It's your thread, lady!!

Sally - fantastic photos! I love all, but the glass really caught my eye. Lighting was beautiful.

Those Hummers!!! I love hummingbirds and have not seen any for so long. Thank you for posting those, ladies!!

Jean your photos are really good. Remind me of a certain painter, but don't know the name! I not only have not studied photography, I never studied art, either!!

Lila, I love your mud puddle. Says something about a person when they can make something beautiful out of a mud puddle!!

Haven't had a chance to get new photos (snowing again) so I am posting another of the icicle shot at a different angle and in B/W


I am so glad that someone was able to get that eclipse. What a neat shot!!

10 years ago
Deb we have missed you.  I love your icicle b&w dose it justice.  You can feel the chill coming off of it.  Re: mud puddle thank you I was determined to find something different.  I could not even get a good ET shot.   It pored rain all day and did not lit up until this afternoon.  More is coming tomorrow to.  I was lucky to get that shot we had all of 5 min. of sun shine.
10 years ago

Meralyn, the photo of the Moon is fantastic. I am so amazed at how close the Moon looks in the picture.

All of the pictures here are gorgeous.  everyone.  You are all great photographers.

10 years ago
WOW Jean, that moon was so bright it looked almost like the sun. Beautiful !
10 years ago

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