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Meralyn and friends Photography # 9 CLOSED
10 years ago

Here is the link to the number 8 thread. There are some fantastic pictures in there including the Budwiser Horses.

And, some good looking Turkey vultures too. Well, their feathers are pretty.

10 years ago
Donna - Beauty is in the eye of he beholder!  Thanks for the new thread, we'll have fun filling it up!  Yep!  I'm suffering insomnia, AGAIN!!!
10 years ago

Meralyn I know you have to have thousands of digital photos.  How and where do you store them?  I have started putting them on discs but am afraid to take them off of my computer.  I might lose them.....

Here is a photo of an old stone fireplace I walk by on the Nature Center trail. 

Old fireplace.jpg

I have a closer shot too, but I didn't see any reason to post it.


10 years ago

Hi Sugar - beautiful shot of the old fireplace!  There's one similar in the mountains above me but I've never gotten a good photo of it.

I have hundreds of photos, doubt its thousands, have never counted, I delete a lot!  With film I threw away hundreds, I'm very critical of my own work, too much of a perfectionist!  I've been trying to organize my favorite and best dig and scanned photos into Picassa albums with the express plan of down-loading onto disks but have not, so far, gotten it accomplished, much to Harry's disgust!  I have some stored in care2 albums and quite a few in P-Bucket.

Happy shooting everyone. I've got to get off here now as expecting a call from Harry, its finally a sunny day and we want to go out and try to shoot Merganser hens setting on nests out in the river, on rocks!  Take care! 

The Budweiser Clydesdale Team, 2002
10 years ago

Budweiser Clydesdales, unloading

The gentle giants being unloaded. Note the beautiful mural on their fancy, big, trailer!

Budweiser Clydesdale Team, 02

Putting on their show.

10 years ago

Oooh, Meralyn! I love those pics! They are gorgeous horses, and, yes, I looked at the mural! How beautiful!

Hi Sugar! What a pretty pic! Great shooting!

10 years ago

Let's try this one again

Ye Ole Homestead  Says it was Christmas 2005, but I'm assuming the photo was taken Christmas week 2004. 

Xmas card 2005

Ah, Clydesdale's.  I came across some I took back in the 80's while April was here last Thanksgiving week.  If I recall they were slides.  They were taken when the local supermarket had it's official grand opening.  They are beautiful animals  I have shot of them at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Va also, but darned if I know where they are   

As for the bird I believe Donna says they are turkey vultures.  My mother used to say that's a face only a mother could love on payday. 

Lila.  Is there a stem on the yellow flower?  I seems like it's just magically growing there 

Amy, don't believe Deb.  She shoots missiles, if not from CO, they come from her base on the dark side of that moon   And I think that's how I ended up with the  double.  It disappeared and I hit  back then post and it  posted twice (liar, liar, pants on fire) 

One more from the vet trip.  This was growing in the parking lot  If you look on the left, that blurred black thing was my hand trying to hold the sucker from blowing out of view

Mag 009

One more.

Magnolia 013

As windy as it was I'm surprised it's even n frame.

Now I hope I can find the lake views I took of the largest lake in NJ.  Must be nice to live right on the lake  

Happy shooting one and all.

Uh oh, having trouble posting this one now.

Hey let's start the flannel shirt group.   Requirement; must love flannel in winter

10 years ago

I love the Clydesdales, Meralyn! I am planning to take the kids to Busch Gardens here the beginning of June so maybe I can get some good pictures of them as well.

I took a few pictures but I have been trying to resize them for the past hour and I give up for the night. I tried to download paintshop but apparently it didn't download correctly. Oh well, I will keep trying and maybe someday I will get them posted.

Goodnight! Sleep tight!

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10 years ago

Hi Sandy - thanks hon, and tell Tom it wont work blaming it on Daphne!

Sunny, loved the Xmas card of your house and the magnolias!  Beautiful!

Amy - I do understand!  I've had problems with the damned computer and care2 ,etc. lately, too,, enough to drive a person to drink, oh yeah!!!!  I tried to download Paint without success, too!  Hope you can get some good pix at the Busch Gardens. 

I'm just beat, I'm probably not making much sense at this point?! got to go to bed now, talk at ya all tomorrow.

10 years ago

SunrisethutheCrabappleTreeApr25-08s.jpg picture by merjonard

The view out my kitchen window this morning thru the old Crabapple tree with the sun coming up over the hills.

10 years ago

Meralyn great shot of early morning through the crabapple tree.  I have a couple of them too.  Great shots Sunny and everyone.


10 years ago

Sugar I love the old fire place. Meralyn thank you for sharing your photos of the Clydesdale they are wonderful. The crab apple is lovely it has that early morning feel to it. Sunny yes the flower has a stem (see below) we do not have magic flowers here. Your flowers are beautiful and I like your Christmas card.

This one is for Sunny:


I do not know what this is it is considered a weed the bloom is only 1/4" across.  I was playing with the manual focus on my camera when I took it the camera would not focus on it automatically.


I should have cropped this one more.

10 years ago



I had to post these. My daughter-in-law took them in Alaska and I thought they were so beautiful I had to share. I love all the flowers - the crabapple pic is so peaceful, Meralyn. I have a bunch of Clydesdale shots but have no idea where they are now. Sunny - now I have a base on the dark side of the moon??   And, oh yeah - I forgot to tell everyone - my Uncle's name is Darth!!   I took some pics of cherry blossoms, but Sunny's wind found its' way to CO and they were completely blurry. (Sunny's wind - I just reread that. hehehe!)   After getting these pics, I can't wait to go visit my son and his family in Alaska!

10 years ago

Gotta keep you on your toes, Sunny! Delete that post! (Honest, I did NOT post a double on purpose!!!)

10 years ago

Sugar - good morning and thanks and I'm eager to see your early morning shots, too!

Lila, lovely photos!  You did amazingly well with the manual focus!  I have a very hard time with my camera on manual focus as there is NOT a bar to line up as I had in my old SLR film camera!  Also, I dont recognise either flower.  Is the first one a type of tulip?

Deb - Great Alaska pics!  It IS a fantastically beautiful country!  I want to take the inland passage on a cruise sometime, before I drop dead!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and enjoy your selves shooting!

10 years ago

Deb the photos of Alaska are amazing.  Meralyn manual focus is giving me a hard time to.  out of about 20 times 3 came out right but it if fun to play.  The first photo is locally know as a "kitten or cat's" ear the second one I have no idea.  Pennie will come along soon and tell us all about both of them I have no doubt.  Got to run I am waiting for a call.  I hope to post more photos to day if the puppies and kitten will let us get some work done.   Not complaining they are all darling and I am taking so many wonderful photos of them.  When I get a chance I will start a thread and share some photos of my sister's kitten.  She is a doll.

10 years ago

Here is my contribution for the day.  I do not know what this is called this is a sticker plant.  This was also taken with manual focus.

sticker plant

Cropped to show just the flower.  (I love having 7 megapixels)

close up

The flower is small just a little bit larger than the eraser on a pencil. 

10 years ago

Now I see it Lila   Actually  after I said that I remembered  I've taken photos of Tulips looking straight down at them and didn't realize that to someone that didn't know they would look like they had just popped out of the ground with no stem.

Lila for the tulip  with the stem

Meralyn love the crabapple shot.  Mine is just starting to show buds.  I took a pic of it and was going to post it last week, but like the pictures I took of NJ largest lake on my return from the vets office, I can't find what I did with them

Meanwhile here's one of the Maple tree I took with the old Olympus on 4/20.  The sky is a bit more angry in this one so my leaf blower wouldn't work right

  Maple  04-20-08(2).JPG

Deb, you're killing me with your daughter in laws Alaska shots.  Of all the states I'd love to see Alaska is at the top of the list.  Even my brother who is not into scenery made the trip and told me I'd have a field day with my cameras.  Of course he didn't bother bring a camera, in fact I doubt he owned one at the time  He did the cruise up and glass roofed train back so he got to see the western part of Canada too, both from off shore and inland. 

Darth hey  I guess I'd better watch for light sabers now  too  And as long as I didn't PASS that wind you should b e OK  And if you had a dupe someone else got it.

I just noticed this one in my album amd I'm pretty sure I've never  put it up cause I hate the sky.  In fact it's a perfect example of why I take sky only shots.  If I knew how to do it I would change it to a blue sky with billowy clouds. As it is it's sort of blah.  Plus on my laptop the colors look lousy.

RR Tracks.jpg

My Cone flower are just starting to come up

Cone Flower

I'm having  a hard time posting the pictures.  It's taking way too long for them to appear, so I'm hitting submit now before I lose this whole thing

10 years ago

Oh wow again!  I am always so thrilled to see such gorgeous photos.  The Alaskan pictures, the flowers and Sunny your colors are gorgeous.  Oh Meralyn, I love to see all of the pictures.  I am so glad you have this thread.

I am still going to post some of mine.  And Meralyn you have taught me a lesson.  Throw it away unless it means something to me.  Especially if it is kind of bad any way.  I tend to keep everything....

Wild Plox next to the creek.

Wild Pfox.jpg

Virginia Blue Bells

Virginia Blue Bells 2.jpg



10 years ago

WOW!  Fantastic shots guys & gals!  Lila, you have a great eye to be able to manually focus on a flower that small and a great camera, too!  Great work!  And Sunny yours are just awesome!  Love the perspective on the railroad track and colors, and that bee is just wonderful!  I love the stormy sky shot, too.

Keep up the good work and hey, slow down, I havn't gotten anything good lately, let me catch up, LOL!  Only kidding kids!  GO TO IT!!!  WITH GUSTO!!!

10 years ago

Redbud tree

Redbud 2.jpg

My flowering crab


My Dogwood


Lilacs, white is on far left.  I started the lilac colored ones from my grandmother's lilacs.  The white is from an old brick farm house circa 1850.  A friend of mine lived there.

lilacs _wnite on far left_.jpg

I love flowering shrubs and trees.  My snowball bush is going to be beautiful this year.  Also soon I will be taking pictures of my Jack-in-the-pulpits. 

It is beautiful here right now. 


10 years ago

Great shots everyone! I have Picassa downloaded Meralyn, can you tell me how to resize photos?

10 years ago

These seem to be the size of some of the others on here, (I hope)

Not great pictures, I really don't know how to use my camera well and I don't know how to use the program I downloaded...



And my little Pigdog..


I want to try to get some pictures of my lavendar, too. I need to sit down and check my camera out really well and figure out what I am doing.

10 years ago

Sugar - WOWEEE!!!  What gorgeous flowering trees!  Your place is like a park!  Thank you dearheart for sharing with us!  How do you resize your pix?

Amy - Picassa is very good for editing pix, as long as not too technical, but I have not been able to re-size pix thru it.  It is great for organizing albums.  It is also great for sending thru email as it automatically down-sizes for that!

Go to . ,then go to Browse, choose your pic from your My Pictures file, click on 600, (leave on grey) Best, and then Resize.  It will take awhile to resize.  When it says remove, click on pic, save as - "whatever", which will put it back into your file, (remove then from shrink) then you can load it easily in your care2 albums or in Photobucket.  Its rather a round-about time consuming F'n pain in the ass but it works!  If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.  I've had to learn a lot of this the hard way, trial & error!!!

10 years ago

Thanks Meralyn.  It is gorgeous right now.  There are blooming trees everywhere!  From Redbud to peaches and on and on.  And I planted everyone of them over the years.

I shrink my pictures with HP Image Zone.  That is the program that I thought I had lost, but I found the disc to install it again.  Yay.

Amy I love your flowers.  Tell me about your dog.  I just took some of Annie while walking in the woods wading in the creek.

Well the sweeper is sitting here staring at me!!!!  Gotta go,


10 years ago

Sunny your photos are wonderful. Any time you want a flower stem just ask . Sugar I can not see the Wild Phlox but every thing else is amazing. Amy great job. Picasa dose re size your photos to a certain extent. When you use the web album feature to upload you have 3 options 1024 pixels for a fast upload, 1600 pixels for and optimized upload this is default, or large size which is a slow upload. There are two other free programs that you might like one is easy thumb nails all it dose is re size photos. You can read about it and down load it at CNET The other program is it is a cross between a graphic program and a photo editor. You can add text to photos adjust brightness/contrast, sharpness, etc.

I am off to a slow start this morning late last night I got some bad news I used to clean an apartment for a friend and I got very close to there  cat last night the cat was killed by a car.  So today I am still in shock.  Lexi was a beautiful Himalayan and I adored her.  I will always miss her she was a good friend.

10 years ago

Ladies - Your photos are outstanding!  I am enjoying this thread so very much!  Thank you Donna for setting it up for us!

Amy - If you have any questions about Picassa feel free to ask anytime.  I learned by the seat of my pants, and they are getting thin!  "Help" does help, sometimes!  Take your camera manual and read it one chapter at a time, beginning at the front, of course, LOL!  I did that with my little Konica Minolta but got bogged down with my new, advanced Panasonic!  Must get back to it!  It IS fun to go out and try the different settings, including manual,Lila, your so right about that!  Make notes on what you do with a subject!  Its a great way to learn.

Lila - you posted a little yellow flower that I believe you called a Cats Ear?  I finally found mine, but they are more white and fuzzy, the flowers, that is.  Finally got them re-sized, loaded and will add in a minute.

Sugar - thanks for posting thename of your program you use to resize.  Did you load it off the web or buy it?  And do you then have to store them in care2 Albums or P-Bucket?

Have a great day and Happy Shooting Everyone! 

Cat Ears, 2007
10 years ago

CatEarsatLoneRanchMay07sigre.jpg picture by merjonard

CatEarsIIsigre.jpg picture by merjonard

These fuzzy little flowers are Cats Ears.  I remembered them from my youth when I lived over in the Rogue River Valley.  I would find them occassionally in the woods.  Harry found them on a rocky knoll above Lone Ranch Beach and took me to see them, I was thrilled!  They are also called Pussy Ears, OK, watch it! LOL!!!  We also found them at Indian Sands. They are a member of the Lilly family and my Wildflower book gives the Tolmie's Pussy Ears as the type that closely resembles the one's I photographed.  It took me a while to find them in my photo file, I had forgotten them!

10 years ago

Meralyn thanks to your flower I now know that mine is a Calochortus monophyllus  Yellow Startulip.  Here is a new photo.  This one is a Shooting Star.

shooting star
I took this yesterday I hope to get some time to get my camera out but I have to go shopping to day so I do not know if I will have time.

10 years ago
Awesome pics!!
10 years ago

Those are awesome, Meralyn! I had never seen those before!

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