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Meralyn and Friends photos and digital art 13
10 years ago

Here's the link to 12

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10 years ago
Sunny - thank you dearheart!  Yes, it could deffinitely just be due to care2's problems.  I'll try to come back in this evening and post something.  In the meantime - have fun everyone!  Bye, I'm going to go eat lunch!
10 years ago

Meanwhile...Sandy has her camera working.  Great!   I use rechargeables in mine.   I wonder if yours has the color swap feature also.  If it does it's hiding in  Scenes mode, and looks like an eye dropper. 

Mmm, marigolds.  I almost did marigolds this year,  but last minute opted for begonias.  Put in red and whites, and every year I put impatiens under the border of my crabapple.  I used to go completely around it, but last few year I do and arch.   All in all between the begonias and the impatiens I do 250 flowers.  And to think I've cut it down, used to put  nearly 200 just around the crabapple.  Oh and about 36 red salvia along the walk for the hummers.    So if you've been wondering where I've been of late, I've  been mostly in traction.

10 years ago
Sunny - Why isnt #13 showing up in the Discussions list?  Just another care2 glitch, I guess?!  care2 used to be fun!
10 years ago

Hi Sunny & Meralyn!

Sunny, I'll check that out on my camera. Thanks!

And, I love marigolds too.  Actually I love all kinds of flowers. I mix them all.

I made us up an index thread for all previous Merlyn's photography threads. This way they wont get lost  And, we can keep adding the threads to it as we go through them.

Here's the link.....

10 years ago

My bird decoration hanging outside on the brick. And, for that special realistic effect- a real live birdie came along and pooped underneath it! lol! Look closely, you'll see it!


10 years ago

WOW Sandy, great pic, clarity, color, right on girl!  And, gee, nice of you to make an index for us.  Thank you! And also for sharing with us!  Its a darling pic and I do see the poop, LOL!!!

Sunny, I'll have to check that color "thingey" out in my camera, too.  It does so much that I will never learn, or figure it all out!  I need to get back to studying the book!

Today I stood near the hummy feeder and tried to shoot them on Sports mode for high speed, ha, it refused to shoot on telephoto combo!  So back to Auto and managed to get a couple shots which I'll share later.

Wild Lupine on Sand Dunes
10 years ago

LupineWaysideBeachMay10-08sig.jpg Lupine, Wayside Beach, May 10-08, sig picture by merjonard

Took this photo on a gloomy day but wanted the look anyway.  Note - my horizon line is not level!  I have a problem with that!  Didn't notice before or I would have straightened in Picasa.

Sunny - incidentally, I have been trying resizing in Picasa and it is working and storing in an Export folder.  So thanks again dear friend and mentor!

10 years ago

Great pics, they have such clarity and that bird looks so real, I thought it was, until I read your post.  Good Job.

10 years ago

Oops   I guess I forgot to blue pin it.

  I thought Sandy's bird was real.    Could be you have that swap feature since I have the A630 and you have the A530.  Off hand I don't  recall what the difference was other than  50 bucks.   But it could  be there since they were very  similar.  My manual covers the A630 and the A640, but that doesn't mean other in the A series  don't have some  of the bells and whistle too.

It's been way too hot to be outdoors in these parts.  It hit 99 yesterday, but only 84  today.  I was going to  shoot the wildflowers but along with the  drop in temps came an absolutely gorgeous  breeze (wind)  The flowers where all over the place, especially since they are  small and you need to get  very close.  Too small to hold with the hand since there would be no  place to hide it.  I'll try again tomorrow since it's supposed to be like today.  Maybe I'll get a calm period.

Meralyn, I could have sure used that ocean  on Tuesday  Don't worry about straight  horizons, I have a astigmatism  in my shooting eye and have never  taken a straight photo in my life.   

10 years ago

Great picture Sandy, at first glance I was wondering what kind of bird it was.  I thought it was real for a second!

Meralyn I planted some lupine seeds this year.  Just in a odd spot, they may or may not come up.  I love them though.

Here is my latest shot....A Dragon Fly

Dragon  Fly.jpg

Dragon Fly 2.jpg

I just might become a buggy photographer!  We have lots of bugs around here!


10 years ago

WOW Sugar!!!! Awesome photos!

Meralyn, Yours is gorgeous!!!Just beautiful!

10 years ago

Hey Sug, you sure your not a pro?!  Great shot, very clear, focused beautifully!  Did you prop the camera? Umm, is it dead?  Lying on its back? LOL!!!  That's one way to get a bug to hold still!!!

Thanks ladies.  I've got to get off this ocean theme now, though.

10 years ago

Meralyn, you can stay on the ocean theme as long as you want!  I have one wish before I am no longer here, I want to see the ocean again.  I love the ocean. 

I found the 'fly' on my front porch and I thought it was alive at first, but I am afraid it is dead.  I don't know what happened to it.  No I didn't prop the camera up.  I just took my time and really worked hard to hold the camera still.  

Thanks Sandy and Meralyn for the compliment.


Hummingbird, Allen's Female, June 2008
10 years ago

HummingbirdAllensFemaleJun08sig-1.jpg Hummingbird, Allen's Female, Jun 08,sig-! picture by merjonard

I was outside, standing quite near the feeder, but was fighting shadows so not as clear as it could have been.  Also, I get excited and hit the shutter too fast & hard!  Trying to catch them in flight!

10 years ago

Fantastic shot, Meralyn! Bravo!!

I've yet to capture a bird! I'm trying like heck though!

10 years ago
Sandy - thank you dearheart!  Its not my best hummy pic but I do love trying!  Its so much fun, well, sometimes!  It can also be extremely frustrating!  Especially when the little twits do NOT cooperate!
10 years ago

Meralyn, I haven't gotten a hummy yet.  I am looking forward to trying. 

Here are some pics from today....

little waterfall.jpg

Black dragon fly.jpg

Another Dragon Fly.jpg

Now this one has a little story, as I was walking by I noticed this large opening at the base of this tree and I looked in and it looked just like a very large snake was in there.  You can just see it above the small hole in the other side of the trunk.  I kind of jumped away from it!  Of course I was excited about getting a picture of a big snake, but on the second look it was just part of the tree.

tree trunk.jpg


10 years ago

What wonderful photos Meralyn and Sugar! I do so admire the patience it must take to get those shots of tiny birds and insects that are constantly on the move (unless theyre dead!). By the time I've focused my camera the subject has moved on

10 years ago

Linda it took me many tries to photograph the black dragonfly.  There were a lot of them but none would sit still long enough for me to snap the picture.  The green one I found dead on the trail. 


10 years ago

Sugar - Wonderful, and cool (in more ways then one!), pix!  Love them!  It gives us a look inside your world, where you live, and thank you for sharing.

And thanks ladies.

I have to go now and get ready for the yard crew who are doing the rest of my yard, which I can no longer keep up with.  And I'm worn out from helping Harry help me last evening and cooking dinner for him, groan!

Happy shooting gang!  Go forth and be merry!

10 years ago
Nice pics, Sugar!!!
10 years ago

Aw Meralyn, so sorry you are so pooped from helping Harry help you!  I know that can happen.  Some times it is better to do what ever you are doing at your speed and alone.  Other times not....

Thanks Sandy and Meralyn for the comments.

Here are a couple of flower pics from yesterday.

Wild Daisies!

wild Daisy.jpg

This one looks like a Morning Glory or wild Petunia.  I never saw it here before.  My wildflower book is in the car, but I want to look this up.  I should have taken a picture of the stem and leaves.  Oh well,

purple wildflower.jpg

Oh I do love my camera!  I tell Ray so all of the time.


10 years ago

I love my new camera, but this was taken with the old one on my mobile phone - not terribly good quality but after a session playing around with the effects in Photobucket I'm extremely pleased with the result!

Photo-0063-1-1.jpg Pop Art Wilton picture by Lindylou115

                                "WILTON POP ART"

10 years ago

SmBlueFlowerKampPkFieldsJun-08re.jpg Sm. Blue Flower, Kamph Fields, Ju 08 picture by merjonard

A tiny wildflower in the bottom an over-grown, wet gully.  I had to get down on my knees to shoot this delicate little beauty.  Tried cropping, it seemed to destroy the fragile look and sharpening did the same, so decided to leave original.  I'm not sure of the name of this little wildflower, Harry is trying to help me identify it, its only about 1/4" across!

Gorgeous pix Sugar!  You are justly proud of your camera and its wonderful that you let Ray know, too.

Great effects Linda!  I love it!

Happy shooting everyone!  I'm off to do a few things this weekend.  Will try to drop in but not sure if I'll have time, so, take care!

Chickadee with worms for mate, June 2008
10 years ago

Last evening I noticed the little male chickadee bringing worms to his mate, setting on her second batch of eggs, in the little bird house.  This birdhouse hangs in the crabapple tree outside my kitchen window, also the hummy feeder.  I should have been weeding but I got so excited, had to try to shoot the little guy, couldn't decide which shot was best, so here's three of them! 

ChickadeewithwormsIIIsig.jpg Chickadee with Worm, III, sig picture by merjonard

ChicadeewithwormsIIsig-2.jpg Chicadee with Worm, II, sig picture by merjonard

Chickadeewithwormssig-1.jpg Chickadee with Worm, I, sig picture by merjonard

The light was bad and I'm afraid I moved the camera in my excitement so not the best focus.  I cropped these, also tried to sharpen a little, it didn't work!  But, oh, what a darling bird!

10 years ago

Meralyn, those are beautiful! I would so frame those. I have a few pictures in my dining room of those little birds, along with a glass chickadee on a shelf. So cute!!!

10 years ago

Meralyn, fantastic pics! What great shots! I am just dying to snap a bird! I haven't had any luck as of yet. I'll keep on trying!!

Linda! That's a lovel pic! Great work!

Hi Sugar! Beautiful flower pics!!

10 years ago
Oh Meralyn, they are gorgeous!!!
10 years ago
I really enjoy everyone's pics here.  Thanks for sharing
10 years ago
Thanks ladies!  I've got to run and get ready for my outing!  Happy hunting with your cameras!
10 years ago
Have a great time, Meralyn! Tell Harry hello from all of us!
10 years ago

Hello, hello!!  Everyones pictures are all so great.  I haven't had anything to share for a while but during that time, I have enjoyed everyones pictures.  I especially love all the pictures of birds.  They are one thing that I haven't really been able to capture well.  Yet I was able to get some shots from a presentation by the Birds of Prey Conservatory.  They may not be very good but it's a start.

Here is an out of focus black vulture.

IMG_03321.jpg picture by Iaelah

The next hawk was one that they flew.  It is better focused and I was really luck to capture the one in midair.

IMG_03341.jpg picture by Iaelah

IMG_03371.jpg picture by Iaelah

That's it for now.  Keep up the good work everyone!!  I do enjoy the pictures!


10 years ago

2008_0612Fuji0094.jpg Goldfinches picture by Lindylou115

As we're on the subject of birds, these little goldfinches are regular visitors to our garden. I took this through a rather dirty window and was surprised at how well it looks!

10 years ago
I'm not offering a prize for spotting the deliberate mistake!
10 years ago
again dirty windows mine never look that clean no matter what
10 years ago
I didn't see any deliberate mistake....i even looked for Waldo
10 years ago
Wot, not spotted it?
10 years ago

Is that "2008" or "2998"?  I feel like "Back to the Future"... 

10 years ago
Is it one that you have to cross your eyes to see
10 years ago

Meralyn, Sugar, Linda and Eve, I am impressed how wonderful the pics are!  Thank you for sharing them. 

Jennifer C.

10 years ago

Linda, are those really wild Goldfinches?!  They're sure different from the ones here.  Umm, no glass in your window?  Beautiful shot whatever?!  OK, FESS UP!!!

The other bird shots from the show are great!  And I am not remembering your name, just got back from a long, rugged hike and I'm pooped so please forgive?!

And thanks everyone.

10 years ago
Yes Meralyn, really wild goldfinches and so beautiful! Got it one one Amy - the date! I was so tired when I was editing the photo I just didn't spot it until I submitted it!
10 years ago

Another interesting insect!

bug 5.jpg

It was spitting up that green liquid. 

but 4.jpg


10 years ago

Good Morning Gang - I think I'm a little more with it this morn., was worn out last night but it was oh, so worth it!!!

Eve - sorry I omitted your name, dear, brain just shut down!

Linda - the date looks OK here!?  I checked it out to begin with, looks 2008!!!

Sugar - WOW!  What in the holy hell is it?!  Great pix!!!

I'm editing my Mill Creek Walk pix and will be sharing them with you'all shortly.  Have a good Monday, if possible, LOL!  I'm going to the dentist!I may need this afterwards!?

10 years ago

Hi all!

Sugar, that has to be one of the ugliest bugs I have evr seen! Great picture of a hideous bug! 

Glad you are feeling a little better meralyn, I hope it continues!

These are just a few flowers I took while at my sisters, then some of them I played with. Great stress relief!




South Fork of the Smith River, California. June 2008
10 years ago

SmithRivSoForkJun-8sig.jpg Smith Riv, So Fork, Jun -8, sig picture by merjonard

South Fork of the Smith River in California, approx. 40 mi's from where I live in Oregon.  I was standing on the bridge facing west down river, towards where the fork joins the main river.  And, yes, the colors are true!  Its a ruggedly beautiful river in awesome mounains!

SmithRivSoForkIIJun08sig.jpg Smith Riv, So Fork, II, Jun 08, sig picture by merjonard

From bridge looking east, up river.  This picturesque river has cut a deep gorge in the mountains, thru the ages, and the road follows it up thu these mountains to go inland.  The only route in this direction, narrow, dangerous, and incredibly beautiful!!! 

Amy - wonderful flowers and I do know what you mean!  Thanks for sharing with us.

10 years ago

Nice flowers Amy!  And great pictures of flowers.  I love flowers.  You must have given the first that lovely green color.

Hi Meralyn, looking forward to you new pictures!

That is an ugly bug isn't it?  I love the markings on its head though.  Just like a face.  I think it was just transforming into its final phase, a moth.  It wasn't hurt or anything.  It is gone now.


10 years ago

Meralyn fantastic shots! Great color and depth. They take me right into the picture!


10 years ago

I did give it that green color, Sugar, this is what it looked like before I played with it.


I wanted to get so many more pictures while I was at my sisters. She has a lake outside her house with a gorgeous waterfall and Canadian Geese that come right up to her patio and eat her bird food. But, alas, the battery on my camera died. I was so upset! But, I will be going back and I will get more pics then, and I will make sure my battery is fresh!

Meralyn those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Wow! What colors! Oregon must have some awesome nature scenes, and you capture them perfectly!!!

10 years ago

Sugar, isn't that a spider carrying the ugly bug?

Was it Linda who posted my Black Vulture photo???  OI love that bird. 2 come here around 9 am for chicken legs every morning. I WISH there was a way of knowing the males from the females.

Meralyn , that water in the picture is so blue. I have never seen anything like that. So serene too.

That is a striking photo of a Hawk too. We have them around here too.

10 years ago

That gold finch is gorgeous. I thought the mistake was that it wasn't a gold finch. Ours don't look that fancy.

Amy, that is a beautiful flower.

Mill Creek Swimming Hole, California, 2008
10 years ago

MillCrSwimmingHoleJun08sig.jpg Mill Cr. Swimming Hole, Jun 08, sig picture by merjonard

MillCrSwimmingHoleJun-08sig.jpg Mill Cr. Swimming Hole, II, Jun 08, sig picture by merjonard

The swimming hole at Mill Creek.  Note the rope?  The kids must have to climb the tree to reach it!  The huge trees framing these two shots are redwoods.  This area is absolutely gorgeous and rather "other-worldly", too!  Very special!

Note - this is in California, not Oregon.  But its only about 40 - 50 mi's from where I live in Oregon.  Mill Creek is a tributary of the Smith River.

Amy - I like your pansy in both colors.  Good work!  And thanks everyone.  Have great fun with your cameras and get out there and enjoy Mother Nature!

10 years ago

I took this picture this morning, I had never taken a picture like this before so I wasn't real sure what the best way to do it was. But I loved the way the sun was trying to peek out from the storm!


10 years ago

Same storm, different angle..


10 years ago

Oh, I could watch clouds for hours!

lilacorchids.jpg Lilac Orchids picture by Lindylou115

This was taken with my old mobile phone camera but I'm having so much fun "playing" with my photos"

10 years ago

  You guys can blame Meralyn for  my absence. .  After years of  having nearly every darned digital imaging  program  around and not know a thing about how to use them, I've been into the books the past few days and reading, and reading.

The first real attempt at messing with a  photo.

It's a 1964 Chevy Impala Super Sport with a  4 speed transmission (4 on the floor) and a 327 cubic inch engine putting out 300 horsepower


64 Chevy SS


Retouched 64 Chevy SS

There's a few people missing, in particular the guy in the background that is now talking to himself.  The pink tape is gone along  with some of it's reflection in the front bumper, and above all,  so is the  fender in the left foreground.

64 Chevy Interior.JPG

The grill is of  a red one 

'64 Chevy left front grill w-logo

What I like most about this car is it's the first new car I've ever owned, right  down to  the  4 speed floor shift, the tachometer  built into the dash and the  add them yourself gauges under the dash.  It even has the same engine I had.  Only major difference is the  color, mine was called Saddle Tan, and no way  would I ever have fuzzy dice.

I also owner one of these in red.  So far I only have the close-up of the left front  fender, but I'll get the FILM back on Friday with the whole car in it.  Hopefully they'll look cool since most  were taken using an 18mm lens.  Whoooo, super wide.

1969 Camaro RS with a 350 engine.

'69 Camaro RS

Using an 18mm and standing in the same place I got the whole car in. 

Carry on gag, and  keep up the great  photos.  I'm going  back to reading.  This stuff is getting very interesting.  But I can't be in 2 places at once

10 years ago

Awsome pics everyone, I always look forward to coming to this thread..

10 years ago

Amy & Linda - WOW!!!  Gorgeous pix!  I absolutely love them!  And I can't believe you got that beautiful pic with a phone camera?!  Did I get that right?!

Sunny - OK, OK, blame it all on me!  But hey guy, look at what your achieving!  Great results and neat cars, too!  Thanks for sharing!

Turkey Vultures on the river bar, Jun 08
10 years ago

TurkeyVulturesIII.jpg Turkey Vultures III picture by merjonard

TurkeyVulturesII.jpg Turkey Vultures II picture by merjonard

TurkeyVultureonWinchuckJun08.jpg Turkey vultures on the river, Jun 08 picture by merjonard

These photos are for Donna and whomever else finds these butt-ugly birds fascinating.  Well, at least their wings are beautiful, LOL!!!

10 years ago

Those were beautiful shots of the Turkey Vultures. Jimmy went to bed but I will show him tomorrow. The wing span is fascinating  and they look so beautiful with the white therough them. Now, actually, it is the red face that makes tham Not too beatutiful. hehe  But they are a beautiful bird, and the work they do for the environment is priceless. I haven't had many on the garage lately, but one does fly over the house in the early evening to see if there is anything the Black Vultures might have left.

The turkey vultures are nice that they will eat what you give them, even if it is left over canned cat food. The Black Vulture doesn't want it. There are 2 now that show up in the morning for breakfast, as in Chicken legs, and Newbie is in the kitchen wanting hers too, as I make cut marks in the chicken with scissors for the Vultures to eat it easier. Newbie has no problems, and neither does Geezer. They go crazy over raw chicken, and Bob Cat and Panther love it too. Very nice Pics Meralyn, and don't forget if you see the black Vultures to get some of them too. They are friendly to Humans. Just pin a chicken leg to your head, and they  will hang around for sure. I just walk around with one swinging in each hand.

10 years ago

I can't get over the brilliant colors too, and I think you made them beautiful. I see them all the time but I don't think I ever saw all them at one time expanding their wings like that. wow

10 years ago

Thanks Donna.  I just wish I could have gotten outside and closer to them!  Made me damn mad, too, as the phone call didn't come in for another hour! They were fascinating to watch.  I thought they had found something dead to eat on the gravel bar but they were just sunning themselves.  Later I saw them eating something on the neighbor's bank across the river.  He's put out meat scraps before.  I've just never seen that many together before!  And I dont think I'm going to run around with a chicken leg pinned to my head, thank you very much! LOL!!!

And according to my bird book we dont have Black Vultures out here.

Oh yes, the tide was out, this area is tidal, very close to the mouth of the river, and that's why the rocks look putrid green, its all that icky moss!

10 years ago
Yup, that was just the camera on my phone! Will have to be quick - my internet connection keeps ducking out. Love to all ...
10 years ago

My goodness, I am continually impressed with all the great shots and the touch-ups.  Sunny how on earth did you do that?  The average person can't tell at all.  I don't know about the expert, maybe they could.

You know Meralyn when I was a kid there was a swimming hole some where that we went to, but I can't remember where.  It is probably gone by now with all the developments.  Great vulture shots.  And Linda Wow!  Wonderful.


10 years ago
Has anyone noticed that the date on my goldfinch photo has changed to 2008 (was 2998)? Weird, I didn't do it. Well, I did but on photobucket. I deleted the 2998 version completely and immediately re edited another version to read 2008 but I changed nothing on Care2. To be honest I was waiting for it to show up with a redX or a moved /deleted logo.
The Mighty Redwoods
10 years ago

TwoRedwoodsgimped-1.jpg Two Redwoods, gimped-1 picture by merjonard

The mighty redwoods, towering sentinels, earths giants!  Imagine what they have seen down thru the centurys?!  These trees are actually in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove further south but I was unable to get any good shots in Mill Creek area so I am re-posting this shot.  Since I am posting pix from a redwood forest I wanted to use a photo of the trees, too.  I had to lie on my back in the ferns to get this shot.  Also used the watercolor filter in Gimp for effect.  Last years photo.

Linda - I didn't notice any date 'cept the correct one!  And thanks ladies!  Keep truck'n with your cameras!

10 years ago
ATTENTION!!! - Can everyone see my pix or are they only red x's?!  These are from Photobucket.  Steve & Diana said that's all they can see if the pix are from there!!!
10 years ago

I can see them fine, Meralyn and they are wonderful, as usual! You amaze me!!!

10 years ago

Thanks Amy.  I'm wondering if the problem is something in the new Format?!

10 years ago
Hello Meralyn and everyone.  The only image of yours that I can see here Meralyn is the beautiful Chick a De with worm that you posted Sunday.  On that post 2 are red x's and then the one I can see.  I can't see the other ones.  And I went to some other groups and found other people such as some of Mada's images are now redx'd.  I am beside myself to say the least.  Well I love the Chick a de, he's beautiful.
10 years ago

On this thread I can see Sunny's but not Linda's.

10 years ago

I like that green color. It is Moss green I think. I think the Moss green color aroound trees is beautiful. If I only had a lawn that color !

10 years ago

Eve, Is the Black Vulture considered a bird of prey? Their eyes are off to the side like most gentle animals such as cows, and they are the stork family too.

Also, what is the name of the Hawk that you posted? Thanks!

I see everybody pictures.

10 years ago
Hi everyone. I can see everyone's pictures on this thread. Sorry Diana that you can't see mine - there's no reason they should be censored!
10 years ago

I got a bit distracted when getting the washing in from the line just now - this is the reason:

2008_0619Fuji0082.jpg Baby Blue Tit picture by Lindylou115

2008_0619Fuji0085.jpg Baby Blue Tit picture by Lindylou115

2008_0619Fuji0087.jpg Baby Blue Tit picture by Lindylou115

A baby blue tit waiting to be fed! Sooooo cute!

10 years ago

I can see everyone's pics. And, they are all beautiful! Great work everyone!

10 years ago

Oh Linda!  I can see why you got distracted!!!  What a precious baby and great pix!!!  Thank you so very much for sharing with us!  And were'nt you lucky!?

Sandy thanks hon, sure glad you can see the pix, too.  I really think this is a care2 glitch but guess there is no way we can know for sure.  Certainly hope it gets ironed out soon Diana and thanks for coming in on this problem, too!

And thanks to everyone else, too, who came in with comments!

Knarly Old Redwood, Mill Creek, Calif., Jun 08
10 years ago

OldKnarlyRedwoodMillCrJun08sig.png Old Knarly Redwood, Mill Cr, Jun 08, sig picture by merjonard

Other side of knarly tree -

KnarlyRedwoodothersidesig.jpg Knarly Redwood, other side, sig picture by merjonard

Can you see all the faces in this amazing, deformed old tree?  Its like something from Alice and Wonderland or Grimm's Fairy Tales!  I had a hard time shooting these with all the shadows and backlighting.  These photos dont really show it like I witnessed it, either, darn!

I believe these deformities are called burls and are caused from some disease.

10 years ago

Oooh Meralyn! I can see the faces! That is so fantastic! Great work!

10 years ago

I am lucky...i can see all the fantastic pics!

Linda i suspect when you changed the finch/2998 pic in yr photobucket it must have changed in here too somehow. Weird b/c when i looked a second time the pic seemed smaller and Amy mentioned "back to the future". Then i gathered the answer was that the date was 2998, but i never did see that. (OK, whew it's not me....haha).

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10 years ago

Hi all! I spent the day today with the boys at Wilderness Park just getting dirty with nature and snapping pictures. We had the best day! I got lots of pictures before my battery went dead (again) but I missed getting three baby armadillos that came right up to us while we were on a trail. It was so awesome, too! My nephew got pictures with his camera so I am going to get them developed here and have them put on a CD and then I will have them! here are a few that we got today....







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10 years ago
Nice pics, Amy!! Good work!
10 years ago

Sandy - thanks!  And I'm glad you can see the faces, too.

Sandrea - I'm so happy to hear you can see all the pix.

Diana - if your stoping by again maybe you can explain what you had to do so you can sse the photos, too?

Amy - Love your pix!  Thanks for sharing.

10 years ago

I just snapped this....


10 years ago

Diana, it could be the source o the photos.  Mine are on Care2, Merilyn's and Linda's are on Photobucket.  If you're on dial up that could make a difference. 

Sometimes all you  have to do is log out and back in  and the red x's will go away.

Meanwhile, I'm getting  itchy with all these bugs around.

Meralyn the  Redwoods would look awesome with an  18 or 20 mm lens on a 35 SLR.  Not that they are not already awesome   They'd grow considerably  I'd love to lie on the ground under ono of those and shoot straight up.  Of course I may never get back up, so it could be my last  photo ever

I'm wait to get my pics back from the car show.  I took a lot of cars using an 18,   They should  look like stretch limos, or at the least  distorted, but in a good way  I hope.

Meanwhile I forgot to put up the last of  my peonies.

Here's another  that I did with that  thingie the camera came with.

RS Peony 094

And a "normal" one.

RS Peony 102

Meralyn tells me  these guys are Sweet William.

Wildflowers 125

One more and I'll leave you alone till I get my cars

I could have lightened this one, but I sort of like it dark. 

Wildflowers 01 (1)

Keep dem camera's clicking

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10 years ago

Beautiful flowers & pics, Sunny!

Also, I forgot to mention your fantastic car photos above. That's pretty incredible how you removed the guy out of the pic!! (the one is talking to himself now! )

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10 years ago

Sandy - WOW!  Fantastic sunset!  Good on ya girl!!!

Sunny - yep, SLR and lying in the ferns!  I just dont want to mess with film anymore.  And I said maybe those are Sweet Williams (in another group which we're not supposed to talk about, shhhh!), could be?!  I had Sweet Williams eons ago.  Beautiful pix!

Keep on shoot'n gang, your awesome, each and every one of ya!!!  Good night now!

10 years ago

OK, strike that. 

Meralyn THINKS they're Sweet Williams.  Good enough for me since I have no clue what they are.

KO, Legal disclaimer: They are flowers that came in a pack of mixed wildflowers.  Therefore they are WILDFLOWERS.

And Oops  I missed Sandy's sunset.  Very nice,  lady  who can't take  pictures

I also missed everyone else's clouds.  I think maybe we had clouds on our minds since I took a bunch this past Sunday too.  I also found some  that were taken from the other side, as in looking down at them.  The darned things have been missing for  a couple of years.

And that's some phone you have there Linda.    Now I'll put you on the spot. Are those  Irises?  I used to have Bearded Irises  but took them out since the  plant is sort of plain and the flowers only lasted a week. 

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10 years ago

Very impressive Linda, Meralyn, Sandy, I always love coming to these threads to go Ahhhh Oooooh Woooow!!   Very nice work ladies...  Keep em coming, I really look forward to them. 

10 years ago
The pink/lilac flowers are actually small orchids I grew from bulbs and they flower once a year indoors. I do have some bearded irises in the garden though. Yes, I would agree Sunny's flowers look like 'sweet williams' - used to be quite popular over here in England.

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10 years ago
Thanks Jennifer!  And Linda, gee, orchids!  I havn't had any luck with them.  Sunny - I'd almost forgotten what Sweet Williams look like so enjoyed yours.  OK, I've gotta run now, try to get out and have fun with your cameras today, somebody should, I can't, up to my neck in work around here! See ya!
10 years ago

FeedingTimejpg.jpg Feeding Time picture by Lindylou115

These blue tits were at the very end of my garden and the limit of my zoom! The tree outside my back door has both baby blue tits and great tits hiding in it so I will clean the windows and try and take more close ups through the glass.

10 years ago

Oh what sweet little birds, Linda! Meralyn and Sunny and Sugar, you always amaze me! I love this thread!

I took the boys to the zoo today and got a few pictures. I don't know if any of you have seen a manatee before, but they are very cool. Here is one...


This orangutan loves to put clothes, towels, anything he can find on his head. 


And a few more self explanatory animals...




I tried and tried to get a good shot of the otters, but the little guys are so fast!


10 years ago

Linda what a beautiful shot of your tits...Ohhh I mean Blue tits...HeeHee, no seriously they are adorable...

Amy, It has been soooo long since I've been to the zoo, thank you for bring it to us....I love the pic of the orangutan, they are so funny. 

Thank you again.  You've made my day...

10 years ago
Lol Jennifer.   Here we call those particular birds Blue Jays.
10 years ago

Jennifer - yes, judging by the bird feeding the baby I'd say they are Blue Jays, not Tits.  But when I lived in Germany I did feed a lot of tits, on my little deck, it was the cat's TV!  One day I told the landlady that "we have a lot of tits in Gertmany".  Her son translated for her and boy did her face get red, LOL!!! 

Amy - great pix from the zoo and thank you so very much for sharing!  I know how hard it is to get those shots.  I got to see Kieko, the killer whale, before they moved him, and got some pix of him, but I dont know where they are now.

10 years ago

Linda - Ooppss!  I'm sorry, those were your pix!  I'm exhausted from vac'g the garage, etc. today!

10 years ago

Amy! Great pics! Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us!

Meralyn, I LOVE your photography thread! It is kicking lady! Good job!!

10 years ago
Sandy - thank you dearheart, that means a great deal to me!
10 years ago

Linda, Im sorry I hope I didn't upset you with that comment.  I really do love the pic.  We have so many Blue Jays here in California, I just love them, except for when they fly down and peck us on the head, that's really annoying! 

Meralyn, I agree, I just love this thread.. Good Job!

10 years ago
No Jennifer, you didn't offend me - the tits are a standing joke over here bless them. They're actually one of our tiniest birds at (according to my book) four and a half inches from tip of beak to tip of tail. Your blue jays sound very much bigger! I'm out into the garden now on a quest for more little birds to photograph. See you all soon ...
10 years ago
Just forgot! Amy, I adore your rhino pic - the expression on his (or her) face is priceless. The sort of photo we should try and put a caption to - like "this is all too much"
10 years ago
Thank you very much ladies!  I seem to have a touch of the flu today so am not posting, just resting.  Hope you've all had a good day and take care.
10 years ago

Great pictures everyone!  Sandy I love your sky shot.  For a moment it looked like you were in space and took a picture of the earth!  I love the pictures fellow members!  Here is my latest....

Spider 6 20 08.jpg

This one didn't need macro...he/she is big!


10 years ago

I see Amy has been to the zoo 

Manatee's they're so ugly they're cute 

Well folks we're over the 100 mark post wise, so maybe it's time to start anew.

Here's the link to #14, and Happy Clicking.

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