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Meralyn and Friends photos and digital art 14 Closed
10 years ago

Hey gang.  I see we were at 105 on #13, so I assume it's getting slow  getting to the  bottom photos for you dial up guys.

Here's the link to #13.  And happy clicking everyone

And I'll try not to forget to blue pin this one.

10 years ago

b7a15cc1636572051279c8dcd72985c3559.jpg Unicorn picture by Lindylou115

                            Is that a unicorn I see?

10 years ago

That looks like a unicorn to me!  Very pretty picture.  Kind of mystic.

Here is one of my young bucks (born and raised here).  Look how chunky he is.  One thing, my deer are kind of like Kenny.  They are fat.  He is one of Granny's babies. 

Young buck 4 jun 08.jpg


10 years ago

Oh My - what super, special pix Linda & Sugar!

Linda - did you drag in that pic of the unicorn, great work?!

Sugar - what a gorgeous young, and FAT, buck!  He looks like he is saying "Oh, hello!!!"  Your deer should be fat since you feed them a lot of corn!

Thanks for the new thread Sunny!  We'll have great fun filling it up!  Happy shooting everyone!  Its a great reason to get out, walk, and commune with Mother Nature!  good for us physically and spiritually!  IT LIFTS THE SOUL!!!

Wilson's Warbler, June 2008
10 years ago

WilsonsWarblerJune08sig.jpg Wilson's Warbler, Jun 08, sig picture by merjonard

This is a small Wilson's Warbler in the over-grown piece of land next to me.  I saw him flitting about, thru my back-bedroom window, ran and grabbed my camera, and shot him thru the filthy, YES!, window!  Then I snuck out and tried for a better shot, of course the little twit was gone!  But I was thrilled with this shot as I've been trying for a long time to capture this little bird!  This is a male, note the black cap on his head, which you can almost see!?

10 years ago

I love bird pictures!  I will check my bird book.  I don't remember this one.

My buck is fat!  There is a roll of fat between his front legs and you can tell the padding on his shoulders.  He does eat a lot. 


10 years ago

 Linda, Sugar and Meralyn what a wonderful job.  Sugar Your buck  doesn't that fat.. He is so cute!

Good Job Ladies, keep up the good work..

10 years ago
(filthy!?  )
10 years ago

I took this at the village open gardens we went to yesterday. The elderly couple who live there have a pair of robins visit them and they're very tame (the robins that is) but with crowds of people looking around they'd become rather nervous and I couldn't get a photo of the pair together.

2008_0623Fuji0067.jpg Robin picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Ah yes, Unicorns.  We have lotsa them in  New Jersey.  I know since I read  the  newspapers and I check the  "around the towns" column, and  there's at least one story per week about  some guy/gal that hit a tree while distracted by a unicorn  crossing the road.  Of course none of these folks seem to be able to pass the Breathalyzer test  They seem to all end up ticketed for DUI, (driving under the influence) . Just don't understand why

Sugar I think you're over feeding  those deer  Or maybe it's a pregnant male.

Meralyn, I've been try to get a shot of our local Cardinal by sneaking up on it, but like you  with your Wilson's Warbler , I think I'll have to try it through a window also.  Although all  my windows have full screens, and they're black,  so it's not going to look very good  Actually if you use a  wide  f stop (2.8, or 4 with a tele)  the "filth" won't show.  It'll act as a softener  

Gotta run, have  stores to visit and then I'm getting into  making penne pizzaiola for diner.  That's penne, with black olives and capers

Be back later with a really cool (I hope) macro that  was taken in  '84.  Been looking for  it for months!

10 years ago

Well I finally got the pictures of the armadillo that came up to us on the trail, but they didn't turn out real well, and they are small and they wouldn't re-size, but if you haven't seen an armadillo before, they are better than nothing. 




There were three of the little things, they were so cute!!

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10 years ago

Amy I hope you don't mind but I lightened the 3 together to get a better look.  I think armadillos are so cute.  We don't have any here.  I wish I had thought to enlarge it, but.....They are cute little bougars, aren't they?

3 baby armies.jpg


10 years ago

I don't mind at all Sugar, those were taken with my nephews camera and I couldn't seem to do much with them. I had taken so many pictures by the time we saw those that my battery was dead.

They are adorable little guys! Those ones were very young, there were three of them. The kids petted them, they didn't seem to have any fear yet. 

10 years ago

Snow Caterpillar

Snow On Spruce 02

Wonder why the pictures of the armadillo's came out so small.

10 years ago

I dunno, Sunny, I set my Picassa to 600 like always, I couldn't do anything with them. 

Beautiful picture!!

10 years ago

Hi Gang - I'm dragg'n my wag'n this evening!  Still cleaning, and washing bedding at the laundramat, which I hate with a purple passion! If Harry hadn't gone with me to help doubt I'd made it!

Great pix, too bad the little armadillos came out so small but I can see them and they're great!  Thanks for sharing Amy.  We had them in LA.  Great shot Sunny, absolutely gorgeous! 

I re-size to 640 in Picassa.

I've got to close before I fall out of this chair from complete exhaustion!  Talk to ya all tomorrow morning, I hope?!  Nighty-nite!!!

10 years ago

Bee.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Sunny, I love your snow caterpillar!

10 years ago

That is beautiful, Linda! I always feel so lucky to catch a bug on a flower, I don't know why.    I was so happy when I got the shot of the little butterfly on the flower. Just my weird little thing, I guess. 

10 years ago

WhroseclimberJun19-08sig.png Wh Rose climber, Jun 18-08, sig picture by merjonard

One of my mother's old climbers.  My mother was quite the gardener and a few of her roses are still alive.

Great pic Linda!  I love shooting bugs, too!  Can sure wear me out, though, trying to catch up with one!

10 years ago

Oh Meralyn, the texture of those white rose petals is something else! I look at your photos sometimes and just marvel at nature - thank you for your inspiration!

I know what you mean about chasing those bugs but it was so windy last sunday I even had to chase the flowers I was trying to photograph

10 years ago

Sunny, what a picture!  Some 'caterpillar'.  It's a great picture.

Linda I am with you on always being excited when finding a bug on a flower.

Beautiful rose Meralyn.  Do you have the same rose?

Great pictures everyone!


10 years ago

Thanks ladies.  And, yes, Sugar, I do have that rose.  Its still growing, trying to climb back on the trellis after one of my yard boys chopped it down!!!  I photographed it here a short time ago.

Good night all, I must get out of here now!

10 years ago

I have not had much time to take pics of anything outdoors lately. I have been messing around with some of my photos, though, creating some "photo art". The only time I have to myself when the house is quiet and I can just do what I want is after 11:00pm. That's when you can find me at my computer. I love all your photos. They make me want a new camera really bad, though!! I'm so tired of getting blurred photos and not being able to zoom in much. Anyway, here's one of my creations.


10 years ago

Hi Meralyn, I have flowering quince and lilacs that are from my grandmother.  You know they are old stock!  Kind of like fact they are much older than me.

Nice moon shot!  I have been wanting to take some more of the moon here.  I live in a kind of small valley (very small, like a personal size pizza) and with all the trees and small hills all around me there is very little clear sky to capture moon shots. 


10 years ago

Very beautiful work everyone!  Linda I love what your doing!  Incidentally, your little robin isn't like ours, its smaller, but just as pretty.  I remember them!  Thank you so very much for sharing!

Sunny - thanks for the new thread.  At this point I dont know where we are, though!  I guess we're still in #14?!

Hairy Woodpecker, Whaleshead, Or., June 2008
10 years ago

HairyWoodpeckeratWhalesheadJun08sig.jpg Hairy Woodpecker, Whaleshead, Jun 08, sig, re picture by merjonard

A very small woodpecker, high in a Pacific Spruce tree, at Whealeshead beach (edge), last weekend.  I was fighting shadows and bright sunlight not to mention distance!  I didn't think I'd even gotten a good enough shot to identify the little bird but surprisingly the camera did it!  The woodpecker (female, males have red spot on back of head) moved her head and I was moving the camera, too, trying to keep up with her!  I have never seen one before, only Downy, so I was thrilled!  I had to crop this a lot and sharpened a little bit.

I'm rather confused, did this thread get turned arse-over-teakettle"?!

By everyone!  I'm out of here for a couple of days now.  My son & family are coming in this evening so wont be here.  Happy shooting and I expect to see lots & lots of pix when I return! LOL!!!

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10 years ago

Yes, things were a bit topsy turvy earlier - thought it was just me!

2008_0606Fuji0015.jpg Swan Lake picture by Lindylou115

This is one of my beautiful roses called 'Swan Lake' which has the palest pink blush to its centre but no fragrance to speak of.

I love your horses Deb - it's a great picture and very atmospheric.

Enjoy the time with your family Meralyn - see you again soon!

10 years ago
I love the pics, Thank you for sharing!
10 years ago

What gorgeous flowers everyone!! Linda, I've got to know. What kind of camera are you using? Your photos are so crisp and the colors are very true. That pink rose!! Meralyn, I love your rose too!! How neat to be able to still have flowers that have been in the family for awhile. Thanks re/ horse pic. It is actually 3 pics turned into one. Different, I know. I may not be posting much but I sure do enjoy looking at all of your pics, everyone! Thanks so much for sharing!

10 years ago
 Hi Deb, the camera's a Fuji Finepix S9600. I've had it less than a month and there's so much to learn! I also shake a lot so am investing in a tripod to see if that helps (obviously it won't stop me shaking but you get my drift). I'm about to start using the manual settings which should give me even more scope, but like you I love manipulating pictures - I adore fantasy stuff!
10 years ago

Thanks for that info, Linda. I will have to remember that when I go camera shopping with the money I'm saving from quitting smoking! I love playing with photos to get a fantasy/abstract sort of look. I'd love to be able to paint - can't - so I do the  photos on the computer. I have a great tripod for stills. My camera just doesn't do really good macro shots and the zoom capability is about next to nothing. Can't wait for some more pics everybody!

10 years ago

Weelll - you wont have to wait much longer, they're leaving tomorrow morning and THANK YOU GOD!!!  I know, that sounds like an un-loving mother, but dear LORD, I'm not used to this!!!

I'M "EXHAUSTEPOOPED"!!!  Mentally, emotional, and physically!!! Thanks!  I borrowed that!!!

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10 years ago

Marigold.jpg Marigold with Bee picture by Lindylou115

What a colour - and all real!

10 years ago

Linda, that is a beautiful red flower! 


10 years ago

Good Evening - you-all seem to be doing just fine on your own, beautiful red flower Linda. I'll try to come back in in the morning and post, I'm really shot down!  Good night all!

10 years ago
Meralyn! Welcome back! Get some rest and we'll see you soon!
10 years ago

TigerLillywildTreesofMysterytripJun.jpg Tiger Lilly, Wild, Trees of Mystery Trip, Jun 08, sig picture by merjonard

Wild tiger lilly.  I shot this in the redwoods, along the hwy in the mountains, on the way down to the Trees of Mystery.  I could have painted or cloned out the spots and other flower but didn't take the time.  Maybe I'll do that later and show you the difference.

Thank you Sandy sweetheart!  Its good to be back, good to have my house back, and danged good to have peace and quiet again!  I was sad and glad to see my son, daughter-in-law, and beautiful little granddaughter leave.

10 years ago

Hi Meralyn, good to see you back! What a beautiful coloured lily you've captured there. I snapped this bee today and the more bees I photograph the more I'm captivated by them. This one is so velvety!

2008_0629Fuji0089-2.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Hi Linda - Good to be back!  That's a fantastic macro shot of the bee & the flowers!  Bravo!  Your camera is doing a bang-up job for you!  My friend is really happy with his, too.

I went ahead and cloned out the spots and re-sized the lilly down to 600, it should fit better, easier to see.  And thanks. 

TigerLillywildTreesofMysteryTrip-1.jpg Tiger Lilly, wild, Trees of Mystery Trip, Jun 08,sig,gimp,re picture by merjonard

10 years ago

Ooh, how pretty Meralyn & Linda! Fantastic shooting Girls!

Meralyn, I thought the first one was fantastic, but I do see the difference in the second one. Bravo!! Thanks for showing us these neat tips of yours!

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10 years ago
  That's great Meralyn - spot the difference! I can see how cloning bits out can enhance a picture but I bet it's time consuming - not sure I'd have the patience.
10 years ago

I just had to share these with you. The first was taken at the full range of the zoom and the second I enlarged.

2008_0629Fuji0038.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0629Fuji0038-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

These are house sparrows and apparently their population is declining. I sadly have to agree - we've seen no babies being fed so far this year. Usually by this time there are babies all over the place.

10 years ago

Linda - wonderful pix and thanks for sharing with us.  That's really sad that the little sparrows are declining.  Here, in many places, they are considered a nuisance and killed!  They were even getting into a department/food store here and living off the produce, which many thought cute and amusing and many not!  They caught them with nets.

I tried to sneak up on a little white-crowned sparrow yesterday on my walk, got a pic but not much good.  Looked up and saw two turkey vultures sitting on old fence posts not far from me, good grief!  The wildlife has really been abundant around here lately! Otters, foxes, raccoons, and yesterday, a weasel!!!

The touch-up work really doesn't take me much time as I've done a lot of it but it is tedious and takes patience.  It isn't necessary, just what-ever tickles your fancy.

Happy shooting everyone and I hope you get better weather than we are!

Ship-A-Shore Lodge, Smith River, California, 2008
10 years ago

Ship-A-ShoreLodgebackviewSmithRi-1.jpg Ship-A-Shore Lodge, back view, Smith Riv Estuary, Jun 08 picture by merjonard

This is the back view of the lodge, shot across the estuary of the Smith River.  I was standing on the beach only a few yards from the mouth of the river.  A rather drab, misty day, I had to enhance this a little.  Harry and I enjoy eating in the restaurant, it has been a family thing for many, many years.

10 years ago

Hi gang.   I see things are going swimmingly between the bird bath and the  river  pictures we could all jump in and cool off

I finally got something new to show.  Last year it didn't bloom at all, this year I got 6 of them

I believe the name is Fire Poker, not certain.  Has something got do with fire at least.  It's in the lily family that much I'm certain.

Resize of Fire Poker (17).JPG

Resize of Fire Poker (11).JPG

Of course they're already gone.  Only last a  few days  Had I known that  macro had such a small DOF (depth of field) I would have used a different setting, as in smaller lens opening.  It's a bit blurry at either end.

It's also fun to tilt things that are straight.

Resize of Fire Poker (3).JPG

The next show a bit of the front of my joint.  The the left is the crabapple tree, surrounded by pachysandra, and if you can make it out, under the tree the impatiens are just  coming up.  To the right is the trumpet vine and  our  orange lily, which is also gone via the deer already.

Resize of Fire Poker (7).JPG

And way over to the right that  out of focus wispy stuff is Ornamental Blue Fescue grass.   I'll have to see if I can get a shot of that some day.  It's really cool looking being  that it's  blue green

10 years ago

Wow, Sunny. Those flowers are really pretty! And I can see why you don't have a lot of time to be putting pics in at the thread. Your yard area is gorgeous - everything is so green. Meralyn, even though it was a dreary day, your pic is great. Really clear, and sure shows off what the view would be like from the lodge. What a beautiful area.

White-Crowned Song Sparrow, June 2008
10 years ago

White-CrownedSparrowJun08sig.jpg White-Crowned Sparrow, Jun 08, sig picture by merjonard

I finally got a fairly good shot of a little White-Crowned Song Sparrow.  Not what my goal is but at least something. All the others were so blurry you couldn't even tell it was a bird!  I took this on my last walk.

Sunny - WOW!  Beautiful pix and yard!  They are not loading well so will try to come back in this eve. and have another look-see.

Deb - thank you!  

10 years ago

I love your 'red hot pokers' Sunny (that's what we call them here) and your garden looks so pretty - any shots of the whole of it - I've love a tour? Your little sparrow is so cute Meralyn and well worth waiting for! This is my effort for today. We passed some tall hedges and suddenly through a gap I spotted this wonderful scene of poppies in a field of barley.

2008_0702Fuji0017.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Wow! Sunny! Awesome pics!

Meralyn, great shot of the bird! Wow!! That restaurant looks divine! I'd love to go there!

Hi Linda! What a shot girl! Great shooting!

10 years ago

Sunny - We always called those flowers Poker Plants.  Your garden is immaculate!

Linda - now your pic isn't loading ! Crimminy!!!  I'll come back later, this is so frustrating!

Thanks ladies!  Harry took me out to lunch today at the restraurant in that lodge, its very romantic, a very special place!

10 years ago

I'm pretty sure that POKER  goes by several names.  "Red Hot, Poker plant, I even once heard it refereed to as a fire arrow.  Maybe it was just the  persons take on what it looked like. The name I  used was off a pack of seeds I'd seen in Home Depot, at lest I think that's wha tit said, said Mr. CRS

Meralyn, I see your  Sparrow and raise you a Cardinal. This is beyond a doubt the best shot I've ever gotten of a Cardinal, and it's still blurry  It's cropped of course or it would be a speck.

Cardinal In Locust tree

Linda, that's a great shot.  I don't think we have that much open space in the whole state of New Jersey anymore   And rather than a tour, how a bout little  snippets of this and that?  Like here's a closer shot of the  Ornamental Blue Fescue

Blue Fescue rs

Just behind it to the right is the buttterfly bush which isn't due to bloom for a few more weeks, and you can just make out one of the red Asiatic Lillies  on the far  right.

Here's a  pink Orinetal lily.

Pink Oriental Lily

  Yes Deb,   I have a lot on my plate once things getting growing around here.  It's nearly a full time job keeping up with it all. 

More to come

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10 years ago
Oooh, how pretty Sunny! Great pics!
10 years ago

Sunny - Great pix, absolutely beautiful!  Did you enhance the lillies at all?

I spent some time today stalking a little Wilson's Warbler in the bushes near my house.  I was just getting ready to snap a good shot and Tig-ur came roaring down the path and flopped in the grass at my feet!  Needless to say the birdy was gone!!!

Happy shooting everyone and have a great 4th of July!

10 years ago

Thank you Sunny, I love looking at other people's gardens

10 years ago

Hey Linda!  Your pic is finally showing, wonderful!  And it IS beautiful, too!  Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful 4th all of you who celebrate it and just a great day for those who dont!  Happy shooting!!! If nothing else it gets you off that couch, off the computer, away from the Boob-Tube, and out excercising and enjoying Mother Nature!  GO TO IT!!!

White-Crowned Sparrow, Jul y 2008
10 years ago

White-CrownedSparrowJul3-08sigre-S.jpg White-Crowned Sparrow, Jun 08, sig, re S picture by merjonard

I shot this little White-Crowned sparrow the other day when Harry & I went for a walk.  At first, on our way down thru the fields, I didn't see any birds but on the way back I did!  And in the same area as the last one!  I help up my hand for Harry to freeze, started shooting, taking a step or so closer at a time, and this is what I ended up with.  Had to fight strong back lighting (sky) so its a bit enhanced and a little sharpened but couldn't do much as it started to break up!  But its the best detail of a White-Crowned Sparrow that I've gotten so far so I'm absolutely thrilled!  Look at the claws!  I had to re-size this down to 600 so you wouldn't have to scroll thru it, too.  He was several yards ahead of me in the top of a stunted spruce tree, the ocean lies behind but you can't see it.  Shot on auto.

Oh, I also got a lizard on the same walk!  Will share with you later.  By again!

10 years ago

Oh Merlyn, what a beautiful picture- just keeps me marvelling at mother nature!

2008_0629Fuji0002-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

This is a mistle thrush (as opposed to a song thrush) which is an infrequent visitor to gardens generally but has been coming for food the last few weeks so I suspect it has a family over by the Church. Their feathers always seem to look 'loose' to me - as if they're wearing a coat several sizes too big. They're also very shy.

10 years ago
Here's a pretty yellow flower on a lovely Saturday Photobucket
10 years ago
Oh Sandrea, that looks unreal (not that I'm suggesting it is)! I'm willing to bet it's got a gorgeous fragrance ...
10 years ago

The pictures are beautiful. The birds, the flowers and also the scenery.  I love the Sparrow picture too.

10 years ago

I noticed I think it was Meralyn that said she shot a picture on Auto. That is the only setting I have ever used, so what other settings should I be using?

10 years ago

Wow, have I ever enjoyed catching up on all the pictures!  I loved every one of them.

Sunny, my butterfly bush has given me lots and lots of baby butterfly bushes.  A friend of mine said she never heard of this happening.  I have them planted everywhere that I can now and have given 4 away.  I can't wait to take some pictures of them.  I even had to throw some away, they were so prolific.  She didn't believe they were butterfly bushes until they bloomed last year.  I have even more this year.  Is this normal for a butterfly to grow from seeds from the mother plant?  Or did she just never notice, or pulled hers up as weeds.  I haven't had butterfly bushes that many years so I am not real familar with them.


10 years ago

Hell-O Everyone, I pushed myself too hard yesterday tring to catch up and am a bit rummy, tired, but will try to make sense.

Linda - lovely thrush.  He does seem a little ruffled?  Maybe its mites?  Our robins are in the thrush family.

Sandrea - beautiful flower and nice shot.  Is it a gardenia?

Donna - There are quite a few other settings, mostly a form of auto, like Portrait, Landscape, Nighttime, etc., depending on your camera and how technical it is. Did you get a manual with your camera?  Some will shoot on manual and then it gets real tricky, dont know if you want to go there or not?!  I have found that usually my digital camera figures it out better than I do.  I've tried setting it on manual, etc., bracketing, keeping notes, but usually I dont get better than Auto.  I had to learn to shoot on manual in the early days, just as Sunny did, as that is all we had with film to begin with.  Right Sunny?!

And thanks everyone.  And I hope I didn't miss anyone?  I'll try to come back in this eve. and post something and chat with you-all some more.  Gotta go rest now, see ya.

10 years ago

Beautiful pictures everyone! I love that flower Sandrea!

I had my camera set on manual because I thought I knew better than it did, but my son put it back on auto and my pictures do look a lot better now. Go figure.

I want a butterfly bush! I have been looking for something to plant on the east side of my patio that would bloom and attract buttflies and now I know what to go get! I am still looking for a Night Blooming Jasmine that looks healthy to put on the west side of the house (for some reason, everything I have read about them says they do better on the west side  ). I have such ambition, I wish I had the energy to go along with it!

Keep shooting everyone! I love coming in to look at all your shots!! If this heat ever dies down a bit I will get out and shoot some more. With the sun as strong as it is this time of year, I have to live kind of like a vampire and it puts a damper on my picture taking.

10 years ago
I have no idea what kind of flower that is. I don't believe it is a Gardenia. I'm trying to find out from the person who's house i shot it at last week. Here's another one from the same place. I'm hoping to find out what this is too. Photobucket Photobucket
10 years ago
I think i may have broken the page.  It's hard for me to tell.  If i did let me know and i'll delete it.... ??
10 years ago

Hello gang!

Oh Meralyn, that sparrow pic is fantastic! What a shot! Good for you!!

Hi Linda! Love your bird picture!! It's so pretty!

Hi sandrea! Beuatiful flowres, and good job! The pics are great!

10 years ago

Hello Again - Got up from my nap, slogg'n around try'n not to run into walls, thought I'd stop in here for a moment and see what's happ'n.

Sandrea - perhaps its a Begonia?  The last are Sweet Williams, I believe, Sunny has posted some also.  I have a few in my garden.  Good pix, good color!

Sugar - I have Butterfly bushes, lots of the blasted things!  They are messy and my mother planted them too close to the buildings.  I have to constantly prune them or they take over!  Drop gobs of leaves into the gutters, too, but the butterflies & hummies love them!  I have never seen any come up from seed but boy do the Cottoneasters!  They (Butterfly bushes) are easy to start by shoving pieces into the ground, too.

Carry on gang!  I'm off again, oh yeah!

10 years ago
Thanks Meralyn...dang i should have known they were Sweet Williams.
Thank you too, Sandy....hey, was that French?
10 years ago
Lordy Sandrea! I don't know what it was! Wow, the typos!! Honest, I was not drinking!
Coastal Fence Lizard, female (?), Jul 3-08
10 years ago

CoastalFenceLizardJul3-9.jpg Coastal Fence Lizard, Jul 3-08 picture by merjonard

I found this little beauty sunning herself on driftwood in the dunes right before I saw the sparrow!  Again, I held up my hand for poor old Harry to freeze and stated shooting, walking slow steps towards her at a time, glancing down once-in-awhile so as not to land on my face or the camera!  She saw me and started to get worried so this is the last pic I got!  These little fence lizards are also called "Blue-Bellies" as they have two stripes of blue on their bellies. The males have blue under their throats.  This particular specimen was rather rough-coated and had grown a new tail!

Hope she doesn't give you nightmares?!  Are these the last of the dinosaurs?!  I kept them as pets when I was a kid.

10 years ago
Now THAT is cool, Meralyn!  
10 years ago
Wow, Meralyn! Fantastic shot!
10 years ago
This must be quick as I'm on my way out! Meralyn, I love your dragon! Sandrea, we call those flowers carnations and the smaller ones look like dianthus of some variety. Our sweet williams are very much smaller. One thing for sure - they're beautiful!
Amongst the Lupens
10 years ago
This pic is from yesterday's bike tour along the Marconi Trial. These plants are called Lupens.
I am in front of the Mira Gut Bridge where the Mira River empties into the Atlantic Ocean.
Young Buck on the River, July 5, 2008
10 years ago

YoungBuckontheRiverJul5-08sig.jpg Young Buck on the River, Jul 5-08, sig picture by merjonard

This beautiful little buck, standing on the gravel bar in the river (tide out, icky green moss!), was watching me watch him! Note the damaged antler! He would be considered a "Spike" but judging from the knobs on the ends of his antlers he is beginning to grow forks, so will be a "Forked-Horn".  This is the first time I've seen a deer here for two years, I was absolutely THRILLED!!!

My next door neighbor lady said she saw one a few weeks ago in her yard and that "Tig-ur the Terrible" (new name for the brat!) chased the little buck up the driveway!  Probably same one.

And thanks muchly ladies, greatly appreciated!  Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy each other, and, your cameras, too! 

10 years ago
Wow Meralyn he is awesome.  How lucky you were to see him AND get a great shot.  Who's the brat? 

PS:  Those plants in my pic are Lupines not Lupens

and they are growing everywhere not just near water.
10 years ago

Oh Meralyn, what a shot! The pic is fantastic!

Hi Sandrea! love your pretty picture!!

10 years ago

Great picture, Sandrea! Except your tongue wasn't sticking out so your lips don't look quite as full. You are very beautiful and so are the flowers!!

I love the little buck, Meralyn! Bless his heart! I just love seeing wildlife. They are building up around here so much that I don't see as much as I used to. It makes me so mad!! That is a great picture though!

10 years ago
Thanks Sandy.  Thanks Amy   I was actually looking for an alligator.
10 years ago

Sandrea - your pic hadn't loaded when I posted.  Lovely photo.  We have Lupine here, too.

Tig-ur is the "brat"!  New name for him - "Tig-ur the Terrible", LOL!  He really can be, nipped my granddaughter three times, he wanted her to stop picking him up!  The last time he scratched the skin a little so he is now getting some discipline about that problem, which started when his "you-know-what's" were removed!!!  Change in personality, the little shet!!!

Thanks ladies!  Gotta run, just came in here for a moment to see what's going on, more to do for Harry's dinner tonight,its turned off hot, I hate cooking when its hot,!!!  By again!

The Eye of the Beholder
10 years ago

ChicadeewithGrubJul4-08sigre.jpg Chicadee with Grub, Jul 4--8, sig, re picture by merjonard

I hung a re-filled hummy feeder a couple of mornings ago and took my camera with me thinking the light perfect to try to capture another hummy, no hummies!  But the little chicadee came again with another grub in its beak for the babies in the bird house.  The little bird house hangs fairly close to the hummy feeder so I was in a perfect location (2-3 yds) to capture the little chicadee, again!  This time I got a finely detailed close-up (morning light), but for the ugly grub in its beak!  So I cloned out the grub and here's the second shot, Gimped.  Do you like it better? Its not the best of jobs but I really do like it better, as it now does NOT look like a glob of bird shet on his beak!

ChicadeewithGrubJul4-08gimpsigre.jpg Chicadee with Grub, Jul 4-08, gimp, sig, re picture by merjonard

OK - thanks for your patience with all these critter pix I've been posting.  I'll go back to wildflowers now.

Click away friends - I dearly love seeing your work!

10 years ago
Bravo Meralyn! wow, you do such great work!! Awesome work! And, yes, I agree, I love them both, but I do like the second one better.
10 years ago

Sandrea, I love the photo of you with the lupins! And Meralyn, your little chicadee is perfect - you can see every feather!

2008_0629Fuji0041-1.jpg picture by Lindylou115

These are two baby great tits waiting for their mum or dad to feed them. They've since got the hang of the peanut feeder (bottom right) and can now feed themselves.

10 years ago

I finally got an answer to what the flowers i posted a few days ago are called.  The yellow one is a PHILLUP and the purple ones are called URANUS CARNATIONS.

10 years ago

  Sugar.  I forgot about the butterfly bush.  I've had the same one for about 6 years now and have never  seen any others pop up anywhere.  Although I could be  weeding them out  as soon as they sprout.  From now on I'll look closer at what I pulling up.

The Trumpet vine next to it grows like a weed.  It burrows under ground  and pops up everywhere there's a clear  spot  It's in the flowers all along the walk and I cant get rid of it.

Speaking of butterflies I got  this shot of one on the Cone flower today  But as always I had to resize it for C2  They're such a pain in the arse.

Not even sure if this is the best of them.  I'm on the laptop and colors never seem quite right on it.

Butterfly 01

May as well do 2, it's free, right

butterfly 3007

10 years ago

Linda - oh boy, what a great pic of the Great Tits! (tee hee!) Incidentally, do you have your camera set on highest resolution, or fine quality, for shooting all the time?  That's all I shoot with.

Sunny - WOW!!!  OK, your pix are super, glorious, but do you have to post twice?!  Just teasing you, it happens to all of us.  Really fantastic pix and very interesting, too.  Love the butterfly, I just can NOT get them with this new camera nor bees!!!  Pisses me off, too!

Sandrea - thanks for the name of the flowers, the first one is not familiar to me.

Thanks everyone!  And keep up the awesome work with your cameras!

10 years ago

You in the hooch Meralyn?  I don't see anything.

I guess I got it and someone else did also   whatever, wasn't all that exciting anyway    That means you couldn't eat it

C2 has been double posting a lot  lately.  I get 2 emails for everything sent to the personal message thing.

10 years ago

Sunny, if those aren't the best shots i can't imagine them.  Those make it seem like your right there in person!

10 years ago

Meralyn they are great shots of  the birds, and yours is nice too Linda. I enjoy the birds more than flowers.

10 years ago

Sunny, your flowers are pretty, and Meralyn the deer photo is really nice. We have one that comes for dry cat food now. I am sure she finds other stuff, but I was surprised that they eat dry cat food too.

10 years ago

Donna - thanks!  And as to the deer eating dry cat food, well, there is a lot of grain in it.

Good night all, I really do need to go to bed now!

10 years ago

!!!!    You guys are outdoing yourselves with these photos!! Sunny, I missed your double - DARN!! Those last pics you posted looked like something out of a fairyland book. Absolutely beautiful! And Linda, the photo of those little tits is great! They are so cute! (Did I really just type that??!!)    Meralyn, what a great shot of the buck! Sandrea, I had no idea -you take great pics, too!!  Those little carnations are so pretty and the shot is so clear - love it! I have had so little time to do anything but take care of foster kitties and grandkids.   That, and I am really getting frustrated with my camera - everything seems blurry. I think I will have to start shooting all pics with a tripod. I can't remember if I posted this one or not, but anyway, it's just one that I did some digital fun with. Keep shooting and posting everyone!! I may not post too mcuh, but I sure enjoy looking at all your photos!!


10 years ago

Great photos everyone! I love the effects on your trees Deb - it looks like a really exclusive and expensive painting!!!

Meralyn, I've looked at my camera settings and am a little confused. In the quality mode it was set to "9M N" (if that means anything). On reading the manual it suggests the "9M F" setting for better quality (which is in fact the highest). I've re set the camera to that and will see if I can detct a difference. Any help/recommendations will be greatfully received. I seem to take a lot of photos in low light and assume that is why some are rather grainy in effect (as well as the not so clean windows from time to time)

10 years ago

(most of you won't know what this is all about, but it's back)


OMG! How do you guys get so much detail in those feathers????   They are  great shots

Hey Sandrea, I knew how to spell Lupines  Look what I got grown' in  a little pot  And no it's not a little pot in the little pot it's Lupine   Date on back of  stick June 21.

for clearing up where it will grow Sandrea,  I thought maybe I was going to have to divert a river through my yard.  Well just a little one

Lupine seedlings.JPG

Here's a few more in my continuing series of "what's growing here"

Prickly Pear CACTUS, AND YES THEY ARE OF THE HARDY (oops caps) variety.  Come up every  year.

Cactus rs

Cacti rs

This is the Asiatic cousin to the other pink Oriental I put up previously, which BTW is growing right up through the center of the cactus.  Clueless how it got there other than by seed.

Pink Asiatic Lily 01 rs

More of the Asiatics

Pink Asiatic 02 rs

One last guy.  A potted Hibiscus. 


PS working on getting a better photo of at least the  front of the place.

10 years ago

Deb, I second what Linda said.  It looks like a true watercolor on canvas.

Linda I'm jut about certain  the 9M is for  9 mega-pixels, and the "N" stands for Normal, and the "F" for Fine.  Neither come into play on a PC monitor since a monitor can only reproduce what it it's self is capable of producing, which is somewhere around 800X600.  Where it does come into play is if you want to make a large print of the photo, And I mean, LARGE like poster size.  Like 16x20 or 20x24 inch guys.  I can convert that to metric if you need it that way. 

The more pixels and the finer they are, the  better the quality of the print.  Also it's best to have high  quality for retouching a large print, the more and the finer the pixels the more that won't be noticed in the retouch

PS Sandrea, when you remove my doubles, the proper box to  check is "I Just Felt Like It"

10 years ago
Photobucket I was hoping everyone was into the hooch and didn't notice
10 years ago
Sunny ya need this MUCH water to grow lupines Photobucket
10 years ago

Oh, Sunny's flower pix are back, LOL!!!  AND STILL BEAUTIFUL, TOO!!!

Deb - I love your pic and the effect!  It does look like a watercolor.  Wonder what's up with your camera?  Did you change any settings?

Linda - eager to see the difference in your pix, if any. Trying new things with cameras is fun.  Sunny explained everything very well so I wont go into it further. 

Have fun everyone!  I just got in from a very warm 2 mi + hike on the beach this morning and will share pix later.  Boy do I need a shower!!!

Beach Morning Glory, June 2008
10 years ago
BeachMorningGloryJun08sig-1.jpg Beach Morning Glory, Jun 08, sig-1 picture by merjonard
10 years ago

Lovely morning glory you've got there.  Do they need an ocean too.

No sweat on the ocean Sandrea, with my prostate I can pee that much a day.

And what's this about cute little tits  Has this thread gone  X-rated.

10 years ago
10 years ago

Sunny - thanks and yes, this variety needs an ocean, too.  But not all Morning Glories do.

Umm - cute little tits, that's birds Sunny!  Sorry! OK back to the beer stuffed chicken!!!

And I'm off to do more editing on my pix from today, as long as I can stay awake!  Ga' nite all, see ya tomorrow!

10 years ago

OK everyone, there is 116 posts here now, so I am going to close it now, and open a new one.

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