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Meralyn & Friends photography & digital art #20
10 years ago

Here's the link to the last thread:

Make sure to check it out as their were some great pics posted!

This thread is where we share our non furkids photos. Scenary, flowers, bugs, and just about anything that has to do with nature is what we want to see here! We would love to see your furkids on one of their own threads! Please don't post your photos any larger than 640 pixels wide, as it causes others to have to scroll across to read.

Okay shutterbugs, let's see your pics!

10 years ago

Thanks for the tips re focussing on really small spiders and things Meralyn. I have the same problem as your friend Harry. Today I've spent a bit of time exploring the intricacies of manual focussing but as I see it, it's not manual at all. My very old Fuji SLR was so easy. It had a sort of split hair that lined up in the view finder when in focus - so simple!

If you're reading this Sunny, your spell check works really well!

10 years ago

Linda - yes, Harry told me the same thing about his Fuji, that the manual focus isn't really that!  Strange!  I had an SLR Minolta when I was living in Europe that I shot with for 12 years and loved.  It too had a split hair type focusing bar (?) but if the light hit it wrong it would blank out.  Got many super shots with it, though!  And everything was manual at that time.  So I decided I'd like an auto focus and my husband bought me a new Minolta that was Auto or Manual, which-ever, and it was so technical that I hated the blasted camera and it didnt take nearly as good a pic as my old one!  So now I'm into digital that is even more technical!  Go figure?!  Oh yes, and my Cannon Rebel 2000 SLR will do auto or manual focus but has no bar to line up, miserable to use on manual!  Sure wish the holy heck they'd get it all in one camera!!!

Deb - thanks for starting a new thread.  And Sandy for making the Index for this thread, too!

10 years ago

Chicory Blossom, Gold Beach, OR, Aug 08

Chicory blossom with small fly.  I shot this about a week ago when Harry & I were out walking in the Wildlife Preserve on the Rogue River a little above Gold Beach.  Strangely enough this was growing in a hotter, drier area directly across from the bachelor button I posted here!

Chicory has been used as a coffee substitute for decades, especially during the Depression when coffee could not be had.  It is still used in some coffee blends.

10 years ago


These were taken Sunday evening. It was the last night of the regatta. It was a beautiful sunset. Fireworks about 10 PM. The night before we had what they call night glow with the hot air balloons. Mine didn't quite come out very good. I need to practice on that.

fireworks 2008


The fireworks were to my left and the sunset to my right. We had a lot of boats this year but all the sternwheelers went up north to another festival.

10 years ago

Meralyn, we too have the chicory plant here in Wv. It grows by the roadsids. Very good picture. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that likes any flower whether it be weed or a rose. Their is a beauty to them all.

10 years ago

Hi Janie - I love your photos!  the colors are just out of sight!  Thanks for sharing with us.

And thanks re chicory.  My friend Harry & I hunt for wildflowers to shoot, many of which are just considered weeds but to us, too, they are all beautiful and fascinating.  chicory grows along the roads here, too, and I identified it for Harry who was curious about it.

Happy shooting everyone and have a great weekend!  Its turned hot here, our hike wasn't all that much fun but we started down at the beach and I got some birds that I hand'nt been able to shoot before, thats always exciting!

10 years ago

Meralyn, your chicory flower is so delicate and what a fantastic colour! Janie, what a wonderful coloured sunset - all mine are orange and blue - yours are so different and beautiful. As for your fireworks - well, they're amazing. WELL DONE! Sunny, I can't rave about this spell checker enough!!!!!

Oh, now I need some photos (yesterday's events have thrown me lol). Ah yes, this is part of Willingham Woods were I went photo hunting with a friend on Tuesday:

2008_0902Fuji0077.jpg picture by Lindylou115

and this is what we found there:

GreaterBurdock1.jpg picture by Lindylou115 Greater Burdock

acorns.jpg picture by Lindylou115 Acorns

2008_0902Fuji0048.jpg picture by Lindylou115 Toadstools

I'm going to introduce her to Rimac nature reserve next week so should have another bunch of pics.

10 years ago

Linda, Thank you for the comments. The colors in the sunsets are the real colors. We have so much polution that in the summer combined with the heat we have beautiful sunsets and sunrises too. After the sun had went down it actually turned a deep red. I have a pic of my daughter Ashleigh with the red behind her. The only thing I had to do to the pics were straighten them and sign them.  I would like to walk in the woods but I'm afraid to take Ashleigh she scares everything away. She likes to talk, sing and run . If she came upon a snake it would probably bite her because she would freeze and start screeming. 

Linda, I like your pictures.  Can't wait to see more of the ones in the woods. At least as long as we keep posting pics from everyones towns ,we get to see places we have never been. Thanks again.

This weekend they are having The Strongest Man in the World competition In Charleston Wv. I don't know if we will go or not as it is going to be really hot. The humidity has been so bad.

10 years ago

Ashleigh 08

This is Ashleigh my 6 year old daughter. This was taken a few min after the other one with the bridge in it.

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10 years ago

Linda - I love your nature shots!  That's one of my favorite things to shoot, as you know.  Wonderfully clear and great colors, too!  Thanks for sharing with us and re my chicory.  Its nice to have someone to walk with and share with, too, isn't it?  Excellent way to stress-out! Have a great time! 

Janie - Your daughter is a darling!  And now is the time to start teaching her how to act when out walking and hiking.  Good luck, LOL!  I did it with my four grandchildren that I was caring for, for awhile, and WOW, what a job!  Good luck!

I have some little Phalarope (small shore bird) pix to share with you when I can get edited and loaded.

Happy shooting  and walking everyone and have a great weekend!   

10 years ago
!!!!!!    What a great start to the new thread!!! I love them all!!!    Janie, it's good to see you posting again! Absolutely gorgeous colors! Linda!!! Your woods look like they came right out of "fairyland". Meralyn, that is chicory, huh? I've sometimes seen it in coffee label ingredients. Had no idea that it just grew wild. Keep 'em coming!! I'll try to get some new ones to post this weekend.
10 years ago

Thanks Meralyn and Janie for your comments. Ashleigh is a very pretty young lady and that's a lovely photo of her with the red sky in the background.

2008_0827Fuji0034.jpg picture by Lindylou115

This was another little toadstool I spotted at Rimac a week or two ago and this butterfly was sitting on something which looked like a pile of poo. The things we do in the name of photography!

2008_0827Fuji0029.jpg picture by Lindylou115

10 years ago

Ah, so that’s what chicory looks like. I’m no doubt confuzzled but I always though it was grown as a crop, or is it both Pretty color

And Meralyn I was laughing about getting you an ID, not at the fence. I know when I used to go to the Drag Strip the darned fence was a pain in the patootie . In the beginning I didn’t have the array of lenses I have now, so you got stuck with a close shot of the cars cut in two by chain link or a speck off in the distance.

Fantastic shot of the night sky and the fireworks, not to mention Ashleigh. And no red eye! Amazing. I guess she doesn’t carry the demon seed my daughter April has. You can always pick her out in a crowd, red, bright, and glowing. I assume tripod in the night shots? Shame the pollution actually makes for a more interesting sunset. Back in the late 70’s the sun rising over NYC was a greenish orange color L Interesting, but not if you had to work there and breath it in all day.

Linda. “WOODS” What are those. Does it have something to do with green stuff and trees. I’ve heard of them, but mostly in history books.

Ah, yes, as the fall approaches so do the toad stools. Hopefully I’ll find a few nice ones popping up on the lawn here and there. They are very interesting to say the least. Wish I could find the ones I took a few years ago with baseball caps on them.   Big to say the least

I just noticed. You may have had a UK option with the spell checker when it was installed.  Sure would make it easier if it did. You won’t have to add the words we spell slightly different, like color and colour etc.

Should anyone else want it, just let me know and if I can’t email it I’ll try to find where I got it and send the link so you can download it yourself.

This one isn’t exactly nature, but it is one of my own personal favorite things  to take pictures of.   I can do these guys 24/7/365

To make it  a bit more interesting, its been "cartooned"

Resize of Classic Cars 01 (16ax).jpg

I spent yesterday with nature, getting the walk ready for next year, and my reward is a whole bunch of cactus thorns in both my hands  Buggers are so tiny and so many I can only feel them when they touch something   But the walk will have a little different look come next spring  Not drastic, and of course it will depend on everything  making it through our winter OK.

Hanna's raining on us, which is one of the reasons to get things in the ground now.  Give em a good soaking

  Linda, under options it has US, UK, and I don't know how it can do this (Sandrea) but it even has Canada.


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10 years ago

Hi Linda - I'm doing my insomnia "thingey" again so came in here and was so impressed with your pix!  You really get a bug's eye view of everything, including bugs!  Great work and sure glad your not afraid to get down & dirty, LOL!!!  You and your camera are doing a fantastic job!

I like the effect with the car, Sunny.  And thanks.

I've got to drag my carcass off to bed now, its past midnight, but I'm not sleepy, oh boy!  Talk to ya all tomorrow, that is if I'm still amongst the living!?  Goodnight now.

10 years ago

Sorry to hear your insomnia thingey is getting the better of you again Meralyn . . . . . . . try counting these!

Yes, I've changed mine to the English version Sunny and have already added loads of extra words. Forest, woods, copse, we have them all here and certainly this part of Lincolnshire is still living in the Dark Ages compared to most parts of the UK .

I'm not sure what these leaves were trying to say but it wasn't intentional on my part - just a slightly autumnal picture.

2008_0827Fuji0017.jpg picture by Lindylou115

Great car pic Sunny!

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10 years ago

Linda - lovely pic of berries!  I dont recognize them, do you know what they are?

I still dont have anything else edited and loaded but will share when I do.

Have a wonderful Sunday and hope you all can get out and enjoy the weather.  Take care!

9 years ago

Lipizzaner Stallion rearing

Lipizzaner stallion at the World Famous Lipizzaner Show, Crescent City, CA, August 2008. 

Deb and all those crazy about horses, or just those who appreciate their beauty, I'm posting this for you.  I've had a very hard time getting these photos to load in care2 or Photobucket for some strange reason, maddening, and I did re-size first, too!  Please just ignore the fence.  I was so thrilled to catch these shots as it was at night and both the camera and I are too slow!

Have a great day everyone and enjoy this wonderful weather!

9 years ago

Wow, what a magnificent horse Meralyn and you've caught the action perfectly!

I didn't know what those berries were either but after a bit of homework have identified the tree as a Whitebeam (Sorbus Aria). These red berries are definitely Hawthorn.

2008_0907Fuji0068.jpg picture by Lindylou115

9 years ago


Don't know what this is.

9 years ago

Whatever it is, Janie, it sure is pretty!! Sunny, I really like your 'toon' cars and thanks for posting another Lipizzaner shot, Meralyn! It turns out I am going to go the show here on Wednesday. I'll take the camera and see what I can get. Linda, love the close ups of the berries - what great color! I am posting some more that my daughter-in-law took. I hope no one minds - I just felt that most of us haven't seen much of Alaska and it is so beautiful. Of course, maybe I'm the only one who never gets out of their own back yard?!



9 years ago

Janie your pictures are great!!  Linda your second pic, I dont know what they are but they grow in the woods around here in Galesburg, IL.  In October we have Spoon river Scenic drive that is great for scenery.  But they have sales, crafts ect in every town along the route.  These little planets are dried and sold as porcupine eggs, People buy them.  What a funny huh!!

9 years ago

GOOD DAY GANG! I'm finally getting in here, lots to get done before so I could spend this time.

Linda - your berry shots are so very pretty.  I am not familiar with Whitebeam (strange name fo a reddish berry!) but I do know Hawthorne. And thanks re Lipizzaner pic.

Janie - I dont recognize your yellow flower but is beautiful.  I'm wondering it it might be a type of Primrose?

Deb - gorgeous shots of Alaska and thanks for sharing them. I love it there but would not like to live there!  I'm so happy to hear you get to see the Lipizzaners after all!  And thanks too!  Also ,wish you good luck with getting good pix w/o a blink'n fence!

Good to hear from you Beth & Dana.  Dana - did you take the pix?  They're supposed to be our own.  Neat display!  WOW!  Do you make jewelry?

Gotta go and do some more work around here now, darn! Have a great time with your cameras and enjoying our beautiful world!

9 years ago

purple flower


I have now idea what these are. They were taken around the lake at the park.

Linda, I like the mushrooms and the butterfly.Hope you had a telephoto lens for the butterfly.

Sunny, how do you do the cars like that?

Meralyn, The horses are so regal. I wish the would come here on tour.

Deb the woods and the berries , the colors are great.

9 years ago

I'm just dropping in quickly and will be back with some more toadstools later. Janie, I took the butterfly shot on macro so was very close! Meralyn, I understand the whitebeam is so named because of the silvery white undersides of the leaves and it's related to the ash even though the leaves are shaped differently. See you later!

9 years ago

Hi Shutterbugs - It was a beautiful morning here but now the fog is rolling in, drat!

Janie - very beautiful pix.  Are the purple flowers asters or bachelor buttons?

Hope you all have a great day and have a wonderful time with your cameras and searching for that one special, elusive shot! I tried to sneak up on a beautiful, small orange & black butterfly yesterday, ha, he must have had radar!  Everytime I got close enough to even use the zoom he took off!  Blasted bug!

9 years ago

He he he, I was chasing butterflies this afternoon but they saw me coming too! Got these toadstools instead:

2008_0910Fuji0023.jpg picture by Lindylou115

2008_0910Fuji0017.jpg picture by Lindylou115

This was the view in the opposite direction looking out to the North Sea from Rimac Nature Reserve.

2008_0910Fuji0011.jpg picture by Lindylou115

The shrubs with the orange berries are Sea Buckthorn.

9 years ago

Linda - Amazingly clear shots of mushrooms, piltzen in German!  Yep!  I hunted them there, too!  I LOVE THEM!  And your photos are good enough for any mushroom book!  BRAVO!!!P.S.  You are deffinitely mastering that camera!  Harry gets fantastic shots with his, too, and the clarity is much better than my Panasonic as more MP! Thank you for sharing with us!

I forgot to mention, the shot towards the sea is beautiful! 

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9 years ago
oh my, my..... you `guys`are too good...kudos to you all.  Thanks for providing your expertise with us.
(i just don`t want to `watch`without ever commenting).

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Shore Birds: Phalaropes, September 2008
9 years ago

PhalaropeatLoneRanchSept08sigI.jpg picture by merjonard

PhalaropeSwimmingSept08sig-1.jpg picture by merjonard

I think these beautiful little shore birds are Phalaropes.  So does Harry, the only problem is that they dont completely fit the description in my Bird Book!  They are fun to watch, they swim around in the tide pools chasing bugs and then come up on shore and chase flies and sand fleas, and each other, too!  To look at them you wouldn't think they would swim as they resemble a Sandpiper! They are really quite small, the close-ups are misleading.

Harry saw them out at Lone Ranch, photographed them, then asked me if I'd like to go out and shoot them, too.  He wanted to know how my camera would do against his, LOL!  It did just fine, mine has more zoom and his has more MP.  But the first time Harry took me out there, no birds!  What a disappointment!  This last time they were there and I sat on a rock and took many pix, what a delightful experience!

Sandrea - as I've said before, your comments are most welcome and appreciated.  And thank you! 

9 years ago

Great photos everyone. The birds are  so sweet, and I am amazed at the water and how clear it is too.

9 years ago

Lets see, where am I. Lost it seems. Take a long weekend with this thread, and you fall way behind, which is a good thing I might add. It wouldn’t be fun without participation. I think we get more posts per week than some groups I’ve belonged to.

Meralyn, I doubt very much I could get an action shot like that of the horse using my Canon. Way too much lag. Excellent shot that’s for sure.

Before I forget, the car was done automatically using Photo Suite 10. It comes with Roxio Creator 10. It’s mainly a CD and DVD burning program but it has a few tricks up it’s sleeve besides what’s obvious on the box.  I think it can also be done using other digital imaging programs it’s just not called “cartoon”.

I did this one using Paint Shop Pro 7 and the “chrome” feature.

Classic cars 06-15-08crop.jpg

And this one was done using Elements 2.0   I think it was called "outline". 

Resize of Classic Cars 02 PS El(19)02.jpg

This one is  Outline combined with a couple of other things.

Resize of Classic Cars 02 PS El(19).jpg

I'm really just beginning to learn what these programs are all about and what they can do.  

As for the “weeds” . Here’s my take on what a weed is. And not only my take but a few friends of mine too.   ANYTHING growing where it shouldn't be   When my grass spreads into the flowers, it’s a weed and visa versa, no flowers, wild or otherwise in my grass  I buy packets of “weeds” every year, only they are marked Wildflowers  So keep the weeds and unknowns coming, some are much nicer than what’s cultivated  

Nice peek at Alaska there Deb  And was it Linda with the butterfly?  I'm trying to do this one using the memory I don't have   Well anyway I got a shot of one today, and like you Deb, it had to come to me, since I don't go 'round chasing nuttin'  

Sorry if I missed you.  I'll try to make it up next time.


Oh and I like that  North Sea shot also

9 years ago
Thanks Donna & Sunny!  Gawd, what I'd do for a DSLR, umm, well, almost!!!  Yep!  I'm doing my insomniac "thingey" again, and its killing me!!!  THEY SHOOT HORSES DONT THEY!?
Lest We Froget
9 years ago

WTC 01 1986.jpg

WTC 1986.jpg

Joe Tes

9 years ago

Sunny - very beautiful photos, thank you for sharing, and yes, we must never forget!

Deb - I forgot to mention that I dont see anything wrong with you, or anyone else, sharing some of your family pix, or friend's, either, sometimes.  Sorry about that! 

I'm trying to get some new flower photos loaded in one of my care2 albums, ha, fat chance!!! 

9 years ago

Wonderful pictures everyone. 


9 years ago

Sunny, that is beautiful!

Great work everyone! Wow!!

9 years ago

Keep 'em coming! There have been such great shots lately - Linda - those toadstools are amazing!! Truly, they should be entered in something! And Janie, I don't know what that yellow flower is, but that shot is gorgeous! Meralyn, those litlle birds are so cute. What wonderful clarity! That is what I just cannot get with the camera I have now. Speaking of which, I took it to the Lipazzaner show and the dang thing went to a blank screen except for the owrds "change batteries". So, I was not able to get any pics of the show. Sunny, thanks for the Towers post. And I'm glad you are finally getting to mess around with some "fun" stuff in those programs! It is amazing what you can come up with. Well, I have nothing new besides some more sunsets and one that I scanned that was taken pre-digital.


See what I mean about clarity? This was so beautiful and the colors were sharp, but my camera is just not powerful enough to grab it I still had never seen a rainbow like this before, so I wanted to share.


This was taken just outside of Rico - which is just outside of Telluride - which is the new haven for a lot of Hollywood types. Can't imagine why - it is breathtaking scenary.


Another sunset - this one has the corner of my house in it. The color in the side of the house is a reflection in the window that faces North. The whole sky was lit up that night. The pink rainbow was taken facing East just a few minutes before I snapped this one.

9 years ago

Fuschia in My Garden, Sept 08

Fuschia in my garden, September, 2008.  I dont know the name of this minature.  I also tried to clone out the branch behind the flower as I find it distracting, forgot to save, lost it!

Deb - Absolutely gorgeous photos!  WOW, what color!  Wonderful, unusual capture with the rainbow!  BRAVO! And I'm so sorry your camera screwed up!  Geesh! Digital can be the pits!  Harry's camera didn't work well, either!  Sometimes I think its a good thing to take two cameras everywhere to try to guarantee pix! But you got to see the show and what did you think of the Lipizzaners & performance?

Gotta run, I'm going to Fern Canyon with Harry today.  Have a great day and happy shooting!

9 years ago

Deb, your photos are fantastic.  I love them all!  I wish I could see them in person.

Meralyn, great picture of the fuschia.  I have never seen a picture by you that wasn't great.

My pictures next to the above pictures are so humdrum, but the scenery around here isn't that exciting.  At least I don't see it as wonderful as everyone else's countryside .

Here are some turkeys that have been coming to eat here 3 or 4 times a day.  They look so big!  The first time I saw them I couldn't imagine what was coming out of the woods.  There are 11 in the flock.  I think there are 3 adults and the rest are this years hatch.  You can tell they are younger.  Little Joe was trying to herd them up earlier this morning.  It was cute.  He also smelled noses with one of my does this week.  He is a pistol.

Turkeys 9 12 08 2.jpg

Except that the subject is exciting to me, I know the picture leaves a lot to be desired.  I will try to do better next time.


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9 years ago

Sugar, I think your turkeys are great! I don't care if the photos aren't super clear or gallery quality and i don't think anyone else does, either! It's great to get a shot that is (or even comes close!) but what I really like about this thread is how it allows us all to see each other through our photos. Seeing where we live, what surrounds us, and what interests us is a window into our friends lives that we'd not have if it weren't for our photos. So don't ever apologize for any photo not being "very good" - they are all just wonderful!!! I second your comment on Meralyn's flower pics, too! And thanks, ladies, for your comments. I love sharing the sunsets and sunrises, and I've never lived anywhere that I was able to see so many different rainbows. I just hope everyone doesn't get too bored with them!

9 years ago

Deb, how could you think we would get bored!  Your sunsets and sunrises are just beautiful.  It is so very seldom that I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  I live in a  place where there is a small hill on both sides of me and trees just everywhere.  Front, sides and back.  I don't see much of the sky actually.  Just a narrow strip.  If I lived in a mountainous area I think it would be called a "holler".  I did see a double rainbow a couple of times, but not from home.  Once as I came out of a grocery store.  So keep those photos coming.


9 years ago

Sugar - I loved your pic of the turkeys!  And I meant to come in last night and tell you but I was so worn out by our trip that I just hit the sack!  I have never been able to get close enough to the wild turkeys to take a pic in which you could tell they were turkeys!

I never, never get bored from anyones pix!  And well said Deb!  Thanks ladies!

I'm going to go work on my pix from yesterday, now, I dont have anything new to post.  Have a good Saturday, we've got that miserable fog again!

Fern Canyon, Sept 08
9 years ago

FernCanyonOrickCASept13-9.jpg picture by merjonard

Fern Canyon near Orick, California, in the Redwoods south of where I live in Oregon.  This little canyon, which is so small I think it should be named Fern Gulley, cuts thru the high bluffs  near the beach.  Its sides are almost totally covered in different varieties of ferns and other plants such a Piggy Back, which grows down near the bottom.  Piggy Back likes lots of water. Its a very beautiful place but there were a lot of trees down and for some reason a steady stream of people, which spoiled the atmosphere for me.  We went on Friday, wanting to avoid the crowed weekend, right!

I have a couple other pix from Fern Canyon that I'll share with you as I get them done.

9 years ago

Meralyn!! It is breathtaking! Even with the people in it. I just love The Redwoods. When I was there, I nearly cried looking up at some of them. My husband says I get too emotional about stuff . And thank you about the sunsets and sunrises. I do think a holler is exactly what you described, Sugar!  I used to live in one of those before we moved to this spot, so I guess that's why I go nuts over the sets and rises. I'll post more tomorrow. I have to get to bed!!!

9 years ago

MeWalkingFernCanyonHarrysSept12-08s.jpg picture by merjonard

Harry's shot of Fern Canyon with me in it.  This was taken with Harry's Fuji, same model as Linda's.  You can see the difference in the photos (with mine, above). I did enhance my pic a little as it was such a gloomy day. And there's not enough of me showing to warrant posting this in Mug Shots, decided to share this with you here.

Deb - thanks.  I love places like this too, and Sugar's hollow. But its also nice to have a view.

9 years ago
Very NICE, Meralyn!
9 years ago

Hi Deb.  I'm going to have to steal one of my daughter rainbows now   I guess it's a southwest thing for them to be like that or maybe it's the time of day.   Ah, and those mountains!  I should have one of the southern end of the Rockies somewhere that April took.  I guess I need to go a huntin' once again for where I put them.*snooze*

Sugar, you just reminded me.  We have  a turkey running around here that attacks cars during the rush hour  Nice shot you have there too.  Gotta get one with Little Joe herding them for your Little Joe thread

Excellent little Canyon Meralyn.  You can always take the people out using Elements  I don't mind them or you being in it.  Gives some perspective as to size. 

Speaking of Elements, I've been messing around with it, so lets see if you can see the difference between these two, not that it isn't fairly obvious.

I believe I mentioned last week a butterfly came to me.  Well here it are

Resizeoriginal Butterfly_3806.JPG

Butterfly EL3806rs.jpg

I guess I'll have no excuse for missing wings on my swallowtails anymore  Yeah , like I'm going to do this to ever butterfly that comes along with missing  pieces.

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9 years ago
Lol, Sunny.  Nice patch job!
9 years ago

Thanks Sandrea & Sunny.  Gee Sunny, I'm sure glad you dont mind my being in that pic of Harry's as it was intentional!  Yep, I know I can take the people out but decided to leave them in, me included, LOL!  Beautiful butterflies.  They just will not hold still for me!

Have a great day everyone and happy shooting!

9 years ago

Hi Sunny - love the butterfly. Was he sitting there like that just waiting for you to take the pic? GARFIELD-1.gif OOOPS!!

Wrong paste - I meant to paste in this   I am really, really tired tonight so I may be just a bit goofy!. I can't get the dang butterflies to stay put long enough to snap a photo when I do happen to see one. Thanks for the compliments about the rainbow -   Better look out - those missiles might just start up again!! Kidding!! Only Kidding!! I bet the rainbow pics that your daughter took are really good so get off your duff and find them so we can see them!!

Well, my batteries took a dump - I have no camera right now and it is driving me nuts! I am so used to just grabbing it and snapping away. Oh, Meralyn - I gotta say that I was a tad bit disappointed in the Lipazzaner performance. The head rider was a guy named Victor and he rocked back and forth on that beautiful stallion like a dude on his first trail ride would. Also, one of the stallions got a bit testy and jumped forward trying to bite another stallion - this was right in the middle of the performance - he didn't do it viciously - it was like those two just didn't like each other. Anyway, the rider jerked down hard on the bit about 4 or 5 times after he did it. I tell you, she's lucky he did not go straight up in the air when she did that! I know he needed correction, but to do that in front of a live audience was just not the best way to handle it.

Okay, here's one I took the night of the last sunset. The La Plata Mountain Range was covered in the clouds and the next morning they had a bit of snow on them!!


and here's a shot of aspens that I did in a sepia tone


9 years ago

Deb - Your photos are just awesome!  You continue to amaze me with your beautiful photography!  Hope you get batteries soon.  Do you use the re-chargable ones?

Really sorry to hear you were disappointed in the Lipizzaner performance.  For some reason I had that feeling.  It sounds like a different troupe from the one that was here.  I was really impressed with both the riders and the horses.  Not sure they were all stallions, though, the horses I mean! LOL!!!  I have seen some really bad performances in the past so I DO understand and agree with you 100%!

I'm trying to get some pix of flowers from Fern Canyon to load both in care2 & P-Bucket, without success!  Will share with you-all when, and IF I ever succeed! Grrr!  I dont need this first thing in the morning!!! 

Monkey Flower, Fern Canyon, CA, September 2008
9 years ago

MonkeyFlowerFernCanyonSept13-9.jpg picture by merjonard

Monkey Flower growing along the stream, and seepage on the walls, in Fern Canyon.  I think this is the Toothed Monkey Flower. There are other varieties that grow on dry, rocky hillsides here, amazing that they can live!

I cropped this in closer, not sure which one I like, so your comments and opinions are most welcome, as always.

MonkeyFlowerFernCanyonIISept13-9.jpg picture by merjonard

This shot shows the flower's beautiful throat but not the leaves.

9 years ago

Meralyn I really like the first one better than the 2nd. Both look really beautiful but, composition-wise, I just think the first is more pleasant to the eye - balanced. But, that's just me and sometimes I am . Thanks so much for your comments   My husband told me that if we can ever get our do-do together and gasoline prices come back down and his leg heals up just fine after the amputation ( that's a lot to pray for, ain't it?) we will get the motorhome we've always talked about and I can get the camera I want and go snap pics and do the book I've been wanting to do for the last 20 some odd years!  So, honest opinions about my photos and tips to make them better are very, very appreciated. Yes, I think it may have been the same troupe but different riders and horses used since they had a lot of horses and other people that did not participate in the show. You know, when you live in po-dunk, CO, they don't serve up their best. No, I have to keep buying those dang lithium batteries. I guess I should invest in a charger. It is so inconvenient to have no spares laying around and then have to drive 40 miles one way to get batteries!   Keep on posting everyone!!! Sunny, I want to see those rainbows that your daughter took!!

9 years ago

Well, I'm here and what wonderful photos everyone - too many to comment on individually! I hope I'm not going to clog up this thread with my pics but just let me know and I could post them in a thread of their own. Anyway, this was the start of our holiday on The North York Moors:

2008_0912Fuji0013.jpg Lounge window picture by Lindylou115

View from the lounge window where we had breakfast every day.

2008_0912Fuji0049.jpg Bedroom Window picture by Lindylou115

View from our bedroom window at the back of the farmhouse.

2008_0914Fuji0002.jpg Garden View picture by Lindylou115

 It was a working farm we stayed at (Bed and Breakfast) and this was the view from the end of the garden in one direction and this was in the opposite direction.

2008_0914Fuji0009.jpg Back of Farm picture by Lindylou115

This was what it looked like just outside the front of the farmhouse (lots of sheep and heather):

2008_0914Fuji0003.jpg Front of Farm picture by Lindylou115

And this is the view a few yards away looking across Little Fryup Dale:

2008_0914Fuji0012.jpg Little Fryup Dale picture by Lindylou115

Lots more spectacular views of scenery and waterfalls to follow!

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Deb, I think I may be able to copy the rainbow straight out of  April's Flickr album, or is it Snapfish.  Well, don't ask me I don't even know my own name anymore  I do know Kim was who took the rainbow picture.   She vacationed there and before she left they put their photos in one album to K.I.S.S. for me.   And yes, the butterfly came to me.  It was on the railing of my deck  And they are much harder to shoot than one might think. They know you're there and take off if you get too close.  And the wings rarely stop moving.  I've thrown out more blurry winged butterflies than just about any other subject other than maybe humming birds.

Love what you did with the Aspens.

  OK Meralyn.  We're in trouble now.  I like the closer one of the monkey flower.    But then I still haven't been able to narrow a bunch I took of a water drop on a leaf to just one or two.  We need a tie breaker  Any volunteers

WOW Linda.  Beautiful country side to say the least.  Those rolling hills are gorgeous.  I think I need to get out more often  My little 1/3 of an acre is about all I get to see anymore   Believe it or not New York State is like that.  As in wide open spaces and lots of farms and rolling hills, and mountains.  Too bad most people get the State and  the City, confused.

9 years ago

Hello Fellow Shutterbugs.  I finally got my, umm, act together and started feeling better.  Last night was horrible!

Deb - thanks for your comments on the Monkey flower, much appreciated.  And I hope, and pray, that everything works out for you and your husband! You want to do a book, on your photography?  I wanted to be a writer long before I wanted to be an artist/photographer.   Now the brain wont cooperate! Ha, for that matter, neither will the old bod!  I would hightly recommend getting a battery charger and two sets or re-chargeble batteries. That's for your camera!  Wish they had them for people, too, LOL!!!  They tried to sell me an expensive model, I chose the cheaper one, (Sony), it works just fine!  Also, a charger came with the Panasonic for its battery pack .  And I DO need to get an extra one as I run it down fast!

Linda - your pix of the English countryside are so very beautiful!  It brings back my memories of staying in B & B's in England, I LOVED IT!  It was not in that area, however. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

Sunny - thanks  I like both shots of the Monkey flower for different reasons, guess I'll keep both.

Its evening here now, so I'm going to sign off and watch more of the exciting election campaign news, jeesh! Good night!

9 years ago
P.S.  Where was everyone today?  Is this a dead thread?!
9 years ago

Beautiful pictures all! You always amaze me!

Fern Canyon, Another View
9 years ago

Fern Canyon, CA

Here is a different view of Fern Canyon.  I should have posted this after the first one but I didn't think of it at the time!  This is a wider view, more ferns, where the first one showed the tall walls of the canyon.  Sure hope your not getting tired of Fern Canyon as I have a few fern pix to share later.

OK shutterbugs, get out there and get busy!  Dont let this thread die, PLEASE?!  Have a great day and hope your all feeling better than I am?!  The weather here is getting to me, along with other things.  Walk out with your cameras, its a wonderful excuse to explore Mother Nature, and hey, its good for you, too!

9 years ago

Dead thread  This thread is more active than some of the groups I used to belong too

I'm likin' the open spaces shots.  I need to go too far to see open spaces, so I love the Canyons and the  fields.

Deb.  Rechargeable are the way to go.  My Canon uses regular AA  batteries, but I use the rechargeable  kind or I'd go broke feeding it.   The AA battery was another plus as to why I picked the Canon too.  They are available everywhere  I've never tried Lithium's but Sandy did  and said they won't  work in the Canon A530 so I figure they won't work in the A630 either.

Meanwhile I've stolen a couple of my daughters photos from her album, so shhhh, don't tell them

Here's the  rainbow from NM

Rainbow NM.jpg

This one is of the Rio Grande Gorge.

Rio Grande Gorge.jpg

And this is not at all what it looks like


April took that.  It's a scene from the  latest  Terminator  movie, T4 I think. It's all a set-up.  They filmed a chase scene near where she lives and she got to take some still pictures of it.  I have a few more but it's mostly of dusty cars wrecked.  

That's Kim ruining the view of the Rio Grande.

Kim at Rio Grande Bridge.jpg

Just kidding of course

And here's my two photographers.  Kim's on the left and April's the  one with the hat.

Kim & April at the Plaza.jpg

And no. Neither one colors their hair.  Oh, and they both have my eyes, and smile

Now if I could just find something to shoot.  OR, decided which one of the  pictures I shot to  put up.  I may end up collaging (that's not a word) the  water drop on the leaf.

Well back to converting vinyl LP's to CD's    And get some more outdoor stuff done.  I get scarce in the Spring & Fall.  Much to do to make the place look nice.

9 years ago

Looks like I over did my "couple".  But here's one more

New Mexico 07.jpg

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