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Meralyn and Friends digital art and Photo thread # 22
10 years ago

Here is the link to the other thread for those of you who missed out on seeing the pictures.

Posts should be no wider than 640.

This thread is not for our kitty cats. It is a photography thread meant to share scenery and wild life etc.  Your kitties are important, but put them in a new topic thread.

10 years ago

 Donna - thanks for the new thread!

Happy shooting fello shutterbugs and have a great weekend!  

I sure hope Deb's husband is doing OK?!  Has anyone heard anything?!

10 years ago

Hi everyone! You really will have to excuse me because my brain is all over the place. At the moment it's working on a plan of action for a joint seminar to be delivered in a few weeks time and not on photography   However, pressing on I will continue my guided tour of the North York Moors area.

These are all pics of Sandsend which is roughly between Staithes and Whitby. In this first one you can just see the ruins of Whitby Abbey on the skyline. The haziness was I think caused by the considerable surf that day.

2008_0913Fuji0137.jpg Sandsend picture by Lindylou115

This is looking in the opposite direction

2008_0913Fuji0119.jpg Sandsend picture by Lindylou115

The wooden breakwaters to hold the beach in place made for some interesting pics but I'll keep those for another time

2008_0913Fuji0139.jpg Sandsend picture by Lindylou115

That's the river flowing into the sea. I loved the blue beach tent.

This next one I should have put first because it was taken on the way to Sandsend. I spotted the scene from the car and made Chris turn back a mile or so to enable me to capture it. I just loved the green of the fields, blue of the sky and sea (with a ship on the horizon) and the contrast of the brown and white cows giving it perspective.

2008_0913Fuji0111.jpg Near Sandsend picture by Lindylou115

I haven't edited any more photos but I think the next lot will all be inland - waterfalls, moors and dales. See you all later ...

10 years ago

Yup, yup, yup, Linda is a spy from the British Department of Tourism.   Just can't be get photos like that without closing  down the roads and removing all the other people    Has anyone else noticed there's just the right number of people in the right places to make it believable    Sure won't find that in the northeast in the States.  If it's in a travel brochure and you go "in season" forget it.  It's wall to wall people.

Gorgeous Linda, absolutely gorgeous  And I'm with Joy on that "looking out to the harbor" shot.  I think it could be the "S" curve in the river.  It make it flow.     

Meralyn, think you and Harry and Karen and I can get a discount rate to go visit.     Just need a morphine drip and I'm good to go

Naughty, naughty.  Joy has bare naked ladies in a  window.  Hey isn't that a singing group. 

I think the clouds ADD to the moon shots, especially the last one.  Against the darker blue---awesome!   Although maybe you're talking about shots that aren't there.    I bet, huh

Oh, my.  If I had to climb those step to the pharmacy I'd want a one year supply.   Nice shots from up there that's for sure.  The next to last  one looks almost tropical with the foliage in the foreground.  

Meanwhile, unless you want before and after pictures of what I did to my deck this past week, I've got nuttin'.   One more project done

10 years ago

Linda - Fantastic shots!  WOW!  Thanks for continuing sharing them with us!

I went to Indian Days at the Elk Valley Casino today with a free Salmon BBQ dinner free to members, Harry & I became members, LOL!  It was delicious as always.  Also Indian gambling, drumming, and a dance demo.  I took pix but they didnt turn out very well but thats OK as I have a lot of them of these events.

Thanks Sunny re moon shot.  I'm bushed, closing out of here now.  Will share pix tomorrow if I can get anything edited and loaded.

10 years ago

Anyone remember me saying I have some big mushrooms hiding somewhere?   Well, I found the pictures and gave 'em a quick scan.

(dated October 12th 1999) 

Mushrooms 01.jpg

These hats fit my head


I think they are the biggest mushrooms I've ever personally seen.

Mushrooms cropped 04.jpg

I also found my giant home grown pumpkins, but they can wait

10 years ago

Hey, awesome mushrooms Sunny! I wouldn't have realised how big they were if you hadn't taken them with the caps and I thought the apple was a cherry at first sight!

Sounds like you had a brilliant time Meralyn. I love Indian drumming (makes the hairs on the back of neck stand up) so I can't wait to see your pics.

Thanks for your comments on my "tourist" shots! I have a few of Mallyan Spout to show you later.

10 years ago

Well, here we are - the first of the wonderful waterfalls I promised you.  The river which is in a deep gorge is accessed by a narrow and winding footpath through a beautiful wooded area. This is the precarious and slippery path alongside the river to Mallyan Spout.

2008_0913Fuji0272.jpg Near Mallyan Spout picture by Lindylou115

2008_0913Fuji0274.jpg Near Mallyan Spout picture by Lindylou115

2008_0913Fuji0277.jpg Near Mallyan Spout picture by Lindylou115

As you can see it wasn't easy going but was well worth the effort because the 70 foot waterfall was breathtaking. I hadn't taken my ultra wide-angle lens extension with me and regretted it as I had difficulty in getting the whole waterfall in the frame - ended up having to almost lay on my back in the water! Also, the fall was so bright at the top and very dark and shadowy at the bottom so I had to lighten this next one a bit.

2008_0913Fuji0293.jpg Mallyan Spout picture by Lindylou115

This was walking back along the river to find the path back up the hill to the car.

2008_0913Fuji0297.jpg Near Mallyan Spout picture by Lindylou115

I hope you enjoyed the experience as much as I did!!!!!

Re: [Cat Lovers] Meralyn and Friends digital art and Photo thread # 22
10 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing these!!

10 years ago

Sunny - your mushroom pix are GREAT!  And clever way to show their size, too!  But I hate to tell you this, they are very poisonous!  They are Fly Amanita!  Anything with warts dont even touch!  Sure hope you didn't eat the cherry?!  But your still alive, right?! I have posted pix of them before, the bright red variety have been used in art thru the centuries.

Linda - your photos are so lovely!  You love the same kind of places that I do!  Good shooting lady!  And I've laid on my back, to shoot something so watch it, OK, and am constantly getting muddy knees and whatever!?LOL!!!  Us shutterbug nuts will go to almost any length to get that one super photo!

Angel - thanks! 

I'm working on the Indian Days Salmon BBQ pix and will post for you-all when I can.  I'm slow today, though, busy last two days!  Dang font changed again!!!  Cheerio!

10 years ago

Linda, you live in a beautiful country, just like Meralyn.  The photo with the small row boat is a masterpiece.  That would make the most beautiful painting or just enlarged as a photo to grace some ones home.

Wow, some mushrooms, toadstools or whatever there Sunny.  I don't have any that big around there.

I have some big worms though, Tomato and Caltalpa.  The Caltalpa Worms just about denuded one of my young Caltalpa trees.

This one has lots of parasites......

Caltalpa worm.jpg

Caltalpa worm at work....

Caltalpa Worm 3.jpg

Tomato Worms....

worm 9 25 08 3.jpg



10 years ago

Oh, the worms are going on a fishing trip!!!


10 years ago

Some delicious fruit!



pawpaws 2 08.jpg

There isn't any fruit I like better.  We have two trees I planted years ago and they just started bearing fruit in the last 4 years.  I tried to plant them in a place that they would like.  It must have worked, because most of the fruit is very large.  I have many more planted since then, but they haven't fruited yet.  They are kind of buttery and sweet.


10 years ago

Sugar - Great photos!  WOW!  Those really are BIG WORMS!!!  And thaking them on a fishing trip sounds like a grand idea, they might as well be usfull rather than just squashed, LOL!

I've never tasted Paw Paws before.  I'll try to find them here in our market.  And thanks for sharing, always love your pix!

Indian Days Salmon BBQ, Elk Valley Casino, CC, Sept 27-08
10 years ago

SalmonBBQIndianDaysElkValleyCasinoC.jpg picture by merjonard

The salmon, which the Yurok tribe catches with nets in the Klamath River, CA, are cut in to steaks and skewered onto alder (if I remember correctly!?) sticks, then stuck in the sand by an open pit fire to slowly cook.  They use some seasoning on them but I forgot to ask what it is!  Whatever, the result is out of this world, YUMMEE!

The fish is turned regularily till done evenly.  I am posting another pic of this, with a man turning the steaks, in Sunny's Cooking thread.

I'll post pix of a Yurok elder playing the drums, and just posing happily for me, later.  

This post was modified from its original form on 28 Sep, 14:15
10 years ago

Boy Meralyn, that looks good!  I can see where wind would be a problem though.  It is here with grilling and smoking.


Drummer at Indian Days, Elk Valley Casino, CA, Sept 08
10 years ago

MerkDrummingatIndianDaysElkValleyCa.jpg picture by merjonard

This Yurok elder is drumming and singing with several other men during the Indian gambling at Indian Days, Elk Valley Casino, Crescent City, CA.  I have been told that they only drum and sing at the gambling events.  And this is the first time I managed to be in on it, needless to say I was thrilled!

I know this elder from quite a few years of photographing the Salmon Festival in Klamath, CA.  He graciously posed for me but in fact he loves to have his picture taken, especially by ladies, LOL! 

I am not posting others as I didn't get their permission.

 MerkatIndianDaysElkValleyCasinoCCSe.jpg picture by merjonard

Note the difference in his demeanor after I asked him if I could photograph him! They were finished with the drumming and boy did he pose!  He must be in his 80's by now?!

Merkclose-upIndianDaysSept27-9.jpg picture by merjonard

I cropped down on the photo and cloned out the ladies red hair in the background.  Messy job but the best I could do.

I did photograph the dancers, many of which were children, but did not get permission to post so will not.

 Sugar - thanks.  There wasn't much wind, just a breeze but a bit chilly.

WARNING TO ALL CONCERNED:  Do NOT snag or use these photos without my permission!  Actually that goes for anyone's photos posted!!!

P.S.  I have posted other pix of this Yurok elder without his sunglasses.

Comon Yarrow in Kamph Park, California, Sept 29-08
10 years ago
Common Yarrow
10 years ago

I'm here - just briefly! Wow, what fat juicy worms/caterpillars Sugar - I wonder what they are? Thank you for shaing your Yurok photos Meralyn - they're so atmospheric (I can easily imagine myself there and even smell the smoke).

The next three photos are of Greater Fryup Dale, very close to where we stayed.

2008_0913Fuji0312.jpg Greater Fryup Dale picture by Lindylou115

2008_0913Fuji0310.jpg Greater Fryup Dale picture by Lindylou115

2008_0913Fuji0314.jpg Greater Fryup Dale picture by Lindylou115

For anyone who thinks this scenery is familiar, it will be if you've ever watched "Heartbeat" on TV. It was filmed in and around Goathland (Aidensfield) and somewhere I have some pics of the village which you might recognise from the series.

Moving on; this is Danby Castle (the ruins) right up the road from our B&B. Part of it is lived in as a farmhouse. We could have had a closer look as the owners let people look around it but we didn't have too much time.

2008_0913Fuji0321.jpg Danby Castle picture by Lindylou115

2008_0913Fuji0326.jpg Danby Castle picture by Lindylou115

2008_0913Fuji0330.jpg Danby Castle picture by Lindylou115

I'll be back when I have some time to spare. Lots of reading to catch up on now but I find being here is a great way to unwind! Hugs ...

10 years ago

Hey!!  Lets go fishing   Ever see those huge tomato horn worms.  They can do so much  damage too.   You have me  curious on the paw paw's, I've never  heard of them.  Time to get out from under my rock, huh

I remember  last years visit to Elk Valley.  Glad to see that gent again and him still up to putting on a show for you.  He looks like he really enjoys doing  what he does.  And technically since it's a public event you really don't need permission to reproduce as they say a "likeness" of anyone, but it  is nice to ask   There are events in the Soviet Socialist State of New Jersey (    ) that will not even let you in with a camera.  I've had to check mine at security several times  Only in NJ will you find laws like that no doubt  

Meralyn for also posting the salmon in my thread.  It's a real drooler for  us salmon fans.  Speaking of the food thread, I will be gone again, I think.  All depends on how much the misses abuses me the next  two or 3 days  I explained why in the food thread, no sense re-hashing it.

Common Yarrow, huh.  I would have  guessed a Snowball, as in the flower Snowball, which probably isn't it's real name.

  I wonder.  If I were to take a photo of just the leaves of a plant if anyone could identify it.  I planted something out back, got leaves but no flowers, an now I don't remember what it was I planted  I'm moving them up front for better sun, but even next year if they bloom I doubt I'd know what they are.  Good Ole CRS!  Should I give it  a shot to see if anyone recognizes it????

Linda, all those open spaces.   I love it.  I really  am living vicariously through all these  pictures.  I just  gotta get out more   Sorry, I never heard of "Heartbeat",  but I'm a big fan of some sitcoms that most Americans wouldn't know of.  How's Coupling, The Thin Blue Line, My Hero, and As Time Goes By sound  OH, and The Vicar of Dibley if I spelled that right.  There's a few others but I don't know their names.  I pretty much love sitcoms, they're making a comeback in the states now too

As for the mushrooms.  I've never seen the like of them before or since. 

How 'bout a couple of my tiny pumpkins.

Pumpkins 02.jpg

And since I'm a little bit nuts, the thing on the far right is a Budweiser Beer Ball painted orange   Beer balls have gone out of fashion but they  were great at cookouts since you had tap beer taste and no need to recycle the empty can or  bottles( hic, hic)

Pumpkins 01.jpg

I'll have to  see if I can find more of these.  I grew them for several years.

I may be peeking in even if I don't get time to  post, so keep the flowers and the landscapes  coming, and even the  worms


10 years ago

Linda - Your photos are fabulous!  I can just smell and feel the English countryside thru your pix  Thank you so very much for sharing with us.  Since I will probably never get back there again its the next best thing!

Sunny - the Native American Indians are really touchy about having their photos taken.  I get along with them as I respect their wishes and always ask.  Some of the tribes will let you photograph them while dancing, this one will not.  They have come to trust me and I want it to remain so. 

The worst experience with cameras, and photographing only certain things, was on my trip into East Berlin when the wall was still up, scarey!!!

I love your huge pumpkins!  I used to decorate like that when my kids were still at home.  Nope, that's not Snowball,  look at the feathery leaves.  And thanks both of you! Good night now and sweet dreams!

The Colors of Fall
10 years ago

RosehipclusterKamphPkSept29-9.jpg picture by merjonard

Wild Rosehips in a creek in Kamph Park.  I shot these a couple of days ago and I was going to wait till tomorrow to post them but I got bored with all the political crap and came back in here!

I sharpened a little, cropped, and in doing so this photo went a bit grainy.  But I thought this would go well with Sunny's pumpkins.

9 years ago

Hello everyone - time for me to unwind here! Great pumpkins Sunny - all that wonderful spicy pumpkin soup, I love it! Beautiful autumnal rosehips Meralyn - it's a lovely time of the year!

These are a few pics of Whitby from the bridge over the river (which is why I appear to have taken the shots from mid air). We were on our way to Robin Hood's Bay (which is another story) and I couldn't resist the clear views after the awful weather we experienced there a couple of days earlier.

2008_0914Fuji0016.jpg Whitby picture by Lindylou115

2008_0914Fuji0023.jpg Whitby picture by Lindylou115

2008_0914Fuji0014.jpg Whitby picture by Lindylou115

I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms from not having the time to get out with my camera but am enjoying reliving my holiday through these photos and also being inspired by everyone else's. See you all later ...

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9 years ago

It's raining out there and I was feeling a bit down after a long power cut yesterday evening but when I spotted this photo I took a couple of weeks ago I cheered up. Thought I'd share it with you:

2008_0918Fuji0034.jpg picture by Lindylou115

The one in front is a Red Admiral and the other two are Small Tortoiseshells.

9 years ago

Hi Linda - I'm sure your pix are lovely as always but care2 is slower than an arthritic turtle this morning.  I'll come back in later and see if they've loaded, grrrrrr!!!

I'm taking it easy today, really need to, seem to be having a bit of a reaction to the flu shot I got yesterday and rather worn out from cooking dinner for my friend, Harry, last night. 

Have a lovely, peaceful Sunday all you Shutterbugs!

Seagull in flight. September 26, 2008
9 years ago
Seagull in Flight
9 years ago

Linda - I forgot to mention, your beautiful photo of Whitby is showing but the other two are not, yet.  I'll try walking away from this blasted computer and see if they load!?

Where is everybody!?

9 years ago

I'm here - well, just about! Stuck my head out from the books to post a few pics here (my eyes feel as though they're popping out of their sockets).

That's a wonderfully atmospheric shot Meralyn. I can smell the sea and hear the gulls - wish I was there rather than here lol.

This is Falling Foss, said to be thirty feet high. Once again it was difficult to capture because of the size and inaccessibility. There was a path down to the bottom but not for the faint hearted!

2008_0914Fuji0094.jpg Falling Foss picture by Lindylou115

This is the waterfall as it goes over the edge so to speak:

2008_0914Fuji0076.jpg Falling Foss picture by Lindylou115

This was a toadstool growing near by:

2008_0914Fuji0070.jpg picture by Lindylou115

I hope you can see all my pics Meralyn - more watery ones tomorrow!

9 years ago

You guys really outdid yourselves. The photos are all gorgeous.

9 years ago

My gosh, you guys!!! Beautiful photos! I'm sorry I've got nothing to share right now, but I will be downloading my pics soon, now that I can hold my head up without getting so dizzy I feel sick. I'm just starting to feel 'somewhat' normal again. I've got so much catching up to do - at the group and at home, as well. Bills just piled up - and I'm not one to do the online bill paying stuff. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm still around and that I love these latest shots. You outdid yourself with that gull, Meralyn - beautiful. I'll post some soon.

Amanita Mushrooms, Buttons, Oct. 7-08
9 years ago

Amanita Mushroom

Amanita, Bigger Button

After driving and hiking all over the mountains in the Upper Chetco River area and not finding any mushrooms I found these beautiful Amanita mushroom buttons coming up, again, in my neighbor ladie's front yard!  Amazing!  They had all been chewed on and I wondered what was doing it as these are very poisonous mushrooms and then noticed the slug at the base of this button!  I'll bet that is the culprit?!

Linda - I'm still waiting for your photos to load, FRUSTRATING!!!  Are you storing them in care2 albums or P-Bucket?  I'm going to go off and eat breakfast and see if they eventually load!  Grrrr!!!

And thanks ladies, and sure good to hear from you again Deb! I'm eagerly awaiting your pix, too!

9 years ago
SUNNY - HELP!  Linda's pix wont load so that I can view them!  I left the thread doing for quite awhile and finally red x's came up, and that's all!!! I can see your photos just fine, so what's going on?!
9 years ago

Meralyn, I don't know what is going on at the thread. It loads extremely slow for me, but I do finally get the pics. Care2 has been very slow all day at all the places I went. Maybe it was just the site??! I did notice that Linda's pics seem to have a lot of bytes compared to the others with 250,000 something on one. Most average under 100,000. I have no idea if that has anything to do with it or not!!!     

Here's one of my roses I took while in Denver. I definitely needed to stop and smell them while I was there!


and another


This post was modified from its original form on 09 Oct, 23:45
9 years ago
Hi, I'll drop back later but just to say that I store all my pics in Photobucket not Care2 - I just find it easier.
9 years ago

Deb - Absolutely gorgeous pix of the rose!  WOW!  Thanks for sharing. Can you see Linda's pix?  Maybe it has a lot to do with my Dial-up system?!

Linda - I've had people in this group say they can not see my pix if I have posted from Photobucket.  I often use both.  I was using P-Bucket all the time at first because I could NOT get them to load in the care2 albums!  No, lately, I'm having trouble getting the browser in P-Bucket to work so have gone back to care2, even though its so damn slow!

9 years ago

Wildflower, Bolander's Pacelia

This is a little wildflower that I photographed on the gravel bar on the Chetco River. Harry & I have tentatively identified it as Bolander's Phacelia.

9 years ago

Thanks re: the rose, Meralyn. I have been watching as the thread loads slowly and it says something like 42 items remaining - the photos from p-bucket are taking forever to load. Maybe there is now a problem using p-bucket at care2? I find the care2 pics load much faster. I also have had no problems in uploading my photos to the care2 album and if you use the care2 toolbar you can open 2 tabs at once, making it easy to copy your photos into the thread. Anyway, does anyone want me to open a new thread? Perhaps we should try to do these photos out of care2 albums at a new thread just to see if it makes a difference in the load time? Well, let me know if you want to try it. I will leave this thread alone unless everyone wants to try a new one.

9 years ago

All beautiful!  Again, we are so lucky to have professional photos on our own group!
Deb....wonderful that you "stopped and smelled the roses" and then shared with us

9 years ago

Meralyn, that "Bolanders Phacelia" is so delicate looking....very nice, thank you.

9 years ago

Deb - care2 has been onery and slower that hell for the last few days but today its been loading quickly and even the groups with the new format are working, totally amazing!  Also, P-Bucket was refusing to load pix for me, too!

I didn't know about the tool bar, how do I get it?  I have had to open two care2 sites to pull my pix back and forth!

I'm going to try an experiment.  I loaded more of the Lipizzaner stallion pix today in care2.  I am going to post one from my album here and one from P-Bucket and see what happens. I hate to make people re-load everything into care2!

Pair working together

The above is from my care2 Lipizzaner Stallion Show album.

Trioworkingsig.jpg picture by merjonard

And this one is from P-Bucket.  I have re-sized both thru Picasa to 640 before loading in either the care2 albums or in P-bucket.  I have found they load much faster that way, especially with these high res pix. But look how much bigger the one is from P-Bucket! WOW!!!

Now - is there any difference in them loading for you to view Deb or Linda, or anyone else?  Do any of you have Dial-up like I do?

9 years ago

Wow guys, all those beautiful pictures!!  Meralyn, I've never seen that veriety of mushroom (the first pix).  I really enjoyed looking through all the pictures. Here is my contribution, the other day I was at my mother's house and she has these flowers in her garden, so I took pictures.  Now I don't know the name of the flowers, but you guys may know.  Mom said is some kind of wild orchids.

STA60026 _2_.JPG


9 years ago

Oh, those are beautiful orchids Lucy! Your white roses are quite magical Deb and the detail is wonderful! Meralyn, we like our mushrooms don't we! They make such good subjects but not as easy to capture as you'd imagine (fortunately they tend not to move)!

Recently all of the Care2 threads with lots of photos/graphics have been taking longer than usual to load but they have never failed to get there in the end. Meralyn, I don't have dial-up but do appreciate it's possibly a contributory factor your slow loading but not the red x's. Over the summer I had problems with red x's elsewhere and eventually it was traced back to the server not having provided for people using Windows Vista.  I'm not suggesting this is at all the same cause/problem but I am wondering if Care2 have provided for all the huge variations in computer gear we all have because you were able to see all the pics but now you can't. Seems likely to me that not all Care2 users computer needs/requirements have been met following recent updates etc so the problem is likely to be there.

It will be another job to transfer my photos from Photobucket to a Care2 album but sometime today I will try to put some there and then post them here so see if it makes a difference.

See you later ...

9 years ago

Sorry, that might be tomorrow now as I seem to be running out of time

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9 years ago


Okay, this is from my Care2 album (not as arduous as I thought to download). Can you see it Meralyn?

9 years ago

Lucy - Your orchids are just gorgeous!  And thank you for sharing with us!

Linda, yes, your pic started loading right away albiet slowly!  Good Lord!  care2 has been driving me mad lately!  If your using Vista and I still have XP that could be a contributing factor all right?!  I talked to Harry, my compuer programmer friend, and he said its taking too long for the browser to send the pix and then the server quits, or something to that effect, and hence red x's!?  Hmmm?!  He didn't have a solution, oh goodie!  I guess its just care2's problem for now!? But I didn't used to have any problem with your pix, no matter how many you posted! And your photo is very beautiful!

Your a dearheart to go to the trouble to load in care2 albums!!!  Thank you! 

And thanks ladies re my pix, too.   Have a wonderful Saturday and I hope you can get out with your camera's and enjoy this fabulous fall weather.

Fox Kit with Raccoon Family

Look who came to dinner last night!  The juvenile fox with the baby raccoons!  He's watching me sitting in the open door way with my camera!

This post was modified from its original form on 11 Oct, 8:35
9 years ago

Happy weekend everyone! We are having awful weather so I cannot get anymore pics. I do have some that I took on the way back from Denver, though, and also more roses. I am afraid my camera will not be lasting much longer as it is doing that funny screen thing a lot now. I've been looking at cameras. I'd really like opinions as to how many mega pixels and the digital zoom rate that would be a good camera for under $500.00. My husband wants to get me a digital video cam with still capabilities, but they are a bit expensive! I want to be able to zoom in to the mountains without getting a grainy pic and to be able to do the macros I love to do, as well. Linda, all of the pics seemed to load faster today so I do think part of the problem is care2. Meralyn, the 1st Lip pic loaded quicker for me, but it is 550 x 461 pixels - 66,235 bytes. The 2nd is 640 x 408 pixels - 122,053 bytes. Linda, your care2 pic, which is beautiful by the way, that you just posted loaded before all of your other photos from p-bucket. Thanks - re/rose.   Those little wild orchids are darling!!! Great shots and the colors were beautiful!!

Okay, here are a couple more roses



And one for Fall


The last was taken in Wolf Creek Pass. The following day the entire Pass was covered in snow!   Meralyn, I'll see if I can find how you can get the toolbar and get back to you.

9 years ago

Linda - Well hot dang!  Your pictures just loaded this time like NOW!  what the hey?!  So tell me it wasn't care2's problems after all?! Jeesh!!!

And they are beautiful pix, too!  Especially the mushroom!  So should you continue using care2 albums, well dearheart that's entirely up to you! What a royal pain in the keester!

One thing to know, people can go in and steal your pix from care2 albums unless they are locked and if they are locked people can't see the pix!  But they are protected in P-Bucket.  OK, but as soon as you post a photo anywhere it is up for grabs by shady characters!  It is a NO-NO but how do you stop them?!

Deb - your roses are gorgeous!  Thanks ladies for sharing and having the patience to work with this blankety-blank mess!  My hat is off to you both!

P.S.  I've got Harry looking into this for us but I doubt he can solve anything without working directly with care2.

9 years ago

OK Deb.  Harry finally got all the pix in this thread to load, took 30 mins!  No red x's.  He said they are all resonable sizes but just an awful lot of them.  So I guess you'd better start another thread?

This post was modified from its original form on 11 Oct, 19:52
9 years ago

You got it! 23 is coming up!

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