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Meralyn & friends photography & digital art #25
9 years ago

Here's the link to the last thread

Make sure to take a peek because there's lots of beautiful and interesting photos on there!

This thread is for sharing our non furkids photos. Please join us here in sharing your lives through your photos! Before posting, please resize pics to no wider than 640 pixels so we don't have to scroll to read any posts (and it won't take as long to load for all of our members on dial-up!)

9 years ago

Okay - here's one to start us off. This is the La Plata mountains showing off their first snow of fall/winter 08 - 09.


9 years ago

Here's the shot before cropping. I stood in my garage and took it - I was freezing!! The wind was blowing really bad - so, I got lucky that this wasn't just a blur!!  


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9 years ago

Brrrr....but beautiful, Deb!!

9 years ago

This was taken sometime in August. Wv state capital.


9 years ago
Deb, Love your pictures of the snow.
9 years ago

Thanks, but I sure wish I didn't have that snow to take any photos of!!! It did this on Wed. and the snow has not melted - even around the house. I absolutely hate winter. Guess I need to go where there is no winter. Janie, your last photos have been gorgeous. I have a little plastic doll of The Big Boy - only this one is from CA. and the restaurant was called Bob's Big Boy. We had the skaters delivering food to the cars!! And it used to be our teen hang out. Anyway, isn't it amazing how all the capital buildings in the different states tend to look like big, beautiful palaces from far off lands?

9 years ago

Deb, I understand about the snow. Its pretty but I don't like to have to drive in it. I hope we don't get any this winter.

I have a picture of that same capital with a solid gold dome. It is covered in gold leaf, with a dark gray paint in between  now.

Deb, you have the most beautiful view. My brother was in Co. about three weeks ago. They come out there to hunt , unfortunatly. Luckily he did not get anything. He wants to get a good digital camera to get pictures out there next year.

9 years ago

Amanitas under Spruce Tree

Fly Amanita.  I know I've posted pix of these beautiful but deadly mushrooms before, and I can't remember if I did this one in last thread, brain, what brain?!  Deb, if I did feel free to delete it!  this is a recent photo, though.

Boletus, Bitter

Bitter Boletua, I think.  Note its bulbous bottom!

 Boletus, unknown

Another Boletus but not sure of name.  Note the spongey gills on these!  They dont cook well and I dont like the flavor, that's in the edible variety!

Gorgeous snow scenes Deb but I dure dont envy you that cold winter!  And Janie, love that shot!  WOW!  Thanks ladies for sharing with us!

9 years ago

Yes, I know all about bulbous bottoms Meralyn! Joking apart, your toadstools are perfect! Chilly looking scenes Deb but I can smell that cold, crisp air! Janie, that really looks like a perfect postcard shot - you should sell it!

I took an hour or so off yesterday afternoon to go and see the grey seals at Donna Nook a couple of miles away. They arrive every year to pup but you can't get too close as the wardens have cordoned off the area for the safety of humans and seals. This is what I saw but I'll be going back again when there are more babies.

2008_1107Fuji0016.jpg picture by Lindylou115

It's actually a bombing range so you can see the targets in the distance. The RAF are very proud of the way they're able to successfully share the breeding ground (which is also a nature reserve) with the seals. This is two mums having a stand-off (two babies visible):

2008_1107Fuji0023.jpg picture by Lindylou115

And the cutest - just hanging around waiting to pup!

2008_1107Fuji0035a.jpg picture by Lindylou115

9 years ago

!!!!!! You girls are so good!

Deb, yours pics are so beautiful! Meralyn, Love those mushrooms! Wow,your pics are so clear. I feel like I could reach out and touch them! And Linda! Those are just AMAZING pics!! Just beautiful! Janie! Wow!!!! Awesome shots!!

9 years ago
Linda - your shots of the seals are wonderful, especially that last one, the portrait study of the momma waiting to have her baby, WOW!!!  Great work and thank you for sharing!

And thanks ladies re my mushrooms.  i have a few others that I will share later.

Have a good day if you can.  Its pouring here, again, sigh.
9 years ago

Everyone's pics are so neat!!! Meralyn, I would never delete a pic even it had been posted before. (which I'm pretty sure this last mushroom was NOT posted before) The pics are so neat, I think we all agree that we can look at a repeat posted pic again if it were to happen? Meralyn I think your mushrooms are really good - the pics, that is   I've never eaten any but the little ones you get in the store. We have some weird ones growing around us but I have no idea if they are poisonous. Wow! Linda - what a neat area and you were so fortunate to get those shots. I loved seeing them! Janie, the dome used to be SOLID gold???? I guess they had to turn it in to Ft. Knox to get some gold back in there, huh?   I agree with Linda - that pic could be a postcard. Okay all you photo looking lurkers, we want to see your pics too!!

9 years ago

Oops, the other thread is closed already.  Ever think of making the thread read UP instead of down??   Since threads load top to bottom the newer photos would show quicker, and possibly help solve the red x problem. 

Anyway I believe Deb wanted my humble advice or input on buying a DSLR. 

You didn't mention the model of the camera you looked at, or which  lens.  I checked Sony's site late last night and they make 5 DSLR models.  Also checked out  both Sony and Sigma lenses to see what's out there, and found several 70mm zooms, so I don't know which you were interested in.  Also Sigma doesn't make very many after market lenses for Sony, and Sigma is the biggest after market lens maker so your optons would be fairly limitd to over priced Sony  lenses.    I didn't  bother to check Tamron since they don't  make near as many lenses in total as Sigma so I doubt they'd have much Sony stuff.  And 3X optical is just about  what most SLR/DSLR lenses work out to be.   I have a 35-105 Nikkor for my film camera and 3X of 35 is 105.  Also a 70-210, 3X of 70 = 210.  Same with my 135-400.  You can find a few that  go 4 or  even 5 x, but the  image quality  begins to deteriorate with lenses of 5 or more maginfication.  I've seen 35-300's  which is about 9x, but I doubt very much if they are sharp through the entire range. 

One thing you really need to look into is, do you really want to invest in lenses and accessories to go DSLR.  There is no all around single lens when it  comes to SLR cameras.  In fact it's one of there better points, you're not stuck with the lens it comes with, if any.  If you do a lot of macro work, you buy a macro lens, a real macro lens, not one of these 1:4 things, but a 1:1 macro.  You can also get around that  by getting screw in close-up lenses, or  extension tubes for  close in work.  If you do a lot of landscape and wide  shooting, you  get a wide angle zoom, I use a 18-35 Sigma.  Which BTW is a big 2x.  But super wide angle lenses are like  very  long telephotos, expensive to make.  There are some 18-55's (3X, see how that 3 keeps popping up)  that didn't even exist  8 or 9 years ago.   And that's in 35 mm, not in Digital format, which makes an 18-55 actually more like a  24-70 on a 35mm camera. 

And if I were just starting a DSLR system I would stick with the  2 biggest DSLR camera  makers, Nikon or Canon.  An note the SYSTEM part, because it is a system, not just one thing like a p&S is.  With P&S camera's you look at all the features and the bells and whistles because you are stuck with them for as long as you own that camera.  With DSLR, you build it to your needs.  Also there is no digital zoom feature on DSLR's either, so your lens is it, and  each lens will set you back a pretty piece of change.  I know I'm painting a bleak picture here, but I'm really  not going to say go for it and not  give you the cons, and only  rave on the pros. 

And when it comes to lenses and options, the Canon's and Nikon's have the most, and availability is another thing.   Nearly everyone  carries them.  

Check this place out, it's a world of info if you know what to look for.  Plus the best prices you'll probably find, it's where the Pros buy their equipment

This list some of what's out there for the wonderful world of SLR accessories.

 This is my own personal opinion only.  But if I were looking into buying a DSLR, I would buy one made by a company that has a long history of camera making.  I'm not really a big fan of electronics companies like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung,  etc making anything other than point and shoot cameras, and DVD players and TV's and the like.  They're literally the "New kids on the block".  Leave the high caliber camera making to the guys that they bought  the patent rights from.    

Hey great photos everyone

Anymore questions for the walking talking camera encyclopedia. Anyone care to know what "medium format" cameras are all about. Talk about a camera you make the way you want.  Just an empty box that uses modules, doesn't  even have a viewfinder, or a back to put the film into 

And bare in mind this is MY opinion from years of "playing" Photographer 

Hey! And don't be shy, email me if you need me and I'm not around.  Been fiddling around putting  a new and  bigger hard drive in the other puter so haven't peeked in. 

9 years ago

Wow Meralyn, I have never seen any mushrooms like that before. Those are not to be eaten are they?

Linda, the seals are so cute. If we had them here I would be taking pictures of them all the time. Instead of ducks and geese.

9 years ago

Here is the picture of the Wv state capital building when it was all gold. It is actually gold leaf. A very thin layer. In the other picture before its gold leaf and paint.

This one was published in a book a few years ago.

wv capital

9 years ago

I just lost my whole f'gn post, I'll try again in the morning, I am NOT up to this CRAP!!!  Good night all!!!

9 years ago

Good Day Shutter Bugs - and hopefullly it will be a whole lot better than yesterday in many ways, too!

Janie - that is a fantastic shot and the perspective is awesome!  Congratulations on getting it published in a book, too! !!!  We've got another pro in our midst!  And by that I do NOT mean me, I mean our Sunny! 

Did you say your using a Canon Rebel DSLR?  Someone is?

And sorry about my language and temper tantrum, Care2 is enough to drive me crazy(er) at times, like lots of times!!!

Have a great Sunday if possible and hopefully you can get out with your cameras or just shoot your kitties, or whom-ever, in doors?!  By now, I dont have anything to post here yet, have been working on Tig-ur & the Otter.

9 years ago
Thanks Meralyn, actually that last photo of the capital was taken with a film camera. Canon AE-1. I still have it but it doesn't get used anymore. Its sitting on my computer desk. I use a Canon rebel xt now.
9 years ago

This was taken at least 8 years ago in the spring, with film and scanned to computer. I was in a moving car crossing the bridge going to Charleston.

charleston in spring

9 years ago

Beautiful shot Janie!  And thanks for the info.  My Cannon Rebel 2000 SLR usually spends most of its time in its bag in the closet now, 'cept for the times I take it out so I can use the bag for my digital camera!

Deb - take good note of what Janie is using!  She would be an excellent person to talk to about DSLR's, too!

Sunny - thanks for all the info!  Most of it is over my head but I did understand some of it and really DO appreciate your help and feed-back!

Gotta go work on raccoon pix now.

9 years ago

I'm in shock at how quick care2 is tonight!! And here I am with no pics to post    Janie, that is a great photo! And there's nothing wrong with ducks and geese! Sunny, thanks so much for your input   You'll probably be sorry you said to email you with more questions - sometimes I can be a sponge when it comes to info on something I am obsessed with   and right now I'm pretty obsessed with getting a great camera at the right price! I know the lenses don't come cheap, but I'm hoping to get a "bundle deal" closer to the holidays. Meralyn - you crack me up   I can picture you pounding away at the keyboard when care2 won't cooperate! Keep posting everyone!!!!

Ice Plant Blossom in the Rain, Nov 7-08
9 years ago

Ice Plant Blossom in Rain

Ice Plant Blossom, actually still in bud stage, in the rain.  I noted this little, lone beauty when I came back from my hike in the adjacent fields looking for mushrooms!  There is bank covered with this ground cover and this was the only bud!  Tenacious little thing considering the weather!

Its taken me several hours to get Care2 to finally load this pic even though I down-sized it first!  It can be extremely irritating to say the least!  So what else do I have to do with my time, ya dont wanna know!

Happy shooting Shutterbugs!  Try to brave the weather and get out there and commune with nature!

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9 years ago


They are not not scared, they like the bread too much.

9 years ago

Pretty flower and cute duck. You people are really pros with these photos.

9 years ago

Meralyn, love the ice plant.I love yellow flowers.


This was taken in the late 90's with film and scanned to computer. Charleston Wv

9 years ago
Great, great great pics you guys!!   
Raccoon, Big, Burly Male, Nov 7-08
9 years ago

Raccoon, big Male

Smokey was throwing a hissy fit the other night out on the deck!  He kept growling, hissing and charging at the steps!  This made me suspicious so I went into my bedroom and looked out my window from where I can see the steps, there was a dark, broad raccoon head showing at the base of the steps!  I went and got a cup of kibble, threw it out on the deck and up came this big, chunky raccoon male and a smaller, obviously younger, male, a bachelors club!  I tried to shoot thru the glass but it was too dark so slowly opened the door and after they got over spooking I got a few shots.  Now if I can just get the danged care2 album to load all three instead of a duplicate of this one!  Crimineny!!! Note his torn ear!  His shoulders were about two hands across!  And he isn't snarling, they just eat funny with their mouths open.

Janie - fanatastic shot!  I love it!  And thanks ladies!

9 years ago

I hear ya Meralyn. I'm not letting C2 get to me anymore.  It's not only C2 either, I'm really getting tired of  Microsoft's operating system.  I have XP on one and Vista on the other and I don't know which is worse  My next computer will be an   iMac.   I hear they actually work

Deb, pick away.  But remember I'm one person and not an authority on all things camera. I'd just like to see you get what you want, and not regret it later.  I try to live by this saying:

The Bitterness Of Poor

Quality Remains Long

After the Sweetness of

Low Price Is Forgotten

But in this case it's not overall quality  so much as accessories, and lens quality.  The old Maxxum lenses were not the best lenses in the world by a long shot.   Popular Photography gave them very poor grades compared to  Nikon, Canon and even Sigma.  Very few pros used Minolta cameras. Yet Minolta at one time was the biggest selling brand of 35 mm's.  How!  People loved their point and shoots.  I had a couple of Nikon P&S cameras, in plain English, they sucked.     Personally, I'd rather wait for  what I want than jump the gun and more or less settle for something else I may not be happy with down the line.  

Janie,  I still have my Canon A1, more bells and whistles than the AE-1, but other wise pretty much the same guy.  In fact it will be 23 years old this month.    

And just to prove I'm not  dead yet  Here's what I've been up to


Someone has to get rid of 'em and it ain't Karen.


The red thing is one of my new toys, it sheds them so I can make compost for the  flowers

Happy shooting

9 years ago
I think we should ALL send in our complaints, maybe if we deluge them with it they will get off their butts and do something about these problems!?
9 years ago

Oh Meralyn, How terrible! You spend all that time making a post, then poof it's gone! I'm so sorry!

Ps-I love the raccoon pic!!

9 years ago

Sorry more ducks. But I have something special for next week.


9 years ago

Wow, no sorries, Janie....they're a great pair of ducks.  Thanks for sharing that

9 years ago

This is where the ducks and geese live that I visit.

coonskin park

9 years ago

Thank you Sandrea.

9 years ago

What a beautiful place.  No wonder they look so content!

9 years ago

Janie - Wonderful close-up of the ducks, great composition!  And what a lovely place for them to live!  We dont have any parks like that here but I used to go to them down south and in Europe.  No apologies necessary, thank you for sharing!

Sandy - thank you dearheart!  I'll try to find the energy and enthusiasm to try again tomorrow!

9 years ago

Oh wow Janie, those pics are great! Nice job!!!

And hang in there Meralyn!!

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9 years ago

Thank you, Meralyn, Sandrea and Sandy, 

9 years ago

Raccoon, big Male Watching Me

The big male raccoon checking me out when I was sitting in the open doorway photographing him and the smaller, younger male.  A bachelors club I think, LOL!

Raccoon, Smaller Male

The young male nervously watching me!  This is the first time these two guys have come for food.

These two photos were supposed to post with the first one but would NOT!  Now we'll see what happens?!

Happy shooting Shutterbugs! 

9 years ago
9 years ago
Yay Meralyn-it worked! Those are great pics!!
9 years ago
Just dropping in to say how much I'm enjoying the raccoons, ducks and other scenery. I have a few new pics but haven't edited them as my essays and other coursework are taking up so much of my time. I am still here even though I'm not saying much so keep up the good work everyone!
9 years ago
Hi ladies - thanks and I'll try to catch up with you-all tomorrow.  If I dont, have a wonderful Sunday and I hope today was the same.
Sunset on Kamph Beach, Nov 14-08
9 years ago

Sunset at Kamph Beach

Enjoy the day!

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9 years ago
 !!!!!! You guys!!  These are great! Meralyn, that last one - well, what can I say?? Beautiful - again, I'd love to have that enlarged, hanging on my wall. Janie?? Why would you apologize for ducks? That pic is great!! Really! I loved it. We need to caption it. And the pond where they live is beautiful. Meralyn, your raccoon shots are so good. I can't believe the clarity you get. Sunny - thanks so much for your input, again. And I love the pics of the yard - at least we know that you are just keeping yourself busy and not avoiding us    Hi Linda   Sorry you are so bogged down right now. Looking forward to when you can post again. Same goes for all the other shutterbugs out there!  Really beautiful work in here, everyone!
9 years ago

Hello all, Here are my pictures for the competion tonight.

Its Nutty,


The Dove,


9 years ago

Janie - Wonderful shots!  I especially like the blk & wh of the dove!  Great work!  What competition?

Deb - thanks!  Have you decided on a camera yet?

I'm struggling, FIGHTING, with Care2 to get some of my redwoods hike pix loaded in my Redwood Album, grrrrr!!!  I havn't even been able to get one blink'n pic loaded yet and I did re-size first!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for sharing your photos everyone!  Carry on!  I need to go rest now, rather tired and sore today!

Twin Giant Redwoods
9 years ago

The Twin giants

Twin giant redwoods standing next to the Boy Scout Trail in Jedediah Smith State Park, Del Norte County, California.  This area in the park has some of the largest redwoods that I've ever seen, I was amazed, spellbound by their awesome, gigantic, and other-worldly size and shapes!

My camera could not capture, nor could my imagination, the tremendous girth and height of these magnificient, and ancient sentinels of the forest world!  I would have had to lie on my back in the very wet ferns, or used a wide-angle lens (which I do not have), in order to photogaph the whole tree!  But when you almost break your neck trying to look up to the top of these unbelievable, towering giants, you realize that in some cases you just can NOT see the top! So you have to settle on photographing the bottom half, which in many cases is as big as a small house, or you shoot the top half! Consequently I failed miserably at capturing the true feeling of one of God's wonderous creations!

I want to go back!  I want to try again!  And I want to experience, again, the mystical ambiance of the amazing redwoods!

9 years ago

I am enjoying your Redwoods scene, Meralyn.
I opened this up while listening to (solo) Piano and
they meld nicely.
Go back young lady and enjoy and capture more mystique...

9 years ago

Oh wow! Janie, those were great! And yeah???? What competition???  Love the Redwoods, Meralyn!! I went to different Redwood Forests and the one that I remember most is the one that we drove the car through. But, for the life of me I can't remember the name of the park. I know the exact feeling you described. I ate a lot of bugs that day because my mouth was just hanging open!! I was, and continue to be, completely in awe of these trees that have been here forever.

9 years ago

Meralyn the redwoods are so majestic. I love your pictures of the wildlife.

The competition was last night. We have a camera club in the Charleston area. We have guest speakers on the first Monday of the month and competition on the third Monday of the month. I didn't even place last night. Lots of really great entries.

Our next meeting we are judging the Huntington camera club entries.

Hopefully this post goes out, I made one last night and it was lost, so I went to bed.

9 years ago

Ladies - thank you all very much!  Hopefully I'll have something else to share with you tomorrow, didn't have time to work on it today.

Janie - perhaps you will be luck in the next competition?  I didn't always place, either.  My problem was that I won hands down, with blues, first time out, (both paintings & photography!) and I got all puffed out of shape over that!  It would have been better if I hadn't as when I crashed, didn't place, my ego was thoroughtly bruised!  LOl!!!

Hope you all had a great day and that tomorrow will bring wonderful things your way!  Good night now!

Small Bridge and Fallen Giant on the Boy Scout Trail
9 years ago

Small Bridge and Fallen Giant

A small bridge and a fallen giant redwood on the Boy Scout Trail, Jedediah Smith State Park, Del Norte County, CA.  Photographed on our hike this past Sunday.

The sun was weak, lots of shadows, had a hard time photographing  this awesome area.

Also have had a hard time today just loading this one pic in my Care2 Album even though re-sized! Frustrating way to begin a day!!! 

9 years ago

What a wonderful spot you captured, Meralyn.
I love those kinds of places.
I see fern there.  Does fiddlehead grow into fern (if not picked and enjoyed, yumm).

9 years ago

Meralyn, that is so pretty. Did you take this last one at an auto setting? I know it is hard when overcast to get the effect you want sometimes. I usually get the sky too light in shots like this. What a great place to hike!

9 years ago

Thanks ladies - I just got in from having dinner with Harry (he cooked).  I'll write about it tomorrow.  Just thought I'd drop in and see what was going on.

Sandrea - I think fiddlehead is a fern.  Didn't know you could eat it?! There were the big forest ferns and black stemmed ones there that I could identify.

Deb - yes, I shot it on auto.  I did all the shots that way, cept' for flash on the mushrooms (later) and checked the screen on re-play, was fairly satisfied with what I got so didn't mess with manual.

I'm wanting to go back, but try some other trails, SHORTER ONES!!!

Good night now.

Mushrooms On The Boy Scout Trail, Nov 16-08
9 years ago

ConchFungusBoyScoutTrailNov16-09sig.jpg Conch Fungus, Boy Scout Trail, Nov 16-08 picture by merjonard

Conch fungus growing on a dead tree.  Note the shark face on both ends!  Some of you may see other things, too.  When these interesting fungi are dried you can paint on them.

RussulaMushroomBoyScoutTrailNov16-0.jpg Russula Mushroom picture by merjonard

Russula Mushroom, I'm pretty sure, anyway.  Some of the russula family are edible and I have eaten them in the past but they are not my favorites.

Smokey-gilledWoodloverBoyScoutTrail.jpg Smokey-gilled Woodlover picture by merjonard

Smokey-gilled Woodlover, at least it looks exactly like the pic in my Mushroom book?  The book says its edible but if I'm not 100% certain I do NOT eat any mushroom!  These little beauties were growing on a large, rotten log next to the parking area.

I have several others but will post later so someone else can get in here.

Deb - sure hope you'll still be able to get a new camera.  If you can try one out in person, "hands-on", its best rather than ordering it, unless you get a guarantee that it can be returned if not satisfied with it.  You need something not too heavy and ergonomically friendly. Some of these fancy new digital cameries weigh a ton and are too big for my hands! Good luck!

9 years ago

Yes, Meralyn...fiddleheads are really yummy.  I used to live with an aunt and uncle and he was a produce  distributor.  We lived in the country and he introduced me to fiddelheads and i've always wondered if they were the ones that turned into ferns if not picked young.  He also taught me about mushrooms.....Number 1's and number 2's and buttons...and that a lot of them are i wish i could have remembered all his expertise!  Fiddleheads are just as wondrous as asparagus.

9 years ago

Meralyn. Love the picture of the bridge with the fallen tree. It is kinda serene looking there. Peaceful.  I like the close ups of the mushrooms and fungus too.

This was taken with my old canon in the mid 90's. it was my brother in laws turkey. This was in his back yard.


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9 years ago

Janie - Great pic of a fat old turkey!  I love it!  I dont like being around them, though, they can really be onery!  Once in-awhile I see wild turkeys here, even a young one in my next door neighbor's yard!  I walked over to their house slowly and it didn't bother him a bit!  Went in their house, told them about it, and we watched him for quite awhile out their window.  He really was cute!  There are some large flocks around here in different areas.

And thanks ladies re my pix.  I have some shots of Hooded Mergansers to share if I ever get them edited and loaded?!

Have a great day, get out there with your cameras if you can, and commune with nature!

9 years ago

Ok, everyone... where are your pics? You all are going to get tired of seeing my ducks, geese, and the numerous other animals found outside my window. So lets see them. But in the mean time here is another one.

dove and cardinal 

9 years ago


That is a great photo of the morning dove and the cardinal in the bacground.  I just cannot get good shots of small birds.  Keep up the good work.

9 years ago

Thank you Jean, I am taking those thru a window, I lure them in with seed then try to get shots of different ones as they come to eat.

9 years ago
Janie - I absolutely love that picture of the dove & cardinal.  Beautiful!!!!  I never see the opportunity to get shots like that.  Great pictures girls, keep them coming!

9 years ago

Vine Maple Branch

Vine Maple branch against giant redwood trees. 

Janie - I absolutely love your dove!  Beautiful soft pic!  Thanks for sharing with us. If I enticed birds near my window with seed I'd just be setting up the poor little things for my outside cats!  I had to quit with the feeders.

And thanks ladies.  Keep up the wonderful work.  I'm going to try to get out on another walk today, its beautiful and sunny albiet a bit nippy, especially under those huge redwoods!  You-all take care now and happy walking and stalking!

9 years ago

Thank you Lisa, and Meralyn,

Here is a couple more from outside my window. Also Meralyn I love the leaves against the dark bark.



9 years ago

Priceless Janie!  And I may be wrong but that bottom critter sure looks like a chipmunk, NOT a bird! LOL!!!  Thanks for continuing to share with us, great pix! And thanks re my pic, too.

Coral Mushroom, white. Simpson Redwood Grove, Nov 21-08
9 years ago
Coral Mushroom, white
9 years ago

Meralyn, Love the pic of the corel type mushroom, fungus. Its very interesting. I wish I could find interesting things like that.

9 years ago

meralyn , I never know what may be out there eating. I know I have raccoons, and their are some deer too. The black bear we had was killed by the consevation people. They said it was getting into everyones trash. They should have trapped it and taken it many miles away.

9 years ago

Janie - thanks re coral mushroom.  I really have to search hard to find good specimens, or any specimen at all for that matter!  All the rain we had turned most of them into mush!  And they are usually hiding under bushes or prickly spruce branches making shooting them difficult to say the least!  But I love it and will continue to do it as long as my old bod will let me!

"bout the bear, that reallly is a shame!  They killed three cougars up river a few years back as they were feasting on people's cats & dogs!  We move into their territory, but sometimes they move into ours as well!  Makes for difficult situations!

Have a good day Shutterbugs and I hope you can get out with your cameras and enjoy nature. By for now!

9 years ago

So now hopefully it will work this time.


Simpson Grove Redwoods, Del Norte Co., CA, Nov 21-08
9 years ago

Redwood Grove, Simpson

Plaque at Stout Grove

Plaque in Stout Grove Redwoods, Nov 21-08

Beautiful photo of the doves Janie!  I love the softness!  And thanks for sharing with us.

Cotoneaster berries, Nov 23-08
9 years ago

Cotteneaster Berries

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!  And if you do not celebrate it then just a great day, today as well as tomorrow!

9 years ago

Harry in front of a Fallen Giant's Roots

Harry in front of a fallen giant's roots, Simpson Grove, Del Norte Co., CA, Nov 21-08

The massive, majestic redwood trees have a surprisingly shallow root system; it amazes me that these awesome giants are able to stand for hundreds of years, let alone withstand the trememdous winds from our Pacific storms!  But, they do!

Harry wouldn't smile, I said say "Money", "say peaches", neither worked, Harry didn't smile!  So I said, "say sex!", and Harry cracked up laughing and looked down in embarrassment, he's very shy!  But, I got my photo!  I do give him a bad time but hey, he keeps coming back for more!  And no, we are not lovers but do enjoy each other, a lot.

OK, Thanksgiving is over and I expect you all to get off your buns and get out there and shoot!  Have a great day shutterbugs!

9 years ago

Those shallow root systems never cease to amaze me.... i once had a house i really felt at home in un til that one-in-hundred storm flicked through and the tree fell.... it completely ruined the whole ambiance of the place....

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