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Meralyn & friends photography & digital art #29 CLOSED
9 years ago
Hello photography lovers! Welcome!! This is the spot where we share our photos of things in our lives besides our furkids.
Here is the link to our last photo thread....(can you believe we're on thread #29 now!?-good job everyone! )
Note: Please resize your photos to no wider than 640 pixels- and post your pics one on top of the other (not side by side) if you are posting more than one, so we don't have to scroll to read any posts.  
Okay, everybody, get those cameras clicking and come join in the fun!! And please, don't be shy, all our welcome to post here! 
9 years ago


Woodpecker 1 09.jpg



 Cardinal keeping an eye on me

Peek a boo.jpg

Out of focus Cardinal but the red is pretty against the snow.

Redbird 1 09.jpg


9 years ago

Blackcapped Chickadee

blackcapped chickadee.jpg


9 years ago

Birds eating in the snow storm...The larger version of this picture clearly shows the snow falling on and around the birds.  Here it is vague, but you can make it out if you look closely.  Especially on the one redbird.

Hungry Birds.jpg

Winter setting sun...

setting winter sun.jpg


9 years ago

Hi everyone,

These are some pics I took in Pennsylvania last September. Covered bridges and old barns are a great passion of ours.


9 years ago

I like this one as it shows the construction...won't baffle you with the details..!!DSC00550.JPG

9 years ago

I have lots of ones like these and a lot of the Amish countryside. I'll do some more again.

Hugs Sheilah


9 years ago

Sugar - your bird pix are just wonderful!  And that winter sunset is superb! 

Sheila- oh WOW!  You like covered bridges and barns too!  I used to run all over the country to photograph them and paint later!  I should post a (Oregon) covered bridge pic for you, will try to do that later. And hey girl, your photography is great!

Thank you very much ladies for sharing with us! 

9 years ago

Thanks Meralyn.  Sheila I have a covered bridge close to home.  I love it too.  I wish the regular old bridges were replaced in kind rather than the boring crossings of a river they make now.  You can't tell a bridge from the road now.  Oh well, its progress, right?  I don't really care for a lot of the progress!


Elk, Young Bull, Smith River, CA, Jan 29-09
9 years ago

ElkYoungBullSmithRiverJan29-09.jpg picture by merjonard

ElkYoungBullPortraitSmithriv.png picture by merjonard

Day before yesterday I drove down to Kamph Park (California side of the border) and the young herd of elk were in a field and close to the fence!  WOW!  Finally a chance to shoot them close-up!  I pulled off on a side road, sorta, ran across the road, lots of traffic (!), and started shooting, or at least I tried to shoot them!  Most of them took one look at me and turned their butts or trotted off!  This young spike (horns) stood and watched me with great interest!  When I turned around to go back to my car there were about ten others parked behind mine!  Evryone out with their cameras!  The elk always draw an avid audience! And I got so excited editing, cropping (vignette), that I forgot to sign these!  Went back and tried to re-so, didn't work in P-Bucket and Care2 refused to load!  Oh well, hey I got the shots!!! But most weren't very good, only kept this one.

Happy shooting this weekend Shutterbugs!

9 years ago
Wonderful pics, everyone
9 years ago

Ah yes, Winter is certainly on a lot of minds these days, huh.

Here's some of last weeks snow and ice storm

The snow in this one  has been on the ground since last year.  Just hasn't been warm enough to melt in these parts.

Winter Snow & Ice (8).jpg

Have a little, and I'm not being fresh here, hoare ice

Winter Snow & Ice (9).jpg

One more

Winter Snow & Ice (21).jpg

A hold out  apple on my crabapple tree

Winter Snow & Ice (15).jpg

And a little fiddling in  Elements 6.

Winter Snow & Ice (17)b.jpg

Angela, those are beautiful photos, although I wouldn't expect anything but gorgeous  photos from you.   The  new born shot of your grand daughter is absolutely awesome!!!  And I really should pop over to your group more than I do  The only difference between a pro and amateur photographer is amateurs are oft time better  better but don't get paid for it.   I made a living out of it yet I can't shoot a still life or landscape to save my butt.

Nice shots of the  Cardinal, Sugar.  I hope you were indoors doing that.  Brrr, it's cold out there

9 years ago
Oh my what lovely pics, everyone!
Sheilah! Those are awesome! And, I've been to Amish country too-I cant wait to see more pics! Those really are super shots!
Hi Sugar! Wow, you have quite a crew of birds there! Very nice pics!!!
Meralyn!! Congrats on getting those Elk pics!  Good for you!!!! They are fantastic!!!
Hi Sunny! Wonderful photos! And wow-I LOVE the one you edited with elements 6! I'd love to hang that on my wall! Nicely done, Sunny!
9 years ago

Hi Everyone, These are all stunning photos!! I love looking through them! Most of ours are just pics for our memories..certainly not professional..taken with a Kodak Z710. I have to post them one at a time..if I go back to the album for more, I lose the ones I've put ready to post.


This was at the Landis Valley farming museum, Lancaster PA.

9 years ago

Amish buggy at Kitchen Kettle Village, Intercourse PA ( no comments, Meralyn!)


9 years ago

This was also taken at Intercourse---I didn't make up that name!


9 years ago

These next 2 were of a lovely old ( about 200 yrs) house on the Fruitville Pike in Lancaster. It looked empty and we wandered around taking loads of pics. Then Clive noticed all these Mexican faces peering out from behind some tatty curtains.....!!!!! Wonder if they should have been there? The house was owned by a guy who was approached about selling it by a development company--he refused saying it was part of PA heritage. He died last summer and now his family have it up for sale......What a shame.


9 years ago

This is one of the barns at the previous property.


9 years ago

This is Mabry Mill alog the Blue Ridge Parkway


9 years ago

Amish farmer working with no shoes on!!


9 years ago

Amish farmer working with no shoes on!!



9 years ago

Sunny - your photos are great and thanks for sharing with us so we can see the effects of the winter in your area.  I also like the effects you got playing around, its neat!

Sheila - your photos are just GREAT!!! They're just as good as you see in mag's and books so dont ever put your work down!  The Kodak cameras are getting wonderful pix, especially macro, amazing!  I've never seen the Amish country so this is a thrill seeing your lovely photos and thanks very much for sharing!

Can you make two connections to Care2, one for photos, then click on copy for your pic, minimize and take your pic to the other connection?!  Tha'ts usually what I do.

Harry & I ran into some fabulous birds yesterday on our outing, will share later.  I've got to get off here now as he is due to call me.  Have a great day everyone!

9 years ago

Great photos everyone. Sugar, you see those suet holders? I had to cut those up with wire cutters to release 2 little birds who got caught in them. I was horrified.  I  cut all of them off the feeders after those 2 experiences. It looked like the wire was through their neck and so I was even afraid to  cut it, and there was not much room to work with either.

9 years ago

Sheilah, Those are fantastic photos! Wow, they're so clear! Great work!! And thank you for sharing them with us

Deer, No. Chetco Rd, Brookings, Or., Jan 31-09
9 years ago

DoeNoChetcoRdJan30-09.jpg picture by merjonard

While driving back down the No. Chetco River Rd., on our recent outing,  I spotted several deer in an old farm pasture near the road, stopped, and Harry and I got to shoot them, with our cameras, of course!

I love the expression on this doe's face, she seems to be saying, "what are you doing"?!

DoeIINoChetcoRdJan30-09.jpg picture by merjonard

Then, apparently having had enough of us, she walked off under the apple trees!

Incidentally, note the position of her legs?! This is an excellent way to shoot horses as it levels the back!

9 years ago

Nice shots of the deer Meralyn. I woke up to this today. I stepped out the front door to get a couple of shots.

Snow secene pic 2

Snow scene taken Jan 4th, this morning

9 years ago

WOW!  Beautiful shots Donna!  I feel sorry for the animals out in it, though.  I used to go for walks with my poodles (large minatures) in the hills where I lived in Germany in the snow, it was so very beautiful!  But the dogs came back with snow balls stuck in their curly coats, a mess to clean up!

Thanks for sharing your lovely, clear shots with us.  And thank you re my deer.

9 years ago

Oh Meralyn,  what great shots of the deer!!  They are fantastic!

Hi Donna! Bravo-nice photos!!!They are so clear!!!

9 years ago

Thsnk you, and actually the snow made some nice insulation for the houses. There are many areas around here for wild life to get out of the snow. I do see cat tracks near the cat door on the garage too. Someone sleeps in the igloo between my bushes out front. The ones I feel sorry for are the dumb chickens, and the vultures roosting. Those chickens have a place to go into but they will be up on the limb. The rooster must have fallen off the limb last night as Jimmy found him in Skippers yard right next to it this morning. He checks on them before going to work. The rooster on the outside of the fence has a place to go home to but he won't go. He  has shelter over there too, but there might be something he is afraid of too like her DOGS. They killed the one hen. My cats are protecting them. I guess that is why they moved over here. The neighbors chickens have been attacked a couple of doors down too.

9 years ago

We had some deer living next door while everything was grown high, and it is chopped down now by the humans, so that made the deer have to move to the back of the property. Humans have a way of ruining things that are beautiful.

9 years ago

Gorgeous pictures, everyone!

Thanks for posting!

9 years ago

Donna - YES!  I DO agree, humans have a way of spoiling things!  I no longer see deer here and I still miss them!  Too much building, too much noise!  Your little banty chickens are smart, they've found a good, safe place to live with you!

Rhonda - thank you very much dear!

If any of you are interested in birds Donna created a wonderful Bird thread, and that's where I'm going next after letting you see a bit of these beautiful little shore birds -

Sanderlings -

Sanderlings, Pistol River Lagoon

I shot these gentle, trusting, patient little shore birds on the same day that Harry and I saw the Crossbills, a very unusual day!  A gift from God!

We went to Pistol River Lagoon after Lone Ranch (Crossbills) in hopes of getting some diving ducks but too many people and all the ducks took off!  The people left and these little Sanderlings let us get within a couple of yards, after that we carefully backed up and left them alone as they were getting nervous.  What a day!!!

9 years ago

Oh how pretty, Meralyn!!!!

9 years ago
Thanks again for all your beautiful pics and stories.
I really enjoy them

9 years ago

Hello everyone,

Well I finally have my internet back on. Since we have had a few days of bad weather and the children couldn't go to school, I had the oppertunity to stay at home and take pictures of the birds. These were all taken out my window. I propped my camera up on a few pillows and waited for the show to begin.I captured a little over 400 photos in 4 to 5 hours. Hope you like them.     

And as Meralyn has stated many times before, there should be no copying or snagging of the photos without the permission of the photographer.



9 years ago

Sugar love your pictures of the little birds. They sure do want to eat a lot when its bad don't they. Love the ice on the trees, haven't seen anything like that here this year.

Sheila the covered bridges were great. Good to see that there are still some of them still around.

Meralyn love the pics of the elk. My brother goes out west to hunt these but he never comes back with anything, Ha Ha glad he doesn't. I really don't think he is really into killing them anyway. Since he's been asking about cameras to take with him next time.

Sunny, Sorry to say this but I'm glad we don't get the snow like you do. Its pretty but I can't stand to see white like that for months on end.

Sheila the pictures of the Amish country is wonderful, takes us all to a more gentler time.

Meralyn love the deer pictures and the sanderlings.

Donna, the pictures of the snow on th trees are just wonderful. Looks like cotton puffs on the limbs, great against the pretty blue sky.

9 years ago


This is at the train museum at Strasburg PA. It takes you on a ride through the Amish countryside---so relaxing and beautiful scenery. Yes, it is so peaceful there and I admire the Amish people for their way of life.

9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago

All these were taken in Lancaster County PA. I have a lot of photos of the covered bridges!! We have been round all the ones in Lancaster County a few times and never tire of visiting them. Most of them are kept in good repair by the County, others are private, and most are used daily still. 

I love those cardinals Jane! Much prettier than the ones we get in our garden. I feel sop sorry for the wildlife during winter and try and feed as many as I can..


9 years ago


This is my favourite bridge--Hunseckers Bridge. Don't know why, it just appeals to me.

9 years ago


This is a little guy I maded friends with near the restaurant we used to go to. He's an Alpaca and was soooo cute..!!!

9 years ago

Janie - Wonderful pix of birds!  I have always loved cardinals!  I usually use a pile of books as a make-shift tripod, if at home and convenient.  With my shackyness pillows wouldn't get it!  Glad to have you back and I'm sure your glad all is fixed, too?! Thank you for sharing with us and the reminder, too! 

Sheila - I turely love your Amish pix!  Thank you very much for sharing these great pix with us!  When (if?!) I can remember I'll drag out my covered bridge pix.

Take care Shutterbugs and happy shooting!

9 years ago
Hi Janie! Welcome back! So glad your internet is fixed! We've missed you! What beautiful shots too!!
Sheilah!!! OMG!! How wonderful- I've been on that train at that museum!!!! Wow, that brought back some great memories for me. Lancaster is so beautiful to see! I must take another trip again there soon. It's about 3 and a half hours from where I live now. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos!
Covered Bridge, McKee Bridge, Applegate, Or, Oct.02
9 years ago

Covered Bridge, McKee Bridge

This is a very old bridge that has been re-done on the upper Applegate River in Oregon.  I shot this back in 2002.  Finally found it this morning, and got it scanned, its from an old film pic and didn't copy well.  And I forgot to sign it!  Oh well.

There is a deep swimming hole below it and it was a favorite place for my family to go when I was a kid.  Beautiful picnic grounds by it, lots of fond memories.

9 years ago

That's beautiful, Meralyn!

Crocuses in my Garden, February 7-09
9 years ago

Crocus, single


These little beauties are blooming in my garden right now, shot this yesterday.

Sandy - thanks! re covered bridge pic.

Have a wonderful Sunday Shutterbugs!

9 years ago

The crocuses are just fantastic !!!!!!!

9 years ago

Oh Meralyn, They ARE fantastic!!Bravo Meralyn!

9 years ago

Gee!  Thank you very much ladies!!!

9 years ago

Sorry...i've been busy cyber-partyin!
Lovely crocuses, Meralyn.... a beautiful sight for me in this winter wonderland here.
Oh, Sunny might make some clothes for your flower if it gets cold there

The covered bridges are awesome, you guys

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9 years ago

Beautiful photos everyone. I  thought the Alpaca was someone in a costume. I  couldn't imagine what it was. The teeth are so big too.

9 years ago

Thank you all!  We do have some wonderful postings here and I am thrilled with the participation!

I went out walking yesterday (in between rain & sleet stormsj!) shooting birds, etc., came back with about 33 pix!  Will share some with you when I can get them edited and loaded.  Stalking birds is so much fun but dear Lord it can be, and IS, frustrating!!!

Take care "you-all" in the miserable winter weather, we're getting it here now, too! You can always practice your photography on your kitties, hubbies, or whatever or whomever will hold still for it, LOL!  Even perverted, horny flowers! OK Shutterbugs, carry on!

9 years ago

Hello, Here is a picture that I had taken this past Sat. As you can see the lake was frozen over. You can almost bet its not like that now. We have had a warming trend this week. It was about 60's since Sat. This is the lake were I get all the geese and duck pics.

frozen over

9 years ago
Wow, Janie....that's one awesome picture.
Is it just me, or does that look like a painting 
9 years ago

Here is a Carolina wren with a female cardinal behind him/her.

carolina wren & female cardinal

Here is a red bellied woodpecker.

red bellied woodpecker

9 years ago

Thank you Sandrea, Here is one more of the lake frozen.

coonskin lake

9 years ago

Oh my Janie! Your photos are just beautiful!!

9 years ago

Janie - your photos are absolutely beautiful!  And Sandrea is right, that first one does look like a painting!  Did you use a filter on it?  It may be just the atmosphere/lighting that day?

My Christmas Cactus, February 11, 2009
9 years ago

Christmas Cactus, II

Photographed with flash.  I think this is to washed out, the blossoms are lighter than normal.

Christmas Cactus

Photographed with indirect lighting.  I like this better but the angle doesn't show as many blossoms.  This confused little cactus is blooming like crazy this year!

Christmas Cactus Flower

Close-up of one of the blossoms. I focused on the stamens & pistil, and probably shouldn't have cropped the photo so closely.  And yes, its doing its pollinating thing, shhh, dont tell!

9 years ago
Your Christmas cactus looks so pretty, Meralyn.  You really have a green thumb, to go along with your "golden shutter finger".

I love your couch.  I'm certain it's the same one i really wanted to buy a couple of years ago but i didn't have the money
9 years ago

Rufous-sided towhee male

Rufous-sided Towhee

Rufous-sided Towhee

The above photo is the female.

9 years ago

Sandrea - thanks.  And it took me many years to get that couch so dont give up!  jThey were having a sale and also a trade-in deal with your old couch.  I had a ratty old thing left here by my cousin, and matching chair, western types.  I horse-traded until they took the chair in on a matching chair for the couch!

Gorgeous Towhees Janie!  We have them here, too, but our variety are not that bright.  They used to come to the feeder when I had it up.  They tend to scratch around under bushes and dont see the cats, unfortunately, Smokey got a couple, damn cat!  But he and Tig-ur are my outdoors working cats and great mousers & raters!

I've got to get out of here now, dragg'n my wagon today.  good night all! 

Raven, Cape Ferello, Or., January 18-2009
9 years ago

Raven, II

During our hike on Cape Ferello in January we were checked out by a pair of ravens.  They are rather territorial

I have a couple other shots of ravens which I'll put in the Bird thread later.

9 years ago

Sheilah...Im still laughing at the pic of your 'friend'....Soooo cute......I bet he was a doll!!!

9 years ago

The towhees are gorgeous, and so is the Raven. I don't recall ever having either bird here. I think I saw Ravens out on some of the farms though. I do have Crows here though. They haven't been around much lately for some reason. I like the Crows too, and miss them.

9 years ago

Great photos Janie. I love seeing the bird pictures. I  removed all my suet holders from the bird feeders as twice I had small birds caught in them, and I had to get wire cutters to get them out. They did fly off. but I was terrified as I was afraid that the wire cutters were going to hurt them while I was cutting. I couldn't tell if those wires were through the birds necks or not. The last one that flew out when I cut it almost looked like it flew out with part of the suet holder still on it. I hope not. Anyway, I just had to take them away after both those experiences. I think they were sparrows, not sure now. I was frantic.

9 years ago

Donna - thanks re raven.  I have some new song sparrow pix for you when I get a chance to get them loaded and posted. 

I've gotta go to bed soon, gotta get up early tomorrow morning to drive Harry in to the eye doctor, he has tohave his eyes dilated.

Song Sarrow at Kamph Park, February 2, 2008
9 years ago

Song Sparrow

A few days ago I was on one of my walks at Kamph Park, decided to come back along a creek bordered with willows, hoping to see a few birds, and I saw this little tweet!  He/she was in the willows too far for a good pic but I turned on my camera and tried to focus anyway, hoping, and she kept coming out further towards me, scolding, then finally on the end of a branch, and I was finally able to get a pretty good shot of a song sparrow!  First, butt to me, then -

Song sparrow, Kamph Pk

It was late in the day and the light was bad, I had to sharpen & enhance these a little and they went rather grainy.

9 years ago

Oh they are gorgeous shots, Meralyn! And so is the Raven pic too! Just gorgeous!!

9 years ago

Janie, gorgeous towhees!! I'm so sorry I missed them!!

Meralyn, I missed your Christmas cactus pics too! They are lovely!!

9 years ago

Thanks ladies, I love getting pictures of the birds. I always have to have a feeder or two up for them.

Donna everytime that I put suet in those holders I was always thinking of what you had said about them. I have no more suet, right now.But i have found another way to give it to them. Make holes in old logs or just spread it on and in the bark of trees. Blue Jay

9 years ago

Donna, we don't have ravens here where I live. They live more up in the mountans about 175 mile from me. But we sure do have lots of crows. They fly in great flocks going southwest every morning and then go eastward every evening.

9 years ago

Meralyn, Love the sparrows,

9 years ago

Ladies - thank you very much!

Re - Suet, there is another way.  You can mash it into pine cones, melt it and pour it on, and then smash or push seeds into it.   I used to do it.  Also, you can put in in clean, washed tuna tins. They love it! The problem was - so did every critter in the country!!!  Something always pulled it down that night!  And it didn't matter how high I hung it or furthest end of a branch! 

9 years ago

Those song sparrows are so sweet. You got some nice clear shots of them Meralyn.

I like that cute little blue jay too. It was a Blue jay wasn't it? It was small looking. That's why  I wasn't sure. I just went back and it said Blue jay. He is sure good looking. I can see more white than usual. We have a lot of them here, and they LOVE any kind of nuts.

The flat feeder I have serves as a suet holder. I just lay it in there. I spread peanut butter on tree limbs sometimes. One year I went through about 20 or 30 lbs of it. I also made it stretch a few times too, but putting oatmeal and grits in it, and shaping them into balls and freezing them, and then putting them out. I would make a load of them, but I am also one to put it all out in one day. I can't control myself. It is feast or famine.

I am sorry that I have to keep talking about those suet holders. Once was bad enough, but twice was the limit, and I ripped all of them out with the wire cutters. They were stuck in them. I felt so bad. The first time it happened I thought the wire was through the birds neck, but it just looked that way. One of the workers next door helped me get him out, and the second time I was on my own. Horrified that I would hurt the bird trying to cut the wire to let him out. whew. Terrible

I find that the birds that like the suet most are the red headed wood peckers. We have them, and the small striped, downy??? Not sure.

9 years ago

Heres another one of the blue jay pics. It was lightly snowing that day and I didn't even notice it until I was looking at the pictures on the computer.

blue jay

Another of the towhees,


9 years ago

Boy, you guys take some beautiful pics. I love the one of all those Cardinals. I've never seen so many in one spot. Gorgeous. I need to get a better camera. The one I have now was one of the first that came out as digital so you know how old it must be.

9 years ago

Donna - thanks girl!  I have some others of a little song sparrow that I'll share later after all the Valentines "stuff" !

Janie - great shots of the blue jay and towhees!  Do you have enough res to crop in closer?  Maybe not i your shooting thru a glass window?

Have a great day everyone doing whatever turns ya on!  By the way, if you can't get out you can always set up still-lifes and practice shooting them, or your husband, kitties, or whatever will hold still for you! LOL!!!

9 years ago
Donna - and whomever else may be interested, I have the other little song sparrow pix edited and loaded now and will post them right away in the Bird thread.  they are not good pix but she is an adorable little tweet, doing her thing! 
9 years ago

Meralyn here are two of the above photos cropped and enlarged. Yes I am photographing thru double paned windows. Should I be putting these in the bird thread instead of this one?

male & femal towhees

blue jay

9 years ago

Janie - there ya go, very nice cropping!  Your Towhees are the Eastern variety.  Ours are the Spotted or Roufus.  Your jay is an actually Blue Jay.  What we have out here are called Steller's Jays.

And I think its quite alright to post your birds here or in the All About Bird thread, unless Donna says differently.

9 years ago

Those are fantastic, Janie!!

Daffodils at Kamph Park, CA, February 12, 2009
9 years ago


A few days ago while walking at Kamph Park I started down the path to the beach and happened to notice a large clump of daffodils growing on a bank covered with ice plant!  I dont remember ever seeing them there before, even when I was looking for daffys to shoot! Strange!  So I climbed up the slippery bank, which has southern exposure and is rather protected from the weather, and got a few shots.

They were so very bright and cheery!

Daffodils, Kamph Pk

Daffy, II


I couldn't make up my mind which shot I liked the best so I decided to post several. These have been enhanced and sharpened a little as the light was bad, crappy day!

Let me know which one you like the best and why?

Have a lovely Sunday and I hope you can get out with your cameras for a walk.  I'm going to try to. 

9 years ago

Oh wow, Meralyn! Those are gorgeous!! I love them all, but the first one posted is my favorite-they look so elegant so closely grouped together like that! Beautiful shooting!!!

9 years ago
How pretty!  I, too like the first shot because we see the whole scene in it's full natural beauty!
Having said, that.... i really like all of the pics
9 years ago
Ladies -
9 years ago

Pileated woodpecker taken on one of the days kids were off from school.

Pileated woodpecker

9 years ago

Janie - fantastic pic of a pileated woodpecker!  We had them down south in Louisianna and I got such a kick out of them, they reminded me of the Walt Disney Woodpecker!  How neat that you get all these beautiful birds at your feeder and are able to photograph them!

9 years ago


Snowbells or Snowdrops?  I'm not sure of the name but I do not think they are wild?  I believe there must have been a farm house in the area at some time in the past, hence the daffys, too!? I shot these little beauties just below the daffys, the same day, along a creek bank.  There is a large area of them and I have photographed them in the past.  But they, too, were blooming early, sheltered by the willows growing there, teased out by our false Spring!

I darkened this shot, using the shadow "thingey", and sharpened a little to POP THEM OUT!!!  This done in Picasa, I do like their edit program!

Again - comments welcome!

Have a great day Shutterbugs and get out, and off that couch, if you can!?  Its trying to be sunny here, were supposed to have a few days of it, THANK YOU GOD!!!  Bundle up and go forth and seek what you can find?

9 years ago

HI Meralyn! Oh the snowbells/snowdrops are wonderful! So clear too!!! Wow!

Hi Janie, very pretty photo!!

9 years ago

Great pics everyone...

Meralyn, those lavendar crocuses are FAB.  They should be in a flower magazine or printed large format!!!  Such detail and excellent composition.  The snow bells (?) are lovely as well.

Love all the bird pics, those red birds in the tree are so stunning.  I have never seen a bird like that and you have them flying around?  HOW VERY COOL!

It's nice seeing all the different birds from different places.

Thank you all for sharing!

9 years ago

Hi Angel & everyone!

I'm going to start up a new thread. I will move Meralyn & Angels posts over!

See you guys on the new thread! Hugs!

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