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Cat food question
5 years ago

Hello fellow cat lovers.

I am a new member of your group.

We have a happy and healthy feline family member. He was a stray that we adopted. He is an inside only, neutered guy.

He only eats dry kitty food. He has been very happy with Fancy Feast. He is especially fond of it when we open a new bag. He has always liked it, until the past few days, that is.

So we have a dilemma. He no longer wants Fancy Feast. He always turned his nose up at other brands and we tried many. We suspect there has been a change in Fancy Feast.

I should also say that he doesn't appear to be sick or anything.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Is there another brand that you recommend? Possibly an online source?

Thank you,

5 years ago

Hi Don,

There should be a number for you to call on the bag to get the info you need. Mine use to like the Hills science diet, but then they added vitamins a and e, and they wouldn't touch it. I also fed mine 6 or 7 other kinds of dry, plus canned twice a day. Dry stayed out.

Then another time I bought 100 lbs of science diet, for all of them to turn up their noses. The food was out of date, and appearantly rancid.

Your cat might also be bored with it too. Try a few other kinds. Purina one with chicken and rice is a favorite here.

Be sure to watch your kitty in the litter box to see if constipation could also be a problem. Kitties that eat an all dry food diet don't often concume enough water to make up for the lack of water in the food. That could also affect the kidneys.

Cats do love their fried chicken ! HINT

5 years ago

Pet food manufactureres change their formulas regularly. Most times they do not notify the public and insist that their changes improve the product. Sometimesthe pets disagree. I would suggest Royal Canin. It comes in MANY formulas and most cats LOVE it--even the diet food! Most vets also recommend it over Sciene Diet. You can get it from many online sources including Amazon and PetFlow.

Donna also made a good point--be sure your cat drinks enough water if he eats only dry food.

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5 years ago

I feed my babies canned fancy feast-beef only-for once strays they are very picky and science diet dry-longevity. my older babe needs the tiny pieces for her teeth. that said, perhaps try some plain boiled chicken just to make sure your baby is ok and definitly call the company to ask about changes.there are some wonderful organic products on the market, they might be pricey.let us know how things work out.

5 years ago

This is a little off the subject--but if you feed a canned food that has chunks in gravy often your cat does not eat the chunks. Sometimes they do not like the texture and sometimes those older teeth make too much chewing uncomfortable. Try chopping it! One of the little food processors used for baby food works very well as does a small stick blender. It makes a pate-like texture that many cats love.

Cat food question
5 years ago

Thank you, everyone, for the thoughtful answers. We will try some of your suggestions and let the kitty be the final judge. 

5 years ago

karen i thought my babies we being picky!!! they would lick the gravy out of the gravy lovers. they have to have beef-but regular cat food beef. no fillet,no sliced,not roasted, too funny.

then my little ferral babies,bless their hearts, they gobble it up.

5 years ago

My cats would never eat the beef out of some of the sliced beef type of dinners. All the meat stayed in the plate. They will eat the friskies filets if they are beef, but the beef is not their favorite one. They prefer the turkey or chicken filets.

Now roast beef and gravy is a different story. They will eat that, but, steak is preferred. They ate good when I had money to buy the stuff. Mine also love the rotisserie chicken. I use to buy it once a month for them.  I was a once a month shopper.  Getting back to that again, but not because I have money again.

Now I buy the cases of 48 in the 9 lives variety pack. The friskies raised their price too high for my budget.

They like their turkey dinners around the holidays. OH, and I have a few that like cheese omelots with bacon.

5 years ago

mine wont touch anything beef, they eat friskies canned and wont touch any of the others. They stick their noses up at the fancy feast canned and puke the dry. MIne are eating 4 health dry food sold at tractor supply. They dont like the 9 lives canned but they like the maket selects fish. PICKY LIL BUGGERS!!!!

Cat Food
5 years ago

Mine love the blue buffalo dry. I definitely see less throwing up with this dry food than all the others combined. For canned they love fancy feast, but am now trying tiki cat which they so far have all but eat the bowl i put in on...they love it! Tried the weruva canned too but they don't care for it.  My one kitty was feral as a baby and she too was completely picky (go figure...a former "dumpster kitty" too), all she would eat is one flavor of fancy feast and that was it...ocean whitefish. Now she's eating the Tiki though. Good luck with your kitty

5 years ago

My furkids wo
N"T*(((((((((((((((((((((((IIIIIIIIII  Punkin said "Hello"

My furkids won't eat any of this chunky, grilled, shreds either.  Nothing but classic (ground) cat foods.  They just lick the gravy off the chunky, etc.

I use Fancy Feast dry foods and Whiskas Meaty.  Everyone seems to like both of those in addition to Fancy Feast, liver and chicken and beef canned.


5 years ago

Meow (hello) to Punkin too Sugar

My little furball is on special food from the vet but she also has the whiskas with gravy. She also only seems some days to eat the gravy she just loves it.I also give her some chicken when we have it & she loves that too but she can be very fussy!

5 years ago

I use to be able to afford the whiskas for these guys, but since the price went up and my finances went down they have to go with the 9 lives, and dry, and cooked food. I have a gang here. If I had a small family, they would be eating steak and chicken etc, and canned food for at least one meal.

Mine never went much for the beef. I don't think beef is very natural for a cat. Maybe a BIG cat that could tackle a cow. Mine go more for turkey. I never see ground food anymore Sugar. Until the filets came along, I use to feed them ground, as the old sliced stuff never made a hit here. They only wanted the broth.

All I see is pate, but come to think of it, the fancy feast has ground food, and some of the others I think too. I mentioned beef not being a hit, but I am thinking of the cat food beef. They do like steak, and some like roast beef. They all prefer broth to gravy, and they ALL love home made chicken broth, and they like the tomato sauce that comes in sardines in tomato sauce. NOT too mention the tuna water of course. I think they like that more than the tuna.

5 years ago

I have very picky furkids too. I finally have all 5 of my indoor kitties eating the same dry food. They don't like chunks, shredded or filets just pate. Even with the pate they only like a couple of flavours. I have one feral that likes chicken chunks so I buy a few cans just for him but even the rest of the ferals only like pate. They are all very picky.

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