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Diabetes in cats
5 years ago

I know many of you have struggled with controlling diabetes in your beloved furbabies.  I have recently self-diagnosed it in my 8 year old Pooh-cat.  All the signs - eating well but losing weight, extraordinary amount of drinking water and peeing, hind legs not working as they should, etc.

My question is are diabetic cats experiencing pain?  I realize cats do not readily show pain.  Pooh sleeps a lot (normal), purrs with the slightest petting (normal), climbs on the bed to be with me, plays if I entice him - just wondering if any of you have any idea about the pain level he might be experiencing.

5 years ago


I think  diabetes in cats is pretty much like diabetes in humans, and there is no pain to go with it unless it effects the organs, and I am not sure  if that causes pain.

I would think that if the kitty's sugar was low, it would cause her to be lethargic, and high is dangerous too, as  the same thing could happen.

I guess diabetes in Kitty's must  be like type 1 in Humans if the weight comes off no matter how much they eat. I have diabetes and losing weight is rough.

I had a cat with diabetes years ago, but I had no idea he had it until I took him to the vets because he couldn't pass his urine. He was there to be catheterized. When he didn't bounce back from anesthesia, the vet did some blood work, and all his numbers were bad. He was put to sleep even though he was not going to wake up. He showed no symptoms of diabetes.

Back to your question about the pain, I don't think they experience pain from diabetes. If a cat is stressed, the cat will shed when you pet her.

5 years ago

I thank the Lord none of my kitties have been diabetic.  My biggest problem has always been IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or hyper-thyroidism.  Right now my only problem is Rosie and what ever she has is controlled with 1/2 of a prednisolone every other day.  Can you get blood work done on  your kitty?  A vet requested me to have Kenny (very obese) checked for diabeties.  He was okay, no problem.  I didn't think he was sick in the first place, but she kind of insisted on the blood work.  He has been on a diet for over a year and a half and is a respectable 16 pounds now.  With Ray being so sick, poor little Kenny was kind of neglected and I didn't realize he was so very heavy.

The best of luck with your little guy.  I don't like kitties to be sick.  Or people.  Keep us posted.


5 years ago

My Dad's cat Smokey better known as Pipsqueak was a Diabectic, Dad said he looked forward to his shots. He lived to be 18 years old.I called him Pipper!

5 years ago

Thanks for you input, ladies!

Diabetes in cats
5 years ago

My little soul mate Bonita, whom I rescued from Spain and bought back to live with me in Austria, had diabetes. She died a year ago but not necessarily from diabetes. She had so many health issues from the appalling state I found her in in Spain.
You must take your darling to a vet immeditely to be diagnosed. Chances are your diagnosis is correct but only a vet can tell for sure and if it is diabetes she will probably have to be medicated and will need special diet control and ongoing health monitoring. If you do not medicate her she could die at any moment.
I had to inject my Bonita with insulin twice a day. Sounds scary but it is not. The vet shows you how. Luckily my Bonita loved food so much that if I injected her while she was eating she rarely even noticed.
I can not stress enough that fiabetes is a very serious condition. You really must take your baby to the vet and then follow precisely what the vet prescribes.

5 years ago


I had a diabetic cat (Minky) who was diagnosed in 2005, she had all the symptoms but we didn't realise what they meant until she collapsed & was bleeding we rushed her at 1am to the vets who diagnosed diabetes, she was very very poorly and she stayed at the vets for 4 days.
It is very serious and if left untreated your cat like humans can go into a diabetic coma & die. My vet gave us syringes & put her on 4 units of insulin & told us to test her urine with urine sticks (I cant remember the name of them) against a coloured chart but all that gave was normal medium & high.
I found a website dealing with feline diabetes & the members are from all over the world & if it wasn't for them she would have died on the dose the vet put her on.
Let me explain further,this is what they told me to do... HOME TEST.. Before giving shots.

1) buy a glucometer from a chemist/pharmacy yes the kind humans use after all blood is blood no matter where it comes from. (a human wouldn't give themselves an insulin injection without first finding out how much they needed i.e what their blood glucose level was) that would be suicide!

1a) you will also need test strips for the glucometer (they are normally included)

2) buy some lancets they are like tiny little needles.

3) you will need some cotton wool balls or cotton make up removal pads

4) you will need some rice (uncooked)

5) you will need the foot cut from a pair of tights

6) you will need a microwave

You place a little amount of rice into the foot of the tights tie the ends until it makes & little cushion but big enough & pliable enough to fold over the side of the ear place in the microwave & heat until it is at a temperature that you can touch & will not burn the cat. This is for bringing the blood vessel to the surface of the ear so you can easily draw blood.

You place the heated rice pouch over the ear, place the test strip in the Gmeter take a lancet & prick the ear to draw blood you then place the test strip that is in the Gmeter into the droplet of blood that has formed on the ear and you will get a reading, you then place a cotton ball or I preferred to use a cotton make up pad around the ear applying a little pressure to stop the bleeding & prevent bruising.

Depending on what reading you get determines how much insulin to give..

This is where my previous vet nearly killed my cat you remember he said 4 units of insulin the website said start low go slow (their motto) they were horrified at what my vet had told me to give her & told me to test & post the result, which I did and they then told me to only give 1 unit.
The test results varied from week to week and so did the amount of insulin I gave her until after a few months passed and one day she suddenly didn't require any insulin at all so she didn't get a shot... she was up & down and her numbers where all over the place

Now if I hadn't been testing before very shot & I had been giving her the full dose the vet told me to give I would have overdosed her on insulin which would have resulted in coma & death...

I was so frightened when she was diagnosed, I trembled when I gave gave her the ear tests & my hands shook when I gave her the injections BUT after a couple of weeks both she & myself got used to it so much so as soon as she heard the microwave ping she came & jumped on my knee ready for her ear prick and her little treat for being a good girl.

She was 10 years old when she was diagnosed and lived until she was 17 she passed away last year from hyperthyroidism it broke my heart,

The website is they will be able to give specific help & advice..

I live in the UK & Glucometers are reasonably cheap around £20 lancets & test strips are cheaper to buy on ebay.

I have a glucometer syringes & lancets if anyone would like them FREE!!

Also if anyone wants any further info or help you can contact me

kind regards

Hilary x

5 years ago

My Fredryckelee has had it for the past eight and doing awesome there are morning now that his gluco is under 100mg and needs no insutiln at all for that day.He is 16 years oldand still runs arpond like he was 8 yearsold. that my big buddie boy for can I post a picture of him?

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