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5 years ago
| Blue Label

For all you readers out there, we're starting a Book Club. Tell us about your favorite books or even about books you'd suggest we stay away from. Share with us the types of books you like to read.

5 years ago

I finished reading Otherkin by Nina Berry last night. It's about a young girl who discovers she is a tiger shifter. The first time she shifts she is abducted by a group of radicals who want to do away with the shifters in the world. She wakes up in a cage and sees a boy about her age in a cage next to her. She then escapes and rescues the boy in the other cage as well. From there she is drawn into a world of shifters versus this radical group. It was a very good book and well worth reading depsite being labled  Young Adult.


I started Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts this and am now about halfway thru. It's shaping up to be a fantastic book. It's about this man named Declan Fitzgerald who buys the Manet House, a mansion in New Orleans. He gives up a career as a lawyer in Boston to move to New Orleans and renovate the Manet House. As he lives there though he discovers the house is haunted and it stems from the mystery of a woman who disappeared 100 years ago. Rumors are that she ran away from her husband and baby but her family insists she would never have left them and has been killed. Declan meets the woman of his dreams and her name is Angelina. He is in love with her and must bring her around to his way of thinking! However, she is related to the missing woman and she and Declan must solve this mystery of the past before they can settle their future.

5 years ago

Thank you for starting the thread Darla. I just want to add that I would like everyone to keep in mind that we have the no solicitation policy here, so please do not try to sell anything. I think it is also a policy of care2 as well.


Have fun !

5 years ago

Thanks Darla, I've read Midnight bayou I've read just about all of Nora Roberts books. I love Catherine Coulter in the FBI series. Growing up my all time favorites was Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt, Phyllis whitney and Dorothy Eden. anything that was gothic. Has anyone read Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, I love the Pendergast series. Right now I'm reading Janet Evanovich Fear less Fourteen.  It's about Stephanie Plum she's a bounty hunter from New Jersay. If anything can go wrong in her life it will. Her cars get blown up, you'd have to read her as she's so funny. I'm not good at writing about stuff sorry.

5 years ago

Some good series are....


Yasmine Galenorn




Dragon Wytch

Night Huntress

Demon Mistress

Never After {anthology}

Bone Magic

Inked {anthology}

Harvest Hunting

Blood Wyne

Hexed {anthology}

Courting Darkness

Shaded Vision

Shadow Rising


Patricia Briggs

Moon Called

Blood Bound

Iron Kissed

Bone Crossed

Silver Borne

River Marked


Patricia Briggs

On the Prowl

Cry Wolf

Hunting Ground

Fair Game


Dakota Cassidy

The Accidental Werewolf

Accidentally Dead

The Accidental Human

Accidentally Demonic

Accidentally Catty

Accidentally Dead, Again


Devyn Quinn

Siren's Call

Siren's Surrender

Siren's Desire


Suzanne Brockman

The Unsung Hero

The Defiant Hero

Over the Edge

Out of Control

Into the Night

Gone too Far


Hot Target

Breaking Point

Into the Storm

Force of Nature

All through the Night

Into the Fire

Dark of Night

Hot Pursuit

Breaking the Rules


Janet Chapman

Spellbound Falls

Charmed by his Love

Courting Carolina


C E Murphy

Urban Shaman

Thunderbird Falls

Coyote Dreams

Walking Dead

Demon Hunts

Spirit Dances

Raven Calls


Kim Harrison

Dead Witch Walking

The Good, the Bad, and the Undead

Every Which Way but Dead

A Fistful of Charms

For a few Demons More

The Outlaw Demon Wails

White Witch, Black Curse

Black Magic Sanction

Pale Demon

A Perfect Blood


Carrie Vaughn

Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Kitty goes to Washington

Kitty takes a Holiday

Kittyand the Silver Bullet

Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand

Kitty Raises Hell

Kitty's House of Horrors

Kitty goes to War

Kitty's Big Trouble

Kitty's Greatest Hits

Kitty Steals the Show


Jennifer Estep

Spider's Bite

Web of Lies


Tangled Threads

Spider's Revenge

By a Thread

Widow's Web


Sofie Kelly

Curiousity Thrilled the Cat

Sleight of Paw

Copycat Killing


Leann Sweeney

The Cat, the Quilt, and the Corpse

The Cat, the Professor, and the Poison

The Cat, the Lady, and the Liar

The Cat, the Wife, and the Weapon


Miranda James

Murder Past Due

Classified as Murder

File M for Murder


Victoria Laurie

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye

Better Read than Dead

A Vision of Murder

Killer Insight

Crime Seen

Death Perception

Doom with a View

A Glimpse of Evil

Vision Impossible

Lethal Outlook


Jennifer Ashley

Pride Mates

Primal Bonds

Wild Cat

Mate Claimed


Hannah Jayne

Under Wraps

Under Attack

Under Suspicion


Linda O Johnston


The More the Terrier

Hounds Abound


Linda O Johnston

Sit, Stay, Slay

Nothing to Fear but Ferrets

Fine Feathered Death

Meow is for Murder

The Fright of the Iguana

Double Dog Dare

Never Say Sty

Howl Deadly

Feline Fatale


Blaize Clement

Curiousity Killed the Cat Sitter

Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund

Even Cat Sitters get the Blues

Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof

Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs

Cat Sitter among the Pigeons

The Cat Sitter's Pajamas


Kelley Armstrong



Dime Store Magic

Industrial Magic



No Humans Involved

Personal Demon

Living with the Dead


Waking the Witch





Eileen Wilks

Tempting Danger

Mortal Danger

Blood Lines

Night Season

Mortal Sins

Blood Magic

Blood Challenge

Death Magic

Mortal Ties


Carly Phillips





Nora Roberts

The Next Always

The Last Boyfriend


Shirley Damsgaard

Witch Way to Murder

Charmed to Death

The Trouble with Witches

Witch Hunt

The Witch is Dead

The Witch's Grave

The Seventh Witch


Vicki Lewis Thompson

Werewolf in the North Woods

Werewolf in Manhattan

Werewolf in Seattle

Werewolf in Denver


Jennifer Blake

By His Majesty's Grace

By Grace Possessed

Seduced by Grace


Lynn Kurland

Stardust of Yesterday

A Dance through Time

The Christmas Cat {anthology}

This is all I Ask

Christmas Spirits {anthology}

The Very Thought of You

Another Chance to Dream

Veils of Time {anthology}

The More I See You

Opposites Attract {anthology}

If I had You

A Knight's Vow {anthology}

My Heart Stood Still

Tapestry {anthology}

From this Moment On

5 years ago

And some more good series....


Kalayna Price

Grave Witch

Grave Dance

Grave Memory


Jacqueline Sheehan

Lost and Found

Picture This


Judi McCoy

Hounding the Pavement

Heir of the Dog

Death in Show

Begging for Trouble

Till Death do us Bark

Fashion Faux Paw


Heather Graham

Phantom Evil

Heart of Evil

Sacred Evil

The Evil Inside

The Unseen

The Unholy

The Unspoken

The Univited


Casey Daniels

Don of the Dead

The  Chick and the Dead

Tombs of Endearment

Night of the Loving Dead

Dead Man Talking

Tomb with a View

A Hard Day's Fright

Wild, Wild Death

Supernatural Born Killers


Yasmine Galenorn

Night Myst

Night Veil

Night Seeker


Annette Blair

A Veiled Deception

Larceny and Lace

Death by Diamonds

Skirting the Grave

Cloaked in Malice


Janet Evanovich

Wicked Appetite

Wicked Business


Ashlyn Chase

Strange Neighbors

The Werewolf Upstairs

The Vampire Next Door


Andrea Cremer






Keri Arthur

Darkness Unbound

Darkness Rising

Darkness Devours


Barbara Bretton

Casting Spells

Laced with Magic

Spun by Sorcery

Spells and Stitches

5 years ago

Sandi, my mom loved the Evanovich Stephanie  Plum books! I read the first few but lost interest. My favorite sereis in an oldie: Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse books. I loved the British TV series of them too!

5 years ago

Darla, I'm glad to see a book club in Cat Lovers - thanks for putting together all of these series for easy reference.
Sandi, the Stephanie Plum books sound fun.

Karen, did you catch the follow up of the Inspector Morse series? Called Lewis. I enjoyed that series too.

5 years ago

My mom loved books about cats too. She loved "The Cat Who . . . " books and Rita Mae Brown's Sneaky Pie books. During my many years working in publishing I worked on many Sneaky Pie books.

5 years ago

Thubten, I didn't watch the Inspector Lewis series. I was too attached to Morse ( I cried when he died) and I didn't like the change. I have the complete Morse series on DVD to watch whenever I want!

5 years ago

Oh wow, Darla it looks like you have started something great. I read the book Midnight Bayou too! I really enjoyed it. I have read lots of Nora Roberts in the past. The last 4 years I haven't read much. First Ray was very ill and then for some reason I just couldn't concentrate on reading after Ray died until just lately. I am not back completely. I just finished "The Godfather" and Lilith by Jean Plaidy. I love her books. She has written a lot of books about the kings and queens of the past. I enjoyed the Hallmark movies by Janette Oke, Love Comes Softly series and I decided to get some books of hers from the library. I just opened the first one I brought home, A Searching Heart. I didn't have time to read more than 2 pages today, life interfered. Also, I find that I have become more of a TV nut, things like In the Heat of the Night, Gunsmoke and Little House on the Prairie. I love those reruns and of course the news. I am hopeing I can get back to reading more. I love reading the old books too. Grace Livingston Hill is one of my favorite authors since childhood. I will let you know how I like Janette Oke's books when I finish this one. I mustn't forget the author of the Thornbirds, Colleen McCollough. She wrote several books about early Romans. I think I have read most of her books if not all.


5 years ago

Karen I loved watching Inspector Morse On Masterpiece Mystery, I think its cool you have the whole series on dvd. I've read Blaize Clement, Leanne Sweeney, All of Rita Mae Brown  Sneaky pie and her ones with Fox hunting, The cat who books. If anyone loves books on cats try Shirley Rousseau Murphy Joe Grey series He talks to humans and solves crimes. Sugar I used to watch In the heat of the night with my mom when she was alive. I have all Little house on dvd's.    Glad Darla started this!

5 years ago

I just got through reading and intense book, more like on my Kindle. This one is called the "Night Marchers", a young adult paranormal series following a Hawaiian legend. Has a romance and suspense into a mystical world. It is about this 17 yr. old girl who has to move with her father to the island of Kauai who has to do a documentary on the Hawaiian Night Marchers. She has no idea what they are till she comes face to face with them and a her whole world is turned upside down from there on. Plus she finds herself in love with two boys. The authors are Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels. I like it as it kept my interest going. Especially since I live on Hawaii and we have the Night Marchers legends here as well.

I like stories from romance to fantasy. A lot of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony whom I keep in touch with. I also like the Green Rider series by Kristen Britain.

Darla, you sure have gone through a lot of books. I like the sound of some of them and may look them up. Thanks for the list.

What a great thread topic here!

5 years ago

Glad to see the Book Club is such a hit. Thanks everyone for sharing and participating. Yes, Nora Roberts is a very good author. I have alot of her books and have read most of them, just somehow missed Midnight Bayou which I finished this morning. I started one book, The Restorer by Amanda Stevens, but am not getting into it so am going to set it aside for now and go back to it later. If I can't get into it then I'll just return it to the library unread. It's about a woman named Amelia Gray who is a cemetary restorer and can see ghosts. She has four rules that her father taught her ~ 1. Never acknowledge the dead. 2. Never stray too far from hallowed ground. 3. Keep your distance from those who are haunted. 4. Never, ever tempt fate. A police detective named John Devlin needs her help to find a killer but he's haunted by 2 ghosts who follow him.

Meanwhile I'm going to read Love Came Just in Time by Lynn Kurland. This book has four stories in it ~ "The Gift of Christmas Past where a feline angel pulls his mistress back in time to a night long ago where she finds her own true love; in The Three Wise Ghosts a quaint country inn becomes the haunting ground for a spirited trio of matchmakers who scare a freewheeling American and a single-minded British executive into love; in And the Groom Wore Tulle Scottish nobleman drifts off to sleep in a fourteenth-century dungeon only to awaken in a twentieth-century Manhattan bridal salon and the arms of a beautiful designer; and in The Icing on the Cake opposites indeed attract when a staid waiter warms the heart of a wilderness buff who's more interested in fending off grizzlies than fending off men."

5 years ago

I just wanted to mention some of my favorite authors. I collect Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Nora Roberts, Catherine Anderson, and Yasmine Galenorn all of whom are very good.

5 years ago

Oh wow, such good books/authors! And here I live all alone and should be able to read as much as I want and things just keep interfering. I wish I could afford to buy all of Doctor Martin's episodes. I love watching him. And Darla, And the Groom Wore Tulle sounds like one I would really like to read and soon. I have a book by Marlys Milhauser similar, a young girl goes back and forth through time and I love the story. I gotta read it again soon! Oh there is so much to read and so little time to do so !!!!!


5 years ago

I just finished Karen Robards book Justice i found it to be kinda boring I just couldn't get inti it. Darla you said you read  dean Koontz Watchers did you see the movie I was so upset as it didn't really follow the booh I just loved the dog  Einstein and how he loved Micky mouse & hot dogs. I didn't care for his brother odd books did you read them. I loved good murder mysterys. I have Agatha Christie & Nero Wolfe but need someone new I want to be surprised at the ending do you know any good ones? I want something That grabs ahold from page one. I find that if I'm bored by chapter 2 I'm not going to finish it. Thats the kind of movies I also enjoy.

5 years ago

Darla, wow you are definitely an avid reader! I read a few Janet Evanovich books and really liked them! Definitely have to try a few of the paranormal ones you listed!
My favorite authors are: James Patterson, Robin Cook (wrote :"Brain" and Coma" and a lot of medical thrillers!), JK Rowling (yes, loved Harry Potter and still do!!!), Maeve Binchy, Mary Higgins Clark (mysteries), and more that I can't even think of now...the most recent book I read was James Patterson's "Zoo." Great book about animals that go awry...sounds fantastical but it was really engrossing like all his books and made you think "What if...?"
I do have to say I tried to read Stephen King and I couldn't make it past the first few pages because my hair stood on end...I was living alone at the time and could not handle it, lol!!
Happy reading next book is "NYPD Red" (another James Patterson).

5 years ago

Kristi, I also read all the Harry Potter books, Have you read any of her new ones. I've read some Patterson, Robin Cooks older books , I'll have to check out Zoo.

5 years ago

I just ordered Julia's Cats: Julia Child's Life in the Company of Cats. I'll let you know later how I like it.

5 years ago

Good morning all! Well, it turns out I've read Love Came Just in Time before so I reread the one with the angel cat and am moving on to my next book which will be Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon. All the stories in Love Came Just in Time were good as books by Lynn Kurland are. I love the matchmaking ghosts and the time travel. Dark Side of the Moon is about a woman named Susan Michaels who writes stories about alien babies and Elvis sightings b'cuz a major scandal ruined her career as a reporter. She goes to the local animal shelter expecting a hot news tip which she gets in the form of a police cover up for a ring of soul-sucking vampires out to take over Seattle. So much for saving her credibility. She then gets talked into adopting a cat and finds out she's allergic to him. However, this cat turns out to be a shapeshifter named Ravyn who claims to be an immortal vampire slayer on the prowl for the same corrupt cops. As Susan is drawn into Ravyn's world she discovers that there's alot more at stake than just saving her career. Now it's more than just bringing the truth to her readers, it's a matter of saving their lives and souls. As for Ravyn, he once trusted the wrong human woman with the truth of his existence and his life was shattered. Now, he must confront the nightmare all over again in order to save Seattle. And he must decide whether or not to trust another human woman with the secret that could destroy him.


Sugar, if you like time travel you'll love Lynn Kurland's series as alot of the books have time travel in them. The story The Gift of Christmas Past has the angel cat delivering his mistress over 700 years in the past. It's a great story.  And the Groom Wore Tulle is a great story as well. Hope you find the time to do lots of reading. I'm lucky b'cuz Ray does the housework as well as the cooking so I don't have to take care of anything other than my garden. I did clean the bathroom but with this boot on I can't get on the ground to clean the tub so Ray does that as well. So my time is spent reading and doing computer stuff {e-mail, Yahoo groups, Care2, and jigsaw puzzles}.


Sandi, in the series listed above try Heather Graham's, Victoria Laurie's, Leann Sweeney's, and Miranda James'. All have a murder mystery and are wonderful books. Heather Graham's series has a bit of a paranormal twist along with the murder mystery featuring a branch of the FBI who all have psychic powers as does Victoria Laurie's which features a psychic woman working for the police and ultimately the FBI. Lean Sweeney and Miranda James feature cats who help with the murder mystery.


Kristi, yes I'm one avid reader. Reading is an escape for me ~ always has been but since I broke my back {at age 19} it's especially been an escape of the pain I live with. James Patterson's Zoo sounds like it might be a good book. I haven't read any James Patterson but I'll have to try some of his books.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Went to my library's website to see about getting Zoo by James Patterson. There were 141 holds on it! And I made 142! So, it looks like it'll be awhile before I get to read it.

5 years ago

Darla if that book Zoo by James Patterson has a 141 and you made 142. It must be a good read and popular book. Your going to have to let us know how it is. I do agree when I come across one that does not get interesting and more boring as I read the first few chapters, time to put it away. Won't bother with it. I have all the Harry Potter books and read through them all. Reading the second book of the Night Marchers, called Redemption. Interesting right from the beginning.

5 years ago

Wow, 141 holds before you! I have read most of Patterson's books. You know I have never read any Harry Potter books. I just can't bring my self to do so. I do like all kinds of books, but my favorites are when the good guy always wins. I just finished my first Janette Oke book. It was good in a soft, easy way which is what I am into right now. I have just opened the second. It is the third in the series of 4. I couldn't find the second at the library so they will be read out of sequence but that's okay.

I've got to put food out for the birds and then take a shower. Darla I will probably have to ask you again for the author of time after I finish the Oke books.


5 years ago

I'm taking a break from reading Janet evanovich. I started Mary Willis Walker  Zero to the Bone! Its about Katherine Driscoll who's about to lose everything when she gets a letter from her father whom she hasn't seen in 30 years asking her to do something.And he'll give her the money she needs. Only to find out that he's died in some bizarre accident.  or was it.  I've made it to chapter 2  it took hold of me right away. has anyone read her?

5 years ago

Good morning all!


Sally, I'll be sure to let you know what I think of Zoo when I get it. I too will put a book down when I'm not getting into it. I figure why waste my time reading something I'm not enjoying.


Sugar, what are the titles of the books you're reading? I looked up Janette Oke on my library's site and there were 241 books by her so I need to know which series you're reading. Sure I can give you the author of the book again later.


Sandi,  the book you're reading sounds interesting. I haven't read anything by Mary Willis Walker.


I was about 1/4 of the way thru Dark Side of the Moon and completely lost b'cuz it's evidently one in a series and I didn't know how all these characters related to each other. So I put it down and decided not to read it. I'll look up the author and get the series in reading order and then see if I even want to get into the series. I'm currently reading The Secret of Cypriere Bayou by Jana DeLeon. It's about a woman named Olivia Markham who decides that this house laMalediction is the ideal setting to complete her work. But something is sending a chill up the spine of the usual fearless author's spine. There are unearthly noises and hidden passages. There's also the new caretaker, John Landry who doesn't seem to want Olivia there. They end up working together however to try to solve the secret of who else is in the house with them and what is has to do with Olivia.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Darla, Do you get all your books from the libary? Lilies are my favorite flowers, !

5 years ago

Sandi, I get the majority of my books from the library or some free Kindle books from Amazon. There are a few authors I collect though like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Yasmine Galenorn, Catherine Anderson, and some of Nora Roberts.

5 years ago

Forgot to say, Sandi, that lilies are beautiful flowers. I got some for my last birthday. Of course, then I found out they're poisonous to cats so I won't have them in the house again. The picture you posted is beautiful.

5 years ago

I love the lilies, they are a beautiful flowers but did not know they are poisonous to cats. Thanks for the info'. I read awhile ago a book called "The Russian Concubine" but can't remember the author's name. I will have to look it up. It was a pretty good book, has mystery, adventure, suspense and romance. A little of everything. I've read books by Nora Roberts, they are pretty good. I like some that are a western type setting as well. Not too much into the horror type books.

5 years ago

Sally, yes I read about lilies being poisonous to cats on one of the threads here as well as elsewhere. I made sure I picked up all pieces of the flowers when they started falling and threw them away soon after that even though some of them still looked good.  I looked up The Russian Concubine on my library's website and they actually have it. It's written by Kate Furnivall. I might have to give it a try.


I finished Secret of Cypriere Bayou and it was a good book. I then started Shadow Rising by Yasmine Galenorn. It's one of my books not the library's and part of a series I listed above. The series revolves around 3 sisters named Camille {a witch}, Delilah {a shapeshifter}, and Menolly {a vampire} who are half Fae and half human. Each book centers around one of the sisters and where they are in a war against demons. There are lots of bad guys coming after them. Shadow Rising centers around Menolly who was turned in a vicious attack when she was spying on a group of bad vampires. She is planning a wedding to her partner, Nerissa, in this book. They're caught between 2 terrible enemies in a battle spanning 2 worlds. I'm a bit more than 1/4 of the way thru this book and it's good but then I'm not surprised as all the books in the series are good.

Just so y'all can have it for easy reference, ,here's the series in reading order again....





Dragon Wytch

Night Huntress

Demon Mistress

Never After {anthology}

Bone Magic

Inked {anthology}

Harvest Hunting

Blood Wyne

Hexed {anthology}

Courting Darkness

Shaded Vision

Shadow Rising


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Nora Roberts trilogies and series ~


The Next Always

The Last Boyfriend

The Perfect Hope


Vision in White

Bed of Roses

Savor the Moment

Happy Ever After


Born in Fire

Born in Ice

Born in Shame


Jewels of the Sun

Tears of the Moon

Heart of the Sea


Key of Light

Key of Knowledge

Key of Valor


Blood Brothers

The Hollow

The Pagan Stone


Morrigan's Cross

Dance of the Gods

Valley of Silence


Blue Dahlia

Black Rose

Red Lily


Dance Upon Air

Heaven and Earth

Face the Fire


Sea Swept

Rising Tides

Inner Harbor

Chesapeake Blue


Daring to Dream

Holding the Dream

Finding the Dream

5 years ago

LoveRC.gif  Its raining here so going to read awhile or take a nap. I have fake lilies in my vases!

5 years ago

Darla I have all those Nora  Roberts books.

5 years ago

I Love Murder Mysteries!  I've ready many and just love to curl up and read away!

5 years ago

Thanks Darla for looking up the author for me. I think I may have read a few of the Nora Roberts books especially the one 'Born In Fire". I'll have to read the other two sequels to it. When it is cold and raining outside, a good book to lose yourself into is what I like as well.

5 years ago

Sandi, love the reading and cats tag. Fake lilies are pretty too and have the added benefits of never dying and being safe for your cat! I have most of those Nora Roberts books myself. Enjoy reading during the rainstorm, one of my favorite activities.


Holly, thanks for joining us. There are some murder mysteries listed in posts above.


Sally, yes, you'll definitely have to read the other two in the trilogy. You're so right that losing yourself in a book is the way to go when it's cold and raining.


For all those who have a Kindle. Do you know about the free books on Amazon? You go to Kindle books then click on "Best Sellers" it should come up with the top 100 paid and the top 100 free. Then they have the various categories you can look through and each category has the top 100 paid and top 100 free.

5 years ago

I'm still reading Shadow Rising by Yasmine Galenorn. I'm a bit more than 3/4 of the way thru it and it is very good.

5 years ago

Glad to see Holly here! My eyes have been bothering me I need to get some drops as I have dry eye, so haven't read much! Have a good day everyone! Darla glad you liked the tag!

5 years ago

Reading a BookDarla~ thank you for that tip on the Kindle. I will try that out and search for the free books. Sometimes you can even type in free books and you can find them that way. There is also something called "Prime member", not too sure on how that goes. Sometimes you'll see it with the book and letting you know that you can borrow it for free. ??? So still learning here. Has any one read any books by Debbie Macomber I think it was? I think I read only one book of hers. I see that she is also another popular author. But wondering if it is only romance books she writes or if she does mystery as well.

5 years ago

Sally, if you're a prime member which allows you certain benefits on Amazon such as free 2 day shipping, you can borrow one book a month from anywhere on their site. My son is a  Prime member and when he was living with us I had my Kindle set up in his name so I could take advantage of that borrowing one book per month.


Sandi, I'm sorry that you have dry eye. I get dry eye tooa nd understand how frustrating it is. I keep drops on hands constantly.


I finished Shadow Rising by Yasmine Galenorn this afternoon and it was an excellent book! I was very thrilled with it.

5 years ago

Has anyone read J.A.  Jance books I I started with the first J.P Beaumont Mysteries and like it so well I had to read them all. Until proven guitly is the first  He's a Seattle homicide  investigator.  If you like Nora Roberts try her Montana Sky, Blue Smoke, The search & Black hills  there more of a mystery.  I've thought about Kindle but I love to hold the book I'm reading guess I'm old fashioned. Got some eye drops so might read later. Take care everyone.

5 years ago

I'm now reading Courting Carolina by Janet Chapman. It's the third one in the Spellbound Falls series with the first two being Spellbound Falls and Charmed by his Love. Courting Carolina is about a woman named Carolina Oceanus and a man named Alec MacKeage. Alec saves Carolina from 2 men who have kidnapped her only she tells him her name is Jane Smith. She is running from her father who wants her to marry one of 6 men he is bringing to Maine from different centuries. Alec agrees to let her stay with him rather than calling the authorities about her. Eventually her father catches up with them and brings her back to his castle. Alec must determine whether or not he wants to continue fighting his feelings for Carolina. I'm a bit more than 3/4 of the way thru it and it's a very good book. One I have difficulty putting down.

5 years ago

I finished Courting Carolina at my doctor's appointment today. It was a wonderfully romantic book where the hero wants to be beside his love not ruling over her. I highly recommend this series.

5 years ago

I'm in a quandry this morning. I started Twilight by Stephenie Meyer but just couldn't get into it so I started Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H P Mallory but couldn't get into that one either. I don't know if it's b'cuz I'm hurting more than usual today and I just couldn't escape the pain or if I truly just couldn't get into the books. Am going to try a third book when I get off the computer and see what happens. Then I may or may not get back to these books.

5 years ago

Finished Zero to the Bone by Mary Willis Walker. Darla T think you would like it. I'm Starting Victims an Alex Delware Novel by Jonathen Kellerman. He's a psychologist along with A LAPD detective who solves crimes. Iknow what you mean about not getting into a book if I can't get through the first chapter I won't read anymore. I like a book that you stay up late to read its so good.I   like Iris Johansen & Kaye hooper also.

5 years ago

First a brief note to Sandi. For your dry eyes, take a warm (not real hot) wet washcloth and hold it on your eyes. Do this two or three times during the day. it works miracles. That is what my eye doc told me to do and I noticed a good difference over night. Try it.

Darla, I am reading "A Prairie Legacy". There are only 4 in this series. They are light reading with a good message. And that reminds me, did you read "Beautiful Bones"? About the young girl that was murdered and no one found the killer? The book was wonderful but I didn't like the ending. If I remember right the killer got away with it. Am I wrong?

I haven't had time to read since I finished the first in the series! I don't know where the time goes.


5 years ago

I finally found a book I could get into!  It's Primal Possession by Katie Reus. It's second in a new series, the first one is Alpha Instinct which was awesome. Primal Possession is set in a world where there are shapeshifters, wolves are the main characters here. Liam Armstrong is his pack's second in command and he's used to his orders being followed.  He knows December McIntyre who is human is his intended mate but she is far too strong-willed to accept his protection. December, whose brother is the town sheriff, thinks that she and Liam don't have a future together and is doing everything she can to keep them apart. Then she is attacked for a third time by a radical hate group that is after all shifters and those who associate with the shifters. She turns to the only one who can really help her ~ Liam.


Sandi, my library has Zero to the Bone and I've requested it. I also like a book that has you staying up late to read just b'cuz you can't put it down.


Sugar, no I haven't read Beautiful Bones. My library doesn't have it. Who's the author again? I'll try to get it thru an Interlibrary Loan.

5 years ago

Sugar, is it about time to start a new thread and can you do it or do I have to? If I have to do it, would you please tell me how?

5 years ago

Sandi, saw a post of yours I missed. We must've posted around the same time b'cuz I didn't see it when I posted. I haven't read J A Jance. Is he/she good? I've read all those Nora Roberts books {Montana Sky, Blue Smoke, The Search, and Black Hills} and you're right they're more of a mystery and very good. Have you read The Witness? It's also more of a mystery and very good. I also really like holding the book and I will keep buying the books of my favorite authors. However my Kindle {my son gave it to me last Christmas} is also great and I've been sticking with the free books ~ I've got quite a collection already though I haven't read them all.

5 years ago

Darla~ I just downloaded a book titled, "Claimed (The Circulated Series) where it is about a Native Alaskan werewolf. He becomes acquainted with a girl who stopped in the Alaska Range. They have a romantic night and she leaves the next morning without telling him. She is shocked three days later when he shows up at her apartment in Seattle, telling her two things. He is a Lokoti Werewolf and she is his pregnant mate. 

Thought it was interesting and you may like it since it has something to do with wolves as well. Been downloading a lot of books, thanks for the information by the way. Loving it. I know what you mean about not really getting into the book. If it is not going to be interesting from the start, why continue. Aloha.

5 years ago

Darla, I like J.A. Jance shes a woman. Theres a lot in the series  of J.B. Beaumont. You almost have to read them in order. Too back you didn't live close as I got them all. Yes I've read the Witness. I think I've read almost all of her books. I got Carolyn Hart what the cat saw. I think I'm going to start it tonight as I read before I go to sleep. Let you know if I like it.  Sally hope you don't dream about werewolfs tonite. Gotta go see what Stripes is doing as I'm hearing her getting into something.

5 years ago

Darla I will start a new thread right now and close this one. My pleasure.


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