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CHIT CHAT November 12, 2012
5 years ago

Time for another new thread! Here is the link to the previous.... Teri, it sounds like Harry is a good person and a big help. He should be honored by you and Michelle for that as well as being a veteran. Bless all of you. Darla under normal circumstances my knees don't bother me at all. It is just that digging up bamboo uses knee power and it scares me if I feel any pain at all. I guess I am just a chicken when it comes to fear of re-injuring my knees. I also work on never locking my knees. Actually that's kind of good. It gives you more effective reaction if you need to kick some one in the you know where! I doubt if that will ever happen, but......... I learned that in my TKD. I keep my knees relaxed and it works. I am going to try and read a book this afternoon. I have to do a clean up job on one of the shelves in the basement as soon as it is daylight. I have been around cats so long that I can smell mice myself. I noticed their smell around a shelf and got the stepladder and sure enough, a mouse has been there. I set one of the traps for capturing them and caught nothing yet. I wonder if that one I escorted out the door was him? Any way I have to remove everything, clean up the little presents and wash it down with bleach water. Then later when all is dry, put everything back after cleaning them. Good Morning everyone! Have a great day, Sugar

5 years ago

Veterans Day Lest We Forget pictureGood morning all. Teri, I honor all vets tell Harry Thanks from me.

5 years ago

Good morning all!!  I haven't been in all weekend because my granddaughter has been here since Thursday.  She is such a little bundle of energy that there isn't alot of time to do much else.  I've had alot of fun though   My daughter showed up last night with plans to stay for a few days so I guess I will be free to enjoy my granddaughter now and let my daughter deal with the rest.  That is one of my favourite parts of being a grandma!!


Yesterday we walked up to the cenotaph in our town to pay our respects to the veterans.  There is a small service there and we have our 2 minutes of silence.  My kids were part of this ceremony for years.....they were all Sea Cadets so they took turns guarding the cenotaph on the night before Remembrance Day.  They all looked so good in their uniforms.  My youngest daughter was here yesterday and she said that she feels like she should still be standing guard.....she says when she finishes college she is going to try to hook up with a cadet corp. to perhaps teach some of her skills to younger cadets. 


Anyway, I will check back in later.  I am going to go make some breakfast and a pot of that all important coffee and perhaps make some plans for the day.  Don't work too hard Sugar.  I know what you mean about living with cats too long....I can smell mice when they come in the back door and cower from the cats.  It usually happens at this time every year, as the weather gets cold and they start looking for warmer lodgings.  I think my cats look forward to it.


Have a great day everyone!!  Be back later I hope.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on here. I plan to dust our bedroom today since I was lazy yesterday and didn't get it done. Have just been reading and am now on to my computer portion of the day. I have several click to donate sites that I go to {including Care2's click to donate}, a Yahoo group that I belong to and post in {I belong to some that I don't post in}, and all the stuff that I do on Care 2. Of course, in the evenings I go to my jigsaw puzzle site and work on puzzles ~ very fun and calming. I see my pain management doctor on Wednesday ~ I get my pain pump refilled and get trigger point injections in my back and neck.


Teri, sorry you're having a reaction to the antibiotic that you're on. I'm so sorry that your insurance wouldn't cover the name brand of the medicine. You can have your doctor call in and tell them that you didn't have a reaction to the name brand but you did to the generic and they might cover the name brand. Of  course, that'll take a day or two and it's probably eaiser to just have your doctor prescribe a different antibiotic. It's nice that Harry does stuff around the house and that y'all want to take him out to dinner for all that he does. Hopefully someday you'll be able to send him back to Japan.


Sugar, sounds like kyou have your work cut out for you in cleaning where the mouse has been. How cool that you can smell mice. Maybe the one you escorted out the door is the one that was in your basement. If it were me, I'd leave the trap out for a few more days though to see what happens. I understand where you're coming from on not wanting to reinjure your knees. I'm the same way with my back. I take extra care so as not to do anything that might injure me basically b'cuz I'm afraid that if I reinjured it I might wind up paralyzed this time around. I was really lucky before that I wasn't. It's good that you know how to keep your knees relaxed and not lock them up. Hope you get to read today.


Sandi, how great that you honor all vets. Thanks for the picture. As mentioned previously my son's in the Army now. He's mostly been stationed at the Army base here in San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston, as a lab tech at the Army hospital BAMC but he did spend a year and half in Kuwait.


Angie, glad you got to spend so much time with your granddaughter! Yes, being a grandmother is a fun thing when we get to enjoy our grandchild and let the parents deal with discipline side of things. My grandson is now 22 months old and like your granddaughter is a bundle of energy. How nice that y'all went to the cenotaph and remembered the vets. It's great that your children were all Sea Cadets and took their turns guarding the cenotaph. So, you can smell mice too. That's really cool. We don't have any problem with mice where we live so I've never had the chance to know if I could smell them.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Hello everyone,

Teri, tell Harry thanks from me, although I am not American I would like to honour all veterans for keeping my American friends free and safe.

Angie, that's great that you had a nice time with your grand daughter. I bet that your kids looked so great in their uniforms, thank them for standing guard.

Sugar, thank-you for the information on the Miralax, I am going to try it with my sweet Madaline her poops look hard to me and I think it may help her.

Darla, hello to you.

Have a great day everyone else.

5 years ago

you are welcome .Had a great day and it looks as the week is going to be even better.I am thinking that Big Mack maybe getting sick with a cold.he is sezzie a lot.So I will have to call his new doctor in the moring .before I leave to to things and go to see the lung doctor in the afternoon.just hope I have time to get everything done on time .you all enjoy your week.God bless

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. We had a cold front come thru here and low temperature this morning was 39 degrees. Looks like we're going to have a bad winter here. I dusted my bedroom yesterday and gave an angel figurine to my neighbor. I didn't have anywhere to put it. I have another angel who is a Native American angel on her knees holding up a dream catcher. The figurine is beautiful. Today is going to be a lazy day where I'll do nothing but read and computer stuff and I'll clean the litterboxes between noon and 1:30 this afternoon.


Michela, good to see you here.


Teri, glad you're having a great day. Sorry that Big Mack may be getting sick.  I'm sure the vet will help. Hope your visit at the lung doctor goes well.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

I got great news from the lung doctor.he said I was doing great and thast the nople is stil gone. and went to see me in a year from all is going great this week.just have a few days of this week to go and we have had a great week.I hope you areall enjoying your week and its being onderfull to you a ll...Harry see the skin doctor in theafternoon for his three month check if we getthe settle ment this month and paid off every thing off I be so very happy and I feel free once again.God bless and Good nighht
P.S. Big Mack is doing great today .

5 years ago

That's good news Teri from the lung doctor. I'm glad you had a good week, take care of Big Mack.

Isn't it weird that we can smell mice too! Sugar was the best of all. I carried her on my shoulder all the time and that wasn't easy. She was heavy. Any way one time we were walking in the snow in the back 40 when she tensed up and then jumped down into the snow and came up with a mouse! Sugar is the kitty in my avatar.

Well on a somber note, Ray's ashes come home tomorrow or Friday.

Last night I closed the door to the garage so Mouse had to stay in all night. He really wanted out this morning, but he came back in quickly. Since I knew it would be very cold last night I wanted the mean black and white cat to have access to the garage so he wouldn't get frost bit but I didn't want him to come into the basement. He is still sacked out. As soon as I see him go outdoors I will close the door so he has to stay out today and Mouse can come in and out. He is smart, he knows how to get in and out. It was 19 degrees a short while ago. I know the black and white spent a comfortable night. He had food, water and a litter box which he used. He just has a tom cat trait. He will mark and that is why I don't want him in the basement. He doesn't seem to do that in the garage. He had just used the litter box and the tom cat odor hit me as soon as I opened the garage door. I use clumping there for him so I can get rid of the odor quickly.

This is another day I have places I have to go. I hate it. I would like to just become a hermit and not go anywhere but grocery stores and librarys. But it can't be. Not yet anyway. Maybe some day. Then I will probably want to go out. That's the way we humans are.

I probably won't be back today. I won't get home until 9:00 pm from the last place I will be going. Take care of yourselves and all furkids!


5 years ago

Good morning everyone, I hope everyone and all furbabies are doing great.

Sugar, I am sorry that you have so much running around to do. I know how you feel it seems like everday after work I have 2 or 3 stops to make and I just want to get home. I am happy that black and white Tom has a place to stay in the winter it is getting really cold outside. This may seem like a stupid question but where were Ray's ashes before? I hope you don't mind me asking.

Teri, that is great news from the lung doctor and I am glad to hear that Big Mack is doing better.

Darla, it's sounds like you got a lot of dusting done yesterday. I need to do the same this weekend and I am not really looking forward to it. You deserve to rest today.

Mittens (who is now named Ralph buy the people who will be taking him) was at the vet yesterday. I am going to be taking him for 2 weeks until the poeple come bcak from holidays they didn't want to take him and then leave him with a pet sitter and I agree with that. He was in pretty good health and about 4-5 years old already neutered which I knew and he got his vaccines, dewormed and got his nails trimmed. I tested him for Fiv and feline leukemia and they both came back negative, so I was very pleased with that. He is resting comfortably now in the spare bedroom away from my other furkids as I don't want any fighting.

Everyone else have a fabulous day and talk to everyone again soon

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I go see my pain management doctor today. I was supposed to get my pump refilled and trigger points but they forgot to get the pump refill authorized so I have to go back next week for that. VERY frustrating! That means an extra co-pay that was not budgeted and fewer groceries in our home. They didn't come out and say they forgot to get the authorization there was just a very long pause when I asked  why it wasn't done and all I was told is that "it didn't get done". I couldn't rescedule everything for next week b'cuz the doctor was booked and I don't have to see him to get my pump refilled.


Teri, congrats on the good news from the lung doctor! I'm so glad that Big Mack is doing okay. I'm sure you'll take care of him. Glad you're having a great day. Good luck at Harry's follow-up at the skin doctor.


Sugar, it is weird that "we" can smell mice too. Sounds like Sugar was a great mouser. I think it's cool that she rode on your shoulder. I once had a kitten named Bird who did that. Bird found a forever home with someone else as I couldn't keep all the kittens.

I know it's sad to think about Ray's ashes coming home but I think you'll be glad to have them in the long run. My Ray wants to be cremated when he dies and if he goes first I know having his ashes would be a good thing for me.

I'm glad you had black and white tom stay in your garage. It's good he had a place to go to get out of the cold and it's great that he used the litterbox even if it smelled.

Sorry you have such a busy day planned and can't be a hermit. I'm pretty much a hermit rarely going anywhere except doctors' appointments and every once-in-awhile to friends' homes. I don't even go to the grocery store b'cuz Ray does that himself and as for the library Ray typically turns in the books himself. Sometimes, like today, the books are due on the day of a doctor's appointment and I get to go to the library too and look around. Usually though I find my books on-line.


Michela, yes,, I got alot of dusting done and it's sad to say that even dusting takes a toll on me. It was difficult to get to the bottom of the furniture with my foot in a boot but I managed. It's great that Mittens/Ralph got such a clean bill of health and tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia. I agree that taking him to a new home then immediately leaving him with a pet sitter would not be good so it's great that you can keep him for that 2 weeks.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago


I like the idea of becoming a hermit sometimes too. The only problem with that is that a small taste of it, and we could wind up with agoraphobia.  We would HAVE to do all our shopping and doctors appointments by phone.  Or internet....

5 years ago

Hi Michela, Darla and Donna. It feels like it is later than 9 o'clock and it isn't even 6:30. I feel like it is bedtime. Everyone finally went to bed and at last it is a little peaceful around here. Michela, Ray's cremains were at UC (University of Cincinnati). We both donated our bodies to the medical center there. I have copies of my donation document at my doctor's office, the hospital and of course on my refrig. in a plastic bag. Donna I am going to skip TKD class tonight. They don't start until 7:30 and I just don't want to go tonight. I was gone all afternoon. I usually take the dogs with me, weather permitting, and leave them in the car. When Girl stays home sometimes Chewy goes to class with me. He behaves very well. Everyone that meets him is impressed with his manners.

Well, I am going to try and read for an hour or so and then to bed.

God Bless all of you,


5 years ago

it was great day at the skin doctors. for harry.he to go back it four months.thje weather was not that bad either,the sun was out.was able to drive with the window open some.The kats are all doing awesome onceagain just seizz that it from drust in this house.Michelle seem to be doing seem what better today.but still sleeping a lot more than she should be doing.but that even getting better.Harry is doing good as well.well thusday is the day for michelle to go to therecouse center for homeshooling to get her next aggments and new books and handin what work she has done and talk about the books she has read.with hope I will be able to get her up and out the door by 10am.and that we may be able to get some wash done as well.yes ,its that time of the week again.I better get realdy for bed so that I can get up in the morning with Michele and have her there by 10:30am and homeby 1:00pm so Harry can start on some of the cleaning in the front room and change the beding for me.So than on friday Harry can get at his area and get it clean and move his chair around and the tv to make more room to walk around the bed to make it.wwso friday will be a vey busy cleaning day .I hope that you are all haveing a wonderful week.Take care.

5 years ago

Good morning everyone,

Teri, glad the skin doctors are giving good reports. It was a little overcast today, but the sun was filtering through a little. I hope the trip to the course center goes well today for Michelle. When you get through cleaning there you are welcome to come and do mine!!! Boy I wish I could afford some help around here. Five cats and two dogs and me do make a mess it seems. Durn it, I can't do the family room cause too many of the family is sleeping there! The story of my life. A friend of mine always tells me to MOVE them. There is no way. I love to spoil them. Little Joe just came in for breakfast and is out again. His coat is really thick and he is has plenty of mean on his bones. I am not going to worry about him. He wants outside.

By the way, where is everyone today?


5 years ago

Good morning Sugar! I haven't been posting much lately but I have tried to read the posts.

Emma is at the vet's today to be spayed. Next will be Pablo Picasso's neuter--maybe the week after Thanksgiving.

It's getting into one of my very busy seasons in pet sitting. I have bookings every day for the remainder of November and I'm sure December will be filling up soon.

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5 years ago

good moring everyonr I sating getting my tens unit treatment for the morning why Harry use his breathering treatment for the second time this morning.than is going make breakfast for everyone here this mornign.The baby's are feed and care foralready.the sun seem to wentto came out which is good to see again his morning.goingto go and tryto get michelle up and dress to go this morning.I am still drinking my cranberry cocktail and the infection is going away without any meds this time.Which I happy about.Will Michelle is up and help Harry in the kicthen.which so nice to see. well michelletold Harry she still not feeling good. so that mean not rescouse center today.,hopefull next week she be back to normal again.So we are going play today by its ear and see what came of all have awesome day.THe kats are gone back to bed fora mornig nap.just maybe the kats know something we do not know that their all went back to bed.well have awesome day.God Bless

5 years ago

Hi Karen, it's good to hear from you. I'm glad you are busy. Tell Pablo it's not all bad. Life is good after a neuter even if it is so scary having it done. I don't get on as much as I should but life gets in the way. There is always laundry, cleaning, dog walks, grocery shopping and friends and now and then BAMBOO! That horrible stuff. Next week I may tackle some again. I am giving my knees a break. That stuff is worse than THE BLOB! You probably don't remember that movie, but it reminds me of bamboo.

I am so angry at Girl Dog. She is lucky I pray to God every day for patience and so far he has given me enough to put up with an ancient dog who will poo and pee when and where ever the thought hits her. This morning after being outside just an hour earlier she pooed on my brand new carpet! I was on the computer and smelled this horrible smell and I knew it wasn't cat using the litter box. Sure enough I turned around and there was a big pile on my new carpet. I didn't even have to count to 10. I didn't yell at her or stick her nose in it like some people used to do. Or whip her. I just put her outside for another 10 minutes in case she wasn't done. At least there were only a couple of small spots that was soft, the rest was easy to pick up. I washed it first with laundry soap, then carpet cleaner and then odor xit. Also thankfully it didn't go down into the carpet, it was only on the top of the nap. I'm telling you I did think about taking her to the vet for a last goodbye but that was just a momentary lapst. I couldn't do that in reality. I have plastic and towels and throw rugs everywhere for accidents but she is very good at avoiding those places. I mean I have them everywhere! I think from now on when I go away she will be put in the basement. I will try to find a way to block the stairs from her because she is so feeble that she could hurt herself on the steps. I was here when she done this!!!! Can you believe it? Just a few feet away.

The sun is beautiful this morning. I can't wait until it comes into the kitchen a little more. It is peeking in right now. And at last I am not angry at Girl. God took it away.

Black and White Tom is enjoying the sun. He is out of any breeze and right in the sun out on the deck. I will let him into the garage again tonight. When it gets above 35 degrees at night he has to stay out so my kitties can come and go at will. It's not fair to punish them for a stray tom. If he wasn't so wild and mean and I could get him to a vet he could join the family. Oh well, it's his choice. He is a happy tom. Lots of food, water and warm beds.

Well, I am going to finish my housework, hang laundry outside today and then maybe read if nothing else interferes.

Take care everyone,


5 years ago

PrezzieHugs Just wanted to say I think its great you love girl dog not to stay mad. It's hard when our animals get old but  I try to remember when they were babies and how much we loved them. I'm sorry it was your new carpet. My outdoor strays have a dog house full of straw, fresh water and food.  Karen good to hear from you, I hope to see more of you here! Stripes just wanted to send Sugar a hug to make her feel better. Hang in there!

5 years ago

Good afternoon, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. My appointment with my pain management doctor went well yesterday. It just took a long time b'cuz he was running way behind. I had a 1:30 appointment and didn't get in to see him til almost 4! I got my trigger points then the nurse gave me some prescriptions I'll be needing in the next month. This morning I read some then I had to work on processing an application for the Maine Coon rescue organization I volunteer for. Last night I processed a different application but when I called the lady she had already adopted 2 kittens {DSH kittens even} thru another rescue group. Looks like we were busy!


Donna, I do most of my shopping on-line. Even when I get my summer swimsuits I look on-line first then go try it on in the store.


Sugar, sorry you weren't up for your TKD class last night. I know what you mean about thinking it's later than it is b'cuz I had one of those nights the other night. The night just dragged til bedtime! I'm glad you're giving your knees a break from the bamboo as you deserve it. The bamboo will still be there next week from what you've said. I'm so sorry that Girl Dog pooed on your new carpet. It's good that you are patient with her despite being angry at her. You can hear the love for her in your words. Glad you're having a beautiful day and that Black and White Tom is enjoying the sun. I'm sure he'll appreciate the garage tonight.


Teri, I'm so glad that Harry had a good visit at the skin doctor. It's good that you're having such a good day and that your cats are all good as well. Yes, dust in the house will make them sneeze just as it does us. I'm sorry that Michelle's not feeling well and won't go to the resource center for homeschool. Hope your TENS unit helps and hope Harry's breathing treatments help as well. It's great that he's making breakfast for y'all.


Karen, it's great that Emma's getting spayed. Did you find homes for the other 2 kittens yet? As Sugar says, do tell Pablo Picasso that getting neutered isn't all that bad. Both my last males to get it done acted like nothing had even happened to them!


Sandi, thanks for the tag. And thanks for the great comment you left on my page, it's very beautiful and much appreciated. Love you too. It's great that your outdoor strays have a house with straw. I guess it's time for me to pull out the cat carrier I usually set outside in winter. I put towels in for warmth and it sits under a brink area that's enclosed on 3 sides. Then whatever cat wants to use it has access to  it all winter long.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Fall picture for facebook

5 years ago

Fri picture for facebookGood Morning to all. Is everyone gone today? Beautiful day out. Have a great day.

5 years ago

Good morning {well, almost afternoon as I'm late} all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are alright here. Nothing much going on. Had a bad evening yesterday as I had no energy and no desire to do anything. Ray was watching a movie I didn't want to see and I didn't want to read so I got on the computer but didn't want to anything there either. Am better today though I'm hurting in my neck and low back where  either the trigger points didn't take or my doctor missed some spots. I had a hard time getting up out of bed this morning. The pain is making me restless.


Sandi, love the tags you posted. Happy Autumn and Happy Friday to you as well.


Gotta go some some petitions and then water my plants as I still haven't done that yet.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Hello dear people.... I have been in touch with our dear friend Abo, who lives on Gaza.  He saids he's okay, but please send your thoughts and prayers to Abo and family, and all the others there including all the kitties.

5 years ago

Good evening everyone...happy weekend!! So much to do this weekend, between cleaning and laundry and food shopping etc. Just fed my kitties and hugged them so much they ran away from me lol
Sandrea...thank you and if you are in touch with Abo again, please send him and the kitties my prayers Darla, sorry you are in there anything you can take that helps? Sandi, happy Friday to you too! Sugar...ugh that bamboo...a relentless weed, right? Hope it's gone soon...!! Michela, glad Mittens is negative for FelV and felinee leukemia! Donna...I love being a hermit when it's snowing ot, but that's it.
I cannot believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away!! I am making an apple pie, and appetizers (baked stuffed clams and spinach dip). My sister- and mother-in-laws are doing the dinner. What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

5 years ago

Thank you for the heads up Sandrea. My prayers are with Abo, his family , friends, and also his kitties. I pray that God will take care of them, even in this turmoil. God can do that !  We were without heat for a while, and my house was warm enough for us. That is the work of God.


For thanksgiving, so far, I am doing what I never usually do. I will go to my sisters for dinner. She better give me the carcasses to take home, and a platter for Jimmy. I will probably put a couple of turkeys in the oven for the cats, and sandwiches later. Nothing exciting like pies, or stuffing. Well, maybe stuffing, but when I get stuffed it is unlikely that I will want to be bothered with that.


I cook for the cats every year. I don't stuff the turkey as that takes too long to bake, and the cats don't eat stuffing. The birds always did, but I have so few of them. I only have the vultures posing as sparrows gone wrong.   or HUGE blackbirds that ate too much. They are eating peanutbutter now, not to mention spaghetties with pesto sauce and veggies . There are so many of them, and I keep saying I will stop feeding them but I don't have the heart.


The skunk was just out there somewhere. He cleaned up the rest of Bubbas food on the porch..


I will put out the carcasses as well. Also, the turkey giblets....

5 years ago

Yes, the day was busy with cleaning Harry's side of the room.will its all done at last will just have to make some change and work on it so it can stay the way it sat how.So saturday is to be laundary day.we did not have that much to wash but it need to get done this week .Michelle went to see breaking dawn with a firend and her mom tonight a nd than will sleep over night.that well give harry and I a night to get a good nights rest.Which we are looking forward to.The kats areall in bed already as well.with hope mack with sleep with me again to night.pray that you al had awesome day and thatyour weekend is awesome as well.God bless

5 years ago

Thanks for the sympathy and nice words about my Girl Dog and the new carpet. It sometimes is hard not to get angry, but at least God gave me control not to take that anger out on her. She can't help it. I have had her for 16 years this month of November. I remember the day I went to the shelter to find a dog. I have lots of room and one of my dogs had died. I like having 2 dogs. She had been there for the alotted time and was being ready to be put down. I saw her and her eyes were so sad. She was between one and two years old according to the shelter and there was nothing outstanding about her that had attracted anyone to adopt her. I would have passed her bye also, but for the circumstances. I have never been sorry. She has been so good and I will miss her something terrible when she is gone. I have so many good memories about her and lately some aggravating ones, but the good far outnumber the bad.

That Mouse worried me to death last night. Just before bedtime he wanted to go out to potty, I thought. He does it frequently before bedtime. But it got later and later and he didn't come back. This morning around 4:30 he finally came in. Little Joe usually comes in for a snack before going back outside for the night. He stayed in and Mouse stayed out. Mouse is still too young in my opinion to stay outside all night. Sandi, tell Stripes to ask Mouse to stay in!!!! He could get hurt and then again I always worry he will go back to his old home where I don't think they appreciated him.

Black and White Tom is loving being back in the garage. He loves his bed there. Just before I go to bed I open the pet door to the outside and close the one to the basement. I step outside then and call Black and White and here he comes running and dives into the little door! He knows food, water and a bed waits for him there. And it's not cold there!!! He is going into the winter looking better this year than ever before. He has not left here except for maybe 3 days all summer.

Chewy just ate all the cat food I had out. I didn't know he was awake and while I was typing it suddenly dawned on my I heard his tags hitting the bowls. Too late it is all gone. That is why he is overweight and his vet gets after me. I just cannot keep him away from the food. The kitties get fresh food all the time this way though so there is some good.

Oh shoot guys, I have to go to a friends house for Thanksgiving. Again I don't want to but how do you say no? I am not good at that. I think people should always be at home for holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. By home I mean either your current home or back home or down home with family. I thought she was going to have the dinner on Sunday, but she wants us all there at 2:00 Thanksgiving day and then dinner at 4:30 and I will be worrying all that time about my furkids at home! One of the bad things about this dinner, I am a little out of my element. I am a very down home type person and my travel extent being North to Canada, South to the keys, East to the Atlantic and West to the border of Illinios. I set there and listen about all the restaurants and things in Europe and Japan and living there and living on the West coast. Now don't get me wrong, I love the other 4 people who will be there and I do enjoy listening to their conversation, but formal events are not my cup of tea. This will be laid out very beautiful and I know the food will be extrordinary but I want to be with my furkids on holidays!!! Another minor thing, I love talking politics and that subject is a no-no. I guess if it wasn't going to last so long and not on a holiday I would enjoy it. Oh my definition of being a down home type person is being a laid back, casual, never meeting a stranger, southerner wannabe. I get told I shouldn't talk to strangers like I do, but I really enjoy it. People are nice.

Tom is wanting something, my leg is beginning to feel like a pin cushion where he is trying to get my attention. You all have a nice Saturday. I gotta go, Tom calls!


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on here this weekend. Will probably do some cleaning {or rather Ray will} and reading. I'm also finishing up that application for the Maine Coon rescue group I volunteer with. The application looks good and it looks like he'll be approved!


Sandrea, thanks for the update. My thoughts and prayers will be with Abo, his family, and kitties.


Kristi, good to see you here. Thanks for your sympathy. I take regular pain medication but somedays the pain is beyond that and I just have to tough it out. I'm doing much better today. Sounds like you'll have a nice Thanksgiving. We don't know what we're doing yet but Ray will probably make turkey and the trimmings here at home. Need to find out what our son and his girlfriend are doing.


Donna, sounds like you have a nice Thanksgiving planned for you and all the animals. That's so great that you cook for the kitties and put stuff out for the other animals. Hope you have a good holiday at your sister's and get your carcasses.


Teri, glad that you're having a good day even though it is a busy one. It's great that Michelle went to see a movie with a friend and had a sleepover. Maybe she's slowly coming out of her depression.


Sugar, thanks for sharing your story about how you got Girl Dog. It's such a sweet story. Oh, shame on Mouse for staying out all night and worrying you. Glad Black and White Tom is enjoying the garge. Sounds like he really knows a good thing when he sees it! I'm sorry that you're not looking forward to your Thanksgiving. I also have a hard time saying no and usually leave that up to Ray who can say no easily. He already turned down Thanksgiving with some friends b'cuz they wanted it to be a working Thanksgiving and Ray just wants to relax.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

First let me say my prayers are with you Abo and your entire family, two legged and four legged. Some how people have to learn how to get along with one another. Fighting is never any good and only causes pain and loss. Bless you and yours,

It seems like all I do is gripe any more, but at least I seem to do it in a nice way. It just seems the older I get, the more there is to gripe about!

Black and White Tom (what a name!!!) is sunning himself on the deck again. As soon as he crawls out of bed in the am I close the door off to him so Mouse and others can use the garage. Mouse is still asleep in his special place under the sheet! He loves it there evidently. I tried to get him to come to bed with me around 5 am this morning, but he wouldn't.

I want to go to the library! I know as soon as I leave FedX will be here. I am about ready to gamble.

Talk to you later,


5 years ago

Praying for Abo and family. Sugar I turned down  two invites this year. My brother called and wanted to know why I didn't want to go to their house. I was polite and said my Dad and me just wanted to eat than kick back and watch a movie. I don't feel comforable at his house with all of my sister in-laws family. Have you ever felt like an unwelcome person that was only invited cause your family.?  Since my Mom passed away and now my aunt holidays don't mean alot to me. Sugar I know how you feel I'd rather stay at home with Stripes but I love my Dad and will go to his house as he doesn't want to go to my brothers either. I'll tell Stripes but since she's done the same thing I don't think she'll help. Probaly wish she was there with Mouse. Glad Black & white Tom has you to care for him. Loved your  story on Girl dog! She's lucky you came along when you did. I know she loves you and can't help the accidents. Will I told Stripes she could go out but to be ready to come in when I call her. Let you know how that works out! Donna thats cool you cook for the furkids your a good mom. Later.

5 years ago

Oh, I am so glad Abo is OK. I have been very concerned about him. I know that electric power and internet access can be iffy for him and I prayed that was the reason for his absence.

5 years ago

Sugar,you have my sympathy for loss of girl dog.Sugar thats the waay it alway is with fed-x.

and to everyone else,I am not doing any thing big for THanksgiveing this year.I thought being tha t Harry is alway doingall the cooking and the housework that this year we go out to dinner.
so I am takeing him out to dinner this year.Since Mom and Pa both past over I have no big need together with my kids or family that is left.because I have alway been the black sheep of the family as my late uncle howard was.So that is what my Thanksgiveing day is going to be this year beside writting inout thanksgiveing book of thanks. Than back room with the babie and bring them the left overs from dinner for their thankgiveing dinner.all but Fredryckelee he get sick on peeple food since he turn 16 if all work as planed it will be peaceand quite all day long.Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.God Bless.

5 years ago

Hi Teri, Sandi and karen. It looks like we are going to have another beautiful sunny day, cool, but sunny. The sun makes up for a lot of cool. Teri enjoy your Thanksgiving out and then coming home to the furkids and a quiet day. Sounds great.

I turned down a turkey dinner for today at a friend's daughter's house. I don't really know her family other than to say hello and goodbye and besides I am going to Church this morning and then go to the grocery store. I will then take the dog for a walk, it should be warmer then. Sandi you and your Dad just kick back and enjoy the day. It sounds good to me!

You all have a wonderful Sunday, see you Monday,


5 years ago

will I am up at 6am getting ready to go and do the laundry .THan michelle will be off with Susan today,which she need to get out of the house more.Hopethis will help her do that.Harry,makeing breakfastand getting out all the meds for himand I.already give Fredryckelee his insutin and me my .and fed all eighht babie's.I am just waiting for my to came out of the micwarie and harryto bring it over to me.than he needs to care for blood sugar was 131 mg and Fredryckelee'swas 151mg still waitingto know what harry's is ,which he just told me it was he beat the both of us this morning.THe sun seem to be fighting to came out this morning .Michele to go out with her big sister from big sister's and big borthers today.whichthis child need to do to get out of the house.and fight that drepresstion she going thur for the past four months.well enjoy your day.God bless you all.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great.Things are good here. Ray left to go fix some friends' brakes on their car. I was up early this morning again since Osiris woke me at shortly after 4:30 just like he did yesterday. I wasn't able to go back to sleep afterwards. So, I read as usual.


Sugar, I don't think all you do is gripe. You tell us lots of stuff that isn't griping. I'm glad Black and White Tom has you. I'll bet he's glad too. It's great that you let him use the garage. That's the way of Fed Ex to come just when you've gone somewhere else. Hope church was good.


Sandi, enjoy your Thanksgiving with your dad. I understand what you mean about feeling left out somewhere.


Karen, good to see you here.


Teri, enjoy your Thanksgiving out. I'm sure Harry will welcome the break. Ray enjoys cooking at Thanksgiving even if it's just for the 2 of us and our cats. Glad that Michelle is getting out. You're right, it's very good for her.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Hi everyone!!  I hope you're all having a relaxing weekend.  I have been washing windows today which I honestly hate doing but now that I'm looking around at the clean ones, I am liking it more and more.  They had to be done before it freezes because I don't want to be looking through them all winter.  I was planning on having a relaxing Sunday but oh well.  There will be lots of time to relax after dinner.  I wrote a nice long post here yesterday   I didn't have time to rewrite it so I thought I'd try again today. 


Donna~~I hope you have a good time at your sister's and she let's you take the carcasses home.  I love that you cook for your animals. 


Teri~~I'm glad to see you and Harry have had such good reports from various doctors. It sounds like you've made up your mind about going out for Thanksgiving; have a great time and bring home lots of kitty bags!!  Are you planning to cook for your furbabies too? I'm glad to hear Michelle is getting out of the house.  I know how worried you've been about her sitting around in her room depressed all the time.


Sandi~~Yes, I know what you mean...feeling like the odd man out at family functions where it's mostly the other side of the family.  My daughter-in-law loves to drag me to baby showers and wedding showers for family members I don't even think about or those on her side of the family.  I love spending time with my daughter-in-law but seriously, one day I am taking this girl to Bingo    Have a nice, peaceful Thanksgiving with your dad!!


Darla~~I'm sorry to hear that you were feeling ornery the other day.  It sucks that pain can wreck an otherwise good day.  You always have such a sunny disposition so it must have been a bad one...I'm glad you're feeling better and more yourself.  Does Osiris wake you up that early every morning?  I'm glad my cats wait till I'm awake though I don't usually sleep much later than 5:30 or 6 anyway.  They don't even act hungry until I make coffee and open the fridge for cream.  Then they are winding in and out of my legs trying to trip me up.   I think it's great that you volunteer with the Maine Coon rescue group.  It just goes to show that there is no excuse not to volunteer your time.  There is lots to do for everyone, not just people walking around knocking on doors. 


Sugar~~you must have been frantic when Mouse tried to stay out all night.  I'm glad he came back unharmed and full of tales of adventure.  Black and white Tom sounds like he lives at your house, whether it's official or not.  He eats there, sleeps there, hangs out during the day in close proximity, doesn't roam.  Yup, he sounds like your pet Sugar.  So you got rooked into having Thanksgiving dinner at someone's house. do you say no but seriously.....UGH.  I don't have that problem.  Everyone in my immediate family thinks of our house at the holidays.  We always have a crowd and now that everyone has a significant other, it's getting downright crowded.  Throw in a bunch of grandchildren running around and you get the picture of holidays at my place.  Organized chaos.  I love having them all around but I'm always waiting for someone to suggest "doing it at their house" one year.  It still hasn't happened but one day I'm sure someone will want to start that tradition at their house.....who knows.  I hope you and Chewy are having a good walk today, we've had such nice weather these past few days.  I was going to take a walk earlier and then I got caught up in washing windows.  Now it's dark outside and I'm tired.  I don't like walking around at night when all the animals are running around crazy at this time of year.  They are too unpredictable and there's not enough moon out to be able to see very well.  Maybe tomorrow if it's nice.


Karen~~good to see you!  Have you found forever homes for all Emma's kittens yet?  I'm glad you're getting her spayed and Pablo Picasso neutered.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  I'm glad to see that you're busy but don't work too hard!! 


Hi Michela and Kristi...good to hear from you.  Thanks for the heads up regarding Abo and his family Sandrea.  I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.  Don't work too hard preparing for those Thanksgiving feasts everyone.  I wish you all a great day!!  Enjoy!!






5 years ago

Hi Angie, Teri and Darla. I am waiting for Girl Dog to climb out of bed. I have learned not to leave the house without letting her out twice before I go. When she first gets up, it's pee time, then after she eats her breakfast, it's poo time! She can't hold it now in her old age.

You know I could enjoy my Thanksgiving invite a lot more if I weren't so worried about Girl and Tom. Both are ancient and any day either could be leaving me. Tom still maintains his life well, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Something is a little different. He wants to stay close to me more than normal. It's like he knows something. I will just ask God to keep them safe until I get home. I am going to try and leave a little sooner than the 5 to 6 hours they plan on talking and eating and cleaning up afterwards. As soon as I typed that I guess I realize I can't leave early. Cleanup is expected afterwards. That's the burden of being a woman. kitchen duty! The men just enjoy.

Girl has eaten, I will give her a few minutes and put her outside again, then I will leave. I need to get a few things at the store and I don't want to go later in the week.

It wasn't as cold last night so I left Black and White outside. He is fine. He crawled out of one of the straw filled houses this morning and had his breakfast before daylight. It will be in the 40s the rest of the week I think so my kitties will have the run of the entire house including being able to go in and out. I hope Black and White never learns how to open the door. I will have a problem then. All of that could be solved if I could neuter him. Maybe some time yet. I mean it's only been 4 years! And I guess he does consider this 'home' and he is welcome. The days that he is missing I worry about him. And speaking of worrying!!!! That dumb cat is sound asleep on the deck railing way above the driveway. His little head is tucked down on his paws. He has had a good life here. Lots of food, beds and a large kitty box alongside the creek! I see him every day going down to the creek, which is only a few yards away from the deck, to his favorite spots.

I have to get Girl in again and ready to leave, don't work too hard any body! Enjoy the whole Thanksgiving week.


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. First, I have to correct something I said yesterday. Ray didn't go fix brakes at our friend's place but went to try to fix a breaker. I misheard him! Guess I'm starting to get old as I can't see and have trouble hearing. Oh well, I'll embrace my age whatever it is. Have to maintain a positive outlook on life! I cleaned our bathroom on Saturday except for the tub b'cuz I can't kneel down on the floor right now with this foot. Ray was suffering with allergies so he didn't do any cleaning. It's not like our home is filthy anyway as he typically cleans every weekend ~ a skipped weekend won't hurt. Today I go get my pain pump refilled and tomorrow is my next follow-up with the orthopaedic doctor for my foot. We'll probably make a library stop on one of those days as I have some books that are due.


Angie, sounds like you were really working hard. I guess by now all your windows are clean and look awesome. I'm sorry that you lost that one post. The one you've got posted is great as always. Thank you for your sweet words about me, they are so very appreciated. I was having a bad day but am better now. My foot is still hurting but it's bearable so I don't think much about it.


Sugar, I'm so sorry that you're worried about Girl Dog and Tom. I can understand how hard it is to leave them when they're so old but I'm sure they'll be fine. Will keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers over the holiday. I agree with Angie, sounds like Black and White Tom is one of yours even if he does leave for a day or two sometimes. I hope one day you can catch him and neuter him as that would be so good for him. I'm glad he has a place to sleep outside too when he's not in your garage. Sounds like he is in a precarious position but then cats typically do that to us.


Sandi, thank you and Stripes for the comment on my page, it is much appreciated and very pretty.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

I will keep Abo, family and kitties in my prayers. I feel so bad for all the people living there in this turmoil, why must people fight. It just makes me crazy that some people don't want peace.

5 years ago

Angie, forgot to answer you about Osiris. Sorry about that. Yes, he usually does wake me that early but I'm typically able to go back to sleep til Ray leaves for work between 6 and 6:30am at which time I usually get up and get coffee and go sit back in bed and read.


5 years ago

Michela, good to see you here. Your post wasn't here when I posted.

5 years ago

Hi, y'all! I went and got my pump refilled today and they did not charge me another co-pay! My doctor said since it was their fault that I had to come in on a second day that he wasn't going to charge me a co-pay. I was thrilled and it will really help come Thanksgiving as we'll have that money for groceries instead.

Also, I spoke with our son and he's coming over here for Thanksgiving after he gets off of work. He and his girlfriend are no longer together. So, it'll just be him.

5 years ago


i'm sorry I haven't posted much.  I got very tired after radiotherapy and one effect was that it got very hard to put words together.   I am working on that and it is slowly improving. 

I have now finished active treatment.  I still go for appointments - I have mild lymphodema which is frustrating and David and I had a bit of a scare recently when the doctors found a shadow on my other breast and I had to go through another round of tests - but I can now tell you that they were all FINE so I don't need to go back to the oncologist until January.

Life is certainly different after all the treatment - but one good thing, I sure appreciate what I have and can do a lot more!  If I can get a little bit of weeding done it's wonderful!  On that note, I went out into the garden today and on my front path was a baby echidna!  That has made my day

Sugar, it's lovely to see you back co hosting and I will be thinking of Girl Dog and Tom on Thanksgiving.

Hi Donna - hope you get the carcasses and platter and it is nice to hear that your vultures (and black birds!) are doing well

Happy Thanksgiving to all.



5 years ago

Val it is wonderful to see you! I'm so happy that you are doing better. Don't worry about how often you post. It's good to know that you are still checking in with us.

Happy Thanksgiving

5 years ago

Val, I am so happy to see you here, and it is wonderful to know how far you have come, and that things are looking up for you. Gosh, you are even thankful for weeding. That is something. I haven't weeded in many years.

Well, I am heading out the door now.... Wait until Jimmy sees what the vultures did to the trash, and I had plenty to feed them this morning too.

I am heading out to help out at a big food pantry from 11 to 3. There is a short service between 2;30 and 3, and then lots of food gets given out. I like the 1 oclock pizza  for us workers. hehe


I have to run now. God bless all of you, and happy thanksgiving. Might as well start eating today....hehe

5 years ago

Val glad to see you here! Happy Thanksgiving!

5 years ago

Val, it is wonderful that you are doing well and feeling good. I hope that you continue to do well. I wish I could have seen the baby echidna too he must have been so cute.

5 years ago

Hi everyone! Where does the time go? I have been up since 6 A M and just now have time to sit at the computer. It is 11 o'clock now. Wow, can't believe it.

I have done a lot of work in my living room which has been a catch all for so very long. I finally cut up the large roll of carpet that has been in the way there for several years now. I have cleaned and cleaned some spots from Annie when she was sick one day with cancer. She vomited in 7 places that day and there must have been blood or something in it as I have never ben able to get rid of the stains, but they don't stick out like sore thumbs now. And speaking of sore thumbs, I always get little cracks on my thumbs mostly beginning at this time of the year close to the nail. Wow, then every time I touch something it is like touching the bone to a rasp. Hurt, hurt, hurt. But I finally was told a secret to help and it does help!!! I just gotta do it! Put crazy glue over the crack and it doesn't hurt to use your thumb then!

Little Mouse is sound asleep in the bed with his head on the pillow. He is so cute. I would love to be able to be that comfortable.

I just had to rescue a little chipmunk. Little Joe dropped it at my feet and it laid like it was half dead and all at once it came alive. I used cardboard to guide it to safety. Life is never dull around here.

What did the vultures do to the trash Donna?

I hope I have the desire to have a garden next spring. Only thing is the deer hang out everywhere in my yard. They look in the windows at me, morning, noon and night. I look and look and try to decide where it would be safe to put a garden. I don't think there is any place. We shall see.

Well, I have laundry to hang out, take care, have a good Tuesday.


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Today I go for a follow-up appointment at the orthopaedic doctor's. Will see how my foot is healing. Not much else going on. Just reading earlier this morning and now computer stuff til I have to get ready for my appointment.


Val, good to see you here. So glad all your tests came out fine and you don't have to go back to the oncologist til January. Sorry to hear about everything else going on with you. Hope you feel better soon. Glad you're able to get out in the garden and do some weeding. How very cool about the baby echidna! That must've been something to see!


Karen, good to see you here.


Donna, how nice that you'r ehelping out at a food bank. I'm sure the pizza will be great! lol So sorry the vultures got in the trash. They must've thought something good was in there. I never would've thought about vultures getting into the trash ~ that interesting.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Sugar, our posts must've crossed b'cuz yours wasn't here when I began mine. Sorry about that. I'm glad you got the carpet out of your way and that you worked in your living room. So sorry about your thumbs, that must be very painful. Is there anything that can be done? Or must you just live with it? How wonderful that you rescued a chipmunk! I wish we had chipmunks here, they look so cute in pictures. Yes, I would gues a garden wouldn't be too good to put in with all your deer. They'd just eat whatever you planted unless you planted deer resistant stuff.

Take care and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Hi Darla, the dry, cracks on my hands are a minor thing. They are very painful and I try to keep them moist with hand lotion, but when that doesn't work, I get the crazy glue out. That helps very much.

That little chipmunk is so cute. He is still hiding, waiting for Black and White Tom to get out of the way. Everyone else has forgotten him, but Black and White is sleeping just outside of his safe place. You know lots of time a post comes in before I hit 'submit'. I get lots and lots of interruptions when posting.

Chewy and I took a grand walk this afternoon. We went to the nature center located close to home and took one of the shorter walks but you cross the same creek 4 times. I took a walking stick a friend made me and it really helped crossing the creek. Lots of the rocks you have to use on the crossing are kind of wobbly. This is the first time I used the walking stick and I think I like it!

Well, I wish I could make myself go out and pick up something for dinner, like a small pizza or even an Italian sub sandwich. But I will just snack on something here. You take care Darla and talk to you tomorrow.


5 years ago

Sugar, When i was working at a factory I worked once in the drill department where my hands were in water all the time, They would  crack and bleed. The nurse told me to get a pair of cotton gloves put vaseline on your hand and put the gloves on when you sleep, it worked, I do it for my feet now with socks and vaseline. Glad you were able to save the chipmonk. Tell Mouse Stripes said Hello!

5 years ago

had awesome day and enjoy the DAV Christmas Party.Michelle and I go for lab work and bleed test in the mornig.which mean no food after midnite for either one of us two.I still have to call the docter that my went me to call to do my recon on my upper half of my body from the breast cancer.So I will need to cut open again and than their my right roller cup and my hernia's that ned to be fixed and my ovarys removed at last.I have no plans for this weekend so it will be bed rest for me .Than Harry can get some rest as well.Michelle will read all weekend once a gain.Wish you all a happy thanksgiveing and God bless to you all.

5 years ago

Teri, good luck at the Dr.s I've had 4 Hernias done and my one ovary out 12 years ago. Hope you have a great thanksgiving!

5 years ago

Happy that youare back online with us again.Hon,if you need a shoulder to lean on I am here for
you.I went thur the same thing a year ago and I am I hope this with help you.all so I have been Dx with lymphedems in both of my arms.and I am doing ok so far ,but I sollow up a lot once I lay down and go to sleep,I wake with my under arm sollw up like a ballon.My doctor's and meare working hard on getting under contol.I am going to go in and have a reconstructive of the lumps under both arms and of my chest ..Once this done my Cancer doctor belive the sollowing will go down and it will be more easy for me to lift my right arm again.I will have to wear the lymphedivas which is a compression sleeve and glove its the most effective way of controlling the cane find more help at my group on breast cancer.I will pray that you kept getting better.God bless.Teri

5 years ago

Hi Sandi, I will tell Mouse. He just went for his morning nap. He takes so many naps! I think he just left a message for Stripes on his thread. My heels are beginning to dry up too, I think I will take the old socks I have and do what you suggested. Vaseline a plenty and an old pair of socks, that should help. I just about have the cracks on my fingers healed up for now, but they will be back. The little chipmunk has 'left the building' as Elvis' crew used to say. I don't know if he will find his old home, but at least he has a chance at life even if in a different place.

As I read so many posts I realize how blessed I am. I will say a prayer for all of you with medical problems as soon as I get off here. I've had a few things, most being the result of accidents, like falling out of a hayloft, horses raring up and falling backwards on me, a cow climbing out of a stake truck and landing on top of me, being walked on by a cow while holding a hog panel, being scratched by a dog suspected of being rabid and slipping down a short set of steps carrying kitty litter. That was the worse accident except when Punkin bit me and I ended up in the hospital for a week with months of antibiotics. And there were a few other things, but the steps and punkin were the very worse. I just barely remember the rabies shots. Mostly I was just bruised and now have a few aches and pains resulting from some of the stuff. You know, that ole arthritis.
Durn, I never realized just how many things happened to me. What is so amazing is God's design of allowing us to heal both body and mind. Just think about it. I have many times. Oh, I almost forgot, I climbed a hog panel with two buckets of water in my hands and jumped straight into an electric wire with my mouth! I had to go to the dentist, it damaged my teeth. I ought to write a book on what not to do!!!!! to avoid getting hurt.

Well, I plan on taking Chewy for a walk around noon. It should be a little warmer then.

I noticed something today I never noticed before and really never thought about. You know how dogs track things? You know some follow ground scent, others in the air? Well I saw a buck just a little while ago that I think was trailing something and I am betting it was a doe!~ His nose was to the ground and he tracked what ever it was out of the creek and back in again. Really neat.

5 years ago

 Sugar , must be wonderful to live where you see so much wildlife, miss that here! My only wildlife is Stripes! I know about accidents, 3 car wrecks, 1 put me in  hospital. Lost the end of index finger left hand where I worked. Ran a rivit through thumb on right hand lucky I didn't lose it as I rivited it to a 20 foot elevator chain, just have big scar, plus like you too many little ones here and there. Hope you have a great time  Thanksgiving. Give all the furkids hugs from Stripes & Me! an extra big one to Mouse from Stripes!

5 years ago

tgraccoonHappy Thanksgiving everyone! Love Stripes & Me!

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. My appointment at the orthopaedic doctor went well. I get to wear the orthopaedic shoe around the house and the boot if I go outside. My foot is healing well. I go back in 2 weeks. I ordered my new date book this morning. I use a datebook to help me keep up with prescriptions, doctor appointments, etc. For next year, I picked one out by Brush Dance that has butterflies on it. I saw it on the Brush Dance website but it was cheaper on Anazon and I get free shipping there b'cuz our son is a Amazon Prime member and has us on his account so we get free 2 day shipping on any items that say Amazon Prime. Today is watering day for my plants so I'll be doing that later.


Sugar, I can see keeping your hands moisturized but how does Crazy Glue help? I'm sure that chipmunk was cute. I don't blame him for waiting til Black and White Tom isn't paying attention. I hope he finds a nice, safe home even if it's not the one he had before. I'm glad you had Chewy had such a grand walk. It sure sounds beautiful. Walking sticks are great. I have a beautiful one that Ray carved for me and stained. It's made out of mulberry wood. I used to use it back when I could still walk with a cane {I'd use my stick instead}. Now I have to use my walker so I don't get to use my walking stick anymore. When Ray doesn't feel like cooking we have this great thing here called Dine On Demand that has several restaurants {like Chili's} participating. You order from the restaurant of your choice and they deliver it to you!

I too have very dry heels and my doctor told me to use Eucerin lotion twice a day along with hydrocortisone cream once a day. I do the lotion mixed with the hydrocortisone cream once a day. When I put the lotion on I cover it with socks and it really does help. Of course, I had it down to almost no dry skin then I got lax about doing it an the dry skin came back. You sure sound like you've had alot of things happen to you. It's a wonder you're not in pain all the time now with arthritis from your many accidents. I've had 2 car accidents, the major one happened in 1982 when a supposed drunk driver forced me off a bridge. I spent several weeks in a hospital then 6 months in a hospital bed at home. The second accident I didn't get hospitalized but it eventually caused some damage to my neck from the whiplash injury I sustained. How cool about that buck tracking what was probably a doe.


Sandi, you've had quite a few accidents too. Do you suffer with pain b'cuz of them?


Teri, glad you had such a great day. Good luck to you and Michelle on the lab and blood work. The only part of the fasting that ever bothered me was not being able to have coffee  when I wake up as I rarely eat breakfast. Good luck also with your doctor appointments. Hope everything works out for you.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. And to all who celebrate it, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

5 years ago

Hi Sandi and Darla, well I'm wishing you both and everyone else a wonderful day tomorrow. I know my dinner will be good, but I will miss the turkey and fixings! I will fix that for myself and furkids this coming weekend. I baked an apple crisp pie (store boughten) today. With ice cream it was very good.

Okay, do any of you have strange things happen to and around you? This afternoon I was reading and suddenly I heard very delicate, chimes or small bells ringing. I couldn't locate where it was coming from, it was just here. I didn't have anything on, the computer is always unplugged and off, my cell phone was on my belt, and I couldn't tell from where the sound was coming. It was just for a momment. I don't own anything that it sounded like. Any hints? I've had many strange things happen before. All the kitties are outside except for Tom and he was fast asleep. Chewy was in his bed and Girl was sleeping next to me. So they didn't do anything to make such a noise.

Teri I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. Next year I have to have a wellness checkup and have to fast. I'll think of you then.

I probably won't be on the computer tomorrow.

Take care everyone and God bless,


5 years ago

So very proud of Michelle insted of asking Grandpa to go in with her she went in by herself and was out like no one would belive it.when we went for breakfast and got a few things pick up te mail and stop at storage bin for our Christ,a stuff. and than back home.Harry started to finsh cleaning his area in he frontroom and fold the wash and put it all away.My day of thanks with be good as long as my daughter does her own thing without us.Because I do not went Michelle mind mess up on this it has been in the past..My daughtr will be 42yrs old on the 27,42 years ago she was my thanksgiveing day baby.but after being home 2 hours I fall asleep at the computer,so I took a nap until 7pm and got up and working back at the computer again.Day after THanksgiveng I plan to start putting up the Christmas stuff and get readly for both Christmas and Haukkan.I am also thinking of starting to pack stuff off the walls that are cutterie the walls.that way to I have less to pack when I do start to pack struff for the move into out new side by side's.when we find the rigth ones for the12 of us.enjoy your Day of Thanks and your family that may join you or you may join.God Bless.One thing I am thankful for is all of your friendship's.

5 years ago

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you and your furbabies!!!!!!!!! Have a great day and a wonderful dinner (gobble gobble) hehe. 

5 years ago

Good evening and thankyou for all your nice comments.

Sugar, the deer looking in the windows sounds so lovely.  I just love their eyes.  And I have never seen a chipmunk except in cartoons.  I have no idea what a real one looks like, so I am going to have to go find a picture of one.  They sound so cute and I'm glad that you managed to save him. 

Donna, what have your vultures been up to??!

Teri - that's so nice of you to offer support.  I wake up with the underarm lump too, but I only have it on one arm.  I hope the doctors can get yours under control.  My lympodema isnt't too bad - I have a compression sleeve which I wear for when I do a bit of gardening or housework etc.

Well, tomorrow here is going to be hot, so I will be staying inside and working on my writing.  I will watch the birds do some gardening for me   The rosellas like to peck off the buds from my roses.  They look me straight in the eye through the window and the PECK!  Then they swing on branches or my fence with delight.  They make me laugh so much.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Sorry this is all scrunched up.  I don't know why and I can't fix it   I use Firefox, does that make a difference?

5 years ago

Thanksgiving kitties


5 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and furbabies here . I hope you all enjoy your day.

5 years ago

Val, if you look at your post, it is not totally scrunched up. It almost looks like paragraphs, and, it was IN paragraphs when it came to my mailbox.


We will see what happens here. I did a double space, and I use IE8.


I think there was at least 75 vultures between the front yard and back this morning. Jimmy hasn't put the plastic on the tarp building yet, so it is in the shape of a V, and they go in and out. The cats are usually in the barn shed building.


They aren't bothered by the vultures unless one tries to steal Geezers chicken leg. I try to feed them too, but there are so many, and they eat so fast. They had raw turkey plus cooked turkey scraps for dinner yesterday, and the cats outside ate in the building. I brought theirs out on a platter. I only have 10 outside cats now, so I use the one yard. The rest are closed up. Life is much easier for me. Outside that is!!!!!


This morning the roosters had their seed, and the crazy black vultures were checking the seed out. The cats and the vultures don't know that the roosters are chicken, and the roosters are GLAD of that. They all get along great.


The vultures were peeking in my front window this morning a little while ago. The one named Junior was standing on a large trash can that holds aluminum cans which is next to the window, so  he was peeking in. He  was a peeking Junior, not peeping Tom/


They have all the blankets from the tarp bldg pulled out several times a day. They stretch them out nicely to lay on them. yikes, I wonder if they think they will be moving into the house next. They like  all kinds of food now too. I  know I shouldn't be feeding them as they should be out cleaning up the roads, but they do that too, and I got a problem with anything hungry near me..... They have to eat.


I had a friend bring me home from church one day, and the vultures saw a car pulling in so they came flying from the trees, and my friend was screaming. They are so friendly, but people don't realize it. The black ones are sociable, and the red heads are shy and timid.


Well, that is about all for my cats, roosters and vultures.  OH, the roosters are not destructive, but the vultures will  pull the trash all over the place, and carry bags off to the trees. There is one up in the tree way out back. They also poop all the white stuff all over the place, but it is not the bad poop like from pigeons or other birds. This won't cause disease. It's the good poop....   OY, Octaleeba. Ugasta.... hehehehhe

5 years ago

Thanks for the great update as usually you gave me a smile

Happy thanksgiving to you all & your furbabies,have a wonderful day

5 years ago

I am so thankfull ,for haveing a roof over my head that there is food on the table andthe fund s to see that my billsare paid on time.and that my Soulmate and 8 babbies and awesome Grandaughter Michelle,are all still with me and me with the...
m.I greatful lfor our almight Father.(God) and for all his blessing he give's to me every day of my life on Mother earth.I am greatful for what every God lay in my path to help me to go down thepath he see fix for me to follow.God Bless
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5 years ago

Good morning, all and Happy Thanksgiving to the US members! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Ray's in the kitchen making our dinner and our son will be over later today. He might even have some visitation time with his son so we'll get to see our grandson! Not much going on today.


Sugar, I love apple pie! It is my favorite kind of pie. Ray even got one for today despite our son getting a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie for us. Three pies for three people ~ sounds like alot, right? While I've never heard chimes or the like when nothing was around to make the noise I have heard my name being called when noone was around. I've also seen things {like spirit cats} out of the corner of my eye when there was nothing to see. Of course, I'm a firm believer that there are things happening on another plane that we don't always see or hear but sometimes we do. Hope that makes sense. I can't tell you what your experience was about but if you search your intuition you'll probably find the answer. Hope you have a good wellness check when it comes around.


Teri, that's great that Michelle did something by herself. Hope y'all get that Thanksgiving without your daughter interrupting. So, her birthday is on the 27th? My son's birthday is also on the 27th ~ he'll be 28. Packing stuff now is a great idea. Have y'all found your new place yet or are y'all still looking?


Heather, good to see you here. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Val, first I want to thank you for my green star as it is much appreciated. I'm glad to hear that your lymphodema isn't too bad. Sounds like you're a survivor who looks at the positive side of things in life. How interesting that the rosellas peck your roses while looking at you thru your window. They sound like cool birds for sure.


Betty, love your Thanksgiving tag; it's so cute. Hope your day is a great one.


Michela, good to see you here. Hope your Thanksgiving is fantastic.


Donna, wow that's alot of vultures! They sound very interesting. Coming to greet a car is something! Sounds like you got everyone taken care of as far as the animals go.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Penny, your post wasn't here when I posted. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

5 years ago

I know this is strange, but somehow I wind up with a square, and orange designs going in circles, with an arrow pointing to a persons avatar. Penny, it is burying your post now, and so far, won't so away.


Jimmy is out front telling the vultures that there is a new tradition. There will now be stuffed vulture for thanksgiving. They ignored him. No way are they leaving home.  Jimmy says he is going to put plastic up on the tarp building, but if he doesn't hurry, and it gets colder, I will tell him to leave it open for them. I have to remove one of the heating pads though. I don't think they will want one. I also can't put it into the barn shed, as I used up the plug things.


I made 3 turkeys so far, and I have to make more if I want to have sliced turkey sandwiches and soup. It is GONE.  Cats are belching. I wonder who ate the turkey...   I made some coleslaw this morning, but only a little bit. Jimmy got a small head of cabbage, and there were lots of outer leaves to get rid of.  I  use my handy chopper to make the cabbage finely chopped. I  throw in a carrot and a half a vidalia onion. I  add mayo, splenda, a little guildens zesty honey mustard, and some hot creamy horseradish. So, it is hot and sweet.


I sliced a pineapple too. Will share some with my friend. I just have to get more cabbage so she can have some coleslaw, and, I need it for my soup. I also like to have a container of cabbage and turkey in broth. I have to wait until Saturday to get started again... I am taking ice to my sisters for the dinner. I wish my ice machine worked.


Originally, I offered to make the coleslaw. THEIR loss. My sister wanted me to go to her friends house to make it so that it would not have cat hairs in it. She said"you know how the family is"  I told her that my hair is a foot long, and I wear that too, so I just might drop one of those into the coleslaw. You just never know....... Imagine pulling that out of your throat.....?????  Better to choose cat hair......

5 years ago

draft_lens8839401module77422421photo_126268673651MkZjKJG9L__SL500_AA280_.jpgSorry I had to post this for Donna! Hope e eryone had a great Thanksgiving!  So cats are belching at your house.Mine are full of chicken!Wow Darla 3 pies & 3 people. I loved the mincemeat my grandmother made  with green tomatoes. Had dinner with just me and my dad then watched a movie, came home took a nap with the cat. Its so dark out I'm ready for bed!. Later.

5 years ago

Donna, stuffed vulture, huh? lol I can't imagine the vultures leaving a good thing either. Wow, 3 turkeys so far! And the cats are belching ? Guess they're all happy cats. Osiris was the only one who came out to get turkey here and I gave quite a bit from my plate and he enjoyed it immensely. I can't believe that your sister wouldn't let you make the coleslaw, that's just awful. It is their loss for sure.


Sandi, yes we had pumpkin, pecan and apple pie along with homemade whipped cream. We'll be eating pie as long as we will the leftover turkey! lol Our son had to leave to take our grandson back to his mom so he left before he had room for dessert. He's going to come back Saturday for pie!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Your friendship means so much to me
far more than words can say
and even though we're far apart
I think of you each day
think of you

Not celebrated here in Australia, but gratitude any time sounds like a positive thing to be consolidating.

5 years ago

Sandi, I am almost rofl about your tag...
everything tastes better with cat hair

5 years ago

Dinner was ok,but was not like it was the other times we have gone to spring garendn in the past.Will after dinner I asked Michelle and Harry if they were up for a ride any where so we head it south and enjoy the ride in the county and why on this ride I passed my familys home stead and saw it was up for sale.Harry and I are going try to buy it and fix it up ike it was in the pass.So we may have find our new house.We would fix it all up like it was in the past and Build a other house on the land for Harry a nd I handicap that is and Michelle could live in the main house after we have it all fix to the way she like it and build a anx from one house to the other.its just like My Granpa is pulling us to the house a n d all that land.Michele would be ablle to pant what ever she went to .The kats had a peaceful day at home with each other.Givethen a can of turkey dinner and their were happy with that.hope you all had a wonderful d ay.God Bless

5 years ago

Hey everyone. Looks we all made it another day. I wasn't here yesterday. Dinner was good, but I missed having turkey and pumpkin pie. The pork roast and apple tart was very good though. I am fixing my little turkey breast today with sweet potatos and dressing.

Darla Ray's ashes just came home the day before the chimes. I don't know if there was a connection or not.

Well I just wanted to drop in for a minute to say hello and have a great weekend, I may be back a little later.


5 years ago

Good morning and happy black Friday!!  It just started raining here and there is a cold front moving in so we're going to see some snow later on.   Here we go!!!  I can't believe how much posting I have missed in just a few days  LOL.  I'm going to have to come back after I make coffee so I can comment on some of your posts. 


I just wanted to leave you a picture of my chipmunk....Chippie!!  He lives in a hole in the ground right by the stairs to the side door.  My granddaughter named him and fed him pistachio nuts and almonds all summer.  He was in his glory.  I am sure she gave him enough to build a great winter pantry.  We had a path of nuts going up the stairs at one point and many mornings I'd get up and he'd be sitting on the porch.  If he's still around next year I bet I could coax him into taking nuts from my hands....we'll see.  I hope he's nice and warm and away from the impending snowfall.


Be back after I make some coffee!!


5 years ago

Thanks Darla, I saved that cat hair thing. They wanted me to make it at her friends house, but maybe they forgot. Maybe they didn't like the idea that I said my long hair might get into things.


I could have sworn that I made a post after I got in last night. I must be imagining things.


Everything was nice. I was impressed with my sisters delicious brown turkey gravy. She baked 3 turkeys, and had mashed potatoes, candied yams, which I don't eat, some great stringbeans and celery and onions combination, and stringbean casserole, and corn and peas, and jellied cranberry, which I don't eat. I would rather have had MY coleslaw.  Her friend made a horrible pumpink pie or cake. Whatever it was, she didn't have enough sugar in it. The vultures ate that this morning.


My sister  came over after they all cleaned up and took what they wanted, and she put together a plate for my other sister to take to her, and dropped off the rest of the turkeys for the cats, and the stuffing and also the raw giblets from all the turkeys, and the mashed potatoes and corn, which I put in the fridge.


The cats feasted on turkey AGAIN last night, and what was left went into a 5 gallon bucket, and filled it too. I put all the raw turkey parts in there too, and I must have had 150 vultures following me to the back yard . I let them have some out front to lighten the load.


Vultures belched, and  they were looking for more. Actually, they make a very spooky sound. Poor things don't speak any language. No vocal cords or something. I just finished putting 4 jars of peanutbutter out. A friend of mine donated about 30 jars of it that she had for a long time. My other friend confiscated a turkey carcass for me.  I guess what I do with it will depend on how much turkey is on it. I still have to make more turkey. I also have to make some stuffed cabbage too since JImmy picked me up 2 large heads of cabbage. One will be for more coleslaw.


Sugar, those chipmonks are cute. We have them in this area, but not here at the house. I only have a couple of squirrels, but there are loads up the end of the road.


Angie, I know a lot of people that feed the squirrels from their hands, but I never was able to. They scurry off when I open the door.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Ray surprised me with a "just b'cuz" gift this morning! He went out to pick up my prescriptions and picked me up something he saw that he thought I'd like ~ he's sweet like that. He got me a calligraphy set! I've been told my regular handwriting is close to calligraphy and I've always wanted to learn calligraphy. The set comes with the pen, extra nibs, and ink {he got an extra thing of black ink too} so I'm all set to learn calligraphy. I'm so excited! Not much else going on around here. Ray's sorting thru his coin collection and I was reading  up to the time I got on the computer. Had a piece of apple pie with homemade whipped cream for breakfast!


Thubten, thanks so much for the lovely tags. You're so sweet. Sandi's tag about the cat hair was great. It made me smile.


Teri, sorry that dinner was just okay. Guess you could look on the bright side and just be thankful that you went out and noone had to cook. That's awesome news about the olf family homestead. Hope y'all can get it as it'd be purrfect. My dream living situation would be to have lots of land {probably in central Texas} and have a house on it for Ray and me, a house on it for our son and his family, and a house on it for our daughter and her family. The houses would be far enough apart for privacy but close enough that we could visit easily. There'd be pathways connecting the houses and any other buildings we chose to have {like maybe a barn} that I could use with my walker.


Sugar, sounds like you had a good dinner even without the turkey. Enjoy your turkey breast today. As for Ray's ashes coming home the day before the chimes I'd say there was a connection. What does your intuition tell you? Sounds like you've got quite the experience going on and I think it's wonderful. How did it make you feel? At peace?


Angie, awesome picture of the chipmunk! He's so cute. It's so cool that your granddaughter fed him all summer. I would have loved to see that trail of nuts for Chippie. That would be so awesome if you could get him to eat from your hand. Enjoy your coffee.


Donna, you're so welcome. I don't mean to dis on your family but it's just wrong that they wouldn't let you make something at your house. I loved that you told them they might get your long hair! The tag Sandi found about cat hair is wonderful. I'd love to find it on a real sign and hang it in our kitchen. I know they make them, it's just a matter of finding one. I'm glad that Thanksgiving at your sister's was nice. We had a good one. Our son had our grandson with him so it was extra special. Glad the cats got to feast on turkey again. Belching vultures now? You have one very interesting home!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

5 years ago

Holy smokes Donna....that sounds like enough food for an army!  I am in awe...seriously!!! I am laughing about your account of your sister's friend's pumpkin pie/cake....don't you hate it when you have to pretend to like something when you just want to spit it out in the corner?    We have lots of turkey vultures around my corner of the world....they all stay in close proximity to the dump though.  They are really cool to look at; I used to watch them all the time in the days when we had to take our own garbage to the dump.  I'd go there around dusk and watch the bears and the turkey vultures.  My biggest problem around my property is the crows.  There are hundreds of them around here, some of them look to be as large as some of the hawks I see.  I don't mind them, they are pretty comical to watch.  I just hate them on garbage day; if we put it out too early, the crows will tear it apart and leave it scattered all over.  Another gripe I have with them is their fighting...they will start a huge free-for-all outside of my bedroom window, early in the morning.  Only on days that I chose to sleep in of course.  I'm always yelling at them.


Sandi~~I am still laughing at the 'cat hair' tag.  Isn't it the truth, my family is always pulling hair out of their dinner, but usually mine    My hair is pretty long and although I try to keep it in a ponytail when I cook, welllllll.......things happen.  I'm happy to hear that you had a good Thanksgiving with your's definitely a holiday for family time.


Darla~~I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving, complete with a visit from your grandson.  It is so hectic when couples break up and have to split time with their kids...I'm happy that it worked out for you all.  Three pies sounds just about right I'd can never have too much pie on Thanksgiving!!!


Thubten~~great to see you spending time on this board my friend!  I hope you are feeling better and getting stronger.  Do you have a picture of your cat?


Sugar~~I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner.  I know you'll love the turkey breast today.  My sister has a really bad problem with cracks in her fingers.  She was up a few weeks ago and she dug in her purse, saying loudly....I need my CRACK CREAM.  LOL...guess you had to be there.  Anyway, sure enough, she pulled out a tube of crack cream and she says it works wonderfully on her clears the cracks up in days instead of weeks.  I use crazy glue on myself when I cut myself.  It works pretty good....almost better than liquid bandaid, which stings like crazy when you apply it.  I've closed some pretty good cuts with it over the years rather than go and get stitches.  Probably not the smartest but I live in the boonies and it takes forever to go to the emerg.  Weird things happen around here all the time....I'm sure I've posted previously about the collection of ghosts around here.   There are many things in life that I can't explain and who knows, maybe we have to pass to the next world to aprreciate them.  I enjoy the entertainment!!


Teri~~I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving...sorry the restaurant didn't live up to its reputation.  It sounds like you had alot of fun on your drive in the country; looking at the old house and property and dreaming of the future.    I hope it works out for you all.


Val~~it's nice to meet you!  I haven't been here all that long so I doubt we've run into each other before.  I'm glad to hear that you're getting outside and enjoying some gentle exercise.  I spent many happy hours in the garden this year.   It must be so wonderful to have those beautiful rosellas right outside your windows....even if they do eat your rose buds.  I live in Canada so I don't celebrate Thanksgiving at this time....ours is the second Monday in October. 


Heather, Penny and Betty....good to see you all here.  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving celebration. 


Michela....good to see you, have you been busy lately?   I haven't seen you post very much as of late.  I know you live in Canada and like me, you've already enjoyed your Thanksgiving feast

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5 years ago

Good evening Sugar, Angie, Donna, Penny, Thubten, Teri, Val, Darla, Heather, Betty, and Michela,
Just wanted to stop in to say hi and sounds like everyone had a great Thanksgiving !! (Angie and Michela in October!)...Thubten I agree with you that any holiday that'sabout gratitude is a good holiday! I apologize for not being able to visit here as often as I would like. Work keeps me very busy and sometimes it is all I can do to go home and sleep, make dinner for me and my husband, feed the kitties and then go to bed, lol. I am very grateful for these 4 days off.
Angie- lol about your sister's comment
Darla, Rob sounds really sweet. I always wanted to learn calligraphy too
Donna, I got hungry just reading your post, lol Haha at least the vultures had a good meal.
Teri, sorry that the restaurant didn't live up to your expectations..I know how that feels and it's always a disappointment, but at least there are no dishes to clean.
Sandi, one of my favorite things in life is taking a nap with my cats
Betty, I

5 years ago

well this morning we went back to the old farm houseand wrote down the information on the
farm and looked it up online and for all the land and the house their are asking $610,000, so that dream is wash down the dian.and we start all over at the begining once againIt would of be wonderful to have it back in the family once a gain.where it belongs.Pa ,make a big mistake by selling the way he did .well I hope your day went great and you had luck with the start of your Christmas shopping..which I will start for other week or so.I was not the restaurant it was the waitess that mess up like she did in the past.Other wise it awsome place to go to eat.It was snowing here for a short bit.Well off to my other groups to post .God bless

5 years ago

Hello everyone,

Good to see you Kristi   I know how it is to be tired. I run ragged sometimes myself. It is after 11 for me, so I am late getting to sleep already. I usually read all the posts though, so BOO, I am here. even if you didn't see me.


Crack cream??? Veddy veddy interesting.....


Now, I have 2 more turkeys in the oven. My friend sent over her carcass, but there isn't much on it. It did keep my cats occupied for a while. They get turkey in the morning, if I manage to get to sleep and wake up.... It is hard when I do this morning turkey stuff, as that is when they are use to eating right away, and I have plates to make, and turkey to cut.


It is a custom in one of the countries to belch after you eat, or the cook is insulted. I never forgot that as I think it is funny. Don't try it in this country... The results could be bad.


Angie, I didn't have to eat that cake or pie as we left. My sister brought it over to me. She said she scooped it into a bowl, and added cinnamin sugar and said it was good. She is afraid I might hurt her friend's feelings, and I would not do that. I did tell my sister it wasn't too good.


Hi Sugar, Thubten, and Sandi and Heather


We have to go to the dump/ We only have a few turkey vultures here. We are loaded with black vultures. They are the more aggressive ones. They are also the sociable ones. I cannot believe that they now have 3 or 4 blankets out back, and they make them neat to lay on. What a bunch of bums.....


Angie, wouldn't crazy glue rot your skin?  I grew a small wart on the side of my knee, and I keep duct tape on it to keep it flat, and to keep me from poking at it. I am a diabetic, so I am not sure what is safe. I want it GONE!!!!!  I can't trust my doctor since I am not so sure he really a doctor.... No sense in mentioning it.


Teri, that price is terrible. I am sorry to hear that you could not get the house back.


Darla, it probably would have been ok if they got one of my hairs since it is a human hair   I am not sure if my sister remembers inviting me over to her friends to make the coleslaw. It was just that next thing you know I was asked to bring the ice. I  LIKE coleslaw with my meal. She had cranberries which I don't care for.


I must be getting tired, as I started to say hello to all of you , and it is gone. Sugar, Betty, Sandi, Michela, Teri, Darla, Angie, Heather, Kristi..Thubten..Good night all!


OH, by the way  I only have a couple of crows left, and I love having them around. They will chase off the Hawks. We had a farmer from about 15 miles away spray poison to kill birds, and there are not many left.    The crows are smart birds, and the blue jays are in the same family....

5 years ago

Val, I almost forgot you, but you came to my mind before going to bed. OH, in case any of you don't know, Val was one of our coHosts here. She was go through some hard times in the hospital and being sick, so she stepped down , but she was and is very much loved here.

5 years ago

Oh my, I loved catching up on all the news this morning. Angie, I think it was Angie, that posted the little Chipmunk! That is precious. When I only had 2 kitties who stayed indoors most of the time I had a little chipmunk who lived in my retaining wall. I used to feed him. He was a cuties too! Now my cats keep them away from the wall and from being near the house. They are in the woods.

Last night it was to be a little below freezing and I opened the garage and closed the basement off for Black and White. I called him and he didn't come. I found him all curled up in one of the straw filled houses. He said I'm staying here tonight. So I had to undo the setup for him so Little Joe and Mouse could go in and out as they pleased. Black and White was just fine this morning. No frost bitten ears or tail. It really wasn't that cold, but I want to keep him comfortable as long as he is here.

I've missed Val too. I love her too and have missed her the last few years.

5 years ago

I had to submit quickly for the previous post. Tom was working on my knee and Punkin was working on my laptop. The two were driving me crazy trying to protect both knee and laptop.

I have no-crack creme which helps prevent cracks, but after they form, bring on the crazy glue. It is fantastic. A person in the medical field told me about using it and it does take the pain away from using your hands.

Mouse wants to say hello to Stripes so I better get off. Have a good weekend everyone!


5 years ago

good morning everyone.write more later I starting to fate .

5 years ago

Good morning all. Got up early and went and got cat food. A bit chilly out.  hope everyone is recovered from Thanksgiving. Val. Glad to see you here. Sugar I use vaseline on my heels as they crack in the cold.  Teri too bad they want so much for the place. Later all.

5 years ago

Good afternoon, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. My,my, we've been busy since my last post. That's great! Today is watering day so I'll be going out later to water my plants. I practiced some with my calligraphy set. However, I ordered two books from the library that I thought would help me so I'm going to wait for those to get here.


Angie, your crows sound funny. I can just picture them fighting when you want to sleep in. We don't have crows here though we do have grackles which gather in large numbers and make lots of noise. Yes, Thanksgiving was nice with our grandson. Unfortunately, our son's ex tries to make any visitation our son gets very difficult. When they got divorced, she wanted his visitation to be supervised by her and she didn't get it so she is very bitter. It's sad and I see her trying to make sure our grandson doesn't know his father at all. It'll be extrememly difficult on all of us when our son gets transferred to Georgia in March. He wants us to pick up his visitation but it'll probably have to be done thru the court for her to honor it.


Kristi, no need to apologize. Get here when you can. You're thought about when you're not here. Yes, Ray is very sweet; I'm so lucky!


Teri, I'm so sorry that they want so much for the farm. Y'all will find the purrfect place when you're meant to. I'm sorry the waitress messed up your Thanksgiving meal.


Donna, wow, 2 more  turkeys! Your animals {inside, outside, and wild} have it really good. Only my cat, Osiris, seems to be interested in the turkey this year. The rest just aren't for some reason. Oh well, that's just more for my special guy! Yeah, people seem to be a bit more forgiving if it's human hair vs cat {or any animal} hair as if there was any difference. Sorry you didn't get coleslaw at your sister's. Did you make it for yourself?


Sugar, so Black and White Tom eschewed the garage for the night. I'm glad he was okay. You're a good woman for taking care of him while he chooses to be your outside kitty.


Sandi, good to see you here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.




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Darla, Glad Ray got you a calligraphy set, i did it in High Schools along time ago, your going to have so much fun!   Sugar glad Black & white Tom has a place to get out of the cold as its getting cold at night. Not looking forward to the outdoors cats food & water freezing!. There all laying on the deck right now. Stripes went out as she wouldn't stop with the begging.

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Hello everyone ,hope your day was good to was to me.we went to walmart and was i pack full,I end it up running into a lot of people we all know,even michelle God mother ws there. to name jusy some of whom we run into today.that my tire on the van was going low and I sto and than it check out after I left it sound like it was I went to macdonals and head for home to Harry could check it out.but it look ok and was not flat thank you so much God.So now I will need to get it fixed or replace the tire.Michelle went with us and I had her give me some ideals for her for Christmas which she give a lot .as did now its just find funds for the Chrustnas gifts for everyone.or we will not have any Christmas at all or no birthday for Michelle in Januray on the 4th.and once again I am so tired out from driveiing I went to take a nap.Which I think I am going to try and fight tonight if I can.Haveing mac and hambuger for dinner tonight,which Michelle is going love .well off to make dinner if I can get Harry away from the dran tv set.that's a other stroy sometime.God Bless.

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Good evening, all! Just checking back in. Had a lazy day today just doing alot of reading and some computer stuff. Well, I did water my plants and go give my neighbor a birthday card so I got out of the house.


Sandi, thanks about the calligraphy set. I think I'm going to have fun as well. I'm sorry that you have to worry about the outside cats' food/water freezing. Thankfully we don't have to really wory about that.


Teri, glad you had such a good day and saw everyone at Wal-Mart especially Michelle's Godmother. It's great that you got ideas for Christmas from Harry and Michelle. Ray already got his birthday {11/20} and Christmas present. He ordered a VitaMix blender from QVC on a payment plan. He's been wanting one for years. I'm a bit worried about the finances for it but he thinks it'll work out so I trust him.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic evening.

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Hello everyone. Sorry I have not been on very much. Work was really crazy this week as I am taking a few days off this week coming to spend with my mom and I had so much to do before my little holiday.


Sugar, I am certain that Ray's ashes coming home and the chimes were certainly connected. I really hope that your neighbors cat comes home really soon with all the cold weather on the way. I get the cracks too as I have eczema and this time of year it always gets really bad, I will have to try the crazy glue as the cracks can be very painful.


Angie, the picture of the chipmunk is adorable. I have some in my backyard but with my feral cats they stay hidden a lot. You're right about not posting much lately because I was so busy but hopefully I can get back to posting more now. In the summer I have a few crows too in my backyard and you are right on the weekend when I try to sleep in they start squaking right outside my bedroom window but I like watching them as they are quite comical.


Darla, I hope you enjoy your calligraphy set. Your Ray sounds like a sweet guy. Hope your foot is feeling ok.


Donna, that sure is a lot of vultures that you have. I am glad that you take good care of them. I like vultures. You said that you are not sure if your doctor is really a doctor, that is quite worrisome, why do you think that?


Sandi, I loved your tag about the cat hair, It made me laugh a lot. I understand being worried about the outdoor cats food and water freezing. I went out this week and bought a heated water bowl for outside, normally they are 50 dollars which I couldn't afford but I found one on sale for 20 dollars. I already have had mine freeze so I will probably have to use the heated one this weekend.


Teri, I am so sorry that the old homestead is so much money. I am sure that the right place will come along shortly. 


Hello Kristi, I am sorry you are so busy, but it was nice to hear from you.


Hello to everyone else and everyone have a great weekend 

5 years ago

Michela,I am hopeing tro get him to came down .for 'god lead me there for a good reason.So I am not going to give up.My day is going ok so far.plan on putting up Christmas stuff today and not turning it on until December first.Michele gotthe cleaning bug once again so her room is getting a good cleaningtoday and with hope the floorwill be pick up that Harry can powdwer it and vac-clean at last.enjoy your day everyone God bless

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Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Looks like it'll be another lazy day today. I overslept this morning b'cuz I was up til after 1am reading. Ray is not feeling well. He's getting a chest cold and his arthritis in his hands is flaring. His hands are so swollen he had to take off his wedding ring.


Michela, no need to apologize for not being on though you're thought of when you're not here. That's so cool that you have chipmunks in your backyard even if they do stay hidden. We don't have chipmunks here in Texas {at least not in San Antonio or the other places I've lived in Texas}. I think they're adorable little critters. Of course, I think squirrels are cute too and love to watch them. I should lhave my calligraphy books from the library soon then I'll try my calligraphy set again. I'm really looking forward to it.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

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Teri, your post wasn't here when I posted mine so please don't think I was ignoring you. I hope you can get the price down on the farmhouse. That would be good if you could. It's good that Michelle is up to cleaning. Has she come out of her depression then? Have fun putting up your Christmas stuff. I don't know when I'll get to mine. Our Christmas is not much of a holiday as we seldom have the finances to do anything.

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Hi everyone!!  I'm just dropping in to see what's going on.  It looks like everyone has had their own stuff happening today...I hope you all had a relaxing Sunday, whatever you've been up to.  Bandit is stalking something in my room.  I wonder what it is...she has been staring at a spot under my dresser now for an hour. I wonder how long this critter has been in my room.


Michela~~good to see you!!  I figured you've been busy and haven't had the time to post.  I remember when my life ran at that  It's nice to hear that you're taking a few days off to spend with your mom.  Has she been ill or is this an impromtu visit?  Isn't it awful that by the time we get ready for our vacation, we usually need extra trime just to recuperate.   Enjoy your time with your mom!!


Teri~~I never for a moment thought that you were going to forget about that house!    You were just too passionate about it.  I hope they go down on the asking price for you.  It sounds like everyone in your area has got the christmas shopping bug and is at Walmart.  Ugh, it reminds me that I should really get motivated and get my shopping out of the way so I can concentrate on other things.  So Michelle is in a cleaning mood is she?  When kids feel like cleaning up, I say give them the tools and let them go!!!  It certainly doesn't happen often enough.  Have fun putting up your Christmas stuff. 


Darla~~so you stayed up half the night reading so that olp;you overslept, did you?  It sounds like it was a pretty amazing book.  I think that is one of the greatest things about being on my own, besides not having to cook all the time.  Living by my own schedule....not having to answer to anyone.   I'm sorry to hear that Ray is feeling under the weather.  My hands have been stiff this weekend too; arthritis sucks!!!  By the time we finish buying gifts for the little kids in the family and small gifts for everyone else and having our feast, Bob and I rarely have the money to spend on each other.  One of these days......right??  I love Christmas and I used to spend alot of time making crafts with the kids and baking.  I will still be baking I'm sure...I was thinking of seeing when my daughter's next day off is and bringing a bunch of different cookie doughs over to her house so we can bake and hang out for the day.


I guess I'll go find something on t.v. and hang out with the cats for awhile.  Have a good Sunday night everyone. 


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My mom has lived in the U.S. for the last 20 years in Tennessee to be exact. We are all Canadian but she moved there for a job. She just moved back to Ontario and just bought a house in Erin, Ontario. I am spending a few days with her to help her unpack and just spend some time together. I have missed her a lot.


I hope Bandit can get your critter out of your bedroom. I hope you can get together with your kids soon and do some baking.


Have a great night 


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Hi everyone, great to hear from you and all the news. I don't have much time, but I think it is time to open a new Chit Chat thread.

Take care everyone,


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