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Good morning world lets check the Christmas tree
5 years ago
| Blue Label

As I wake up this morning to one cat on my pillow and another between hubby and myself I notice its still dark but already getting warm. I gingerly put one foot out of bed to have this licked by the newest of our stray doggies, this is Mojo, we found her as a puppy sleeping under some sail material in the boat yard, I get up and note the slight movement of the two cats on the bed and the big old one eyed one has just woke also, mumbling yawns under the bed indicate two of the other dogs are waking up, I pirouette around these to the bathroom and greet M'Lady, dog number 4 to find cat 4 sitting on toilet seat (it's ok the lids down) she is so asleep it's a shame to wake her, so I gently cradle her in my arms to use the loo, by this time hubby has woken and the dogs are all around him, licking and rubbing as they know Daddy will take them all out on the mike and a half hike they get every morning, while they are out, the four cats will e terrorizing me to feed them all, and through all of this time, I keep reminding myself to go check the tree in the living room. With my cup of tea at hand, yes there it is, only one bauble on the floor-hmm now which little monkey did that! Bet it was Mojo the puppy. Christmas is a quiet time for us in the islands, the gentle Christmas breeze is just starting and, even after 21 years here, I still laugh as I play the Christmas songs telling tales of snow and the cold. So to everyone out there who is feeling cold this morning, from our house of hubby and I and our 4 stray cats and 4 stray dogs, we wish you all warmth and peace over the coming days, with the love of our animals we shall all be warmer inside. Lets hope that no other poor wee soul gets abandoned over this festive time, but if they do, some loving person will make them feel warm too. Kind wishes to all.

5 years ago

Elaine~~your house sounds like a home bursting with love!!  Isn't that what we all aspire to, in some way?  Thank goodness there are so many kindhearted people in this world; a light at the end of a very mean tunnel to many abandoned or otherwise homeless sweet animals!!


Have a wonderful day!! 


P.S.  I've learned how to tie my Christmas tree to the curtain rod to keep it upright in case any of my 3 cats or my grandchildren get the urge to climb it. 

Xmas tree fairies
5 years ago

Thanks for the message, yes we do all we can on our little island to help the strays but sadly if only we had more land and money we could help more. We have a house also in Uruguay which we have had for some time now and try, airline fares permitting to go at least twice a year. This year I went for 5 weeks and while there befriended the local animal shelter and took Donna, a rescue dog for a "holiday" she was so needing, love, food and a safe place to be and she was such great comfort and joy to us. Just 3 days before we were due to leave, a forever home was found for Donna so I am happy she has loads of room to run and play, and her new parents love her so much. Are you on Facebook by any chance, their page is full of animals that need help its at and of course we here in the BVI have a shelter at who always need support.

The tree - still standing, Missie thinks that while no one watches, the top branches are just a spring jump from the top of the TV cabinet. HE HE HE , wonder how many dogs and cars will think there name is NO, once Christmas is over.

5 years ago

BVI...we went there last year and loved it there. Awww what a lucky home all your pets have.

My kitties received catnip and a new tent to play in.  Happy new year   !!!

Happy New Year
5 years ago

Well Christmas continued, the four dogs shared brisket with vegetables and rice, all cooked in the slow pot, the four cats shared freshly poached tuna fish and we, well neither of us was feeling great having both got a bit of a cold, had chicken sandwich for our Christmas Day lunch.

So let me wish all those that have read these posts a safe, healthy, and wealthy new year!

5 years ago

Elaine, thanks for your kindness to the animals. Happy & Healthy new year everyone.

5 years ago

My cat loves to sleep on skirt under the Christmas tree , so cute . Happy New Year everybody , have fun

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