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Hello all!!
4 years ago
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And I'm happy to be part of the group! If anyone can pass on some advice, I would appreciate it!! There seems to be a little bit of excess wax in and around one of my kitty's ears. She's acting normal - no pain, still eating and playing - but it's so hard to see in there! There are so many crevices in a cat's ear - who knew?! LOL I'm cleaning it everyday but I'm wondering if anyone knows of an over-the-counter drop I can put in it. I hate to take her to the vet b/c she is so scared of the carrier. (Before we adopted her, she bounced around from house to house each time b/c the people had a baby - maddening, right?!!) I will take her if I have to but I'm wondering if anyone can offer some home-care advice!!! Thank you!!!! Joy

4 years ago

Hello Joy, have a look at this link, watch Daisy the cat, amazingly patient cat, and she looks like she is smiling at the end honest, which shows an amazing temprement when you watch how Daisy is the model to show how to care for cats ears , I will add another link in a min about products to use to clean a cats ears  love xwendy k x>>>>>>>--link----->>>>Cat Care : Removing Ear Wax From Cats: via @youtube

4 years ago

Thank you soooooo much for the links, Wendy! I will definitely check both of them out!!
xxxx Joy

4 years ago

wendy, thanks for this, give Buni a hug from stripes.

4 years ago

now I have put the links on the information for all, more queries answered and saved great  !!

the other links for you Joy, these are products, the products on amazon have 5 stars, but there are home made remedies that could be just as good and cheaper for those who prefer, up to you Joy, see what you think , as always, if you are unsure , off to the vet with you lol>>>>

  1. Treating Persistent Cat Ear Wax Buildup - Yahoo! Voices - voices ...

    9 May 2011 ... Zymox Ear Cleanser with Bio-Active Enzymes. If you prefer to use a professional cleaning product for your cat's ear wax buildup, the Zymox Ear ...…

  2. Homemade Ear Cleaning Solutions For Cats ‹ Dinovite

    15 Feb 2012 ... Dinovite Products · Info ... Posted by: Ashley Tags: bad, cats, clean, ears, stink Posted date: February ... Many of those concoctions are loaded with chemicals and preservatives that unfortunately can do more harm than good. 

  3. How to Clean Your Cats Ears ‹ Dinovite

    15 Feb 2012 ... Dinovite Products · Info ... The key to healthy cat ears it to keep them clean and ear cleaning is easy to do at home with few supplies. Keep in mind, a cat's ear ... Read: “Best Cat Food – how to make a good choice for your cat...…

  4. Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash & Dry, Two 4oz Bottles: Pet ...

    Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash & Dry-- We are very pleased with this product. There is nothing in this product to sting our Schnauzer's ears, Schnauzer's ears need ...…

  5. How To Clean Your Cat's Ears | Petside

    Sometimes they need a little help keeping them clean. Dr. Lauren teaches you a safe way to clean your cat's ears at home. ... What a good kitteh patient!!! Meows ...…

4 years ago

your welcome Joy,goodluck hope kitty finds relief from one of the products ,  and I will Sandi, give Stripes a tickle under the chin from us all xwendy k x

4 years ago

WOW!!! That's a huge help, Wendy!! I hope I didn't take too much of your time - you really provided me with a lot of great references. That was super nice of you and I really appreciate it!!

BTW, from the youtube video you sent me I think my Laci has ear mites. Ugh!! Which would totally stink b/c on another video, they said to treat ALL of your cats even if only one has them and...I HAVE 5!!! LOL Going to be a fun night at my house!!
%#&!*% Joy

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4 years ago

Your very welcome Joy, I added the info to the information for all thread, so it may help someone else, (and i can say check out the info thread if you see what I mean,) hope Laci is ok, I would run her by the vet Just incase, or at the very least if you see no improvement, as I always say this advice is to compliment the vet not replace the vet, please let us know how you got on and what works for Laci ,  love hugs xwendy k x

4 years ago

4 years ago


4 years ago

Hi Joy,

to our cat lovers group.

You can get something from the vets such as mita clear to posion the mites, or you can use mineral oil to suffocate them You would only put a few drops of the oil in, and I think you do it for a few days.

Be very careful if you use cotton swabs that you don't puncture an ear drum. Never got straight in with one. Get some tissues to wipe out the dirt from the mites. Those buggers can be so stubborn.

Many years ago I went to a vet that told me to use a teaspoon of seven to a whole bottle of mineral oil. Never put mineral oil down a cats throat for any reason. It can go into their lungs and kill them.

4 years ago

Thank you for the warm welcome, Screamingt!! Yes, I did read about mineral oil as well - thank you! After reading some of the links that Wendy sent me, I think Laci has an ear infection and not mites. She's not scratching which is common w/ the mites, but there is a slight odor coming from that ear, which is common w/ infections. One of Wendy's links said to use Apple Cider Vinegar to clear infections b/c of it's anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities. Clean the ear w/ the vinegar mixed w/ water and then add 2 drops into the ear. I treated Laci last night and have seen an improvement this morning. There's no new wax build-up. I will try it for another day or 2 and if it doesn't work, she's off to the vet. If it does work, I will post the remedy step by step for the group to maybe help someone else!!

Thanks again - I really do appreciate the tips!

4 years ago

Welcome to the group Joy, I hope Laci's ear infection clears up quickly. Let us know how it goes.

4 years ago

Thank you for both, Michela!! I hope so too! I will keep everyone posted!! Cute kitty by the way!

Alice: That is a great photo - love it! Perfect timing of the shot too - it's hard to get them when they're looking right at you sometimes!

Hello all!! Cat lovers
4 years ago

Welcome to the group, Joy.

4 years ago

Thank you for the welcome, Anonymous!!

I just wanted to update you all on my Laci's ear infection. I've been treating her with the apple cider vinegar mix and it seems to be helping! They said on the site that it might take a few weeks but I don't want to wait that long...just in case. So off to vet we go today!!

However, I will keep cleaning all my cats ears w/ the apple cider vinegar and I would recommend it!! I left the recipe at home but I will post it!!

Again, thank you for your help and well-wishes!!

4 years ago


I cannot help but think that vinegar would burn a scratch or cut. A lot of times a cat will scratch at an ear if there is something wrong.   I don't think I would use that stuff.

4 years ago

Hello Joy in this wonderful group

4 years ago

Hi Joy...welcome to our group!!!! I think you got some great advice from everyone here


4 years ago

Hello to Joy and welcome to the group. Glad Wendy is able to provide you with a lot of information for your kitty's ear. I have something called Sulfodene which you can get from the store. It is an ear cleaner for both the dogs and cats. It helps loosen wax and debris, reduces risk of infection or inflammation and soothes with aloe vera. As Screamingbelle aka Donna, says be careful when cleaning with a cotton swab. Hope your kitty's ear is better.

4 years ago

Thank you for the welcome, Iveta, Kristi, and Sally! And thank you Sally for the tip on Sulfodene. Can you get it at a pet store, PetSmart, or do you have to go to the vet? I did go to my vet last week and he gave me some cleaner and ear drops. I would like to get some on my own when this runs out for the rest of my cats. Laci doesn't have mites - just an ear infection. I'm glad I didn't wait too long b/c just like us, infections can spread quickly in cats!! They gave her an antibiotic too so now it's just the healing we're waiting for!

Donna - I did ask the vet about the vinegar and he said it was ok. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. I think the apple cider is less potent than say white vinegar too!

I tried to post a photo of Laci but it didn't work (??) Anyway, she's all white - I'll try again!!

4 years ago

Welcome Joy! Hope you're liking the group and that Laci's ear is better. Glad you got some different treatments to try and that the vinegar is helping.

4 years ago

Thank you, Darla!! I've been away for a bit but Laci is all better! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!!! xxxxJoy

4 years ago

Joy~ I forgot to answer your question. Yes you can get the Sulfodene at a pet store or even at Wal-mart or some store like that long as they carry pet products. Hope Laci is doing much better with the ear problems.

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