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Book Club 15 ~ June 9, 2013 ~ Closed
4 years ago

Time once again to start a new thread. Please join us in discussing the books in your life. Here's the link to the previous thread ~



4 years ago

Hi Darla, just caught up with this thread, meant to say love the cats that open a new thread, The book "Astreet cat named Bob " the author is James Bowen, I still havnt got any further , but am determined  to read a good chunk tomorrow, I really want to see what is happening, so tomorrow I am checking my emails only, then am going to have a good read. Hope you can get a copy, I would post you my copy but Luke bought it for me, I am not usually bothered and have posted/loaned loads of books, but this one is for my furbabies called Bob , anyway it isnt a long book , so is an easy read xx

Lynn glad you are getting into the G.O.T. books, they are very long, but have a huge fan base, just as the tv series does you will have to squeeze, "Street cat named Bob " in  inbetween, it is a paperback, short novel , but you will enjoy it , when you can .

Hi Sandi , must have a look at some of the books you like, but now I must hit the hay, so nght all xwendy k x

4 years ago

Wendy, glad you love the cat pictures I find. They're courtesy of Bing. Glad you caught up with us, we sure do enjoy having you here. I tried doing a Suggest a Purchase at my library for A Street Cat Named Bob. The book that came up in the choices was called A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved my Life but it says it's not available 'til July 30th. I'll try to remember it then. It was so sweet of you to think of sending the book for me to borrow. I totally understand why you can't.


I finished A Celtic Witch and it was excellent. I give it 5 stars. This morning I read A Witch Central Wedding which bis a novella about the wedding of 2 of the witches in the series. It was great too and I also give it 5 stars. The series is as follows ~

A Modern Witch

A HIdden Witch

A Reckless Witch

A Witch Central Wedding

A Nomadic Witch

A Different Witch

A Celtic Witch

The series works best if read in order. I read the novella out of order but had already read everything else so I knew all the characters.


For my next book, I'll be trying Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts again. I'd alreaddy posted the summary but since it's in the previous thread I'll do it again.


There's little as thrilling as firefighting-at least to Rowan Tripp. The Missoula smoke jumpers are in Rowan's blood: her father is a legend. She's been fighting fires since her eighteenth birthday. At this point, returning to the wilds of Montana for the season feels like coming home-even with reminders of the partner she lost last season still lingering.
Fortunately, this year's rookie crop is one of the strongest ever-and Gulliver Curry's one of the best. He's also a walking contradiction, a hotshot firefighter with a big vocabulary and a winter job at a kids' arcade.
Everything is thrown off balance when a dark presence lashes out against Rowan, looking to blame someone for last year's tragedy. Rowan knows she can't complicate things with Gull-any distractions in the air or on the ground could mean the end-but if she doesn't find someone she can lean on, she may not make it through the summer. . . .


4 years ago

I am being rewarded for sticking with Chasing Fire! About 20 pages or so after I left off I was getting into the book and didn't want to leave it. I'm about halfway thru it now and it's very good. Nora Roberts is a wonderful author and I was surprised I didn't get into the book right away. I guess it was like Sandi and The Villa.


4 years ago

Where is everyone? Reading I hope. I kept falling back asleep this morning during my reading time so I'm still reading Chasing Fire. I'm really enjoying it.

4 years ago

Darla, I think I have every book that Nora Roberts ever wrote. She's my favorite author!  I read Chasing Fire and loved it. I have "The Witness" in book form and I haven't read it yet. I'm about a third into the first book (800 pages!) of Game of Thrones and I love it. There's a wide variety of characters and it took some time getting to know them all....and there's more to come, I'm sure. So I'll stick to reading the 5 books before I start reading anything else.

Wendy, after saying what I said above, it will be a long time before I read A Street Cat Named Bob. lol

4 years ago

Darla~ I just got through reading the book 6 of the Grey wolves series. I'm anxious to get into 7 when ever the author will get it done. But yes, 5 stars for these series in all. Just when you thought the evil witch is finally killed out comes another villain. So we shall see what the next one will bring. In the mean time, deciding what next to read. I love the cat with the glasses on pic you put up.

4 years ago

Lynn, I've got several Nora Roberts books myself and also love her. She's in my top 5 faves ~ Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Catherine Anderson, Yasmine Galenorn, and Nora Roberts. In no particular order. You'll love The Witness. Glad you're enjoying Game of Thrones


Sally, yes, it was a fantastic book and the series was wonderful. I too am eagerly awaiting book 7. Hope you find something good to read next. Thank you, I thought y'all might  like that picture as it sure is cute. For those of y'all who don't remember, The Grey Wolves series iiis by Quinn Loftis and the books in the series are ~

Prince of Wolves

Blood Rites

Just One Drop

Out of the Dark

Beyond the Veil

Fate and Fury


4 years ago

I finished Chasing Fire and it was a very good book. I give it 4.5 stars.


I also read Nonstop Spaniels by Linda O Johnston. It was fabulous and I give it 5 stars. It's an e-book novella in an excellent series about Lauren who manages a no-kill shelter and often rescues pets. In her spare time she ends up solving murders! Here's the series ~


The More the Terrier

Hounds Abound

Oodles of Poodles

Nonstop Spaniels

And here's the summary ~


Lauren prides herself on the strict pet-saving  policies of her animal shelter HotRescues. As a member of a popular no-kill organization, she tries to intervene at a nearby shelter that seems to care more about appearances than the animals themselves. But it’s not just the animals who are in danger at PetForYou. When the veterinarian is murdered, it’s up to Lauren to find out if an enraged no-kill proponent made a grizzly exception, or if something even more sinister has scratched its way to the surface…


I started First Impressions by Jude Deveraux. Here's the summary ~


A contemporary novel of romance and renewal from perennial bestseller Jude Deveraux, "First Impressions" is an emotionally charged story of one woman's bid to start over.Eden Palmer knows how to make it on her own. The forty-something single mother has worked hard to raise her beloved daughter -- now twenty-seven and recently married. The offspring of a terrible event, Eden's daughter, Melissa, has long been the jewel of Eden's life, the one for whom she would sacrifice anything and everything. But sooner or later a woman must come into her own, and that's what Eden tries to do when she moves to Arundel, North Carolina, to take ownership of Farrington Manor, a beautiful old house filled with charm and memories that was willed to Eden by the person who cared for her when she needed it most. Torn between the desire to stay with her daughter and the need to build a separate life on her own, Eden opts for some distance and some much-needed perspective. But it's not long before she realizes that sometimes you have to go back before you can start over.Arriving in Arundel -- the South's prettiest small town -- Eden quickly learns that looks can be deceiving when her move is met with delight in some quarters and jealousy in others. Pursued by two eligible bachelors -- the rugged Jared McBride and Braddon Granville, local lawyer and town catch -- Eden is flattered, and more than a little suspicious. Juggling the attentions of two men is hard enough, but soon Eden's bid to start over plunges her in the middle of a mystery that threatens not just her plans and reputation, but her very life. "Can she use one man to save her from the other?"

4 years ago

I've read first impressions Darla its a good book. I'm reading taking Eve by iris johnasen, almost done.

4 years ago

Sandi, I'm about 3/4 of the way thru First Impressions and am really enjoying it. Let me know how Taking Eve is as I've got it on hold at my library.

4 years ago

I finished taking eve, was good except it's the first in a series of 3 and just up and ended so you might want to wait as the second  hunting eve comes out in july and silencing eve comes out in oct. I find that I have to reread as I forget the first one when they do that, didn't know there was 3 when I started.  starting the cat, the mill and the murder by Leann Sweeney now. glad you like first impressions, I did to.

4 years ago

Sandi, glad you enjoyed Taking Eve despite iit being the first in a trilogy and just ending like that. Thanks for the info on the other books in the trilogy, I didn't realize it was a trilogy either. I've got The Cat, The Mill and the Murder on hold at the library. Have you read all the other in the series? It's a great series, I really like it a lot.



I finished First Impressions. It was an excellent book and I give it 5 stars. Jude Deveraux is an fabulous author.


I'm reading Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts. The summary is ~


For more than three hundred years, Bluff House has sat above Whiskey Beach, guarding its shore-and its secrets. But to Eli Landon, it's home... A Boston lawyer, Eli has weathered an intense year of public scrutiny and police investigations after being accused of-but never arrested for-the murder of his soon-to-be-ex wife. He finds sanctuary at Bluff House, even though his beloved grandmother is in Boston recuperating from a nasty fall. Abra Walsh is always there, though. Whiskey Beach's resident housekeeper, yoga instructor, jewelry maker, and massage therapist, Abra is a woman of many talents-including helping Eli take control of his life and clear his name. But as they become entangled in each other, they find themselves caught in a net that stretches back for centuries-one that has ensnared a man intent on reaping the rewards of destroying Eli Landon once and for all...

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4 years ago

Yes I have Darla. you'll love whiskey beach. Nora Roberts books are always good.

4 years ago

Sandi, it's a great series isn't it? Yes Nora Roberts is a fantastic author! I'm a little over 3/4 of the way thru Whiskey Beach and loving it.

4 years ago

I finished Whiskey Beach and loved it! Had a hard time putting it down. I give it 5 stars.


I'm now reading The Night is Watching by Heather Graham. I actually bought this in e-book form though I could've gotten it in book form thru the library. The Night is Watching is first in a trilogy that is part of a longer series {books are broken up into quartets and trilogies but all tied together} about the Krewe of Hunters a specialized FBI Unit that specializes in the paranormal. Each member of the Unit has a special skilll that allows them to work in and understand the paranormal field. The books in the series are ~

Phantom Evil

Heart of Evil

Sacred Evil

The Evil Inside

The Unseen

The Unholy

The Unspoken

The Univited

The Night is Watching

The Night is Alive {7/30/13}

The Night is Forever {9/24/13}

And the summary is ~


The Old West town of Lily, Arizona, is home to the Gilded Lily, a former theater...and bawdy house. These days, it offers theatrical productions geared to tourists, but the recent discovery of a skull, a "real" skull, among the props and costumes shakes everyone up.

So, who do you call? The Krewe of Hunters, a special FBI unit of paranormal investigators. In this case, its agent Jane Everett. Janes also a talented artist who creates images of the dead as they once were. But the Krewe always works with local law enforcement, and here that means Sloan Trent, former Houston cop and now sheriff. His great-great-grandmother was an actress at the Gilded Lily...and shes "not" resting in peace.

Then more remains appear in the nearby desert. As they search for answers, using "all" the skills at their disposal, Jane and Sloan find themselves falling into danger--and into love.


4 years ago

Darla, glad you liked Whiskey beach I didn't want it to end. Were you surprised at the ending? I've got the night is watching haven't read it yet might wait for the other two to come out first as I have a hard time remembering sometimes, Let me know how you like it.

4 years ago

Hi Darla~ I've been keeping an eye out for book 7 of the Grey Wolves, guess not yet. So in the mean time I am reading Elfin by the same author of the Grey Wolves, Quinn Loftis. Trying to get into it. We shall see how it goes. I know I got several books downloaded but sometimes it is hard to choose one to get into. So I am glad you have this thread here that I can look through and see what is interesting. Thank you.

4 years ago

Sandi, yes, I was surprised at the ending of Whiskey Beach too. I also wanted it to continue. I can understand your wanting to wait on the other books if you have a hard time remembering. For some reason, I can remember the plot {or at least enough of it to count} of books when the next in the series comes out a few months later. I just read a comment and the book sort of comes back to me. So far, I'm really liking The Night is Watching, both lead characters talk to ghosts. I'm waiting for them to confide in each other.


Sally, no I haven't seen book 7 of the Grey Wolves yet either. You can try e-mailing Quinn Loftis {it's on her website} and asking her when it'll be out. I believe I'm going to do so. I'm glad you like having this thread to look thru. I do enjoy hosting it. If you're looking for another great series might I recommend the Law of the Lycans series by Nicky Charles. There's 5 books in the series and all of them are free! She asks for a review of her books {which I still need to do} and if you want to spend some money donate the price of a book or the series to an animal shelter or food bank {I think that's the second choice}. Anyway, the books in the series are as follows ~



The Mating

The Keeping

The Finding


As mentioned above, I'm still reading The Night is Watching and I'm loving it.

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4 years ago

Hi everyone.

I am currently reading the ALL ABOUT EVE trilogy by Sophie Mckenzie. I have just finished the first book, SIX STEPS TO A GIRL, and now I just beginging the second one called THREE'S A CROWD. I also have the third and final one called THE ONE AND ONLY, which I will read after THREE'S A CROWD.

4 years ago

Danilo, sounds like you're enjoying that trilogy. Hope everything turns out well for all the characters.


I'm still reading The Night is Watching, I'm 78% of the way thru it and am enjoying it very much.

4 years ago


I finished The Night is Watching and it was excellent as I expect Heather Graham's books to be. I give it 5 stars.


I'm now reading If He's Tempted by Hannah Howell. It is a series about the Wherlocke and Vaughn families who have psychic gifts and is set in London in the 1700's. The books in the series are ~

If He's Wicked

If He's Sinful

If He's Wild

If He's Dangerous

If He's Tempted

And the summary is ~  


Lady Olympia Wherlocke has the gift of foresight. When Lady Agatha Mallam asks Olympia to locate her brother so he can rescue her from an arranged marriage, she knows exactly where to find Lord Brant Mallam, Earl of Fieldgate. What happens next is something she never envisioned.Since his betrothed died, Lord Brant Mallam has drowned his sorrow with wine and women. His dissolute ways have only emboldened his calculating mother. But with the help of the enchanting Olympia, he concocts a daring plan to end his mother's devious designs for his sister. While each step in their bold scheme works to perfection, the sins of the past could unravel a growing desire that neither Olympia nor Brant can control.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Danilo, you're welcome.



I finished If He's Tempted and it was fabulous! I give it 5 stars. The whole series is really worth reading.


Next I'll be reading The Devil's Heart by Cathy Maxwell. It's part of a wonderful trilogy of 3 members of the Chattan family who are supposedly cursed from finding true love. The books are ~

Lyon's Bride

The Scottish Witch

The Devil's Heart

And the summary is ~


They call her the Unattainable. Lady Margaret Chattan spurned every suitor for her hand, vowing never to marry.The only way to break the curse plaguing her family for two centuries is this ultimate sacrifice. But now her brothers lives are in danger. Determined to save them, she risks her very soul by traveling into the heart of the Highlands to battle a force that has transcended time.

Heath Macnachtan is not superstitious. Laird of the most independent, nonconforming, madly infuriating clan ever to grace Scotland, he believes he has his hands full. And then a woman lauded as one of the most beautiful in England arrives on his doorstep with wild accusations and a mystical quest . . . one that just might help him discover who murdered his own brother.

But the real danger for Heath and Margaret is not a supernatural foe, but a very real love that could destroy them both.


4 years ago

I read some last night, some early this morning, and finished while out at the pool and The Devil's Heart was a fabulous book. I give it a hearty 5 stars. The curse was finally ended in this book an doh what an ending! The trilogy starts with each of the brothers and ends with the sister. Chattans have always died when they fell in love due to th ecurse of the Macnachtan witch. Margaret was the first female Chattan in centuries while Heath was the last of the family who cursed the Chattans. Y'all have got to read this trilogy.


Next I'll be reading Taking Eve by Iris Johansen. It's the first in a new trilogy about Eve Duncan who is one of those forensic people who "restores" skulls giving them faces. There are 15 books featuring Eve before this trilogy but I won't list them all here. The second two books aren't quite out yet but I'll list them with their release dates. The second book in the trilogy can already be put on hold at my library so maybe it can at yours as well. The books in the trilogy are ~

Taking Eve

Hunting Eve {7/16/13}

Silencing Eve {10/1/13}

And the summary is ~


#1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen is back with the first book in a new Eve Duncan trilogy #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen is back with the first book in a chilling new Eve Duncan trilogy that asks the question: will Eve survive what lies ahead?Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan's mission is to bring closure to the families whose loved ones have vanished.  She knows their anguish-her own beloved daughter, Bonnie, was taken from her when Bonnie was just seven years old.  It is only recently that this mystery was resolved and Eve could begin her journey to peace.  Now, Jim Doane wants the same kind of answers that Eve always longed for.  His twenty-five-year old son may or may not be dead and he has onlyburned skull fragments as possible evidence.  But he cannot go to the police for answers without risking his own secrets and dark past, so instead he chooses a bold step to find the truth-a truth that takes Eve down a twisted path of madness and evil and into the darkest heart of her own history.  Doane needs Eve Duncan's skills and he'll do anything to get them. Even if it means taking Eve.  

4 years ago

Hi Darla~ I got into reading "Elfin" by Quinn Loftis. It is proving to be an interesting book to read and love how she gets things very exciting from the beginning. So this will have to do until I find out when that book 7 of the Grey Wolves series comes out.

4 years ago

Sally, I'm glad you're getting into Elfin. It's great that it's interesting. I have an e-mail in to Quinn Loftis asking when book 7 will be out.


I'm a good ways into Taking Eve and enjoying it very much.

4 years ago

Darla~ Let me know what Quinn says about book 7. How did you get the email?

4 years ago

Darla, let me know how you like Taking Eve? I finished one by Mary Burton called the 7th victim, I give it 5 stars, reading Barbara Michaels Stitches in time now, have you read it?

4 years ago

Sally, Quinn said book 7 would probably be out on September 13th. Her e-mail is on her website and I saved her e-mails to me from when I e-mailed her before.


Sandi, I finished Taking Eve and will talk about it below. I have read Stitches in Time and it was quite good from what I remember. According to the library rating system, I gave it 4 stars.


I won Yasmine Galenorn's book Night Myst in a contest on Good Reads!


I finished Taking Eve and it was excellent. Definitely one of those books that keeps you up late or gets you up early reading. I give it 5 stars.


I started Highland Werewolf Wedding by Terry Spear. This is one of many werewolf books by Terry but I don't think they have to be read in any particular order. All of her books have been great. Here are some of the books ~

Heart of the Wolf

Legend of the White Wolf

Seduced by the Wolf

Wolf Fever

Heart of the Highland Wolf

Dreaming of the Wolf

A Seal in Wolf's Clothing

A Howl for a Highlander

And the summary is ~


After werewolves Elaine Hawthorn and Cearnach MacNeill almost have a head-on collision on a foggy Highland road, theyre pretty well stuck with each other. Itll be hours before anyone can get there to pull his car out of the ditch and they both have better places to be.

And Nowhere to Hide From Each Other...

The sexy little American brings out all of Cearnachs big bag protective instincts. If she thought she was in trouble before, Elaine has no idea what kind of complications a hot Scot can cause...

4 years ago

Some good reading you're all recommending, my friends. I'm at the end of Book One in Game of Thrones and so much is going on in the first book that it's hard to keep up but I'm loving it. As I said before, I only read before bedtime so my reading time is limited. Too busy in all my groups, making tags and teaching how that I can't read too much.

Every time I read the TV Guide someone makes a remark about Game of Thrones and now I know that two people die and I'm still reading about them. Aaargh! The tv series is so popular that people are constantly making remarks.

Enjoy your reading!!

Book club 15: June 9th, 2013, cat lovers
4 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm back from Europe. I got back last night. I just downloaded another Jonathan Kellerman book called Devil's Waltz.

4 years ago

Hi Darla~ Thank you for the information on Quinn. I'll be sure to keep my eyes out for it on that date. At least it won't be like that other author of those other books I was reading where it would take who knows how long the next book will be out. From what I hear of fans of this book, "The Green Rider" series is she takes too long for the next one to come out.

Hello to Laura! Good to see you back.

4 years ago

Lynn, glad you're at the end of Game of Thrones and loving the book.


Laura, welcome back! How was your trip? Hope you enjoy Devil's Waltz.


Sally, you're welcome for th einformation on Quinn. I've got my calendar marked for when book 7 is released. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of authors who take years to come out with the next book in a series.


I finished Highland Werewolf Wedding and it was fabulous. One of those books you don't want to put down. I give it 5 stars.


Next I'll be reading Death, Doom, and Detention by Darynda Jones. It's second in a new series about a teen girl {it's a young adult series} named Lorelei who has a crush on death. The books in the series so far are ~

Death and the Girl Next Door

Death, Doom, and Detention

And the summary is ~ 


From The New York Times bestselling author of Third Grave On The Right, comes the exciting follow-up to Death And The Girl Next Door In New York Times bestselling author Darynda Jones's Death, Doom and Detention, the normal part of Lorelei MacAlister's life didn't just slip away quietly the day Jared Kovach came to town. Nope. The normal part of her life shattered. It exploded. It burst into a gazillion shards of fleeting light.It went out with a bang.Goodbye normal.Hello dark and eerie.While her best friend, Brooklyn, is focusing all of her energy on helping Lorelei hone her abilities, Lorelei is dealing with the reality that Satan's second in command has taken up residence inside her body. Oh, and the fact that she has a crush on the Angel of Death. But what a beautiful death it is. If those weren't bad enough, something sinister has come to town and it wants nothing more than to hear Lorelei's dying breath as it strangles it out of her. Thank goodness the gang has a supernatural champion. But what happens when the only being who can save them switches sides midstream? How can a group of misfits capture one of the most powerful beings ever created? And will they find out how to bring Jared back to them before it's too late?

Book cub 14 May 30th: Cat lovers
4 years ago

Hi, Darla. Thanks. It was great. Our Program Director, Mieke Bakker, was a lot of fun. One day when Mom and I came back to the bus after our excursion, she had been out shopping and had gotten some summer weight pants because her winter weight pants were too hot, and another day, she bought a new purse. The Var couldn't get all the way to Budapest because a lock on the river was broken, so we went by bus and stopped in Bratislava. Bratislava looks a little worn down, but it was great. There was a crazy Canadian woman who was ranting about the Slovakian government drugging her son or something like that. It sounds like they kidnapped him or something and she has been trying to get the Canadian embassy to help her, but they have not helped her at all, and this happened three years ago. We just ignored her and went on our tour. It is really good so far.

4 years ago

Laura, so glad you had a great time. Sad about the Canadian woman.


I'm over halfway thru Death, Doom, and Dentention and really liking it.

Book club 15: June 9th, 2013, cat lovers
4 years ago

I had a lot fun. It was hot in Germany and when we would come back to the ship from our excursions, the crew would have cool towels and some drinks for us. Yes, it is. I hope she gets the help she needs.

4 years ago

Laura, it's great you had fun. Cool towels and drinks are a nice thing to come back to after a hot stroll. As for the Canadian lady, I also hope she gets the help she needs.


I finished Death, Doom, and Detention and really liked it. I give it 5 stars. 


I started reading Headed for Trouble by Suzanne Brockman. It's in a series about a group of people in Troubleshooters and Navy Seal Team 16. Troubleshooters is a private company full of ex Seal Team guys and ex FBI that does jobs for hire like protection details, finding missing people, etc. The series is quite good and, yes, I've read all the books. The books in the series are ~

The Unsung Hero

The Defiant Hero

Over the Edge

Out of Control

Into the Night

Gone too Far


Hot Target

Breaking Point

Into the Storm

Force of Nature

All through the Night

Into the Fire

Dark of Night

Hot Pursuit

Breaking the Rules

Headed for Trouble

And the summary is ~

This mass market original collection is filled with never-before-released short stories and novellas featuring the beloved characters from Suzanne Brockmann's wildly successful Troubleshooters series. Packed with pulse-pounding tales about everyone's favorite special ops team, this suspenseful collection is a must for fans of the New York Times bestselling series, and is also the perfect introduction for newcomers. Tough-as-nails Troubleshooters operative Sam Starrett learns the agony of loving someone in danger--and the hell of waiting on the home front--as his wife, Alyssa, hurtles into a foreign hot spot that's about to boil over. Navy SEAL Frank O'Leary's ill-fated holiday reunion with his older brother takes a turn for the better--when a chance encounter on a rainy New Orleans street gives Frank a reason to be thankful after all. In a maze of tunnels deep beneath a military base in Germany, Jules Cassidy, Alyssa Locke, and their comrades in arms match wits with terrorists on a mission with explosive consequences. Plus more never-before-released adventures featuring Jenk, Izzy, Gillman, Lopez, Kenny, Savannah, and other members of SEAL Team 16--along with Suzanne Brockmann's exclusive interviews with her beloved characters.

4 years ago


Book club 15: June 9th, 2013, cat lovers
4 years ago

The best part of the cruise was seeing the abbey at Melk. It was hot that day and Mieke said that she felt like a wet rag. She looked like it, too. Those books sound good.

4 years ago

Sandi, glad you enjoyed All Night Long. I thought maybe I'd read it but the summary didn't sound familiar so I requested it from the library.


Laura, glad you liked seeing the abbey. Yes, the books are very good.


I'm almost halfway thru Headed for Trouble and the stories in it are great so far. There's a couple a wasn't too crazy about but that's a small percentage.

Book club 15: June 9th, 2013, cat lovers
4 years ago

It was a lot fun, even though it was hot. Inside the abbey was nice and cool, though. Mom and I gt some organ music for my Grandma Gargas. We tried to get some in Passau, but Mom couldn't find any. I'm still reading Devil's Waltz and Alex was talking to one of the nurses about a child that is being treated there and the nurse got angry at Alex for something and he finally found out what was bothering her.

4 years ago

Laura, glad you found some organ music for your grandma. Are you liking Devil's Waltz?


I finished reading Headed for Trouble and give it 4 stars. There were a couple stories that didn't hold my interest but overall it was a good book.


Next, I'll be reading The Villa by Nora Roberts. Here's the summary ~


Sophia Giambelli has never worried about competition. For three generations, the Giambelli wines have been renowned for their quality-- from Napa Valley to Italy, and throughout the world. The pride of the Giambelli family and a top PR executive, Sophia loves her job-- and excels at it.

    But things are about to change at Villa Giambelli. Tereza, the matriarch, has announced a merger with the MacMillan family's winery-- and Sophia will be assuming a new role. As a savvy businesswoman, she knows she must be prepared for anything . . . but she isn't prepared for Tyler MacMillan. They've been ordered to work together very closely, to facilitate the merger. Sophia must teach Ty the finer points of marketing-- and Ty, in turn, shows her how to get down and dirty, to use the sun, rain, and earth to coax the sweetest grapes from the vineyard.

    As they toil together, both in and out of the fields, Sophia is torn between a powerful attraction and a professional rivalry. At the end of the season, the course of the company's future-- and the legacy of the villa-- may take an entirely new direction. And when acts of sabotage threaten both the family business and the family itself, Sophia's quest will be not only for dominance, but also for survival.

4 years ago

seaside serenity Darla you'll love the Villa.

Book club 15: June 9th, 2013, cat lovers
4 years ago

Me, too. I talked to her on the phone the day after we got back and she was happy we had a good time and she said that she would have liked to have gone with us, but with her mobility issues and memory problems, that wouldn't have been a good idea. It is really good/

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