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Tip needed
4 years ago

Hi all I just feel the need to get a cat now, I miss having a small cute cat running around. However I am not sure if it wise because we are still working on our house, my youngest is 5 and a half but she is great with my moms cat.. should I wait until the house is 100% complete so a poor animal wont have to endure the sounds.. we have to fix up the second floor the first is complete and thats were we live.. and wait until my kids are older? And then I am thinking if we get a kitten it will be used to us from the start ect and might be more playful.. on the other hand I would like to get a rescue.. but it might be harder for a older cat to adjust? -Missy-

4 years ago

This is my opinion Missy. If you are doing reno's to your house and your house is going to be busy with comings and goings, hammering and smells ie paint and having been a rescue where its already had a stressful time, Id say IMHO and stress that I would wait till all the reno's were completed and you had some kind of pattern to your life. Childrens ages IMHO again  havent anything to do with how the animal is, sort of and with parental teaching from an early age its beneficial that they grow up with the animal. Time and effort must go into a new cat. Mine had 3 owners as I have mentioned before and me being her 3rd and she was mostly at the RSPCA here but she had been bought in the September of '11 and returned by Dec '11 and from then on, in a cage till May 12 when she discovered me and fell in love with me. Its true but mutual too. Its taken 14 mths of dedication, quietness and one on one and heaps of love for her to trust and for me to iron out those horrid kinks. So all in all, Missy, please do your reno's, the cats/kittens will still be there and your house will be running normally and in the mean time, you can start to prepare your children in teaching them the right and wrongs of playing and owning a cat/kitten. Then go and get one when all is done, not before its not fair on the cat or you for that matter.

Read Midnite thread where that lady moved house and her cat is displaying a stressed attitude.

An older cat is great and that can be from 1 onwards.

Rescues are good too.

You can find out their history when you go there.

# let the animal discover  you not  YOU discover it b/c now I believe that animals choose you. Take  your time and dont rush. Ask them if you can return the next day if your not sure. Here they will do that.

Hope that helps but I would definately wait or you might have a really stressed cat and you dont need to have to deal with that when reno- ing.

Best wishes


4 years ago

I agree with summerannie about waiting until the renovations are done...With people coming and going the cat or kitten could get out. Also, if you are planning on a kitten, don't get one under 6 months old because of the age of your daughter, and personally, I would get 2 of them to learn from each other, and to exercise together.


An older cat is nice too.  Maybe an older cat with 2 kittens.   Nice family to start out with. I never have had a choice here.  I have always had a stray or feral come around here looking for some food, so when that happens, the others smell the food and come around too.  I use to feed some skunks and Opossums, and that would draw the cats. Whatever came around is  or was my obvious choice, cat or kitten or pregnant cat with kittens.


I had a Mother cat that a friend up the road was following around to see where she put her 5 kittens. She carried them all the way down here. One at a time of course. trapped all of them, and she was pregnant with 8 more. What a time I had hauling them off to be spayed.


I had contacted ally cat allies to help me with the spaying and neutering, but by the time they got back to me and it was my turn for help, I had already started getting them fixed, not to mention, if they helped with the feral cat program, I would have had to put them back where I found them, in the bitter cold part of the winter, and I was not willing to put any of them out. Also, the kittens that were just born were never outside, so they were not feral at all.

4 years ago

Agree with what has been said. If it were me, I would wait until all renovations are done. Loud noises are hard on cats, as are strangers in and out of the house. While a kitten "might" do okay with that, better than an older cat in most cases anyway, it still isn't the best idea. You could get a cat that was a couple years old that got along with your son. As long as older cats are not fearful of children, and children are taught respect for them and how to behave with them, strong bonds can be made with older cats, too. Sometimes children can hurt kittens without even knowing they are doing it, while older cats are better able to "teach" children the proper way to be around them. But again, the time for bringing a cat into the home would be after things settle down and your routine was settled. And that is just my suggestion after 40 years with cats  

4 years ago

I kinda knew the stuff you are all saying.. I just really miss a cat.. we live in a new area so not many strays.. had one that came one winter but she went home when her owner was back from vacation.. was a cute cat outside the other day and she was so cuddly.. I think that made me understand just how much I miss a cat.. When I grew up we had 1 cat indoor the one in my small photo and we had families living in our big garden next to the woods.. when people moved and just left their cat they seemed to find the way to our garden.. we had an older lovely gray and white cat.. he was a bit indoors but then he got so skinny and we took him to the vet and they put him down he was very sick.. and I will always remeber my first stay he was a huge cat he had a small limp, missed the tip of his tail, was blind on one eye he looked like he had his share of fights.. but he was a very nice and sweet cat... then after a few years he got sick and also got put down.. I don't know why I was just 7-8 so my mom and dad just said he got sick and old.. and then we had lots of differnt cats.. one we just called the kitty mom she got kittens and then the kittens got kittens.. O.O so at one point we had quite a few cats in our back yard... oh well.. I hope you all have a nice day with your lovely little cats..


4 years ago

Gee Missy, I agree with summerannie but understand that desire for a new cat. I have adopted both older and young ones. The older ones have been so loving. Most were strays who wound up here and now and then one from the shelter over the years. right now I have Kenny, Mouse, Punkin, Little Joe, and Wosie and then Black and White as my resident stray. Little Joe is the only one who was a kitten when he came and I adored him but he made the decision he doesn't want to be a house cat. Sorry I am rambling. What ever decision you make will be the right one for you and your family.


4 years ago

Missy after my Missie Mo died I wasn't ready for a cat, but God must have decided I needed one cause I found Stripes a couple months later outside in the rain.  Only you can make the right decision.

4 years ago

Missy, I agree that you should wait 'til after the renovations are done {unless one just shows up}. When you do decide it's time, if you get a kitten the best thing to do would be to get two who are at least 6 months old. Younger than that and your youngest could accidentally hurt them or they could accidentally scratch her with their very sharp claws. You'll make the right decision and when it's time a kitty or two will show up in your life!

4 years ago

Missy, I understand your dilemma...everyone's advice is excellent as always, but just to present the other side, I also think getting a cat is definitely doable. The reason I'm saying this is because my husband and I have been renovating our house bit by bit ever since we got married, and we have had cats since before we met. They do get scared by loud noises but they are ok...especially since you live on the first floor, and could keep the kitty away from where the work is being done on the second floor. Also, one thing I quickly learned about houses is that even when you think you are done, you aren't lol...there is always something that will need to be fixed or finished lol. So if you really want to get a cat, I think it is possible with some planning and tlc  




4 years ago

You know, after reading some of the last comments here, I sure hope Missy will come back and read them before making up her mind. Everyone is correct. It is always a "perfect" scenario to wait until the house is quiet and so on, but if a very responsible owner brings home a cat at the right time for the family and the cat, any situation is "doable". The thoughts on how a house is almost always under some kind of renovation is what really got me rethinking this, because we are always doing work in our house and my 7 are just fine with it . We keep them in a separate room when the guys are here so no one inadvertenatly lets them out, and they have their litter boxes and toys with them. I also visit them during the day so they know they aren't alone. And recently I brought home a 6 year old blind cat under these conditions and she is doing just great!!  So, yeah, Missy, if you can work it out for the best scenario in your own circumstances, why not get a couple kitties, like Darla suggested a bit older than little kittens so that no hurt would come to them, or your little one with those teeny tiny sharp needle claws that small kittens have, and spread some kitty love!!  I know how awful it feels to live without a cat in the house, and if you feel the need to give one (or two) a home, it certainly is a "doable" situation right now. (Two would be better during the renovation, especially, because they'd have each other for some comfort if needed). Good luck to you!!

4 years ago

Everyone here has given a lot of good advices. I think what I may have suggested is already here, so I'll just wish you Missy the best of luck in getting a kitty.

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4 years ago

Thanks for all the tips everyone..


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