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Chit Chat ~ August 4,2013 ~ Closed
4 years ago

The previous thread was getting long so am starting a new one. Please go back and check out the previous thread. Here's the link ~

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Ray made some Pillsbury sugar cookies today. Delicious. Sunshine was out there this morning when I went outside to take care of the outside cats. Black Beauty was out there a little later in the morning when Ray got back from the grocery store. Haven't seen Sassy in awhile. Went to the office pool this morning. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, hope Mutual of Omaha works out for you. Glad you liked the agent you spoke with.


Teri, lazy days are good sometimes and I'm glad y'all had one. Sorry you ran behind though it's great you got so much done. Sorry to hear that Baby Girl got outside and now thinks that she wants to go again. Hoow were the houses y'all were going to look at? Did you get to see inside any of them? Hope y'all get to the air show that Harry wanted to see.


Sugar, sorry you're down about your afternoon plans. Hope you end up enjoying the time spent with your friend anyway. There'll be another day to do your deck. That's great, only one more day of Wosie's medicine. So sorry that Punkin's got a urinary tract infection. UYIs are no fun. Glad the vet gave her a long acting antibiotic.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Wow so much to catch up on, so for now I just want to say happy International Friendship Day

to you all , hope it finds you all well and fur babies of course.

I am just going to watch a new drama series . set in the early 1800's called the "Mill" I love historical dramas , especially ones based on facts the terrible working conditions for women and children , at the mercy of the Mill owners and landed gentry land owners. The people who worked there inspire me with their sheer will to get out and do better, their fighting spirit and tenacity.

Following that another series this time from Dublin, called "Love and Hate" it's bang up to date, and our Uncle Jim and Cousin Robert are extras in it, so I will be scouring the programme looking for them . lol

well getting late oh still problems with the connection , now it is soooo slow !!!!!!

oh well patients is a virtue, Happy International Friendship Day to you all love and hugs xwendy k xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

True Friends are Like Mornings

4 years ago

I had a fun day today. Mom and Dad and I went into town and went to the movies and watched the new Wolverine movie. It was awesome! There are lots of good movies coming out soon, including the sequel to the Hunger Games movie.

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. When I went outside this morning there was a strange cat drinking yesterday's water. Unfortunately, I scared him/her off. I was hoping the food would bring him/her back but it didn't, at least not while I was out there. This cat was probably a feral cat rather than simply a stray b'cuz he/she was really leery of me. Inside, Scamp chose to lay on my legs this morning while I was reading! That was unusual for him so I was pleased. He's laying at the end of the computer desk while Cinder's asleep on the printer at the opposite end. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Wendy, enjoy your shows. Patience is indeed a virtue. I'm finding that I need patience over this pool situation. The pool near us is still green and closed! Happy belated Friendship Day!


Sandi, love the friends quote. Happy belated Friendship Day.


Laura, glad you had a great time with your parents! The sequel to The Hunger Games is coming out? I read all 3 books and watched the movie which was good.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

The site will be down a short time tomorrow.

4 years ago

I also read all three books and enjoyed them. I went for my walk this morning and saw Byron. He and the other guys were getting the horses ready to go swimming in the lake because some clients were coming in to look at the horses.

4 years ago

Thank you for letting us know, Penny!

4 years ago

had a great day.all went good at the doctor today for michelle and I my bleed sugar was 92mg today.Was a very nice day and we were gone for most of the day tuesday because I see the cancer doctor at 2pm.I losw some weight abd so did michelle.


time for a full head count around here sweet dreams. love you load.wishing I was there with appointment is at 2pm.when to walmart shopping for the week.after going to the bank for his good night sis.God bless


4 years ago

Good Tuesday Morning all. Well I hated going shopping all afternoon of a lovely day, but I enjoyed being with Ellen. If she didn't drag me out now and then, I probably would stay home except for errands and walks all the time.

Today I have an early appointment again and tomorrow Mouse has an appointment and I might take Wosie and Punkin back in. Punkin isn't improving as much as I like and Wosie had an ear infection and went through the entire 10 days of meds and it seems to be coming back. I don't know what is going on around here.

I did get the second treatment to the deck yesterday. I had just about decided to forget it. The next dry day I have to mow. It is supposed to rain for 4 days starting this afternoon. Unreal.

I have to start getting things ready to leave. I gave Punkin her pain meds and I have to put some Tresaderm in Wosie's ear. Chewy had his green beans this morning, approved on his diet and his dog food for the day. He ate the beans but his diet dog food is still waiting. We are going to the town's Night Out sponsored by our local police department tonight. That is if it isn't pouring rain. Chewy and I are going to walk up to the event and I am thinking about taking an umbrella just in case.

Take care everyone and hopefully all are okay along with your furkids. Teri it sounds like things are okay for you right now. Did you get to see the inside of that house you were wanting to go see?


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Watered my plants today. Am cutting back on watering my fern as the bottom fronds are turning almost brown. The pot doesn't seem to drain properly despite its design so I think the fern may be getting too much water. Sunshine was the only cat out there this morning. The pool is still closed. The office manager was supposed to call me back yesterday but didn't so I'm going tocall agin today. Unless I decide to go to the office pool then I'll just stop in the office. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Penny, thanks for the info.


Laura, glad you enjoyed the books. That's cool that they were taking the horses swimming.


Betty, great to see you here.


Teri, glad your blood sugar was down today. It's great that y'all lost some weight.


Sugar, glad you enjoyed the time spent with your friend, Ellen. I'm a stay at home person myself. I only get out for doctors' appointments. It's great that you got the second treatment of the deck done. Sorry Punkin's not doing well and that Wosie's ear infection seems to be coming back. Enjoy your town's Night Out!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago and I would make great neighbours...chatting over the fence every day    I have friends that practically live in shopping malls and I've never been able to understand it.  Even when I lived in the city I rarely spent days shopping, unless it was back to school shopping or christmas shopping or something like that.  I like my house...I love my cats are all the company I really need and I am happy.  My town has a population of just over 100; there are only about 1100 people in the whole county.....I live at the end of a dead-end road running into the forest and my neighbours are a hike away for the most part.  I have loved it here since the first time I saw it and we bought this house almost 20 years ago.  I'd prefer my husband could spend more time at home but for now, it works out better for him to stay close to work down in the city.  Since the kids have moved out, I am free to just putter around here all day long, doing whatever strikes my fancy at the time    My kids are usually the ones dragging me out of the house to go do things or else I'd probably stay pretty localized. I guess I would be lost without my computer since I do most of my "travelling" online.


I had a family bbq on Saturday and I feel as though I'm still recuperating and this is Tuesday.  We ended up with 27 people, including babies.  By nightfall, it looked like a miniature tent city on my lawn.  Thank goodness the weather held; it was cloudy during the day but no rain.  We had a bonfire that was alot of fun.  No fights and no injuries    When I went outside the next day to say goodbye to someone, I found my yard was immaculate.  My neices and daughters got together and cleaned it all up    Thank goodness....I gotta tell you  LOL. 


Anyway, I'd love to address everyone but I have so much to do usual.  Now that I am alone again, I will try to find some time to catch up on my reading of posts.  It's been pretty hectic this past week so I haven't had much computer time but I see the board has just been zooming along.  Have a great day everyone!!

4 years ago

Yes, it is very interesting to watch. They exercise them on a dirt track, too. Nothing much going on with Byron today. He said hi and then drove off on the cart because he had a lot of work to do today. Dad went in and had an MIR of his right shoulder today because it had been hurting him when he was playing tennis, but the MRI is normal. I'm rewatching my favorite old t.v. show, The Wild Wild West.

4 years ago

had a great day at my cancer doctor appoinments.bleed sugar was 95mg today.yes that is good.all the kittens are doing good and getting in toulbe why we sleep.the adult kats are doing all so.there are less fight latey as well.So things are starting to work out.with all the other kats in the house.I am doing loads better as well,but their is time I do not feel it but I do.because the pains that I have been haveing in my upper chest doctor tiber,  has order a ct srcan.all my other bleed work came out ok,but my ac1 for my bleed sugar was my insuiln will get change wednesday is the only free day that we  are going to have this week.Because I need to go to ssa for michelle to get her payments trun to adult account because she will be 18yrs old in less than four months the time has gone so fast.she was knee when she came to live with us,now look at her 5"4 ans still growning. hope that you all had a great day and your weather was wonderful.God bless                                             




4 years ago

Angela your home sounds great! It is a lot like mine. This week is one where I have to leave a few times. The eye doc, Mouse's vet, and Wosie needs to see her vet. They are different vets. Oh well, one down, two to go. Mouse goes this morning and Wosie either this afternoon or tomorrow. I need to make the appointment this morning. This town seems to be growing. The township is very large but the town itself is small. New businesses are opening along the main highway and there are a few subdivisions that have been built the last few years for people who want to live in the country. Their homes sure don't look like they are in the country! The main highway looks like a train anymore with cars bumper to headlights during rush hour. Oh well you can't stop progress. I always wonder what happened to all the houses they left in the city. I'm glad your get together was a success and the rain held off.

Punkin seems better this morning. She is urinating more frequently than normal, but at least there is more urine minus the blood that was in it. I think her shot is finally doing it's job. I am just going to keep an eye on her, I don't think she needs to go in after all. I will be calling for an appointment for Wosie before I take Mouse in for his yearly. They have different docs.

Good morning Laura.


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Went outside this morning to water my roses and feed/water the outside cats. Sunshine was the only one out there early this morning but Black Beauty showed up later. Still no sign of Sassy. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Angie, I knew you lived in the country but not that you lived in such a small town. Wow! Your home sounds like it's really great though. I'd love to live in the country where I could see wildlife in my yard on a regular basis. Maybe someday. Glad the family bar-b-que was a success. A tent city? That would've been something to see!  It sure was nice of your nieces and daughters to clean up the yard for you.


Laura, sounds great. I've always been fascinated by horses. If I ever live in the country I''d get one if at all possible. Of course, I'd have to make sure I could afford to care for one so it'd take a lot of thought but I'd do it if I could. Dreams! Glad your dad's MRI was normal. Enjoy Wild, Wild West.


Teri, glad you cancer appointment went well and that your blood sugar is at 95. Sorry your insulin is changing again. Both my aunts are diabetic as was my grandmother when she was alive. I used to be hypoglycemic {low blood sugar} but have risen to the normal range so hope it doesn't rise any further. Glad the cats are all well. Kittens will be kittens and get into trouble.


Sugar, hope all the vet appointments go well. Glad Punkin seems to be doing better now. It may be a few days yet before she starts urinating at a regular level rather than more than usual. I know when I have a UTI, it takes a few days of being on the antibiotics before things really start kicking in.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Hello everyone, your great at remembering all the news Darla, I read the posts then by the time, I am going to post, I think mmm? now who was going where doing what?

Laura glad your enjoying your fav show, your lucky getting good views of the horses care, must admit I am nervous of horses even though I love them

Angie, wow you do live off the beaten track, Dont you get a bit scared at night?, I live rural but have people near me, they are good neighbours, there if you need them , I love the thought of detatched living though, the days I like are chilling with the cats, and going at my own pace, time to pop on here, instead of having to type reports.

Sugar hope Mouse is ok, and Wosie's ears are soon better, yeh your deck got finished, I am with you and Angie I hate shopping, I do mine on-line now, love it, browse through pages, click thats it, just wait for delivery. I only use trusted sites though, and have a debit card, that I top up for shopping, not the one with my account access at the bank, too nervous to do that, not that I am rich, just the worrying it would cause.

Teri so pleased things are working out, any news of a new place to live? hope you dont have to wait much longer .

Darla I was sorry to hear about, all the things that had been happening , roses being cut, thefts , hope that has stopped now, sounds like someone is jealous.

well I have managed to treat 3 cats for fleas , still got to do Mini, havent had any frogs here today, thank goodness, Buni attracts them , he picks them up in his mouth then puts them down usually in the middle of the floor, I swear he likes to watch them Jump, Mick has to take them back to a large pond up the road, keeps muttering " a plague of frogs!" the cats are in trouble for clawing the side of a new mattress, but mick has calmed down now, we laughed and said, we will cover it, then put a chair by it, so the cats can get on the top to sleep. if you cant beat them , help them , oh the mattress is from Lukes room, which is being decorated, that one day will be finished !!! well I am off to watch the only soap I watch coronation street.Will be back to read what your all up to, oh have any of you seen the vids about sylvester, the cat, he can get a bit rude, swearing, but I cant help laughing at the vids , heres one clip you will have to tell me what you think, Oh hi Sandi hope your well and Betty, Shell Karen Missie, Michela,Sally and anyone I have forgotten to mentionx wendy k x>>>>>Talking Kitty Cat - Wake Up Kitty 18: via @youtube

4 years ago

Medical news first. Mouse got his yearly check up and shots. The vets always check for fleas and we never have any, knock on wood! He weighs 16.9 pounds. Wosie got to see her regular vet today. When I took her in for her ears she went to the new one cause it was the day off for her regular. Her doc thinks it is an allergy instead of an infection. She asked if any thing was new or different here that could be causing it. I personally think it might be related to the flood waters. That is the only thing new or different. So now she will be getting Tresaderm daily for a while and maybe Claritin for ever. I have to go pick some up tomorrow. It could be something blooming right now too. That's what I hope. Since the meds have kicked in for Punkin she didn't have to go after all. She is much better this afternoon. She hasn't been to the litter box for some time. I keep a watch on her. She seems very comfortable right now. So hopefully no more vet bills until Little Joe and Punkin go in for their yearly stuff. I think that will be November.

Chewy got to go to our town's night out. He had a great time. There was the med copter and he got to see it take off and fly right over our heads. He watched it until it was pretty far away from us. He also saw a tortoise larger than him that was walking all around the place and a great big albino snake. It took several people to hold it. There were some smaller ones too but he didn't worry about any of them. The albino could have eaten him.

hey, I gotta go. more later.

4 years ago

Good morning, Sugar. How was your day?

I really enjoy watching it, Wendy. There are a lot of great moments with Jim and Artie. My favorite bits are when they are teasing each others about something or Artie gets irritated with Jim because he got the girl and Artie didn't. Artie is always making something to help Jim when he is working the cases, like in one episode, he made tear gas bombs. Jim is the older partner and is very calm and collected and in great shape ( when ever he gets captured, the bad guys tend to take his shirt off,) and he is a steadying influence for Artie because he can sometimes get a little hotheaded and irritated. Artie is the younger partner and can be a little flighty at times, especially when he is dealing with a bad guy and Jim has to restrain him. He is also highly creative and is always making something to help Jim or both of them with their cases, and whenever something bad happens to Jim, he gets upset and fusses at him a little bit. He tends to worry about Jim a lot. I went for my walk this morning and talked to Byron some more. They are putting a roof on the catching pens they use to to put the horses in when they feed them so that they will have some shade, and they also put some signs up to point the way to the foaling barn, yearling bar, the office and the shed that they use for all their tools. It makes it look more professional. I'm going to have to get some Dr. Scholl's inserts for my shoes because I have been having some foot pain when I walk.

4 years ago

I just wish that we find one place and that we can finsh the packing and just move right in to it.that be so awesome.that we could get out of this moblie tend can we are calling a home .I need much more room to move around in and that kittens and kats need they space in which to run and play and be happy.That is a other way to make me happy and un depress once again.that everything I  own would have its place to sat and be seen once again,instead of pack away in a box in the stroage bin with every thing else we own.that there is no room in this place for any more, to have any thing.we just all need a much bigger place to be liveing in asp. so please I ask that you all would please say prays that we find what we went and can get mover before winter set in.Because I am refuse to live here one more winter.its so hard to get out when there is snow,because they plow us in all the time.and they know for a fact that both Harry and I are not able to do it with our heath and michelle with her bad back.because if i need to i will pack up the rest of my stuff and put in storage bin what we would not be useing and go live out of a moltel once again like we have done in the past.when we could not find a place to live.I am atthe end of my rope looking for the right place to live until the right place came around for us.It be much better the kittens and the kats,for thry have more room in which to move around and there be less fighting bewettrn everyone here.well I pray that your day was been good to you and your had awesome weather.God Bless

4 years ago

Teri I am praying really hard that you get a move out of that mobile and into a place that you all love, I can only imagine how penned in you all feel including the cats and kittens, try and stay positive , because positive attracts positive, sending my prayers right now xxxx

Sugar so glad you had a great night with Chewy, I am not fond of snakes, so I wouldn't have been anywhere near that big albino snake, pleased all ok with Mouse, poor Wosie, hope her ear heals soon, maybe it is an allergy, well the medicine will soon clear it , glad punkin is well on the mend, look forward to reading what else happpened at the celebrations

Laura, that sounds like a great series , I will have to look out for it , on the satelite stations, forgot to say I was pleased to read all was ok with your Dad's "MRI", when is your next trip away? you go to some great places ?

Darla Hi, any sign of Sassy, hope you are ok can you believe the weekend is nearly here, I am definitly going out this weekend, just for sunday lunch,  .

Well work time, only 2 reports, short ones, then lunch, then play the word games here, and open my emails , chat soon hellooooo to everyone  xwendy k x

4 years ago

Teri, the day weather wise was horrible! It really was hard to breath. It wasn't too hot, just to humid! I hope your day is a little better than mine. I have only had about 2 perfect days this summer and on both of those days I ended up shopping with Ellen. Because the weather was perfect. I still don't get why a perfect day should be spent shopping. A rainy, hot, humid day would be a much better day to shop. Than a brown bag lunch on a walk in the woods for the perfect day. Hey you will remain in my prayers for a new home, larger and better for you and your family.

Good morning Laura. I hope the shoe insert helps your foot. The last pair of walking shoes I bought are too deep and they hit my ankle bones. So I put a Scholls insert in and that took care of it. Have a good day.

I wish I could remember what I wanted to share when I had to leave so abruptly yesterday afternoon.

For now, everyone have a wonderful day whether the weather is good or not!!


4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hoe this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Went to the pool this morning about 10:30 and saw the oddest thing. They have a landscaped area in next to the pool with some bushes, "snake grass" {I don't know what it's really called though I've also heard it called monkey grass for some reason}, and other plants. I heard this loud screeching noise and as I walked closer to that area I saw an anole {a type of lizard often called chameleons} going after a locust that was fatter than he was. The locust was making that screeching noise whenever the anole grabbed onto it. Then the anole gave up and jumped away. I don't know if he noticed me despite the fact that I'd backed up out of the way or he just realized that the locust was too big. Watered my plants and fed/watered the outside cats early this morning. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Wendy, I don't actually remember all the things everyone says what I do is this. I start typing then I go back and forth up to the person's post then back down to my post writing in response to what they've said. Easy and no having to rely on my silly memory! I too do th emajority of my shopping on-line mainly b'cuz we don't have a way to go to the store. Ray takes the bus to HEB for groceries and a cab home. I can't walk as far as the bus stop so shopping would require a cab both ways. It's just easier to shop on-line. Thank you for the sympathy regarding the theft of my grandmother's garden statue and the cutting of my roses. As you can imagine, it's very upsetting. It's great that you got 3 out 4 cats treated for fleas. You'll catch Mini. Glad you've had no frogs. Sorry about the mattress the cats scratched up. What can you do once it's done except be mad at them? Ultimately, you forgive them though. Thanks for the video. It  sure gave me a chuckle. No, there's been no sign of Sassy. I'm really praying that someone adopted her.


Sugar, glad Mouse's check-up went well. Wow, he's a big boy! Glad too that Wosie got in to see her regular  vet. Allergies rather than infection huh? Poor Wosie. In my opinion, the flood could've brought something in that she's allergic to. Could mold be a problem? It's great that Chewy got to go to your town's Night Out! Sounds like he enjoyed himself! The tortoise and the big, albino snake sound interesting.


Laura, sounds like an interesting series. Hope the shoe insert helps and you have no more foot pain. Glad you talked to Byron and they're giving the horses some shade as well as making the place look more professional.


Teri, praying that you find a house soon and that you don't end up living out of a motel. As Wendy says, positive attracts positive so just think about finding the perfect house and all that y'all  will do in that home.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

not much happening here. turned the ac back on as it's getting warmer out. Darla I do a lot of shopping on line also cause I can't walk the stores that much as my knees give out, so only go to store to get food. Take care everyone. Stripes is so excited about Shasta's birthday. She keeps saying when .

4 years ago

thank you lady's ,will do.the one place we were looking at has now gone up for rent to buy so we are going to try and see what it looks inside and with any luck we would be able to rent to buy this place.and its right down the street from VA hosptail,which would work real nice for Harry when he has appointment and I  am not up to driveing him there,he would be able to take my scotter and go on his own.So I am its ok on the inside that we can rent it to own it.its in West Allis were I was rasie and went to school.


Michelle sat for the girl that live across from us and they mom left and did not came and get her girl's and now michelle is stick with them all day,which mean we will need to take them both with us house hunting..and the youngest one is not always good,


a other everyone and the kittens and kats are ok ,in fact the kittens are very very playful today.I have no pain ,but harry is haveing same in his back today.Michelle doing ok but for haveing to care the girls.hope that your day is great and you nice weather like we are haveing.God bless.

4 years ago

It sure is, Wendy. Artie also spends a lot of time in his lab in the back of the train and creates things for Jim to use to help him escape from the bad guys, or they just hang out there when they're not in the field and relax. Our next trip is in August with my Uncle James and Aunt Doris to Vermont. Their bank puts together these trips and they go various places in the U.S. Uncle James is in his 90's and Aunt Doris is getting there, and they are still fairly active and do things with the friends, but mostly they stay at home.

You would enjoy it, Darla. My dad ordered it off of many years ago.

I'm sure they will, Sugar. We'll probably get them tomorrow or next week. We're going into town to see the new Matt Damon film Elysium. The previews looked really good. We're going to have dinner at Applebee's after the movie. Ouch, that sounds like it would hurt. I talk to Byron almost every morning. Most mornings, he is driving by on the cart getting ready to do something or other and gives me a little toot on the horn.

4 years ago

I talked to Wosie's doc. I remembered the something new in the house, Swheat clumping litter! Her doc said it is a strong possibility that she has a wheat allergy. I moved that box out to the garage for Black and White and put my regular litter, Fresh Step back in. The vet said they use the cheapest clay litter at the office. So I bought a large bag of non-clumping Kitty Litter.

There has to be mosquitos in the house. My back got eaten up last night. They finally quit itching. There are at least 4 large bites. They are all on the same side. My back scratcher isn't worth squat!

I also have a hard time responding to all the posts. I go up and down and still miss answering a lot.

Good luck on that house Teri! Sounds like it would be a good home for all of you.

Darla I don't think it would be mold. I don't have a finished basement and I took every thing out that was in the flood and if it couldn't be washed in bleach water, through it away. I also washed the walls above the water line, the walls are concrete block. I run the dehumidifier daily and used a fan for several days after the flood. I don't think there is any mold, time will tell.

Laura since you mention horses so often I find my self dreaming of my Honey Bar more often, she was a wonderful horse. I will always remember her and miss her.

Mouse wants to go check on Shasta's Birthday Party so I have to let him have the computer.


4 years ago

thank you lady's ,will do.the one place we were looking at has now gone up for rent to buy so we are going to try and see what it looks inside and with any luck we would be able to rent to buy this place.and its right down the street from VA hosptail,which would work real nice for Harry when he has appointment and I  am not up to driveing him there,he would be able to take my scotter and go on his own.So I am its ok on the inside that we can rent it to own it.its in West Allis were I was rasie and went to school.


Michelle sat for the girl that live across from us and they mom left and did not came and get her girl's and now michelle is stick with them all day,which mean we will need to take them both with us house hunting..and the youngest one is not always good,


a other everyone and the kittens and kats are ok ,in fact the kittens are very very playful today.I have no pain ,but harry is haveing same in his back today.Michelle doing ok but for haveing to care the girls.hope that your day is great and you nice weather like we are haveing.God bless.

4 years ago

Good Morning all! Wow, we had two ferocious lightening storms. One yesterday afternoon and one during the night. A small limb of my (and the deer's) crab apple tree was a victim and I don't know what all else yet.

I just dropped in to say hello, I had breakfast and now I need to get ready to leave shortly. I'll try to be back later.


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I was baking Nestle Tollhouse White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies this morning and overbaked them a bit b'cuz I was so into my book I lost track of time! They're not burnt so they're still edible and taste alright. Watered my roses and fed/watered th eoutside cats ~ Sunshine was out there. She's a sweet cat and so patient as she waits by the food dish, which is on my neighbor's side of the porch, rather than greeting me at my door. Everytime I see her I get so mad at her so-called owner for leaving her behind. Shasta's 10 today! Salmon will be doled out later with a bit extra for her. Also have catnip on hand. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, yes, walking the stores is a problem for me too. I have balance and stamina issues. Ray does the grocery shopping. Shasta got the birthday e-card from Stripes and was really excited. It was her first of the day!  She's waiting for me to finish here before she goes to Mouse's thread.


Teri, hope the house that is rent to buy works out for y'all. Being that close to the VA hospital would be great. How could a mom just leave her kids! I'm absolutely shocked! I'd report her to Child Services. The fact that she left them with a sitter makes no difference ~ what if Michelle was not able to stay? That's just my opinion. Glad you had a day with no pain and that all the kitties are okay.


Laura, y'all enjoy Elysium and Applebee's.


Sugar, glad you figured out what Wosie might be allergic to. Hope the new litter works out. Sorry there's mosquitoes in the house. I could always lend you our back scratcher. It's a cheap one we picked up at Walgreens for 99 cents but it works wonderfully. There used to be a little rolling part on it to use as a back massager but that part broke off. Other than that though it's held up for years. Well, sounds like you've taken care of any mold problems. It was just a thought after a flood you know. We got mold in our previous apartment b'cuz the a/c was actually a chiller unit and there was alot of moisture in the air when it was used. Ray had to really keep ahead of it b'cuz he's allergic to mold. Shasta's really pleased that the other cats are throwing her a party. She feels downright special! Sorry about that poor tree after the lightning storms. Hope there's not more damage.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Darla: I total agree with you.I would not mind if she was to ask me first.but she will let her daughters sleep over night because Michelle ask and than in the morning she will go about her bussine a nd not came and check on her girls or ask if it ok for us to get her daughter's for the if we have no thing plan,no she go and does her stuff and never check in with us.which get Harry total p*** off. as it does me.or the girls will beg to go with and cry if we say no way.will I told michelle last night no more sleep overs for them.she was not happy but she knows I mean it this time.I am going call and set up appointment and harry went to look at both house the guy has up for rent to buy.


I pray that we are able to get one of them and start to move in slowly the rest of this month and sept and be all moved in by the end of Sept.because we would need to give a thify day noice to the management of the moblie park.which i would give the second i knew the house was my.and than start looking for moveing help for family and maybe firends or from  regual moveing peolpe this time,because Harry and I are getting way to old for this stuff any more.that we will need help moveing and this is going  to be my last time to move any where.


The was ok here it got into the 80's today,but now it looks as if its going rain here.which would rain on the state fair wwhich I belive today is the last day.plan to do all the dirt wash on Satuday why michelle is gone with Susan,if not saturday than on Sunday why michelle can be with to help do it. it seems to go faste when michelle is with us doing with us ,so maybe wait until Sunday morning.hope that your day was geat and your weather was as well.God bless


4 years ago

Was Honey Bar your horse, Sugar?

We didn't actually see Elysium today, Darla. Dad was having problems with his phone and he was having the people at Sprint look at it. He also quit his job with Family Physican's Group today because he was unhappy there. A lot of people have quit and the people at corporate don't listen to him. When he wanted them to order new blood pressure cuffs, they did not do it. So after we go to France next year, we will be traveling within the U.S., and I am going to get a part time job somewhere so I can save money so we can go to London and see the Sherlock Holmes museum. We did go to Applebee's, though. Mom and I shared my favorite bleu cheese burger. I also did some work on a Wild Wild West story that I am working on. I have a Pages app that I use to write stories on. Dawson and I are helping Jim and Artie recapture Dr. Loveless in Charleston, and Jim is back in the hospital, fighting for his life to recover from a bad gunshot wound infection, and Artie and Dawson and I went to see him today and some guy from the Secret Service field office in Austin, Texas came to Charleston because he heard that Artie needed and new partner, but the information was wrong and I had security throw the guy out and Artie got really upset and I hugged him and let him cry himself out.

4 years ago

Just dropping in for a few minutes. Wosie's ears look great since I changed the litter from Swheat to our regular litter. I was afraid it was something brought in from the flood but when I cleaned out the Swheat litter box it dawned on me, that was the something new and different.

Chewy is almost crying, the Mouscateers and the rest aren't inviting him to the party for Shasta. Mouse is having a good time there. He only came home for a few minutes to pick up more catnip and take a power nap.

My bites are itching again. I wish I had your back scratcher. I had a really good one once but Chewy chewed it all up. I had forgotten what happened to it. These are the really big bites. They are driving me crazy, how long are they going to last? I think that is when I named Chewy, Chewy. That is the only thing he destroyed, but he tried to chew on chair rungs.


4 years ago

I got my back scratcher at dollar general. Sorry Chewy wasn't invited. I hope the cats don't tear up Darla's house too much. I haven't heard from Stripes but if she's acting up I told  Darla too send her home. Glad Wosie's ears are better.  It's quiet here with my baby gone hee hee!

4 years ago

well here a update on the house hunting here.


We went to look at the outside of a few was to small,one was in a very bad area.and the other one we run into,I am going to call in the morning. it what we  are looking for in a great areain fact harry and I and lived in that area over 17 years ago..the kats would have loads of room in which to run and play.we be able to put in our hide away door,to make it easy for us to go back and fore to each others and that kats and the kittens to a lot exart running space and playing space.just hope that  there is a bedroom on the first flool of the side by side we run into.I have been haveing pain free days,but harry's back has been in a lot of pain lately..hope that you all are have wonderfull start to the weekend God bless.will update when I have something new to tell everyone .

4 years ago

Darla just what kind of party did you arrange for Shasta? Poor little Mouse just dragged himself in all worn out. He looks like something "the cat drug in" as the old saying says. He said he was going to say hello on his thread and then say goodnight! Sandi, how is Stripes this morning?

Laura, Honey Bar Bailey was my pride and joy and just an all around wonderful horse. She was a quarter horse, the original type, not the race horse they breed for now. She helped me more than once to round up calves and mothers and was so intelligent and sweet. If I could have picked her up and carried her, she would have let me. She would carry me and do what ever my thoughts and body language told her without saddle or bridle. They don't make them like that any more. She was a buckskin. I got her when she was 6 months old.


4 years ago

Stripes hasn't made it home did Mouse see her anywhere?

4 years ago

Just popping in to say hi to everyone!  I'm on my way to Toronto to attend the "Taste of the Danforth", an annual street festival that is a celebration of everything Greek.  I love Greek food so you know what I'm planning to do    Apparently they have invited the people from The Guiness Book of World Records and are planning to break the record for the largest Zorba dance.....the one on record was won in Greece and had over 600 dancers.  My sister and I plan to make history today 


Anyway, gotta run.  My sister should be here any minute.  I have my fingers crossed for you with this house Teri.  I hope when you see the inside, it will be everything your heart desires.  I'm glad to hear Wosie's ears are better Sugar.  Isn't it weird how cat litter could cause a problem like that?  Wosie is lucky you're so smart and on the ball 


Have a great day everyone!!

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Watered my plants this morning and set food/water out for the outside cats though there was no one there this morning. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Teri, sounds like she's totally taking advantage of y'all. She needs to take better care of her children. Sounds like things are moving forward on your house hunting. That's great. Glad you're having some pain free days though I'm sorry Harry's back has been hurting.


Laura, sorry you didn't see Elysium and that your dad had to quit his  job. Back when I was working as an Optometric Assistant I once quit a job b'cuz the doctor was taking shortcuts and doing things that I didn't agree with so I know where he's coming from. Hope he finds another job and that you find a part-time job so y'all can take that trip to London.


Sugar, Shasta invited Chewy this morning. She didn't check back on-line yesterday and is sorry she missed him but told him she had some salmon saved. After all, a lot of cats spent the night so he was able to come this morning.  It sure was a great party. Shasta loved it. There was Mouse's fresh catnip and Shasta's dry kind so there may have been some over indulging! Sorry your bites are itching. Benadryl makes a cream you can put on them and it'll help stop the itching b'cuz it's designed to stop an allergic reaction. So, Chewy got his name by chewing up your back scratcher huh? That's something else. Glad he didn't destroy anything else despite trying to chew on chair rungs. Glad you figured out the problem and that Wosie's ears are better. Your Honey Bar sounds like she was awesome.


Sandi, Stripes wasn't any trouble at all. She should be home soon. And the cats didn't tear up the house at all. There were just cat toys all over the place but that's not unusual!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Angie, your post wasn't here when I started mine. Hope you enjoy the "Taste of the Danforth". It sounds intriguing. Take care and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Stripes is home she sure is tired, and can't stop telling me about all the cats, music, & food. She said Shasta's Mom was really great. and really has a nice place. She really enjoyed her time with her sweetie Mouse, heard they shared the cake.  Well going to put her to bed  she  looks worn out.

4 years ago

What a beautiful horse, Sugar. Is she still alive or has she passed on? We're going to see it on Tuesday, Darla. He is not going to get another job, he is going to be home full time. And he said that I don't need to get a part time job and that Mom and I can still go.

4 years ago

what a great day here.but now they are calling for rain for Sunday.just what I need with my knee's and Harry's back.We still need to get the darn wash done before monday when my caseworker is due to came for her home vist again.She my medcail case worker for Family care,the place that pay Harry to care for me.Michelle went to a back to school fair with susan today tire herself out that she been  sleeping since 4pm.


I am still haveing a pain free day again.Which make me very for Harry and his back lately.All  the kittens are so very playful today.Tabitha try useing my right leg again as a climbing tree to get up on my poor leg looks so beat up.The older kats are all starting to get along so well at last.Sassy,now act as part of the family as if she been with the family for years.Sassy will now came up by me and sleep and sat a lot more on Harry's lap.She just became a better kat.Dorenda is not going to know it was her kat when or if she every came back from FL.well michelle just got up from her long nap and went for her walk.hope that you all have hada great day and your weather was wonderful too.God bless

4 years ago

A very quick chat at 3.10am sunday morn,

Darla Buni had a fab time at shasta's birthday party, he has been very quiet, yawning loads, and sharing secrets, with Jimi and Eric, got to say , all the cats are soo good at coming in now, I hope I have trained them, or at least established a pattern for them to follow, but the looks I get mmmmm early days on that. so glad Shasta had a good 10th birthday,

Sugar, I had to change kitty litter, I used a soft wood pellet one, the cats hated it, (only Buni uses cat litter now), so I get the cheapest it's a £1.00 for a bag, the size of 15 2lb sugar bags, that would be approx $1.50 where you are . If I was you I would take antihistamine, all the way through the mozzie season, we can buy 30 tablets for £1.00 , I suspect they would be cheaper still in USA . Do you get catalogues like our " Bettaware" catalogues, they have all sorts of cleaning stuff in, as well as nick nacks, >back scratchers, oooo mine is lovely, wooden with teeth carved out, heaven for that itch you cant reach. get some lemons, mozzies hate lemons, and catnip mint, oh and garlic . lotus flowers are something else they dont like. bet your blood type 'O' mozzies fav blood type.

Laura you made me laugh with your story, it was great, keep it up , hey if you getto London, don't forget to go on the London Eye, when the weather is good, from the top of that you can see most of greater London, I want to see the new film, "The Lone Ranger" with Jonny Depp love him . I have a copy of "The Great Gatsby" to watch with Leonardi De - Caprio in, have you seen "World of Pi" ? great film .

Teri, really you should tell your neighbour, to mind her kids, or someone might report her, it isnt fair , on you or her children, we know it must be hard to be on your own, with small children, but she doesnt sound like, she is taking their welfare seriously, and the wrong people could get hold of the children, no good will come of her easy go attitude re- her precious children, give her a warning , to help protect the children. Tri I know you are going to get that house, we are all willing it for you, so get it signed up, forget the washing, get that house, dont let someone else nab it, GO GET IT TERI , xxxxx

Sandi gosh glad stripes got back safely, glad your ok , seems we all have the same prob re- getting to the flippin bus stop !!!, any way I do hate shopping, always have , even when i could shop all day, soooo boring, love on-line, simple, yes click, or no forget it, much quicker, and i can have a coffee when i am shopping!!!

Angie have a great time, do tell what you got up to , on your return %#&!*%


I must get to bed, it is now 3.50am, will chat soon , tell you my news love and hugs   x wendy k x 

4 years ago

Oh good grief! All the typing I just did is gone, vanished into outer space or somewhere! Oh that aggravates me.

I'll try again. Sandi, I'm glad Stripes made it home finally. It's a distinct possibility she came home with Mouse for a visit. I saw a pretty striped girl leaving, but couldn't get a good look to see who it was.

Tell Shasta Chewy thanks her for the invite. He really enjoyed the salmon. When he got home I checked his breath. I didn't want him eating cake. He said he kept a low profile so he wouldn't scare any of the kitties that might be afraid of a dog. Did you know he washes his face like a cat? It is so cute. I don't know if he learned it from my kitties or if it's just natural.

Wendy, I love that soft wood pellet litter but it has one drawback that I have found. It is light weight and when the cats stand on the edge of the litter box, over it goes! But I keep a pan of it available and it does get used. I have to sweep it up now and then and put it back into the pan. I just bought the cheapest bag of clay litter to try it. Fresh Step, my old standby does have a lot of perfume and if Wosie is going to start having allergies, I will stop buying it. You know what, I bet Donna enjoys all the Birthday wishes early, timely or late! Thanks for starting it. I did check my calendar when I saw the post. I lose track of time when I don't have a bunch of appointments for one thing or another. Time is of little consequence any more.

Laura, a terrible freak accident caused my Honey Bar's death. She had a little filly, a few months old, and was in the small pasture because of that. That pasture had a small pond and a small wooded area which I thought perfect for her and her baby. Any way up the road a bit a young girl had a pack of dogs who ran loose, this was farm land, so that happens. Some how they got into the pasture and scared the filly, Silver Doller, and this panicked Honey Bar who ran into the wooded area following her little girl and some how she just dropped down and was dead. She had no injuries. I had her buried on the farm. There is no way I could let Darlin's pick her up like road kill and throw her into that horrible truck with other dead animals.

I have to go, it's time to get ready for Church,


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. We had a nice thunderstorm with quite a bit of rain last night. More thunderstorms are expected today. Will need to clean out BabyFace's habitat today. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, glad Stripes made it home and that she had such a great time. Shasta sure enjoyed the party and having her friends spend the night.


Laura, it's good you're going to see it on Tuesday. Glad you're still going to go to London and that you don't have to get a part-time job.


Teri, glad you had a great day and that you're having pain free days. Hope you get your wash done. Also hope the visit with the case worker goes well.


Wendy, glad Buni had a fab time at the party. So, he's sharing secrets huh. He could have brought his brothers and sister. After all, Shasta's brothers were here and we had at least one party crasher! Glad the cats are coming in when they're supposed to. I thought Donna's birthday was the 11th! Of course she can have a pre-birthday!


Sugar, sorry you lost a post. I'm glad Chewy liked the invite and the salmon. He was great while he was here. How cute that he washes his face like a cat. Sorry about Honey Bar's death. What happened to her filly, Silver Dollar?


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

You will never believe what happened to her. We lived on this farm and Silver could jump fences like a deer. Almost every day she began to jump the fence a little while before I came home from work. The same mean husband who sent my two cows, Willie and Pringles to market seemed to hate Silver and the feeling was mutual. As soon as I got home she came running to me. This was just the time I was deciding to leave him. He was threatening to shoot her and he had made a believer of me at last. I don't know what happened to him, but he was no longer the man I married. He died young. A horrible death by cancer. Anyway to protect her, I gave her to a friend whom I thought I could trust. I told him if by any chance he couldn't keep her any more or just didn't want her, call me and I would try to take her back. And as it worked out, I could have taken her back. I wish I had boarded her out to save her, but I was so tore up I wasn't making good decisions about things. I never even thought about boarding. I asked him how she was doing when I ran into him a couple months later and he said he sold her! She was a registered quarter horse with good blood lines. I've never spoken to him since. He knew how much I loved all my pets.

Chewy did like the party. And of course the salmon. I'm glad to hear he behaved himself.

Mouse wants a few minutes online so I better turn this over to him.


4 years ago

I'm glad you enjoyed hearing about my story, Wendy. Jim has finally recovered from his gunshot wound infection and is back up to his full strength and Artie is very happy that Jim is all right again and we have moved on to Savannah to look for Dr. Loveless and Jim and Artie spent all day looking for him and thought they found him, but it was a plantation belonging to a family and they walked in on them having dinner and the kids didn't appreciate that and one of them almost shot Jim, but the mother intervened and sent the kids to bed and made Jim and Artie a snack and I was in town all day shopping and I'm back at the train for dinner and Jim and Artie are covered with mosquito bites and Artie is having the same issue with his left foot that I am having and Tennyson is going to go into town the next day and get some Dr. Scholl's inserts for Artie's boots, and I put some nice, soothing lotion on Jim and Artie to give them so relief from the mosquito bites, and Artie was really tired and fell asleep there in his chair in the parlor and Jim explained that they had to go through this really nasty marshy area to get to what they thought was Loveless's house and it was very boggy and muddy and they almost sank a couple times, and it really wore Artie out going through there, so rather than leave him in the parlor and risk him waking up with a sore neck, Jim and I put him to bed. That's as far as I've gotten today.

Gosh, Sugar, what a tragedy! I know all about dogs running loose. One of our neighbors has a black dog that chases Dad when he goes out for his runs and he got really irritated about that and called Animal Control and they sent him a form to fill out.

Me, too, Darla. Math isn't my strong suit and I can't count money, so working at Teavana would be out. I was very unhappy about being made to go without my future Viking cruises last night and told Dad as much, and even though he doesn't like working at the office, he is going to keep working there so I can have my future cruises.

4 years ago

good evening all,hope you are all well.

All the kittys are doing pretty good, tiggy's sinus infection cleared up with the l-lysine i was giving to him, the antibiotic i got from the vet my him sick. the rest seem ok. Just recently a friend took in a cat from some1 esle. this is now the 3rd home he's been in, in a month. Well his original owners were going to have  him put to sleep because they were moving and werent taking him. So another friend took him, the cat ended up SUPPOSEDLY being mean and vicious and bit 2 people. Which is where my other friend came into the picture and took the old cat. Now since he's been with him, he hasnt growled., bitten, or hissed once. For the matter he just wants to sit either on yoour lap or on your shoulders and purrs constantly. I have been helping him out with the cat as the cat is 12 yrs old or more and very thin. I told him to start giving the old cat kitten chow. he seems to be putting on some weight and more energy.  At first all he did was sleep, he didnt eat much. Do u all think i should give him a vitamin supplument on top of it or just leave it.

4 years ago

Sugar if that was Stripes leaving she isn't telling and I bet Mouse isn't either.

4 years ago

things are going good here.monday with be 27 years with Harry and I could not ask for any change's in our life together.In fact I do it all over again if I was asked.still wish I would have meet Harry when


I  was much before I got married to my first husband .my life would have been a lot more happy a nd we would been there for  each other a lot more..both of our lifes would have been much better.who know I maybe not be so over weight that I am now.I may have found my daughter at a younger age as well.But God has plans and there are to be done at the time he would like them to be so I hapy that we are together now.


I thank God for putting Harry and I together as he has done.and that michelle was able to be part of our lifes too.The kittie's all were real good today.I was home with them all unti laround 4pm when we went out for a they were able to have time a lone for about a hour.


Harry will be takeing me out to dinner monday and Michelle will be cameing with us.He just needs to tell where he like to go for dinner.michelle got her room all pick up a nd clean.Than satuday at noon we will be going and looking at the house on south 57 street bythe VA hosptail.will let you all know what happens..we had nice weather here today,with hope it will be that way all week long.


hope that your day was wonderful and your weather was great too.Godbless


4 years ago

Happy Anniversary Teri and Harry. I hope you have a wonderful dinner wherever you go. I really hope that you like the house you are going to look at and that you can buy it. Let us know how it goes.

4 years ago

Happy Anniversary from me to Teri and Harry. Keep us posted on finding and getting just the right house.

Mouse isn't saying anything Sandi. It seems Stripes reputation is safe with Mouse! Cats are wonderful, aren't they? I love my Chewy but I love my kitties even more. Sandi, tell Stripes Mouse will drop in later. I have to put the computer up for the day.

Hi Shell, glad the furkids are doing pretty good. Same here, Punkin's UTI is all gone and also Wosie's ears seem okay. I check them out every night just in case. You know when a cat starts losing weight and eats a lot I check for hyperthyroidism but if this older guy is gaining weight, he's probable okay. Thanks for your tireless efforts for the helpless and needy furkids.

Chewy and I are going for a long drive today and visit an old cemetery and check for fossils in a creek. Wish us luck. I have been looking for a trilobite for years, no luck yet. I am putting lots of food and water out for kitties as usual. Chewy won't be here to steal it!

Take care.


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Got BabyFace's habitat cleaned out yesterday. We had a thunderstorm with lots of rain here last night. Black Beauty met me at the door this morning when I went to put out food/fresh water for the outside cats. Wish me luck for I'm going to a new pain management doctor today. My previous one of 13 years went out on his own and isn't on my insurance.   Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Sugar, I'm so sorry about what happened to Silver. That's really terrible. I don't blame you for not speaking to the man any longer. Glad Chewy enjoyed himself. Enjoy fossil hunting. Hope you find your trilobite.


Laura, it's nice you'll get to keep taking your cruises.


Shell, it's great you friend rescued that older cat and you're good to offer assistance. Sounds like you're giving her good advice. Vitamins might be a good idea like you thought.


Sandi, great to see you here.


Teri, happy anniversary! Twenty seven years is great! Hope y'all have a good dinner out wherever you go. Hope also that y'all like the house when you look at.


Michela, great to see you here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Orkut Myspace Anniversary Scraps, Graphics and CommentsTeri & Harry Happy 27th.

4 years ago

Good afternoon everyone, I have had so much work recently, inspections create so much paper work, I had to read several assessments, they were so poor, I had to re-visit the homes, to talk to the residential workers, trouble is they had a new manager, who told the resi workers, to complete the 12 week reports, in 8 weeks, as a result, the assessments were a "paper excersize" not an indepth report on how the child is progresing, medically, emotionally, and educationally, all of the things I just mentioned are essential , as they help devise the long term plans for the kids in the local authorities care, >see again bad management, but the frontline workers carry the blame. It,s great being able to call a meeting, with all the staff, and telling the management how it's going to be, and to adjust the resi staff's rota, to allow time off floor to complete essential paper work, (I also check the rota during inspections) lol, the power!!!!!!, I put a notice on the wall in the staff's office, >"If I want a tick box assessment, I can get admin to do that!!!! I want you to give me a picture in words, of the childs progress since being accommodated, under these headings, >"mental health-emotional and behavioural"  -   >"General Health" inc all checks, teeth, eyes, height weight, any health issues" -   >"Education Progress" inc support needed, plus dates link workers attended schools to check with teachers how the child is coping.    -> and last but not least "Contacts" any problems around people who have contact, with the child. inc what link worker has done to help the child to follow any hobbies or interests the child may have"<,

Sorry to go on, but people wonder why mistakes happen with kids, >that can be so dangerous for the child!!!!!, any way my "notice" has now been adopted by all the other homes, So I get a bonus for that, win win !!! lol

Teri Happy Anniversary         Hope you have a great meal tonight.  So hope you get that house, dont know how your being so patient, I would be there like yesterday!!!!!. You will get it I am sure, it seems the ideal one, being so near Harry's "V A"

Shell you are good helping out all the furbabies, maybe a little cod liver oil would be good for the cat, help the cats coat, but if the cat is gaining weight your doing all the right things so sweet he sleeps around your neck purring , means he is finally content living with your friend , so nice =^..^=

Darla, hope the storms were not to bad for you today, Jimi & Eric would have loved to have come with Buni, they have been head banging and whispering, well the twins are 3 next month so we can have a party for them , they can rave in the gazebo too,  have a sleep over too far to journey in one day

Sugar I an sorry to hear what happened to Honey Bar, so sad, then her foal..... lets not dwell on what we cant change, I always shake myself up, when I get sad about past pets, now not with me . I wouldn't have the wonderful memories of them, if they had not been part of my life, for however long they were with me..  t I have the exact same problem with kitty litter, but it doesnt matter what it is, Buni balances on the side and half tips it over, or kicks it all over the floor when covering up his deposits lol, a couple of times he has wee'd on the floor, by balancing on the wrong side, ahhh, but i have never told him off, as from day one he has used his tray, no hidden corners , fastidious when toileting. I was hoping they would use the soft wood pellets then i could put them in the garden, but nope, might be the smell of the wood?

Laura, wow, so what has happened after Artie woke up? the next day, did you , Jim and Artie go looking for Dr Loveless's place?, good job those kids were put to bed!!, hope the scholl inserts were ok for you and Artie? , your lucky that your dad is staying in a job he doesnt like, to make sure you can go on those Viking cruises. I was looking at the ones, that go from here Britain, to the rivers in Europe, mmm think I will save up to go on the ocean somewhere.

well I started this 3hrs ago, have hd interuption after interuption, hope I haven't forgotten anyone,

oh Sandi helloo, tell stripes Jimi & Eric invite Stripes to their 3rd birthday next month sept 1st, hope you are ok ?

love and hugs x wendy k x

4 years ago

Happy anniversary Teri and Harry.  Enjoy!

There´s so much news here I can´t take it all in but my message is that I´m thinking about you all and wishing you all the very best of luck in the future.

4 years ago

Hi Shell,

If this guy will take the vitamins it couldn't hurt anything, but they do have that nutrical which is a high calorie vitabin supplement. It comes in a tube, and you give one and a half tsps to 10 lbs of body weight per day.                                                 

4 years ago

It is, Darla.

Yes, we all went out looking for Loveless but still haven't found him, and on Sunday, we all went to the local church and Jim and Artie got to see lots of their local agent friends and they were all happy to see that Jim is doing well and now we're back at the train for naps. I didn't do any writing today because I was busy submitting news articles for the news network here, but I'm going to try to catch up tonight. Three days later, we get a break in the case and Jim sets up shop in this hunting lodge and watches Loveless's hideout for three days until I come and relieve him and remind him that it hasn't been that long since he has recovered from his gunshot wound infection and if he doesn't get any sleep, he's going to get sloppy and he's going to get hurt again and that Artie is going to get upset and Jim goes back to the train and I take over and the next morning, while I am doing yoga, Dr. Loveless sneaks out of his hideout and sneaks into the lodge where I am and I activate a silent alarm that will bring Jim and Artie there and I chase Dr. Loveless and he is up a tree when Artie, Jim, Dawson and Tennyson come and Jim gets ready to go up the tree to retrieve him and Artie doesn't want him to go because he'll get hurt again and Jim promises that he will be careful and Loveless shoots him a couple times and when Jim gets close to catching him, Loveless shoots him in the chest and Jim loose his grip on the tree and falls out of it and Artie gets really upset and we go to Jim and Artie is holding him and Jim says "well, that didn't go at all the way I planned." and passed out and Artie starts crying because he thinks that Jim has died, but he's just passed out, and Jim doesn't know this, but Artie has sewed flotation jackets, like the ones found on airplanes, into Jim's clothing to cushion the fall, and it works, saving Jim from any neck, back or spinal injuries and the paramedics come and take him to the hospital and he is all right, except for some broken ribs, and he thanks Artie for sewing those vests into his jacket and Artie says that he will do anything for Jim to help keep him safe, and Jim spends a few days in the hospital recovering and then we all go back to Washington and put Loveless back in prison where he belongs and Dawson and I are off to our next case, and Jim and Artie are off to theirs and one night, Jim and Artie are relaxing in the parlor after dinner and reading and Artie is having trouble concentrating on his book and he tells Jim that he needs to talk to him and Jim asks him about what and Artie says about Jim's shooting and Jim comes straight to the point and asks Artie if he is still having emotional issues related to the shooting and Artie confirms that he does and tells Jim about them and that he hasn't been getting a lot of sleep lately and he's even more afraid of loosing him that previously and he breaks down and cries and Jim hugs him and lets him cry himself out on his shoulder and asks him why he didn't tell him about that when he was recovering from his gunshot wound infection and Artie says that Jim was still getting back up to his full strength then and he didn't want him to have a setback and Jim says that doing that was very considerate of him, but not to bottle things up like he usually does because it causes a crisis and that they will talk to the Service counselor when they get back to Washington from their next case and do something about all those fears that Artie has and Artie is in total agreement because living with that kind of fear is just exhausting.

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the nutrical is what i have and was going to give to him to give him a lil boost of nutrition. That kitty is just the sweetest old man, he just wants to be close to any1 willing to have him around. Im just glad he's finally a happy guy and will live out the rest of his yrs, however long, inside a warm house not ouside, with good food and lots of love. Ive been watching out for him, he does seem to drink quite a bit of water, i think i will have the guy who took him get a blood workup on him, just to be sure his system is ok. I

I will have to get a recent pic of the roadside kitten, SHE is going to be fixed tomorrow, and get her 1st shots done. do u believe she is about 4 mths old and about 3.5 lbs now. She is going a different way this time, usually the cats went to the spca for the day and over night then came back. This time the cat is going to some1's house to a mobile s/n van, get fixed and everything there and i pick her up about 6 hrs later. Does anyone have any experience with the mobile units, and how safe do u think they are to have the critter done.

Other than that all is well, hope u all are ok....have a good night

Congratulations Teri and Harry on 27 years!!
4 years ago

Happy Anniversary Teri and Harry ♥♥♥ 


27 years....that is so wonderful....I love happy endings!  I know what you mean about meeting him earlier.  I got married young; when I was 16, and still had alot of fairy tale ideas about life.  I learned alot of hard lessons over the years but I like to think I did actually learn something    I also have some beautiful kids with my first husband and I remained friends with him when we split up so he wouldn't have any excuses to shirk his responsibilities to his children ....he never did    My present husband Bob and I have lived almost next door to each other for most of our lives without ever meeting.  We laugh over this all the time and talk about what it would have been like if we'd met at a younger age.  I think that I wouldn't be the same person that I am now if I hadn't lived my life in the way that I did.  I was also alot more rebellious and vocal for the causes that touched me when I was still in my 20's....Bob says I would have probably eaten him alive and spit him out in my younger days and he's glad he found the strong minded but more mellow me when he 


It's raining here now and my power is flickering.  I just lost my satellite so I think I'm going to post this and hope for the best before I lose my power.  I have lost so many posts in the last couple of days......I hope this one works 

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Hi Shell,

If he doesn't have kidney problems, he could be getting fed all dry food. That will make a cat drink a lot of water too.


I heard something about mobile units years ago, but I don't recall what it was.  I think the unit was out of Vineland, and the vet was advertising  in the paper. The Vineland SPCA spays in the morning, and you pick up in the afternoon.

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Happy anniversary Teri and Harry !!!!!!!!!!!! Wow 27 years? I have been married for just 5


Angela, how interesting that you and your husband lived next to each other for so long I agree, if I had met my husband when I was younger, he would have met a different person (and I think from what he tells me, I would have too!).


Awww Shell the "old man" kitty sounds so cute. Hope everything workd out with the spaying of your female kitty with the mobile unit


Laura, I love crusing. We have been on Royal Caribbean several times. It takes a while to save up to go but it's so worth it. Where have you been on your cruises?   By the way- I don't know if this helps, but the cash registers nowadays tell you how much change the customer gets back, so there wouldn't be any math involved other than counting out change


Sugar, glad Punkin and Wosie are ok. It is always stressful when the furkids aren't feeling well. My Whiskers started sneezing today (three times) and I got worried!


We just got back from Calfornia where I have family. My sisters, husband and my sister's fiancee went. We had a good time. A bit of a letdown to be home again lol but I am getting used to it, I missed my cats like crazy so being able to be with them again helps We set up cameras and viewed their comings and goings on our cell phones daily heehee.


Hope everyone's Tuesday is great and filled with good stuff!!!









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I am getting ready to fix a little breakfast. I have to meet a couple of friends for lunch so want to eat before it gets any later.

We had a storm again yesterday. I have the front small deck ready for sealer but have to keep that project on hold until I have a few days of no rain. Soon I hope. It is getting cooler, thank goodness. I want to start work on the bamboo soon. Thankfully there isn't as much as when I started for sure! I don't see any new shoots where I have dug the runners out. I might be done next year. Hope, hope.

Sandi, Mouse said he doesn't think you should swat poor little Stripes' butt. He wants you to give her a hug and tell her you're sorry. These words are Mouse's not mine.

Take care all, time for breakfast,


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Had awesome time last night with Harry and michelle at dinner ar OG.we do not go there all the time because there are way out of our budgetbut for something like this we will go there,now the next would michelle 18 th birthday and my 61 birthday.would someone please tell me where have the year to.I mean when michelle was givein to me she was only21/2 years old and now she 17 yrs old.way to darn fast.



well it going to be  walmart day,bank day and gettting gasoline for the van day.and do something together as a family if there is time left.Harry's getting breakfast f or us.Michele made breakfast for herself this morning and few of the kittens got same as looks as babiegirl is going to have her last litter,it happen when she got out on us three months ago.that one reason I do not like leaveing them get outside.At les I will be able to getting  them all fixed in a few weeks if the money I waiting for cames in.I do wish I was able to find someone that would do it for free or half the be a  great help to me.Hope that you all have awsome day and beautiful weather as well.God bless to all.

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