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Chit Chat ~ August 13, 2013 ~ Closed
4 years ago

Time once again to start a new thread. Please drop in and visit us. Here's the link for the previous thread ~

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are not so good here. Went to what was supposed to be my new pain management doctor yesterday and he won't treat me the way I've been being treated for the past 13 years. I have a pain pump which was implanted in May of 2009 but I also take oral medication. This doctor said he believed it was dangerous to do that and he would not refill my meds. So, I have refills coming up this week and a pump refill due next week and no doctor to do this stuff! I've got a call in to Dr Bacon, the doctor who's been treating me, to see if he can help. I called the nurses line rather than the general questions line so hopefully I'll get a call back soon. Sigh. I'm so very stressed over this. All b'cuz my insurance company is delaying the process of Dr Bacon getting in network! In better news, when I put out the outside cats' food/fresh water  Sassy came back. I don't know where she's been all this time but she looks good. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


I have an application for MCRA to process today so unfortunately I won't be able to address everyone individually. It was great to see each of you here though.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Sorry to hear things didn't work out with the new Dr. Hope you hear back from the old one. Take care everyone its a nice day Stripes & me are going outside.

4 years ago

Darla, how can he just quit giving you your scripts for your meds? What is wrong with him? What's his reasoning that it is dangerous to give you your pain meds. It's more dangerous not getting relief from pain in my estimation. Both physically and emotionally and mentally! Pain hurts! I hope Dr. Bacon can help influence him without making him mad. Life can be aggravating to say the least. Yay Sassy, so glad you are back and seemingly okay.

Hey Sandi and Stripes, enjoy the day out. It is much nicer than yesterday. We didn't get to take a walk today but we sweated it out yesterday!


4 years ago

well today has seen full of joy and happyness.Babiegirl give birth to five beautifull baby' 10 am and than at around 12pm Jazzmint give birth to two beautiful babie's. so we have some new babie's in the house tonight a nd this will be the last time.Because Cdly go in on the 19 to get fixed..than I will do every one else,one at a time until all are done.its going cost $115,00 a that why one at a time.all the boys will be done first and than the girls will be fixed by age.unless I came into some exart funds that I could do  them all a t one time,that would be Sassy,Babiegirl,Jazzmint,bonnie,angel,bellsmaria,midnite,tabitha,and all the new borns.

We are not sure if the girl's had boys or girls yet.Than michelle give baths to fredryckelee  and Sabryna. just a few more to do this week.othe wise our day has been great and full of lot of fun amd work .michelle cleaned up the after birth both times and now understand what its all about and is happy this is the last time.hope you all had awesome day and weather todaty.God bless

4 years ago

Just checking back in. I got a hold of Dr Bacon's office and he's going to help. I have a message in to get my pain meds refilled and I have an appointment for the 29th. In fact, my appointment had never been cancelled though I called in to do so. Creator looking out for me I suppose! Anyway, it'll be $600 which we really don't have but we have no choice. They said we can pay it in 3 installments of $200 so that's a good thing. Meanwhile I'll get my insurancce to grant me a Continuation of Coverage. I'm relieved and will be even more so when I get those prescriptions.


Sandi, thank you. Dr Bacon is a wonderful doctor. I didn't think he'd let me down. Enjoy being outside.


Sugar, I personally think the new doctor is an idiot and ethically wrong  in what he did. I was shocked he'd let me walk away wth no meds. Ray is livid and says he wishes there was a blog somewhere for that doctor. I'm waiting for the stunned factor to end and then I'm sure I'll be extremely mad too. It's actually very dangerous for me to run out of my meds both oral and the pump. I would most likely wind up in the hospital with withdrawal symptoms. Ray says it could even cause my organs to shut down so that doctor was playing with my life yesterday! I was  really glad to see Sassy as well!


Teri, so you had 2 new litters of kittens?!? Seven more kittens! My your home is full! Yes, it's smart to start with the boys. You should talk to the vet and see if he'd give you a multi-cat discount. It certainly doesn't hurt to try.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Went and saw Elysium and it was great.

Still working on my Wild Wild West story. I forgot to put in that to celebrate the end of the case, we go to Kiawah Island and have dinner at Tomasso's, and after dinner, we go back to the train and Artie works on his case report for Colonel Richmond and writing about Jim's shooting makes him very emotional and he breaks down crying and I hug him and let him cry on my shoulder until he settles down and he manages to get through writing about Jim's shooting and stops for the night and gets caught up on his journal writing and works on the case report some more that day and gets emotional again when he writes about Jim's gunshot wound infection, but finishes the rest of it.

4 years ago


Check to see if Alley cat Allies has a feral cat program in your area. When  we trapped 8ball and her 5 kittens, she was pregnant with 8 more. I didn't know that she was pregnant with 8 more until maybe a month or so after we got them in. I was preparing for getting them fixed when she completely stopped nursing, and during this time I saw that she was pregnant.


I contacted alley cat allies, and they put me on their list. I was getting impatient and I had some help from someone to start getting them done, so I did. Then when they were almost done I got a call that my name came up to get them done. I told them never mind though, since one of their stipulations was that I return them to  where they were trapped. It is outside colonies that the group helps with, and the 8 kittens were never outside, and it was cold winter, so I  kept them all in.


Check with them for help, and usually, your SPCA in your area might give a big discount.

4 years ago

Darla, so glad you got your meds. Let's hope your hateful doctor gets his someday. And thank God for Dr. Bacon. Glad also Sassy came home and is okay. I don't know where Black and White was the first thing this morning. He might have just been going potty in the sand by the creek. That's where he usually goes. It didn't take long for him to show up for his breakfast. I am training him to get on the table under the umbrella for his meals to keep the food out of Chewy's gullet! It's working pretty good. He's a good jumper. Chewy can broad jump but not high jump. So food is safe there except from the blue jays! Any left in the bowl disappears fast. I am putting less in the bowl and putting it in more often. There are always some things you have to work around.

I wish I could teach my deer to sit in the mud everyday. That way the white flag they carry on their tails wouldn't give them away to hunters,

gotta go Punkin is here


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I haven't heard back on my prescriptions yet but am sure I will. I do have enough meds to get me thru Friday. Black Beauty and Sunshine were outside this morning when I put out food/fresh water. I'm waiting on the applicant to call me back with regards to the application I'm working on for MCRA. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Laura, glad you saw Elysium.


Donna, great to see you here. You always have such wonderful suggestions.


Sugar, thank you. I'm glad it worked out with Dr Bacon too. I didn't think he'd let me down but I was stressed anyway 'til I spoke with his office. We'll have to really bite the bullet financially to make that $600 but we have no choice really. It's too close to when I need my meds an dmy pump refill to find another doctor who'll go along with Dr Bacon's "program". Glad Black and White showed up for his breakfast and that you're training him to eat on the table so Chewy can't get it. I think it's funny that the blue jays like cat food. That'd be cool if you could teach your deer to sit in the mud.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

It was a really great movie. It topped the box office, according to the newspaper.

4 years ago

hello everyone,hope your day was great and your weather too was awesome.I had to move my ct scan to next wednesday.because harry was not feeling to very well on his feet or legsor knee's this morning.



So he had asked for me to move my ct scan for my chest to next wednesday  at the same that is what I did.this something new with Harry with his knees a nd legs feeling this way.he in fact did fall but back into his relincer.which he did just trying to up me at of the wheelchair.than Babie(mom 1) kept getting her five new borns mix up with Jazzmint (Mom2) two new that all that going done now.So michelle has take jazzmint 'd kids in a bankit to the kicthen when jazzmint go out to eat so that babie will let her grandbabies alone and care for her own that what kind of day we had here.Harry wacth his cd movies all day and he is still at it.why michele  a nd sleep over friend is madeing some thing to eat because she was not here for dinner.Than me I just wokering at the computer until I get all my post up and post.hope that you are all haveing a wesome week and that your weekend with more awesome.that you are haveing awesome weather as well.God bless

4 years ago

My NGood Night Messages and Quotes for Ormut and Myspaceephew and his wife were here from Utah so was busy as I haven't seen them for a few years. So just wanted to say goodnight to all.

4 years ago

Good Thursday everyone! I heard straight from the horses mouth something wonderful that happened a couple weeks ago! A friend of mine, at least 60 years old, at Tae Kwon Do last night told us about a young man, early 20s, who knocked her down in front of the library where she was reporting for her work, she had just came from the dentist after root canal and she got up and punched him in the face 2 or 3 times before he could leave the scene. The police had been chasing him and got the man in cuffs and he started complaining that she hit him, his cheek was already swelling! I love it, I love it! The police officer said he didn't see that. Also that if she had, what does that say about him, an elderly librarian got the better of him? There had been a drop by one young man and the second was a pickup man and that's how it all started. She took stock of what was happening and quickly and without thinking took control of the 'package'. That's when he knocked her down and was going to run with it, but it's all history now.

I have a habit of losing posts, so I am posting this before I do.


4 years ago

Well I just lost this post before. Window's took control and didn't give me time to copy or post quickly.

I was just saying the temperatures are wonderful. Right now it is around 8 am and temps are 58. Great weather. And great weather has turned my resolve back to getting rid of bamboo! I got rid of a few feet yesterday afternoon. I have it contained in a very small area now. Maybe as big as 4x4 feet. It is just in a harder place to work in, the creek side but where's there's a will, there's a way. And I have the will. With any luck next year I will only have to keep an eye open for any new shoots from runners I may have missed. Sounds wonderful.

Punkin is here, so I can't type. She won't let me. So everyone hello, have a great day and if I can I will drop in tonight.


4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all  doing well and with things going great. Things are    good here. Black Beauty and Sassy were both here this morning. Black Beauty met me at the door and Sassy came up whille I was taking care of the fresh water. Went to the pool again today. It sure is nice having "my" pool open again! Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Laura, great to see you here.


Teri, sorry Harry's not feeling well and you had to move your ct scan.I guess Babie wanted all the kittens for herself!


Sandi, hope you had a great time with your nephew and his wife. Love the "Good Night" picture!


Sugar, sorry you lost a post. That's wonderful! Your friend must be so proud! Hip hip hooray for the elderly librarian! Working on getting rid of bamboo? That's great you have it contained to a small area. Hopefully by next year it'll be gone.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Not much going on here today. Gilbert liked my haircut and we re packing to go to Grandma's tomorrow.

4 years ago

Hi Laura and Darla. Just thought I would drop in for a few minutes. Weather is still great and I was able to put the sealer on my little front entry way. And Chewy and I took a long walk early. I grilled out for an early dinner, a small steak, tomatoes, onions and garlic bread. Oh, and a baked potato. A better meal than I normally bother with. It was good.

Take care,


4 years ago

Sugar, thanks for the star I sent you a new friend request. Tell Mouse I'm sorry Stripes didn't get to buy presents but tell him he has a birthday coming up! Night all.

4 years ago

yes babie and Jazzmint kept katnapping each others kittens.I talk with they doctor today and he started to laugh and said its ok.being their had their babys the same day two hours a part they are mix up on who , I am to just let it go ,it will stop in a few days.Other wise I am very tired tonight.I did over 40.00 wroth of wash today.with help from Michelle and Harry. left at 3pm and got home at to fold it all and put it away.Friday is hopely going to be a free and rest day for us all after we pick up the mail.saturday we plan to go and look at the inside of that rent to buy house near the va.with Gods help we will get this place.just so we can get moved out of where we are at.we would save so much money with this move its not funny any more.and michelle will have a place to call her very own house.And most of all I be on soild ground once again.we be able to put in my handicap shower and whole bathroom for the both of will help Harry and me both a lot in that department,the only i hate to think about is starting to pack and the day we move,because we never can find any one in the family that like's to help us move.all of harry's friend have gone before him so there is no friend to help we have alway been left holding the bag on moveing day.even tho we have food and drinks after party to thank everyone for they help.hope thst you all had aawesome day and weather as well.God Bless

4 years ago

Good Morning all. Teri, life can be wonderful or it can be a pain. I mean literally! I hope the house deal comes through. If you get moved in you can soon pay for a washer (and dryer, if you want one) at a $40 dollar wash day. I don't use a dryer. I hang them either outside or on dryer racks here in the house. Works great and saves money. Good luck on getting help for a moving day. I have lived here since Feb. '78 and can't imagine moving ever again. It Is very normal for females who are close to share mother duties for kittens. It will be good for both moms and kittens.

Hi Sandi, I don't know if I want to remind Mouse right now or not about his Birthday Party. I don't want to be asked a million times a day, "Is it my party time yet". I think I will tell him just a couple of days before hand. He can then round up his toys and count the cans of tuna and salmon and kitty drinks and of course check the catnip to make sure it will be available on party day. Tell Stripes Mouse is really a sweetheart. The first time he saw Wosie I thought there was going to be a fight, but it was just my fears. They run and play and jump on furniture, even their cat trees and whip their tails. They have a great time.

Good morning everyone else today. Especially Darla and her furkids. Thank you Darla and Shasta for closing and starting threads. I sent another message to Eric but haven't heard back from him yet.

Beautiful day. The only thing marring it is I have another dental appointment today. I got the front entrance way done yesterday. I have one more area with a small series of steps to do.


4 years ago

Good morning!!  I thought I'd try a quick post while it was still early to see if it would go through with no problems.


Best of luck Teri.....I really hope that the house you're going to see is perfect for you and your family and you can start planning.  I wish I lived closer so I could give you a hand.....moving is already so hard, I can't imagine you having to do all that yourself    I told my husband after we moved here that it was my last time....if he wanted to move again he'd have to hire someone to pack and move and unpack  LOL.  I have a friend who works for a moving company....they go into a person's house and completely pack them up for people who move overseas or across the country.....their stuff gets packed inside a shipping container.  Oh my gosh...$40 to do laundry?  Ouch!!  It must be getting awfully expensive at the laundrymat.  I only go when I need really big machines for my comforters and that's bad enough. 


Sugar~~good luck at the dentist's appointment.  I know what you mean about it marring your day.....they are never fun appointments.  I don't use a dryer anymore either.  I hang my clothes outside or down in the basement on lines.  I'd like to say its my contribution to being green but honestly, it's more about the savings on my hydro electric bill    It's supposed to be pretty hot weather starting this weekend so careful working on that bamboo.  I love the story you posted about your friend punching the would be mugger in the face and holding him for the cops.  They tell you not to be brave and give these guys what they want but I don't think I could go down without a fight either.  The police just can't be everywhere all the time....we have to be able to defend ourselves when necessary.  After having a root canal, I might be kinda violent too once the freezing started to come out  LOL.


Darla~~I haven't been able to post in any groups this week it seems but I wanted to say I'm so sorry for all the nonsense you've had to go through with this new doctor.  I really hope the insurance company is going to reimburse you for that $600 you have to pay since it was their fault this happened.  Is there any chance Dr. Bacon could get covered by this insurance company in the near future so you could stay with him?   And who the heck was this idiot doctor who was willing to risk you ending up in the hospital by refusing your prescriptions?  Such madness!!  I am sending you a (((HUG))) my friend....hang in there!


I think I will try to post this message and see what happens.....wish me luck    Have a wonderful day everyone!!

4 years ago

it was the cost of doing wash ever two or three weeks.Which never need to do when we had the washer and dryer working.I love to hang outside but there no way of doing that here.or I would be doing it that way.becauseI love the fresh smell of the clothes being hang outside.the place we are going seeon sauday has a washer and dryer that come with the place.which is going to be so nice to be able to do clothes every other day again.and not have sating around the house.


the sun has came out.they are calling for at less 90 here today after the nice 70's weather.Harry doing a lot better to get the long and short dresser around would be nice,so that we can sat up more ltte boxs in the hallway..and than there folding and putting away the clean clothes and stuff and hangint the rug out and the railing to dry.and get all the floors washed and vac-clean before putting down the clean dry rugs.michelle has ben up all night long ,I just hope she cames out to help harry move the dresses before get same sleep.I doing a lot better today with less pain in my arm,its just my back acting up now.which has not act up like this since some thing up with the weather I guess I will be takeing it easy today again I not being able to do  ny I have been able to do in the past.yes there has been time when it was just Harry and I to pack the truck,or the daughter would help.there only be the three of  us to pack the truck.well i better get going the kittens are all starting to get in touble once again.last night why we were asleep their got into out paper towle all over the kicthen table. so they are alway into ssomething.but that kittens for you. have awesome day  and weather.God bless

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well an dwith things going great. Things are good here. Finally heard from the applicant for MCRA. I had to send her an e-mail b'cuz I couldn't leave a message on her phone but I told her I had already left 2 messages and if she didn't call me within 48 hours I'd close her application. She responded this morning saying she'd call later in the day. Black Beauty and Sunshine were the cats outside this morning. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Laura, glad Gilbert liked your hair cut. Have fun at your grandma's.


Sugar, glad you got the sealer on your front entryway. Hope you and Chewy enjoyed your long walk. Your dinner sounds delicious. That's so funny about Mouse and his party! Glad that Mouse and Wosie are such great friends. You're welcome for starting/closing threads. I'm sure you'll get it worked out soon and it'll be up to you again. Meanwhile, Shasta and I will keep doing it as long as you and Mouse need us too. A special good morning to you and your furkids as well.  Sorry you have another dental appointment, hope it goes well.


Sandi, great to see you here.


Teri, hope things go well with the house and y'all get it. Yes, it does no harm for the moms to take care of each other's kittens. It just shows they are good moms that they'd take care of someone else's kittens. I once had a mama cat who adopted a litter of 4 abandoned kittens without a second thought. As soon as she saw them she started carrying them to her nest where she already had 4 kittens! Wow, $40 in laundry! That's quite a lot. I'll bet you'll be glad to get in a house where you can get your own washer/dryer. Hope when it comes time to pack and move y'all find the help you need.


Angie, sorry you haven't been able to post. Thanks for the sympathy on my doctor situation. I'd love it if the insurance would refund me me the $600 or at least $570 b'cuz it costs me $30 when the doctor is in network!  Dr Bacon is working to become a Humana provider. Humana is just taking their time about approving him. Ray says we'll continue to go to him even if I don't get my Continution of Coverage or he doesn't become a Humana provider. He's going to add me to his insurance come open enrollment and we know Dr Bacon takes that. It won't go into effect 'til January 2014 but Ray says Dr Bacon is worth it. Dr Bacon is the best doctor I've had in years and he knows all of my history. As for th eother doctor, yes, he's truly an idiot. I found a couple sites where we can review him. The first was just a survey and we did that but the second you actually get to write a review and I'm having Ray do that b'cuz he remembers words better than I do. Also, I think his anger is greater than mine as mine his diminished by shock. Ray doesn't like it when someone hurts me and that doctor could've landed me in the hospital if Dr Bacon wouldn't have taken me back. Thanks for the hugs.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Teri, your second post wasn't here when I started mine. It's great that the place you're going to look at has the washer/dryer. Of course, you can still hang clothes outside and only use the dryer when absolutely necessary.  Hope y'all get the dressers moved around like y'all want so more litter boxes can be set up. Sorry your back is acting up. Yes, do take it easy. Sorry the kittens got into th epaper towels. Our cat Kona loves to get into the toilet paper and the paer towels. We have to hide both from him.

4 years ago

Well I have been marooned in the living room all day, as the gas fitters had to return to make good their botched work from the last time they were here!!!, they put the boiler in the wrong place, and left a pipe on the landing sticking out, just right for someone to trip on, then fall down the stairs, at first they were not going to change things, but I simply told them, "best start saving for court now then", so three weeks after , they arrived, we had to have a picnic in the living room, -my poor cats upset again at all the upheaval, Jimi, Eric, Buni, ran out when the chaps arrived, venturing in for a few biscuits every now and then, but Mini slept happily next to me, through all the drilling, banging, heavy footed workmen up and down the (non carpeted) stairs, she only jumped when the fire alarm went off?? amazing, obviously thought I am ok where Mom is!!!. The men have now gone, and instantly the 3 scarper cats came in , had biscuits and a drink , and are all spark out on the couch,so they were not far away > Mini has taken a stroll down the garden.

Darla so pleased all was sorted out re- your meds, what a quack that Dr. was to leave you so upset , thank goodness for your nice Dr Bacon, so sorry though that you have to find an extra $600 it really is too bad !! at least you dont have to worry about being in pain though, you know that old saying," if he cant come , he sends"  something will work out for you , I will it to , too. great both cats appeared again. and now you have your pool back, so things are looking up for you %#&!*%

Sugar, when is Mouse's birthday? I wont tell Buni, or he will pack an overnight case immediatly lol, wow your friend the librarian used "tae kwon do" on a "no mark" as we call them or "scallie"  -> fantastic, I love that, he got more than he bargained for there ,  glad you are getting things finished, around your home, any more 'coons ? hope you take it slowly getting rid of that bamboo, dont hurt yourself, do a bit at a time, you will win, to get it another day then Oh how did the dentists appt go ? xxxx

Angela great to hear from you, you sound more relaxed apart from the computure and care2 probs, I was hoping to have a new laptop , but my son begged me to wait for him, so he could get me the best deal, (how did I survive without his advice all my life before he came into the world lol  have a good weekendxxxx

Teri I cant believe you have more kittens? how many altogether?, funny the 2 new moms wanting both litters , at least the new ones have 2 moms looking out for them, so you see the house tomorrow, good luck I know you will get it , if it is the one you chose to live in. I wish I could help you move too, as soon as you accept, start taking stuff over, each visit load the car, and unload at the other end, you will get there. dont forget to let us know, glad you are feeling better, and Harry is too, Michelle will love more space, it will be so much better for you all  start of a happier chapter in your lives xxxxxxx

Laura guess your at your grandparents, hope your having a great stay, dont forget to let me know how the story is going, I got a bit lost with Jim getting shot, he didnt die did he? I must have missed a chapter, it's this connection just goes ping, then nothing for hours grrrrrr, update me xxxxxxx

well I have a chillaxing weekend ahead of me, lie in tomorrow, then "brunch" in the "Meriden Tea Rooms" then a potter about, till it's time to meet my two oldest friends, (and I have a lovely crop of spots from a reaction to something, possible that I ate) got to buy a giant tube of concealer, or people will think I am contagious !!!!  then sunday lie in with the papers, tea & toast, and probably cats lying on the paper I want to read !!!  so I will chat soon , look forward to hearing all your news , love and hugs x wendy k x

4 years ago

Hi Teri Kittens will be kittens! Cute and mischievous and loveable! Here's hoping to hear good news about the prospective home.

Angela my line hanging clothes isn't for the green either. It is in a way I guess, green money! I live on a very tight budget. I have to cut back every where I can. I would have hired some one to do the bamboo removal instead of all that back breaking labor. But it was and is good for me. I will soon be done. This is the last cool day for a while, I will either work that or trim the low hanging branches that try to blind me when I mow. Always something to do, but it is worth it.

Darla, After posting this I am going to check to see if Eric has responded to my last message.

take care everyone,

4 years ago
6 Cat Gods and Goddesses Worshiped by Ancient Cultures

You might know that the ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, but have you heard about the Polish cat god who barked like a dog?

JaneA Kelley  |  Aug 13th 2013  |   2 Contributions

Author Terry Pratchett once said, “In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

When you hear this phrase, do you automatically think of ancient Egypt? Probably. Do you think of any other cultures? Probably not. But don’t worry, I’ve been guilty of this misconception, too: For many years, I believed that the ancient Egyptians were the only ones who revered, praised, and even worshipped cats. But as I began exploring world mythology, I found that there’s a lot more to cats, deities and miracles than I first thought.

The ancient Egyptians were not the only ones who thought cats were so awesome that they made stories about them.

Beyond all the folklore about beckoning cats, helpful cats, temple-guarding cats, prophets being kind to cats, and cats serving as omens and familiars, there are a few deity-related tales we rarely hear about. Here are six of them.

1. Freyja’s cat-driven chariot

The Norse goddess Freyja, deity of love, fertility, war, wealth, divination, and magic, rode in a chariot pulled by two giant gray cats given to her by the god Thor. Farmers left offerings for the cats in order to ensure a good harvest.

Freyja rides her chariot pulled by two gray cats. Image: Plate from the "Manual of Mythology : Greek and Roman, Norse, and Old German, Hindoo and Egyptian Mythology," published in 1865 by Alexander Murray. {{PD-US}}

2. A shape-shifting Peruvian god

Ai-Apaec, a god of the pre-Inca civilization known as the Mochica, was often depicted as an old man with a wrinkled face, long fangs and cat-like whiskers. He was said to have evolved from an ancient cat god and to be able to assume the form of a tomcat.

3. A guardian of Chinese families

A cat god called Li Shou appears in the Chinese Book of Rites. He was worshipped by farmers because he protected the crops from being eaten by rats and mice.

The Ovinnik, a god, demigod or spirit depending on which source you check, often appeared in the form of a black cat with flaming eyes, who barked like a dog. Black cat on a rooftop by Shutterstock

4. A Polish protector

In ancient Poland, Ovinnik, who appeared in the form of a black cat, was worshipped by many farming families because he watched over domestic animals and chased away evil-natured ghosts and mischievous fairies. (Like most creatures of Slavonic mythology, they were great until you didn’t appreciate them or give them what they needed -- then they did things like make mischief that could have tragic results.)

5. A shape-shifting Greek goddess

Greek mythology tells of how the goddess Hecate assumed the form of a cat in order to escape the monster Typhon. Afterwards, she extended special treatment to all cats.

The Mochica god Ai-Apaec was said to have evolved from an ancient cat god. 
4 years ago

Thanks for the very intersting and informative post Alice!

4 years ago

Great post Alice. I have a similar, small statue like the woman is holding on my Rosie's ashes.

Hi Karen!


4 years ago  .Sugar though of you when I saw this check out the middle one!

4 years ago

It's just my grandma I'm visiting, Wendy, and no, Jim didn't die, he pulled through just fine, but he gave us all a scare the next morning when we went to visit him. He had a silent but deadly gas attack and that shifted some bullets that, for some reason or another, didn't get removed during surgery and that caused a hemorrhage and he fainted and the bullets were removed and he was all right, then got a really bad gunshot wound infection and almost died and Artie was a wreck emotionally and I helped him get through it and Jim pulled through again and got back up to his full strength and we finally caught Dr. Loveless and took him back to Washington and put him in prison and Dawson and I had some downtime before our next case, and Jim and Artie got a new case and were on their way there and Artie told Jim that he was still having issues related to his shooting and Jim let him talk it out and hugged him when he started crying and then Artie got settled and Jim asked him why he didn't tell him about that when they were resolving the case and Artie says that he didn't want Jim getting sick again and Jim tells him that was very considerate of him, but that he shouldn't bottle up his emotions like that because it makes things fester and causes a crisis and Artie promised to tell Jim next time something upsets him and Jim sent an e mail to Colonel Richmond telling him about Artie's issues and Colonel Richmond e mailed him back and told him that he would set up an appointment for Artie to see the Service counselor when they got back and that made Artie feel better and he went to bed and Jim sat with him until he fell asleep and they talked for a while, and I'm going to write a new story this week where Jim and Artie are in Atlanta working on a counterfeiting case ( it is counterfeiting season and they have had a lot of those cases lately) and I am on vacation, visiting Rhett and Scarlett, but they got a case even though it's their week off, so I go see Melanie and we go out shopping and go to lunch and Artie texts me when we're at lunch and Melanie and I go to the train and Artie is upset because Jim hasn't come back from doing the preliminary work on the case and Melanie and I try to get him settled and he starts crying and after he gets settled, he apologizes to Melanie about the crying jag and explains that it is the anniversary of the shooting in Charleston and he is having a rough time with his emotions and Melanie tells him that it's all right and Jim finally comes back and he has been doing the preliminary work on the case, then stopped at Fresh Market and did Tennyson's grocery shopping for him, and the long and short of it is that Jim gets shot again and almost dies when someone sneaks into his room and tries to overdose him on morphine, but he is saved by Ashley and then after he has been well for a while, gets a bad gunshot wound infection and almost dies, but survives and when they return to Washington, Artie finally has his appointment with the counselor and they aren't very successful in working on Artie's fears of loosing Jim and it is just something he is going to have to live with for the rest of his life.

4 years ago

Laura,are you a writer that you are writting the story on artie and jim o f the wild west?


It was nice to just relaxe today and play with the kittens for once..We get this house wea re to look at in the after noon.I  going to try and make him a deal so that we can start to move in before my daughter Dorenda retune to wisconsin from fl.becasue all kinds of darm started up we can go into hideing for her and my so called grandson micheal.I few months back he threat my cats and harry and me,that like to came over and kill them all and us.because he hate's cat's.Harry open up his big mouth to night and told dorenda what Micheal claim he never said that to his younger sister.than started the dram,until I took the phone from Michlele and told Dorenda that if she would call back once she is settle down and able to talk to me nicely I be willing hear her out but I was not going stay on the phone with her being yell at and handle any more drama at this time in my life or harrys or michelle or  the kats life right now we have  more when what we need without adding on to idf we were total able to get mover before dorenda return to save a lot of damra on our part here and show my daughter dorenda that we mean it about no more damra in this household.and that from now on she is to put herself a nd her touble in the hands of the almighty father God well good night everyone  love you all.

4 years ago

Sandi, that looked like Mouse in the middle! Cute. It reminds me of the young coons I took pictures of last year. They are cute, I wish they weren't so destructive and stayed outdoors where they should. I tried feeding them far away from the house, but that didn't work. After eating they came in to look for more. I forgot to put the plastic out last night, I hope I remember this afternoon.

Laura, I think Donna would make a good writer too. She has a great sense of humor.

That's kind of scary Teri. I hope he didn't threaten any of you like he said he didn't. Drama like that can be bad for your health. So no more drama in your house and here's hoping Dorenda will be there to help you move.

I am ready to start my day. I don't know if I will be on tomorrow or not, so have a great weekend, both Saturday and Sunday just in case,


4 years ago

I have a family of coons that eat with the cats everynight. You photo BeeHappy-vi_zpsffffe76d.gifr right it does look like Mouse, I'll have to show it too Stripes. Today it's honey Bee Day!

4 years ago

well, we are going to take the house.michelle will have three room to herself up steps.we will have one bedroom down steps. walk in closits,full bath up and down.steam heat.full kicthen,frontroom and by the front door inside there is a bench to sat on when you remove your boots or shoe's..closit in front to hang your coat's.washer and dryer in the full harry will have his work shop work on his leather.right no more drama,that why I am not going to let my daughter and grandson's and other grandaughter know and Michelle ask to not let them know.there is alway to much drama that follows them where their go.we plan to kept our po box the same and the same walmart.we have to many friends at walmart that know us.but other stuff will be change.we are going to kept the same phone numbers tho.we come back and all the kats and kittens are running around playing together,just like they know before we walk thur the door that we decdie to take to read and sign the paper'sand get the first month rent to him and start to move in.he ask me when we could move in a nd I said asp if need.have a great day.God bless

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Went to the pool late this morning {shortly after 10:00} and stayed out 'til almost noon. I'm snacking on pretzels filled with peanut butter that Ray got at HEB when he went his morning. Watered my plants today and put out food/fresh water for the outside cats. Black Beauty met me at the door. Funny how they know what time I come out! Well, it's late afternoon and I've been on this computer for awhile {also waited for quite awhile while Shasta was in Mouse's Thread} so I can't respond to each of y'all individually. I still have to do a write-up on that application for MCRA. I read each post though and it's great to see everyone here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Greetings from Ukraine
4 years ago

My Saturday was very nice and full of events. At first, I visited Elite Dating/Marriage Agency, because ladies, running the agency, wanted to see me in person and make sure that I'm not currenly married. After a long conversation I've got their approval. They found me attractive, intelligent, classy and well-educated, with good English- speaking skills.... and basic Italian is a big plus too. I'm in their catalogue now. They will let me know when someone will be interested in me. So, I'm expecting successful, educated, intelligent and generous men from Western Europe to line up and waiting for their turn to get introduced to me  

Well, the lady, running the agency, is a cat lover too, she has a British SH blue cat age 3, while my British SH lilac Lila is 14,5 years old. Lila travelled with me to USA, stayed there for 4 years and returned back to Ukraine with me after I got divorced from my American husband. As you can guess, we talked about cats a lot, and she showed me many photos of her cat.

Then- short walk in centre, later- Salsa open-air in the park with free workshop in bachata, salsa and Brazilian dance with dancing after classes. I got lucky to dance 3 dances with the partner- the hot Brazillian man age 25, he was a good dancer and I learned some new moves from him. It's so nice to live in the capital of European country because of many chances to meet foreigners from all over the world! 

Later on, at home, nice conversation with my friend from Cincinnati.I've met him at Salsa open air in Cincinnati, and he was one of my best partners. I left Cincinnati 4 years ago but we are staying in touch. I was happy to hear from him that I am beautiful and sexy as ever!

Now, I'm having a good and peaceful time on my coach, with Lila next to me...

4 years ago

WOW!  "Catmeleon" is amazing, Alice!  That cat blends into the carpeting purrfectly! 

4 years ago

That's right, Teri. Have you ever seen that show? I'm sure she would do well, too.

4 years ago

yes ,Harry has it on all t he time.I myself do not like the show.but thats me.good night every one talk with you all on Sunday.God bless

4 years ago

 photo goodmorning_67_zps6f3afbfd.gif

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Got that write-up done last night.  black Beauty was outside and alone again this morning when I gave the outside cats their food/fresh water. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Alice, "Catmeleon" is awesome. She certainly blends into that carpet!


Elena, congratulations on being accepted in Elite Dating/Marriage Agency. Hope you meet someone very special. It's great you met another cat lover. Glad you had fun dancing and that you got to talk to an old friend.


Betty, great to see you here.


Laura, great to see you here.


Teri, great to see you here.


Sandi, love your "Good morning" picture.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

What's new with you, Darla?

4 years ago

Hello everyone

Saw this cat named Kido, on the Ellen show just now, googled it and found it. I thought it was so amazing that I d share it with you. This was Kido's first attempt at finding the ball and he was spot on. I loved Kido's very laxidaisical stance.

A cat after my own cat Bella's heart. Same story or similar anyway.  Hope you enjoy it like I did.

Published on Jan 7, 2013

I know all cats and dogs are smart. The main purpose of sharing this video is not to show how smart Kido is, but to share my joy of knowing that Kido was willing to play shell game with me and he got it right, regardless of how he did it. If you are a pet owner, you know how hard it is to get them to do something, especially on the first time (without previous training). So I am proud of him regardless what harsh comments you may provide.

About Kido
Kido was abandoned twice in the first 6 months of his life. When he was about to be listed on a shelter's kill-list, I met him and he has become the love of my life since then. I could never understand how people would abandon a sweet and fun kitty like Kido. It's their loss and I hope they will realize. I hope all homeless animals can find their forever loving home.

4 years ago

good night eveyone and please say prays that all my paper work for the house go thur with no delay or any kind,because we need to get move before sept 14,2013 .because I would love to just get moved and settlre in my huge house.THat we all love so much.hope that you had a wesome weekend and that your weather was great to I am going to ask for prays for the house and cdly why he is under the knif on monday morning to fix no more kittens in this house.after the ones we have are grown up..


4 years ago

It's a Monday again. Punkin is sick again. Late yesterday afternoon she started going to the litter box and she also vomited her dinner up and she ate a couple of bites this morning and vomited that right up. I am waiting for the vet's office to open.

I am just frustrated with everything this morning. I can send a green star to sugar150 but can't be sugar150, then Punkin is sick and it is going to be a hot week after such a wonderfully cool week previously. I'm just sad I guess.

Best of luck Teri. Have a good week everyone.


4 years ago

My boys (3 cats) have me totally trained ~ Wishing everyone a wonderful week : )

4 years ago

Good afternoon all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Went to the pool late this morning. Did a load of laundry which is in the dryer now. No cats were out there when I put out food/water for the outside cats but Black Beauty showed up when I was going to the pool. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Laura, not much is new here. Just been a quiet past few days. How about you?


Summerannie, thanks for the video about Kido. I found it fascinating and was amazed at how he found the ball.


Teri, special prayers to you so that the paperwork on the house goes thru for y'all and for your kitty who's being neutered.


Sugar, sorry to hear Punkin's sick. Hope it's nothing serious and she's better soon.


Alice, aren't we all trained?!?


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. Have a wonderful week.

4 years ago

Sugar, let us know about Punkin and see's doing okay,     Teri, hope you get your house, I had 2 mommy cats years ago, one had lost her babies and the other would take them one at a time from the cat house to the shed than the  mom would take them back I finally managed to shut them all in the shed after this went on for awhile. than later when I opened the shed they shared them.  I think it was harder on my nerves than the cats.            Summer Annie that was a cool video. My dad's neighbor who is a vet has 16 cats that she got when nobody wanted them she calls them her throwaway cats.  Alice yes are cats train us pretty early.

4 years ago

Grandma and I went out to Bob Evans for lunch today, Darla. I'm going to work on my Atlanta Wild Wild West story some more and try to catch up. I'm going to try to get to the part where Jim gets shot and is taken to the hospital and Dr. Meade takes care of him in surgery, and after surgery, we go directly back to Scarlett and Rhett's place because Dr. Meade doesn't let us see Jim that night and Scarlett tries to salvage Jim's clothes because they got really messed up during the shooting and Dr. Meade's nurses had to cut them off of Jim in order to get to his wounds.

4 years ago

Very quick pop in, to say hello,

Laura wow, great story, now I get where you were up to re-Jim and his gunshot infection, you made me laughg with his silent and deadly gas attack , glad it all was ok, but I think Artie needs to rein in his blarting, as we would call it, too much is as bad as too little, get that counsellor to tell him so, how was your visit with your Grandmother? good?

TERI YEHHHHHHHH!! I knew you would get that house, you will be able to chillax there finally, good thinking to keep the people who are a vexation to your spirit, away from your house. Once the signing is done, I would move your beds so you can all sleep over there and move the rest of the stuff in the car/truck each day, the cats & kittens will be safer there, I really would move the cats &kittens first . Let us know how you get on.

Alice great pics and info, cats are simply amazing.>Catmeleon pic is great too.

Darla, hello glad to see things are not too bad for you,.

Sugar hope you are ok, how are Wosies ears? how is Punkin?

Sandi love the racoons, plus cat, so funny , hope stripes is ok?

Well bed time for me, chat soon, love and hugs x wendy k x

4 years ago

well Cdly is home and just about  back to himself.I filed the form and all we have to do now is wait the waiting I need more prays for all the paper work to be ok and that we can start moveing out of here.Which make my so over michelle has been since she went inside to look at it.than to top it off she got a letter from her dadie Michelle is high on cloud nine.with knowing that we are so close to moveing out of this tin can at last.I am off to bed  so sweet dreams to each of you.God bless

4 years ago

Wosie's ears are fine now that I am back to clay and feline pine litter. I had heard so many good things about Sweat that I tried it and Wosie had a severe allergy to it. Within a few days of her old litter she was almost back to normal. She just had a few red spots left. They are all gone now. Remember if your cats ears seem infected it may only be an allergy. And it can be from something so simple as litter.

Punkin is something different. We still don't know exactly what her problem is. She spent the day in the hospital and some things were eliminated. Like kidney stones, infection and no masses around her bladder. She isn't vomiting any more and she is eliminating enough urine that her bladder is emptying out but the urine has blood in it still. She isn't going to the litter box as frequently but she stays in there longer than normal. I wish her regular doctor was there, but Monday is her day off. The new doctor is nice but I don't have the confidence in her as in Punkin's regular doctor. Wosie went in to the new doctor, on a Monday, cats always get sick on weekends and Dr. M is always off on Monday's. She didn't find her ears to be caused by allergies but as soon as Dr. M saw them, that was her first diagnosis and that is what it was.

Hey company is coming,

Sandi, tell Stripes Mouse will be on later.


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