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Chit Chat ~ October 2, 2013 ~ Closed
4 years ago

Once again it's time to start a new thread as the previous one is long. Here's the link to the previous ~

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. It's raining here this morning. Sunshine was outside this morning when I went out to give the outside cats food/water. She wanted some attention then she started eating. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Michela, so sorry about Madaline. Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Yep, I'm pleased that I did well on the scratcher and they all like it. It was very sweet of Ray to get me the family ring. But he's good like that, often getting me little surprises.


Sandi, love the "Happy Tuesday" picture.


Donna, sorry you cannot get a new pair of glasses. Yes, walking in lined bifocals after being used to progressives would be difficult. Can you take the bifocals to a optical shop and have them repair them? Should be very little to no fee to put a screw in. I used to work for an optometrist who had the optical shop and lab righ tthere and we never charged for just replacing a screw. So sorry to hear about Jimmy. When will y'all get him to the doctor? It sure sounds serious and like it could be either MS or Parkinson's.


Jen, beautiful cat. Glad to hear that Elsie's doing so well.


Wendy, yes, it's nice to know that I'm not alone in my typing skills! I believe Donna said she was in that "club" too! Sorry you're having issues with your laptop. Hope you win the contest. Thanks for the link.


Laura, sorry to hear that Sandy's son is still unconscious. Hope he pulls out of it an dgets better soon.


Teri, sorry the bank's computers were down and messed up your day. Sure made for a long day for you. Hope that the house y'all want to look at is THE house.


Sugar, hope things at the dentist go well today. Hope you get the "real" you back. We sure do miss your pictures.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

morning everyone, I see our congress is still playing games, guess they still get paid, while some of the people who live from pay check to pay check aren't. heard on the news that the Honor flight for the veterans on Thrusday might get cancaled. Don't they realize they heros might not be around that much longer.

4 years ago

Helloo everyone, I've been missing so much on here but not much time for computer time anymore. Quick update Tiggy is doing beautifully, I'm very happy with the progress he's made, I was really worried i might lose him. Hubby went to his allergist monday about the hard time breathing only to find out they think it was all caused by his acid reflux so he upped his meds for that. My son Brandin is on the mend vitamin c and echinacea works wonders for colds. Sandi, I had heard a court granted them access to the memorial grounds...Hope u all have a good day

4 years ago

Shell that would be wonderful.

4 years ago

Hi Darla,

He has no insurance now, but must get something soon, as by January it will be illegal to have no insurance. Everyone is in an uproar over this so called market place where people can buy cheap insurance. I think Hillary Clinton tried to get that good insurance going, where everything was paid by the government, and it was paid for in our taxes. No confusion there.


I met with the insurance broker today, and my horizon medicare is going up to 248.00 per month from no premium  with the medicare.. I think without medicare, people were paying near 800.00 a month for health insurance. My other choice is AmeriHealth medicare for  between 30 and 39.00 a month, plus the 105.00 medicare takes out. I never asked about the coPays. I wonder why he never mentioned it. I better look in the book, as I already signed up. If the coPays are high I might have to go with plain medicare and AARP. I think AARP is also 39.00 a month. I will only be going twice a year to the doctors once my A1C is good again.


My vultures are Italian. OLD Italian men. They came up behind me and pinched my rear end. Actually, they tugged at my pajama bottoms when I was bent over opening cans for the barn cats. Now I am trying to watch them and open cans at the same time.

4 years ago

He is already doing a bit better today, Darla. Since the pressure on his brain was relieved last night, he was much more comfortable last night and the doctor that is looking after him is only doing the assessments every two hours instead of every hour now, and Sandy has just gone out for a late supper at some Italian restaurant near the hospital, so she is comfortable enough to leave him alone for short periods.

4 years ago

sugar, Stripes sent this to you. photo A_Kitty_Smile_For_You_zpseb6946b5.gif

4 years ago

well to day is been great.was able to get out and do stuff.I am starting to feel same what better.Harry had a good as well.all the kats and kitten are well and so is Michellle whom went for her first collage test today and

 got a 32% on the first part of the test.which I told her was good for her first try.she has a few more to go  to my grandaughter is going to be s vet in 5 years or was nice out today,it was like summer yet.hope you  had a greatand wonderful weather.time to hit the shower and that bed we have a doctor in middle of the day.than off to walmart for the litter box power we forgot to pick up on the first of the month.God bless.

about the war vets
4 years ago

the vets opened the barricades and went in anyway, president sent cops and cops refused to arrest or detain any of the vets. so he sent armed guards to block them, then judge said the vets & their memorial are protected under the 1st amendment and he cant do that. A person on the radio (mark Levin) said if he or his people touched a single vet there, that he will bring 1/2 a million people to dc to the memorial & make sure its open for them. 

4 years ago

Thank you Stripes for the teeth! The dentist put then in for me! Cute picture.

I'm glad we have good cops still. I can't believe the crap the president is pulling on the American people. Thanks for sharing Shell. I didn't know this.

Teri yesterday was a nice day even though I didn't get to enjoy it. This morning it is drizzling and already 70 degrees. Muggy for sure. Congratulations on having a future vet in the family, do you think she will give you a discount? kidding, of course she will.

I think it might be my antibiotic that is making me feel nauseous, I'm going to lie down for a while.


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all  doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. My daughter sent us a $50 gift card to Saltgrass Steakhouse! We received it on Tuesday! She's so sweet and generous. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, great to see you here.


Shell, glad too hear that Tiggy's doing so well. That's good your hubby's upped his acid reflux med, hope it helps. Yes, vitamin C and echinacea do work wonders for colds. Glad your son's on the mend. Thanks for the news about the vets. That's pretty awful what the president did. I'm glad the police refused to arrest anyone.


Donna, sorry he has no insurance. Hope he's able to find some cheap insurance that has decent to good coverage. Do y'all not qualify for Medicaid? I think it's silly that it'll be against the law to have no insurance. Hope you get yours straightened out too. That's a lot to pay on top of what you pay for Medicare Part B. Italian vultures huh? Oh, Donna, I can just picture those birds grabbing your pajama bottoms like that! I guess they were hungry or something huh?


Laura, glad to hear that he's doing better. That's really terrible what happened to him. Did they get the driver who hit him or did the driver take off?


Teri, glad you're feeling better. That's great that Michelle want to be a vet! Hope your appointment goes well.


Sugar, sorry you're feeling nauseous. Call your dentist and see if he can prescribe you some phenergan for the nausea. Get some rest.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Darla, well, we are all supposed to carry car insurance also, but some one hit me some time ago and of course had no insurance. Laws seem to be made to break. At least I have found that out. Good luck with getting him insurance Donna. Oh, people aren't supposed to drink and drive or dope and drive and they do. There is a list a mile long of laws being broken all the time and no punishment or censer. And more and more stupid rules are made when there are thousands that need to be dumped.

I am feeling better. No nausea.

I forget what else I wanted to post. That one medicine I took yesterday can temporarily affect memory! I didn't need that!


4 years ago

Sugar, I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better and not nauseated anymore.

Thank you all for your well wishes for Madaline. It is with great sadness to tell you that my sweet baby Madaline has cancer and with great heartache there is nothing that can be done as the cancer is very aggresive and spreading fast. All we can do is keep her comfortable until we have to help her over the rainbow bridge. I may be gone for a while as my husband and I are having a very hard time with this.

I hope you all have a good day. God bless you all and my Madaline.

4 years ago

Michela, I know about that horrible cancer. God Bless Madaline and you too for helping her when it is time.


4 years ago

First snow in Kiev, it lasted less than an hour and melted fast, but still- snow is snow. 

Looks like there will be no Indian Summer this year.

4 years ago

Michela, My thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless you both. Will be thinking about you. Wow Elena snow I don't even want to think about it. Hello to everyone here. can we start a thread for Madaline and Michela?

4 years ago

Sugar glad your feeling better,how are you coping, with the old Knashers teethies %#&!*%

Teri fingers crossed for that house,%#&!*%

Darla glad all ok with you, still having trouble grrrr with this laptop, but found a quicker to switch it on.%#&!*%

Donna so sorry about Jimmy, does he have cramp attacks?,  they are the worst, I know of herbal medicines that work, if you want any info let me know and i will message you, as for memory, do not let up on reminding him of people, the worst pains with "MS" are the cramps, I have been lucky only once did i get cramp in both legs at the same time, only thing was i was climbing stairs at the time, !!!! I was completely stuck, gritting my teeth, -when one of the kids in the care home, ran for help, she shouted, for my colleague, "Keith keith, wendy's legs are broken and she is stuck"!!!! fortunetely, the spasms only lasted 5 mins, then I could walk. so the same "girl" came back, saw me slowly gettting up the stairs, so shouted, "Keith keith, it's ok, cancel the ambulance wendy's legs are fixed"

Keith thought I had fallen and broken my leg !! xxxx

Laura, glad Sandy's son is on the mend, how is the writing going?xx

Michela, what can I or anyone say, except you know we all feel for you and poor Madaline, sooo glad you are with her, and Madaline, knows your there for her, like you always have been, I hope you can take comfort, knowing Madaline will be as content as she is able to be, because of you and your husbands care, please give kisses from me, and i send big hugs to you, xxxxxx

Sandi hello, hope all ok with you and Stripes not long till 12th xxxx

heres a link, that I think shows the confusion, re- your health care -Obama

although I have heard of reasons women should want Obamacare, first this clip

.>>>>Jimmy Kimmel Asks Pedestrians If They Prefer Obamacare Or The Affordable Care Act via @HuffPostComedy

.NOW the other link >>>>>>>>>7 Reasons Why Every American Woman Should Love Obamacare via @HuffPostBiz

4 years ago

I think the driver took off after he hit him, Darla. Sandy didn't update today, so no news is good news.

Me too, Wendy. The writing is going well. I finished my story last night. Loveless was executed because he was such a threat to society and the morning of his execution, the guards were bringing him in and had trouble controlling him because they were new and he took advantage of that and got one of their guns and shot through the glass separating the execution room from the witness room and jumped through it and tried to strangle Jim and just about succeeded, too, and Artie had to whack him a couple times with his cane to get him to let go and Jim passed out and had some trouble breathing and the paramedics had to be called in and they administered some supplemental oxygen, and he came to and asked if Loveless had been taken care of and Artie told him that he had and I gave him some water to ease his throat and his throat settled enough for us to go out to lunch and now I am back at my apartment in the Watergate Apartment complex and I am going to be home for a few weeks before Dawson and I get our next case, and Jim and Artie are going to be staying in Washington for a few weeks before they move on to their next adventure and they've got nothing but dullness facing them now since Loveless had been taken care of, and Artie prefers it that way after all the case has put them through. I'm going to rewrite the part where Jim comes to and you have been holding him while he has been unconscious and he wakes up and looks at you and you move to the side so Artie can look at him and Jim says
"I think I liked it the other way, Artie." and Artie says something to the effect of he knew seeing someone new would help bring him around and Jim asks what happened and you tell him that Loveless got way out of control and shot the window out and nearly strangled him and he passed out and was unconscious for quite a while and had trouble breathing and the paramedics had to be called and supplemental oxygen administered and Artie was all upset because he thought that Jim had died and then you help Jim get up and I bring him some water to ease his throat and we all fuss over him a bit and then his throat settles enough for us to go out to lunch and we all go to Cantina Laredo for lunch and then you go back home and work on your notes from the execution and submit it as a story for the news network on Care2, and the people that didn't make it to the trial and execution comment and note it.

4 years ago

Michela, my heart goes out to you and your husband. Take care. You have a wonderful group of people here, who have been in your position and understand, to turn to if ever you need to. Bless you and your little Madaline.

4 years ago

I am so sorry Michela.   Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Wendy, that sounds like a rough thing to have. Jimmy says he doesn't get cramps, but I recall him complaining about them a while back. We do not really know WHAT is wrong with him. I keep guessing. He loses his balance often.


Darla, those vultures are ALWAYS hungry..... No, we do not qualify for medicaid. I did a couple of years ago for a short time when I was getting 851.00 for ssi... Jimmy didn't get anything. Now I am on SSD getting 626,00 until January, and it will drop another 39.00 a month from the new insurance. I can't get anything more now because Jimmy is on SSD.


Some good news though. I just got word that my PAAD card will be here in a couple of weeks. That was the good news. The bad news is that I was at the drug store before coming home to the news, and I could have given them a number to cover one of the drugs. The good news still out did the bad.


More good news is that I went cat food shopping today at my discount club, and I walked over to talk to the lady at the Optical department. She fixed my glasses. She put a screw into them. AND, for 55.80  she will get rid of the teflon no glare coating that I think scratched my glasses, or caused them to scratch more easily, and I will get new lenses. We are going to the junk yard with my dump mobile, and sell some computers. They pay 7.00 a piece for them, and I can get my lenses. I will try harder not to ruin this pair.

4 years ago

Good morning all. Donna glad you have more good news than bad.

Hi Deb, Laura, Wendy, Sandi, Elena and everyone else.

It's time to take pills, etc.. It is time to put a load of laundry in and this means I feel better if I am thinking this!

Bye for now,


4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. I have a doctor's appointment today with my psychiatrist. It'llbe a quick one b'cuz we just talk long enough to make sure I'm still stable {I have bipolar disorder with anxiety} and that I'm having no problems with the meds I'm on. Since everything's cool the appointment will last less than 15 minutes! And for that I have to pay $30! My daughter named her new kitten Colby. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Sugar, yep, seems like there's always someone breaking the laws. I'm sorry you were in a car accident and the person who hit you didn't have insurance. Glad you're feeling better and that there's no nausea. So, you have a med that'll affect your memory? Well, at least now you've got an excuse if your forget something! But you're doing alright if you're thinking about doing laundry!


Michela, I'm so sorry that Madaline has such an aggressive cancer. She is blessed to have you.


Elena, first snow huh? All I can say is I'm glad it's you and not me! Seriously, while I think snow can be beautiful I don't do well with cold weather or ice and snow.


Sandi, great to see you here. If you want to start a thread for Michela and Madaline go ahead.


Wendy, that's quite a story about the cramps in your legs while going up stairs. Sorry you went thru that.


Laura, that's horrible that the driver took off. I don't understand people like that. In 1982 I was forced off a bridge {I actually went thru the railing and into the creek bed} by a driver who didn't stop. Yes, I'd assume no news is good news in this situation.


Deb, great to see you here.


Donna, hungry, hungry vultures! {instead of hungry, hungry hippos ~ the game} Sorry you don't qualify for Medicaid. Seems like they have the cut-off too low and people who should qualify in my opinion don't. Congratulations on getting your PAAD card. That's great.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Hi everyone, just a quick hello. I was going to say I hope all is well with everyone but I know for Michela and Madaline it is not, so I wish everyone the best possible.

Teeth are not working yet, but they don't really hurt. At least I can drink now. At first I had a hard time doing that, it felt like there was something that didn't belong there in my mouth. I am amazed at all the people who have 'store boughten' teeth. I didn't realize it.

Good job Laura, about time to start another.

Take care,


4 years ago



                      .Lap top kittens

4 years ago

my funny for t photo ATT00002_zps64b72238.jpghe day.

4 years ago

Stripes was wondering if everyone can come to her party on the 11th and go home on the 13th as I have a lot planned for them to do.

4 years ago

Darla, I'm not crazy about snow at the beginning of October (too early for our city), but there is nothing we can do about it   But today there is no evidencw of snow anymore... instead- snowstorm in Crimea! Crimea is the resort area on the South of Ukraine, and it's much warmer than the rest of the country. But today it's snowing there, while it's relatively warmer in the Northern part. Go figure...


4 years ago

well I need to ask you all for same help.we hopefull found a home today.but we do not have the  

earnest money  that show you readly went the house or for the insep to make sure there nothing bad right with the house before we do buy it. 

so I need to ask that you would please pray that we find a way to find all the funds we need and that their take our offer.please.thank you  love Teri                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


                    .chip reading the news

4 years ago

Yes, it is, Darla. I don't either. Sandy didn't post anything last night and I messaged her and asked her how he was and she said that he is still on the ventilator and still unconscious, but was hoping that last night would be a better night for him, and I am assuming it was since she didn't post anything today.

4 years ago

Teri sending prayers your way, also to Michala & madaline.

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. My appointment yesterday went well but then I knew it would. It was actually less than 10 minutes. I must be one of his easiest patients! I got called about my latest bloodwork yesterday. My kidneys and liver are good as are all the other things they checked {blood sugar, cholesterol, etc} except for my potassium whish is slightly low. I'm supposed  to eat a banana a day in addition to my potassium tablet. Not much else going on here, just my usual.


Sugar, sorry the teeth are not working well yet but glad they don't hurt.


Wendy, love your sense of humor. The kittens trying to sell the dog are quite adorable really as is the chipmunk.


Sandi, love the joking dogs! A weekend party sounds great. Man, our cats sure do get around and know  how to party.


Elena, I understand as I wouldn't be crazy about snow at any time! Hope the snowstorm in Crimea is not too bad.


Teri, my thoughts and prayers are with y'all that y'all get what you need to buy that house.


Laura, sounds like though he's unconscious he's stable which is good.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

Hello  everyone !


Jimmy thought he heard a cat bird mew this morning.....yeah right !  Who comes

across the lawn from the hedgerow but wild willy whiznut.....CUTE  3 months old, pudgy medium fur that is orange and white. BIG mouth , Purrs loudly, and is strutting around here

like he owns the joint. I say HE, but I have been known to be wrong.


Jimmy is 60, and I am 65, and we don't know the difference between a boy and girl.

I think Willy got fed up with me peeking.


Last night I was on the phone with my sister when I saw a car going slow in front of the house. I was creeped out, and my sister said they might be throwing a cat out the window.

This guy was being fed by a Mother cat or someone. I noticed he likes dry food. Haven't seen him use the box yet. He might have trouble climbing it. I will have to watch him .


Holly was having an asthma attack yesterday, and we tore everything apart trying to catch her. I got her this morning, and Jimmy took her in for her shot.

4 years ago

Donna, I'm glad you took in the little guy(?). Poor thing hadn't a clue what happened to him!

When it comes to telling the sex of kittens--well some people are better at it than others. Did I ever tell you the story of my mother, the vet and the 2 yellow kittens?

My mother's cat had died and she asked her vet if he knew anyone who had kittens. He said yes there was a farm that had a litter of yellow kittens. She asked him to pick up a female kitten for her. A few days later the vet called and said "your kittens are here." When she went to his office there were 2 kittens! She said "Doc you can't count and I can't afford 2 spays." He said he couldn't take a kitten back and he's do a 2 for 1 if she'd take them both. She agreed. After she got home my dad looked at the kittens and said "they're both males!" The poor dear vet never did live that one down!

Actually he said he never even looked he just picked up a kitten and when the second one came running and crying he just picked it up too! Well, that was his version anyway!

4 years ago

Well now I don't feel so bad. Beamer and Joe Joe  were taken in to be spayed, and brought back neutered.... They were long furred and beautiful. They still are, but I tend to think the long hairs are females.


I thought Harry was a male, but then she went into heat.

4 years ago

it rain here all day long.and I have not been feel any good I sleep  for the most of the day.why harry wacth tv and michelle was outside and back in her we had a very restful day for once .the kittens and the older cats took it easy as well today.hope you all had a  great day and better weather thanI did today.God bless

4 years ago

Yes, it is, Darla. If Sandy posts an update on his condition, I'll let you know.

4 years ago

Hello Darla, glad you enjoyed the pics, naughty kitens he he he, the chip monk is Buni's new mascot , loves him , hope your ok, %#&!*%

Sugar hope you are ok, and the teeth are bedding in lol, great the cats and chewy are helping out %#&!*%

Laura your right when you say no news is good news, how are you and everyone, have you done anything special this weekend ? xxxx

Teri best thing to do when your not feeling well rest till you feel better, glad Harry, Michelle, cats & kittens  relaxed too. %#&!*%

Donna and Karen , this should make you laugh, >when i was about 8 years old, we had a cat called "bootsie", well one saturday morning, Bootsie, started rolling from side to side, making these weird noises, so i said to my Dad ,"quick take us to the vet, >Botsie has an appendicitis, or food poisoning, " so my dad hurried and took us to the vet, well the vet had a word with my Dad, and then my Dad came over to me saying, "Bootsie has to stay here, till monday, she has to have a small operation, " Talk about shock, I said "Dad what do you mean she, Bootsie is  a boy?" my Dad just said "we made a mistake and Bootsie is a girl"

Years later, , I heard what the vet had said to my Dad, "The cat is not a he, Bootsie is a she, and she is "in heat" so unless you want kittens , leave her here and we can help Bootsie and you out"

My Dad was sooo embarrassed , as he had told the vet "the cat is in pain"  that he had quickly left grabbing me and talked as we walked, , my Mom and I went to pick her up on the monday, Bootsie was fine, but had the spot where her fur was shaved off, I said to my Mom "look ahhh poor Bootsie ouch" my Mom smiled and said "yes but for a girl cat it's a nice ouch Bootsie wont have any more kittens, she has had one litter, so thats enough, Bootsie can just take it easy from now on".

I didn't know that as we had Bootsie from a friend who had sadly passed on, my Dad had forgotten that Bootsie was a she!! , My Mom used to laugh and say your Dad is not the most observant person in this world,and he is a poor listener, but he tries LOL, poor Dad , he he he %#&!*%

Sandi hope your ok? today was world teachers day, I hadnt realised so Happy Teachers Day , and to you all here too %#&!*%

got to get some sleep so goodnight to you all love and hugs xwendy k x & cats xxxx

4 years ago

Good Evening.  There are just too many posts to respond to right now, so Hello all, have a good evening.


I can eat a banana already, carefully though and I ate an Almond Joy candy without the almond.  Every day should be better now.  The coconut reminded me of the cats latest journey to Hawaii to visit Noss and how much fun they had at the luau.


Good night all,


4 years ago

Good Morning all, lots of rain last night and storms.  The creek is up but still in its banks.  More rain expected.  I think I just heard thunder.  I need to finish morning chores and get ready for Church.  Take care all,



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