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Chit Chat ~ October 19, 2013 ~ Closed
4 years ago

Time once again to start a new thread. Here's the link to the previous one ~

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Ray, the cats, and I are all doing fine. Black Beauty met me at the door again this morning then led me to th efood dish. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, love the black cats hello! Yes, Halloween is getting closer and our cats will be partying once again.


Teri, glad things are going well with the house. Sounds like y'all have everything planned out. That's great.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

 photo cutehallow230_zps57246ce4.gif Stripes says its getting closer

4 years ago

Hi everyone.  Things could be better.  Kenny has a medical condition.  His heart is beginning to fail.  He had x-rays and an exam today because I noticed his breathing was a little labored.  He's back home running to the litter box after a lasix shot and hopefully with meds and no stress in his life he will be with me for a while longer.  The white coat stressed 'no stress'.  No one bothers Kenny.  He is a gentle soul that everyone respects.  He is so very loving and kind.  I don't want him to die.  I've lost enough the last 3 years. 


Kitty dropped in for an early breakfast!  I took the food out and called her and then came back to the house.  After a few minutes she was there.  She must have been close by.  Then a little while ago I saw her at the feeder.  I opened the door with food and she didn't run until I got halfway there and by the time I stepped into the house and looked back, she was eating.  That's lots better.  She is beginning to trust me. 


I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Mine could be a lot worse, Kenny has a chance of a little longer life with the meds.  Say a little prayer for him when you can.



4 years ago

we had a busy day today.and was able to get done all the wash at last.and came home and start to pack a few things.oh I thought you all would like to see the inside of my new house.



enjoy.its show pictures of both michelle apartment an d our before they show michelles.  shows our half.I just can not wait to get move and have harry sign all the paper work and have all the keys hand over to him.and to get michelle moved out her things are there when we move the cat and kittens before we  move our stuff.that way with michelle stuff upper step the cat and kittens with feel more at home .with her stuff there.


will hope your day was awesome and your weather was great..God bless

4 years ago



Sorry I haven’t posted for so long – I’ve basically just been a bit tired and slow at doing things.  And I wrote all this down yesterday and then didn’t post it!


Sugar, I have said a prayer for your gentle soul Kenny and will pray when I think of you both.  I hope he is with you for some time longer.  I send him very gentle kitty hugs.


This is what I wrote yesterday. 




I was thinking maybe you could send the vultures to me – I don’t know why, but they intrigue me!  But then I wondered whether they would want to use the birdbath – oh my - the water they would use!!!  And I think my little birds wouldn’t like it much – so maybe I will just enjoy reading about them.


We had a scare with Maitland a few days ago.  He started kicking his stomach with his back legs and I was so worried it was colic.  So we rang the vet and got an injection for him.  I held his head whilst he got injected – and oh, he was as good as gold!  His eyes widened when the needle went in – but he didn’t pull back or anything.  I swear he understands that my arm and hips are not so good now – he moves so gently and carefully around me.  And I am very happy and relieved to say that he is now better.


You asked about his story a while ago.  He used to be ridden and jumped in pony shows when he was young.  At some point he started to refuse to work and his various human(s)? abused him in ways that meant he became VERY head shy   But when he was about 5 or so, he was fortunate to be adopted by a wonderful woman.  Instead of hitting him, she took him to the vet to see if there was a medical reason for his behaviour.  And there was – he has a hip problem, which couldn’t be cured, but he could live a long, happy life is he was never ridden or worked again. 


And I was lucky enough to also know this woman.  I had been talking to her about riding lessons, as I really wanted to learn to ride when I was younger.  So, when she found about Maitland, she asked if I would be willing to adopt him – she said he had such a sweet nature that she wanted to give him a chance at life.


And so here we are. That was some 20 years ago.  He’s on a supplement for his hips now – but he can still gallop and trot up to me when I call him.  And of all the animals I have ever cared for, I can tell you that he IS the sweetest and nicest I’ve ever known.


Well, the day is coming to a close here and I need to go and fill birdbaths and take Matey’s fly mask off.


Terrri, I was very happy to hear that you have finally got a house.


Abo, bless you for rescuing the mother cat and kittens.


Hi Donna, Darla, Wendi, Sandi, Betty and all.

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Black Beauty met me at the door and led me to the food bowl once again this morning. My cats are all well as is Ray. He just got back from HEB where he got a few groceries. Not much going on here, just my usual.


Sandi, love the Halloween cat! Yes, Halloween is getting closer. I guess Stripes is excited about the Halloween party the cats are having.


Sugar, I'm so sorry about Kenny. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. That's great about Kitty! She's beginning to trust you and knows it's you who brings out her food.


Teri, the house is fabulous! Thanks for sharing. So, Michelle is going to have her own part of the house? That's great. Glad y'all got your wash and some packing done.


Val, glad to have you back! Sorry to hear you've been tired and slow. Is everything okay? Sorry too to hear about Maitland kicking his stomach. Is he okay now? Y'all have such a wonderful connection. Poor baby. How could someone abuse him just b'cuz he couldn't work anymore? That's so wrong. I'm glad that woman rescued him and then you adopted him. You did a wonderful thing giving him a forever home.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day. Have a wonderful week.

Something odd about this litter of kittens
4 years ago

mommy 8ball and kittens

odd about litter
4 years ago

one of them is a cat not a kitten.

4 years ago

Val, what a wonderful story and what a happy thing for both you and Maitland.  There are so many abused and neglected horses here any more.  Due to the poor economy I've 'heard' that people are just turning their horses out to be on their own.  I don't know that for sure.  If they  are I wish one would show up here.  I would do my best to keep his feet and teeth in good shape.  I know I could afford to feed him and he could spend bad days in my garage.  Horses are a lot smarter than most people know.  I know  you know Val.


Teri, great news!  as soon as I post this I will go check the house out!  The weather was a beautiful autumn day.  Chewy enjoyed his walk so much.  His curly little tail was waving the whole time and he was jogging so fast he wore me out!


Kenny is breathing less labored but he seems so tired today.  He has just about slept the day away.  I repeat myself, but I don't want to lose him.  He is so sweet.  I know his days are numbered now.  Well I guess all of our days are, but his is a small number.


Donna that is one big "kitten" you have there nursing with the little runts.


Everyone have a great week,



4 years ago

Sugar so sorry to hear about Kenny, all the cats are a bit down cause Kenny wont be gong to Hallowe'en , Buni posted a couple of pics to make him laugh, Enjoy the time left to share with Kenny, dont dwell on the inevitable, I pray Kenny has a long while with you yet, with the help of meds, hope you are feeling ok, ? thinking of you xxxxx.

Donna, wonder was the cat an older kitten, from a previous litter, >same Mom I mean ? comfort is all he/she is after . Hope your ok too?.

Val so nice to read about maitland, he sounds a sweet horse alright , hope you are feeling not too bad ?.

Darla , glad all ok with you, again hope your not feeling too bad ?.

Sandi cool hallowe'en cat, Buni & co are starting to get excited, are they meeting at Mouse's? Hope you & Stripes are ok?

we are going for a medieval hallowe'en meal, a witch hunt sort of show, in Combe Abbey, very spooky, >belated Birthday meal , for me, with my sons, & their girlfriends,

it's on the 30th rather than 31st, I am doing well, am having lunch tomos, and had birthday drinks with old friends fri & sat, it has been a good weekend, busy but relaxed.

and you can bet before I went out all, cats were in the house!!,

Hey amazing thing happened, I told Buni, the other night , ok enough going mad now , (he had been having a mad game of chase with Eric), so I said come on, up here and chill,> time you were asleep , and Wow!! Buni did just that, I said to Mick " did you see that , he he he, I am a cat whisperer" .

Teri wow wow wow, your house looks great, you even have a relaxing outside area, you could easily enclose to keep the cats safe while they have fresh air, the house looks a great size, you even hace a utility room, where you can give the cats "time out" shelves already in place!!!, hope you are all happily living there soon, no wonder you cant wait,.

we have a saying when a person makes a move to somewhere with loads of space , we say >"you wont know yourself once your living there !!".

well got to go will pop in tomorrow. I have a couple of pics of Meriden, I will post lots of love and hugs to you all  x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx

4 years ago

Sorry To hear about Kenny, you have been through so much. Will say a prayer for him. how ols was he again? Hello to everyone else, my computer network has been down a lot this week so haven't replyed to a lot of things. Love everyone here!

4 years ago

Hi everyone, hope you had a good relaxing weekend. Sugar, sorry to hear about Kenny. I am sending him sweet hugs. I know you have lost a lot of furpeople you love recently and I pray that you are ok.

Wendy, happy late birthday Have a drink for me please lol

Darla, glad Black Beauty met you at the door today and all is well with you and Ray and the kitties

It's time for bed since I have to get up at 6 but I send all of you hugs xoxoxox


4 years ago

Sugar Stripes sent Mouse a care2 card.

4 years ago

well today been one of them days you would like to start all over again.woke up at 6am was not feeling to hot . took my inulin and other meds drink some 7up and head back to bed. up at 10am and harry tell me he too feel as I do.ask michelle if she was ok and say she was now you have me and harry sick with same thing.and michelle takeing care of us both.I am going to try to eat same rice and with hope of God it will make me feel some what better.will up date on Monday.God bless everyone

4 years ago



I am doing alright – it’s just side effects from one of the meds I am on. 


Sugar, I sent many thoughts to you and Kenny today.  I know how much you love him and don’t want to loose him. You are both very much in my heart right now. 


Darla and Wendi – thanks J  Maitland is fine now, but I am keeping a close eye on him.  Darla, in our newspaper recently there was an article about people microchipping their animals – I noticed the article because it had a picture of a Bearded Dragon being taken for a walk round the backyard. 


Donna – that’s one big kitten and what a patient mom cat!!

Teri, hope you and Harry are feeling better soon.

Hi Kristi and Sandi.


Time to check on Maitland again.

4 years ago

Thanks everyone for the prayers for Kenny.  He definitely is breathing easier.  He is 17 years old.  I have lost several members of my 4 legged family since Ray died 3 years ago.  My vet and I had talked about this possibility for some time that I should prepare for losing several about the same time because of their ages.  It was inevitable and it happened.  It didn't make it any easier knowing that, but knowing they had a wonderful life and was much loved makes it easier.  I have not only given food and shelter but of my time and love.  I received much more than I gave at that.  Until meeting, well kind of meeting, all of you, I thought because I didn't have children, that is why I loved my furkids so terribly much.  But I know you who have children love your little ones as much as I do.  Our furkids are so lucky to have us as their family.  I wish I could have an even larger family.  Tell all your cats Kenny said thanks for their concern and prayers.


Sandi it is always a little less around here when you aren't here.  Mouse will check his card a little later.  He says thanks!


Hi Kristi and Val and Wendy and Teri 


Kristi, thanks for the sweet hugs for Kenny.  He is a lover anyway!  He loves hugs and kisses.


Teri, sorry you and Harry are under the weather.  You got to hurry and feel better, you have a lot of work ahead before you can rest in your new home.  And it is beautiful.  You will be so happy there as will your entire family.


Val, once upon a time Honey Bar had a slight case of colic and you know how we cured her?  Of course I called the vet and he said to load her in the trailer and see what happens.  We did and she pooped!!!  He says that happens a lot, you load them up and they poop!  No meds.  We had walked her and walked her before the vet got there.  You want to keep their bowels from kinking.


Wendy the cats start out from here.  That's what Mouse told me.  Hey, its good to hear how good a cat whisperer you are!  If I have a problem I will call you.  In fact I probably could use you with Little Joe.  I want him to spend more time in the house.  He will only come in for a nap or an extra bite of food and not every day for that.  I winterized his outdoor home this week.  I washed his house inside out are refilled it with fresh straw, straw being better than man made materials.  Then I put it under the eaves, close to the house.  Then I took a large piece of plywood and made a roof over the house so rain and snow can't blow in.  He loves it.  I will put in a tad more fresh straw probably this week and then keep that fluffed up at least once a week, weather permitting.


Well I have to put food out for Kitty, so I will post this and let Mouse have the computer.





4 years ago

Sugar, I will keep dear Kenny in my prayers.

Teri, congratulations on the lovely house. I know both human and fur family members will love it! You have waited and prayed a long time for this move.

4 years ago

Sugar, I am so sorry about Kenny. You are so right that we all have our number.


The cat in the photo is Fireball. She was about 6 months old I think. She was from 8ball's first litter. I posted a photo of the Mom and 5 kittens we trapped, and then that quickly, she was carrying 8 more.


I didn't start getting them spayed until she was done nursing the 8, but Fireball made her way in

with the younger kittens.

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. We keep our toilet paper on the towel rack across from the toilet b'cuz the cats kept getting into it. Well, yesterday Kona somehow got the toilet paper and had it all over the bathroom! He must've worked very hard for it. I go for my mamogram this afternoon. Black Beauty met me at the door again this morning and she led me to the food bowl. As if I'd forget where the bowl is! LOL Not much going on here, just my usual.


Donna, Fireball is so cute nursing with the babies! What a good mama cat you've got there.


Patricia, great to see you here.


Sugar, glad to hear Kenny is breathing easier. I'm sorry you've had so much loss in the past 3 years. Try to think about the time you still have with Kenny and don't think about the inevitable. It's great you winterized Little Joe's outdoor home. You take such good care of all your furkids.


Wendy, yes, I'm feeling okay. Have some pain but that's b'cuz it's almost time for my trigger point injections. I get them on the 30th. So, you're a cat whisperer huh? That's great.


Sandi, sorry your computer network has been down. Love you too.


Kristi, thank you. Hope you got some good sleep.


Teri, sorry you and Harry are feeling sick. Hope y'all get better soon.


Val, glad Maitland is doing well now. Someone was walking a bearded dragon? How funny!


Karen, great to see you here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

4 years ago

 photo cutehallow171_zps7baf2f22.jpg Stripes wanted to send everyone a scary pumpkin. Sugar give Kenny wet kitty kisses from Stripes and a hug from me.   Teri love your House, sorry your not feeling well. Good morning to everyone.

4 years ago

You know Darla, I always wanted to try walking with Lizzie.  I did make her a summer home outside and turned the heat light on at nights.  I think she really enjoyed that time outside.  I just never got around to making a simple thing like a harness for her.


Thanks Karen and Donna.  It is such a relief seeing him rest peacefully.  I do wish he felt a little more energic, but he did eat this morning and climbed onto the sofa for a nap.  I put a pillow around his back to give him comfort.  He always likes to have something at his back, if not my leg, a pillow.  Tell Black Beauty she has hit the jackpot just as Kitty has.  Kitty had her breakfast already this morning.  About 2 or 3 I will put more out for her dinner.  We are getting a routine.  I haven't seen the buzzards this morning.  Maybe Foxy will have a chance at some food.


Well time for brunch.  I have been too busy for breakfast and even though it is lunch time now, I am going to have BRUNCH.  I'm starved.


Speaking of starved, just how long does it take to be able to really eat food!  I fixed a turkey breast, dressing, candied carrots, gravy and of course cranberry sauce and I really couldn't eat the turkey.  I did get to at least get to taste it a little.  It was so good, oh I wish I could have enjoyed eating it.  Oh well, maybe in time.  I'm slicing and freezing the rest of the turkey for sandwiches when I can eat.



4 years ago

sorry to hear about  Kenny,I will pray for him a s I am doing for my girl Sabryna whom is going down hill the past few days.I am not sure why she is doing this but she is 16 years old.I am doing better today,but Harry is still not feeling to hot.Michelle been so good about it.She has helped me and thur it all.just to get her to do the dish's is the next thing to do.when  my Eddiesue is staying at my side for every moment. worrei about her mom Sabryna.Wil time to get Michelle to make something for her and I to eat for dinnerWhen there is the clean clothes need to be put away.Talk more later.God bless

4 years ago

Teri, thank you.  I will add Sabryna to my prayers for Kenny.  May they both be in the hands of God.


Everyone, I have spent my computer time this morning trying to become my old sugar150.  I am so aggravated.  I will be waiting for a response, but guess what, I gave them my regular a ddress and they sent a computer message they will send it to my wildmail account which I can't access either.  Or maybe they meant sugar555s email.  I don't know.  I think care2 is too big just like our government and has too many hands in the fire and can't get anything done right.  This is depressing.


I'm depressed.  Just too much and too many obligations and I need time to myself and furkids!!! 


Happy Tuesday anyway, forgive my rantings.





4 years ago

Sugar, photo HangInThereHugs-vi.gif I couldn't get on the internet again yesterday fo 4 hours, I miss all the wonderful people here. Yes care2 is getting too big but without them I wouldn't have met all of you. Have a great day. This is for Sugar.

4 years ago

 photo _IMVTE1.gifSugar.

4 years ago

Good morning, all. I'm back from Vermont. We got back home about 11 or so and I was up until 2 a.m. checking e mail and stuff, so I'm tired. We had a great time in Vermont. It was a bit chilly at times, but beautiful. The Vermont Country Store was a lot of fun. I found the candied peanuts that Sandy wanted, and lots of candy for myself, and had it shipped home, and it will be here on Friday. Aaron has made a lot of progress while we were away. He is talking now, a bit slowly, but finally talking, and he is able to eat now. They have him on a liquid diet for now, some Ensure with some ice cream, and the staples in the back of his head have been removed and he has to be watched constantly so he doesn't scratch and make himself bleed up there. He was going to be moved to the rehab wing and start in on some physical therapy yesterday, so that's the most recent update.

4 years ago

Good morning all! Hope this finds y'all  doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. My mamogram went well yesterday. They did have to redo one picture. Now I just wait for the results. Black Beauty met me at the door again this morning and she almost got inside again! However, when she heard the food she immediately turned around and led me to the bowl. Not much happening here, just my usual.


Sandi, love the pictures especially the scary pumpkin picture from Stripes. Sorry you had problems getting on the internet yesterday.


Sugar, it'd be interesting for sure walking with BabyFace. Sounds like Lizzie had a great set-up. BabyFace just has the one habitat. However, he's over 20 inches long and 12 years old and has done well. Glad Kenny's resting peacefully. Yes, Black Beauty has hit the jackpot as she has 2 people feeding her on our porch. I don't know if  she has other people elsewhere in the complex feeding her too. She's a beautiful cat. As long as she keeps coming around, she'll have food. Glad Kitty's doing well and is getting her meals. No vultures huh? Hopefully Foxy will return and eat. Sorry you couldn't become your old Sugar. Hopefully thye'll get it figured out for you and send the response to a working e-mail that you can access.


Teri, sorry to hear about Sabryna. I will add her to my prayers. Glad you're feeling a bit better though I'm sorry Harry's still feeling so bad. It's great that Michelle is helping y'all out.


Laura, glad you're back from Vermont and that you enjoyed the trip. Hope you enjoy all your candy when you get it on Friday. That's such fabulous news about Aaron! It's great that he's talking now and is going to be moved to Rehab.


Take care everyone and have a fantastiic day.

4 years ago

 photo funny_animals_05_zps8ce6437b.jpgguess what its snowing here, the icky wet kind we have over an inch and still coming down.

4 years ago

Sandi, snow?  Oh, that means it will come here.  Wet or dry, I don't want it.  I think I will pass it on to Donna before it stops here.  That snow covered kitty looks ticked off!  Did Stripes bury the mouse?  Sandi I always need hugs as does Mouse from Stripes!  Kenny is the one who is really excited about what day is it?  Is it time for Osiris and Mini?  I tell him to be patient, that day will be here soon.


Darla, Kitty had her two meals today. I haven't seen Foxy since the buzzards visited for a few days.  I will be sure to put some food out for her tomorrow along with Kitty's.  I think Lizzy was probably close to a foot, but she didn't live as long as BabyFace is doing, Long Live BabyFace!


Laura the news of Sandy is so good.  Things are looking up for him.  Do they know who hit him?  Your Vermont trip sounds nice.  Enjoy the nuts and candy.


Gotta go, the phone keeps ringing.





4 years ago

Yikes....who said snow??  Nasty's only October!!    It actually looks like it might snow here.  The sky is a dark steel grey and it's so windy and cold.  The temperature has been dropping all afternoon and its down to 5 now (41F)  and it's not even night yet.  I don't have a good feeling about the overnight.  Anyway, I'm going to cook dinner....keep warm everyone!!



4 years ago

Well I think I might be jinxed. couldn't get on care2 last week, couldn't connect to the internet off and on for 3days, its snowed here, and now  a branch broke from  the neighbors tree and landed on my fence. and since the insurance said its a act of God I'm the one who has to filed the claim with my insurance. . power was off almost an hour. Is it time to go to bed yet, I'm ready. later.

4 years ago

I'm sure I will, Darla. He was moved to the rehab unit today and his speech therapist is keeping him on soft foods for now so he doesn't choke himself. He is supposed to take his time and eat slowly, but he eats fast. He had some chicken fingers for lunch yesterday and ate those too fast and threw up right after that, but had some Cheez It's crackers, which are his favorite, and his Dad was visiting and made him eat slowly.

4 years ago

Photo: We can't wait to watch tonight's Bake-Off final! Who do you think will win?

Taken from Pinterest

4 years ago


Gosh so much to catch up on forgive me for just saying, Sugar hope you are a bit happier,and i hope your mouth hurries and heals properly so you can eat. 

Darla sorry you have pain, hope it is managable till the 30th

Teri sorry about you cat, but glad you are feeling better

Angie hope the snow holds off, hope you are all ok 

Kristi hope your ok ?

Val was great to hear from you, side affects from the meds a necessary evil ?

Sandi thats awful, about your fence, and the snow, care2 might be big, but just think of the extra help, that is provided to people and animals, as well as our care2 friends and furbabies friends

Hello Laura, good news about Aaron, and it sounds like you had a great time too.

Donna, I guessed right about the big kitten, hope your ok, will catch up on silly aliterations soon .

Well  I had a great Birthday weekend, and Monday which was my actual Birthday, but what a suprise I received from my sons Jack & Luke, when they presented me with a new laptop for my Birthday, shocked was not the word, well today I have been getting to grips with it, as it much more up-to-date than my old one, no more crashing or overheating, I have been really spoiled, then all the wishes from friends on care2 wow, speechless >>almost 

Remember I told you all I lived in the exact centre of England?well found a pic of the  stone that marks the exact centre of England, which is now on the "green" in Meriden,  Solihull, w.mids, UK where I live, tomorrow I will post a picture of the Cross which holds the stone, and a pic of our church ,be great if you could post a pic of where you live, interesting things or just a pic of the area, not your house or anything, too dodgy on the "net", it's late so  for now night everyone, love and hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx  >>


4 years ago


4 years ago

No, they don't know who hit him, Sugar, and they never did find the driver.

4 years ago

Hi  .... I saw this video and its too precious so I thought Id share it with you all and get a smile ahappening etc

4 years ago

Sandi, now I really want to skip that snow you are having!  I have enought trouble with fallen trees and limbs.  Some times though they come in handy, like the one I use for a table for Kitty and Foxy.  I'm sorry about your fence.  Will this be keeping Stripes in  until it is fixed?


Angela, it is 40 here this morning and raining.  Very dreary looking outside.  We have about 3 days at least of this type of weather and then a couple nicer.  I'm looking forward to the nicer.


Penny, I was thinking of baking some cupcakes for our Church's Friday night Spaghetti dinner.  Chocolate with chocolate icing!


Wendy, we don't have anything that old around here.  My town was begun in the early 1800s, I never remember the exact year and there is an old cemetery with people buried there that were born in the 1700s.  Next time I am there with Chewy I will take some pictures of the old stones.  It is kind of sad there with so many children of families who contracted bad diseases like cholera, etc and were wiped out almost the same day.  We do have much to be thankful for now with modern medicines and doctors.  Even dentists!  I understand some pharoahs died probably due to tooth infections.  I'm doing better with my teeth.  I went to a Chinese Buffet yesterday and pigged out.  They had so many wonderful choices that I could eat with no problem.


Laura, have a good day and enjoy.


Summeranni I will look at the film clip as soon as I post this, thanks for sharing,





4 years ago

Something I have been wanting to put down, please don't get upset with me if I miss any one in my posts.  It isn't done with an ulterior motive, just too many distractions here at home.  Right now Punkin is driving me nuts as is Chewy.  Chewy wants to play and Punkin wants loving.



4 years ago

Ta photo 20131022_134458_zps28c40378.jpgken from the  neighbors driveway by my neighbor as I don't have a camera looks like only the top rail, not sure  if damage to garage as can't get to that part.

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